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(2013-04-14 - 2013-04-14)
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Carnus Sirin Sat at the long oak dining table with his feet up, appears to be a snoozing man in red cloth and some armor. He is lightly equipped, with a spellbook of some description and a hheavy sword at his left.

As his chest rises and falls in a lazy rythm, he occassionally mumbles out.

"...Gysahl pickles..."

Apparently he really wants some Gysahl Pickles, as he's dreaming about them again.
Avira There is no victory song today. Not in the wake of yesterday's encounter. Since then, Avira's been busy with all sorts of things, turning the gnawing fear roiling around in her mind into energy to get out and -do-.

The door rattles and for the first time since a few days ago, Avira returns to the VALKYRI Headquarters. True to the words of when she first created this group, she had been travelling, spending nights in various inns and hotels. As the weary hunter pushes her way through the front door, she stops suddenly, spotting an unfamilar face in her guild hall. The last such intruder had been the Dark Knight, who had sought to kill everyone in front of Maira. With a hand on her hip where her unusual weapon rests, she strides over to the table and suddenly slams a hand down upon it, next to his head.

"HEY." She barks, "Who are you?!"
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin jumps awake quickly, "Huh-wha?" his head quickly turns about before settling on Avira

"The guy who's been getting to know everyone here while I waited for... perhaps you?" His brow raises curiously as he looks over Avira but a large smile quickly settled onto his face. "Been helping out the injured and talking to the locals. Interested in joining this little group. Seems we fight for very similar reasons according to TRON and Maira."

He leans back and holds his hands behind his head as he says. "Now tell me, are you Avira? You do look familiar? Perhaps you were there with Minerva and the other Valkyri's I saw in Notre Dame?"
Avira Avira leans forward against the table on that hand she just slapped it with. Her left hip juts outward so the hilt to the Spine can be clearly seen. Just simple intimidation, really, for Avira hopes that their defense system would have activated if an actual intruder was in their headquarters. "Waiting for me?" Avira lifts an eyebrow.

Carnus mentions he's interested in joining and suddenly all tension flees Avira. There's even a bit of relief upon her face. She pushes away from the table and holds out a hand to shake. "Well then. Yes, I am Avira. And yes, I did make a recent trip to Notre Dame. And you are?"
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin reaches up and grasps Avira's firmly, giving it a quick shake. "They call me Dragon back in Lindblum, my home. But feel free to call me by my actual name. Carnus Sirin." his smile only growing into a full toothy grin at this point. "Glad to finally meet you. I've been searching quite some time for a group to fight with. Being on my own out there isn't accomplishing much."

He releases Avira's hand and scratches the back of his as he laughs embarassedly. "To be honest, it's probably because I keep getting so distracted. So many new things to see after all."
Avira "We'll go with Carnus." Avira smirks, "Wouldn't want you getting confused with our marks and all." Her handshake is pretty firm despite her size. Her fingers feel pretty calloused-at least what can be felt around those fingerless gloves of hers. "Oh, tell me about it. Not finding at least some allies out here makes it pretty difficult to accomplish anything meaningful."

She steps back a little and moves to lean against the guild table, arms crossed over her chest. "So I take it you just recently left your little piece of the world and started looking around at everything else?" Or more disparagingly, maybe he got lost, but Avira's not going to start making assumptions like that right off the bat.
Carnus Sirin Laughs more earnestly this time in response to Avira, "Wouldn't want that." he confirms.

His fingers drum across the table in a little upbeat melody as he thinks about how long it's been since he left his piece of the world. "Well, actually, I've always been a wanderer. Haven't really been to Lindblum much since all this happened." he motions around him at well, everything, with his spare hand. "I've been traveling and attempting to do some research. I may not look it, but I'm quite the scholar when times call for it. However..." his smiles becomes a lot more playful as he thinks to how long it's taken him to get anywhere he's headed off for. "I do get distracted easily. But who wouldn't with all these new beautiful sights to see? I couldn't help but just wander and see all I could."
Avira "Lindblum? Well that answers a question I didn't have to ask." Avira says teasingly, crossing her legs. "You're fortunate, though, that Lindblum still exists in the reconstructed world. My particular home is no longer with us, though lately I must question how long that will be the case." She smirks again, in spite of a small, dull pain within her chest. "So it seems you are willing to travel, which covers one of the three guidelines we conduct this group under."

She looks to him, seeking eye contact. "The other two, of course, being ability to fight. You seem to be armed so I'm assuming you have that covered. And willingness to become friends with the other members of the group. As someone I regard very highly once said, teamwork is the weaponized form of friendship."
Carnus Sirin "Oh, that is a shame. I hope one day you get to see your home once again. That everyone does." he lets out a small sigh and adds, "Though it will be sad to say goodbye to all these new worlds when that happens." he shakes his head to dispel the thought as the conversation moves onwards. Best not to dwell too long on sad things that can't be changed, after all. And one day he will most likely have to say good bye to these new sights and people.

"Well, I've already started making friends with the people I've met. TRON, Maira, Minverva, met a strange creature named Percival as well." he motions around. "Everyone here fights for those that can't defend themselves, and so I think we'll all get on grandly." his smile at it's apex again, quite pleased he's found a place full of people who fights for the same reasons he does.

"So then, all that's left to prove is my ability to fight." He moves slowly to his feet, and draws his ornate heavy sword, which he never bothered to name. As he holds it in his right hand, he pats the thick red book at his waist and says. "Let's show you what secrets this book has helped me unlock." And with that, the blade suddenly comes to life in a blaze of fire that dances all around it. "I'm a Spellsword, used to sell my blade to anyone who needed protection. I'm definitely no stranger to a fight." His eyes are alight with excitement, as one of his favorite things is combat.
Avira "I think one day I will. Once we find the right pieces for it. I truly believe that one day we will see ALL the worlds restored." Avira says resolutely, looking to the ceiling. "Though I also think we've barely scratched the surface of this struggle. There's a....long road ahead." Strangely optimistic of her, even in light of all that's happened.

But switching gears, Carnus names several of the other members of VALKYRI and then some. "Alas, Percival is not officially one of our members though honestly, I would love it if he was. His species is officially called 'Gargoyle.' They are very rare where I'm from." Avira explains. "Though I'm happy to hear that your goals align so well with ours. You will make a fine member of VALKYRI. Provided you don't mind the name, heh heh."

Do they even have valkyrie where Carnus is from? Bah, no matter.
Carnus Sirin "Of course they will be. I may have been slow to act, but I am not near ready to just accept these Heartless plans and let them destroy everything anyone's ever known. As long as I got strength to fight, I'll keep on doing it until all our homes are back to how they were."

He lowers his sword and slides it back into it's sheath before crossing his arms and leaning against the wall. "Ah, a Gargoyle? How curious. I will endeavor to learn more of their kind." There's something about the way Carnus speaks and moves, that while lazy at times, shows a certain sign of nobility.

"I'm delighted as well." he says his permanent smile. "Though, I'll admit, not too familiar with the origin of the word so I doubt it'll be a cause of contention with me."
Avira "Hah! I fain to think of who is." Avira laughs, bringing a finger to her chin, "Ask Percival, I'm sure he would be happy to explain to someone who wishes to understand more."

If Avira has picked up on his hints of nobility, she certainly does not show it. "Well since you are a member, you have a right to know. It's an acronym." She clears her throat and looks a tad embarassed, "It stands for very adventurous ladies keeping everybody really interconnected. You are, obviously, not a lady, but honestly, why be THAT picky?"
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin gives a faint nod, "Yes, I will have to speak with him about his kind."

He bursts into deep laughter that echoes around quite well, "Of course it does. But, with a shave and perhaps a decent wig. I think I'd make a very beautiful woman." he does a mock curtsy that is surprisingly refined and says. "Though Tron might struggle with it." he chuckles once more and nods to Avira. "The name isn't going to be a problem with me. In fact, I think I actually like this group even better knowing that."
Avira "Cross-dressing is entirely optional, I'm just going to tell you that up front! Fighting in a dress is not exactly easy to do either and I say that as someone expected to occasionally wear one." Avira makes a face at that. Not especially ladylike, this one, as if that wasn't already apparent by her clothing. "Hah, good." she reaches out to clap a hand on his shoulder, "Happy to have you, then. Now...if you don't mind, I think I need to catch a nap. Been up all night...preparing."
Carnus Sirin "Hah! But I'd add so much feminine charm!" Carnus says teasingly between laughs. "Ah well, probably for the ebst I don't. I'm already not that careful with the fire as it is. I'd go through dresses like none other."

He smiles and pats Avira back on the shoulder with quite a bit of force as he says, "Glad to be part of the team. Be sure to get in touch whenever there's something needs doing. I've been quite idle of recent, I worry that practicing my form isn't enough to keep me from getting rusty." With a glance toward the door he says. "In fact, I think while you rest I'm going to go on a little hunting trip." He looks back to Avira, "Rest well, Miss Avira."

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