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(2013-04-13 - 2013-04-13)
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Welcome to the TRON-con!

Here everyone will be motioned to take a seat in front of the nice half moon shaped stage with a massive screen in the middle. Up on the stage is two tables split in half to allow the 'actors' room to see the 'guests' and the screen themselves. Sadly, someone forgot to lay down the scripts and information that will be covered so unless those who did their homework, it could lead to a comedy of errors.

Connected to the screen is several wires running off to massive server racks in the background and someone in a black suit with blue lines working on the servers with a very strange tool. He looks rather young actually with his hair flipped up to one side. Though another one like him who is female sneaks over to him with her teal hair. She sneaks up quietly and ruffles his hair before running back behind the screen before he tosses a wrench in her general direction.

Soon he slinks off behind the screen as well, humming a song as he flips the tool into the air and catches it.

Now the doors open to the room for all to enter who are the 'guests', while the 'actors' (being the TRON cast) are allowed to enter from behind the screen to whatever seats they want on the stage at either table.

Oh yes.. there is also this individual with very fuzzy strawberry blonde hair runs in and drops a massive bowl of popcorn at each table, before he runs back off. Someone almost forgot!
Beatrix Beatrix makes sure her Beatrix-costume is on properly, pulling the leather armor up a bit over her chest, before moving to sit down quietly.
MAIRA Does not need to change much. Comes in with bed head in pink silk and continues stuffing a knitted giraffe @.@ "YIELD TO MEEEEEE!"
MCP MCP is always prepared. Even when he isn't.

He come in from off camera (damn camera angles. It tries to get a looping pan shot and ends up getting caught somewhere. Several grid bugs controlled by a program in red lined bodysuit and a visor over his eyes eventually jerks the camera back into position. The program takes a seat from somewhere in the audience. A number of other Datapoint Security folks are also lurking in the background amongst the crowd. One of them is wearing a hideously bad hawaiian T-shirt.

Clap on. Clap off. Clap on Clap off. The Clapper.

Clap clap.

With said clapping, the screen turns on and begins to introduce each of the cast members. Meanwhile. DPS shows the kind lady with the knitted giraffe back to her seat. @__@. The one in the hawaiian shirt takes notes. Oh dear.
CHIEF walks into the room from behind the screen. He isn't wearing his line body suit (or so it doesn't look like it at least, hard to say what was under the cloths), but rather a nice sleeveless shirt with the front of it saying 'boom baby' and a F117 Cartoon-ified on the back. He is wearing also a pair of blue jeans and some tennis shoes.

He looks at the two tables and then grabs a hand full of popcorn from both bowls and plops down on the floor. "Howdy folks!"

He will probably get yelled at.. maybe.. to get off the floor.
MAIRA Throws an orange at CHIEF. "FRUIT MAN! I'm your biggest fan! :D"
Chief who just happen to put some popcorn from one hand in his mouth seems incoming 'game' as in ORANGE! And then catches it with his free hand. He gives a massive thumbs up.

Yes. He does chew with his mouth closed. He is a polite individual really.
Avira Like a BAWSS.

Aya, sporting what is only a passable Avira costume (because getting all the scars accurate with stage makeup is too damn much work), squeezes her way through the doors, muttering. "I waited an hour to get in this damn panel, I am getting a seat to this one!" Queue more irritated grumbling about lines and waiting.

As she sits down in one of the arranged audience chairs, she can't help but get the feeling something about this was oddly...familiar.
Deelel Deelel is looking much as she always does here as when she's about the worlds. Though she's got a Ipod attache to her waist and one ear bud in one of her eats. She's also clearly listening to DAFT punk as she enters. Deelel moves to find her way onr stage and she weill move to sit down up on stage and then finds a seat she's also managed to get some of the popcorn as well cause heck ya.

Meanwhile two black guard? Well there's something off one their helmets are off and they are running white circuit lines enter followed by a heavy sentry also runing the same colours

"Did we dodge the last of those groupies?"

"Ya, Tron so damn owes us for runing interferance." The Female one looks to the other two and blows a strand of blonde hair out of her face. "Come on lets' get some of the pop corn before the users get to it all!"
Gilgamesh Tickets suck. Getting tickets in advance sucks even more. Getting tickets for a giant green dog sucks even harder. Getting tickets for a giant green dog and a giant grey man is super difficult. But that's okay, because super difficult is...

...when Gilgamesh just gives up and sneaks into the convention, because that makes sense. That is the easy way. The way of least resistance - the way the Sword Hunter most appreciates.

"I feel sort of strange, Enkidu," Gilgamesh observes as they walk through the halls, dodging smelly nerds in bad costumes and hot nerds in hot costumes, and smelly nerds in decent costumes who still stank because cons are notoriously hot and muggy, and vendors trying to sell him stuff he was way too cheap to buy, on and so forth, the list goes on.

"I feel /two-dimensional/, my boon companion. Two-dimensional! As though I were not real, but in fact some sort of image pasted onto a screen. Normally I feel like words pasted onto a screen! Words...and /numbers/. But today I feel pixellated, Enkidu. Two-dimensional. Dual. Like the great god Janus, I am two...of something. I don't know what I'm two of, but I know that I'm two of something!"

8-Bit Enkidu barks at 8-Bit Gilgamesh as they walk through the con. It sounds like beeping. Gilgamesh's sprite bobs up and down as they pass through the doors.

"You're absolutely right, my 8-bit brother! /We/ are two of something! Two of a kind! Two peas in a pod! Thick as thieves! Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie! And the pie is /friendship/! We are four and twenty blackbirds baked into a pie of /friendship/, Enkidu. A...a friend pie. An AWESOME friend pie. Friend pies are awesome."

"I wonder if anyone sells pie here."

8-Bit Enkidu beeps again.

"You're right. Probably not. Probably not friendship pie, either. I bet they sell lame pies, like cherry or apple or bongos."


"Of course you can make a pie out of bongos! They're a kind of fruit. Bongos are a fruit. You can make pies out of fruit. Well, it's certainly less ridiculous than a /friendship/ pie. Whoever heard of making a pie out of friendship?"


"Hey, don't you make that tone of boop. I'm just telling you an enlightening story about pie."

Gilgamesh pauses in the middle of the convention hall. The two-dimensional sprite beeps as his eyes (invisibly) blink (animation wasn't that advanced back when Tron came out you guys).



MAIRA Returns to her seat inexplicably with soup and a small child a viking helmet. Sits, eats. "Nothing says classy like eating canned soup with a plastic spoon!"

Looks over toward Gilgamesh. PUPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!"
Beatrix Beatrix looks up at the shouting, and answers back "QUIET BACK THERE, WE'RE TRYING TO HEAR WHAT THEY ARE SAYING
TRON TRON enters by way of the hidden screen entrance, and apparently he's getting into the spirit of things by cosplaying as... well, himself. His 1982 appearance, mind, minus the silver skin.

That'd just be silly.

As it is, he gives a quite cavalier salute to the members of DPS hanging out around the room and slides into a chair closest to the crowd, not seeming to care who ends up sitting next to him.

He gives CHIEF a look that seems more amused than annoyed, for once. "CHIEF, the stage isn't your personal couch, you know." He slips off his helmet and sets it down at the corner of the table in front of him. He definitely has a minor case of helmet hair, complete with a noticeable white patch at the crown of his head.

He can't help but start laughing at 8-Bit Gilgamesh's conversation with 8-Bit Enkidu, his eyes squeezing shut with one hand clamping over his mouth to muffle the sound as much as possible.

"Honestly, Enkidu, the nerve of some people! Chattering away on their cell phones and pagers and laptops and landlines and megaphones-"


"Like I can't see the <OOC> tag right in front of it! How rude, Enkidu! I hate rude people. HEY YOU GUYS WITH THE <OOC> STUFF! I HATE YOU, YOU'RE RUDE!"
MAIRA "You are basically the worst Gilgamesh. Now hug me," opens arms.
MCP Once everyone gives up eventually on things getting even sillier, MCP signs. "ROLL the tape, for heaven's sake. Can we get ON with this before this becomes the LAST engagement? I swaer, the residue of that cotton candy has not come off 2 months later."

The Tape does indeed roll.

The Voice of the Grid begins with a summary of The Story You Don't Know So Far. (a subsidary company of ENCOM. ENCOM. For a smarter tomorrow.)

The cards come up in the fashion of Old Style Silent Movie Cue cards. "The Realm of Data and You!: is the first one, with a cheery sark on the card giving a thumbs up to the assemblage. In a tinny rumble the card begins. " Say there, Chum. Feeling grumpy and glum? Come over to the Realm of Data!" There is a screenshot of glistening towers of black and blue. "Yes. The Realm of Data. It's not Just the Grid anymore, but many grids, all of which working for a better tomorrow."

There is a screenshot of viral activity consuming a town full of programs. The Voice of the Grid comments. "...mostly." and scribbles out that screenshot and continues.

" The Realm of Data is a concept that is separate from the Realm of Light and Darkness, and as such as its own rules and regulations. The Realm of Data is much like the Realm Between in that many isolated nodes are embedded in its infrastructure. "

MCP drums his fingers and speeds up the exposition, making the Voice of the Grid sound like a very annoyed Chipmunk.

"When the barriers of light came down with the first overwhelming surge of the heartless many grid systems were lost. Each of these systems was a different operating system, and hence a different world. It was by banding together that these disparate OS systems survived long enough to enact partial system restores that stabilized their connected grid spaces."

The next card says. "Next Slide! Everyone Loves WISE OS. An examination of the new connected grid spaces and new vacation spot possibilities."
MCP Someone from off camera throws a Mango at Gilgamesh. It certainly isn't any of the DPS crew. Nope. Not at all.
CHIEF munches on some more popcorn. Thankfully this is part of the panel where they just say their names and don't get into the crazy details of /life/ events. He watches as Deelel takes her seat and MCP is already sitting.

Nope he is gonna stay right where he is on the comfy floor in dead center.. Then there is an 8-bit dude with his dog. Ahh, the 8-bit days. Those were the good ol' days...

Then when TRON speaks up, CHIEF cranes his head back and smiles. "Oh come on. Its comfy!" He huffs and then gets up, before tossing out what popcorn he has left out to the crowd. "Catch it. Catch it. Quick as you can!" Then suddenly the 'film' starts to roll by demand of the MCP. Waait-- weren't they still missing actors?

Either way CHIEF quickly huddles over to the seat and sits on the chair on the other side of the MCP still /near/ center of the stage. He likes it there. Mostly cause he can toss popcorn at Deelel and TRON.
King Mickey Among everyone here, there is one individual that needs no introduction.

That individual is Walt's pride and joy, Mickey Mouse! Outside the convention hall, people in line start screaming loudly as they catch a glimpse of the mouse wandering down through VIP. With a smile and a wave, Mickey passes into the convention hall and is greeted by a welcome program, with a horrible french accent, "Sir Mouse, it is a pleasure to have you here on behalf of the Disney corporation. If you'll follow me, I'll take you to your seat."

Mickey nods and with his signature laugh, says, "Sure, pal! Lead the way."

As he is lead to his VIP table, Mickey takes a glance up at the panel, taking careful note of everyone but noting the absence of one very important cast member! Just where is Jeff Daniels!? TRON can't be TRON without Flynn can it?

The Mouse shrugs his shoulders as he takes his seat in the VIP lounge, maybe he was too busy filming Big Lebowski 2: Rise of The Dude. He motions to the waiter for a drink and awaits the start of the panel.
Carnus Sirin A red-cloaked individual eats popcorn quietly towards the back. His eyes are transfixed forward on the cards, as if intently listening to what's being said.

This was far from the case. His mind was thinking the same thoughts over and over again.

"What's going on? What are these people shouting about? What's the glowing guy talking about? What's an OS? And where can I get more of this 'popcorn'?"

Just those thoughts, over and over in his mind as he silently watches. Popping one piece of popcorn into his mouth at a time.
MCP A DPS guy in a hawaiian T-Shirt lurks over vy Carnus and ticks off on his gloved fingers. "The TRON-Con Panel. A lot of things."

The ID card reads. 'Hello! My Mook Appalation is LANCER.' Mostly for the sake of it. Shouting is fun. A world like The World of Ruin or Manhattan, just a data form of it. So they are just given different names. And I am more than willing to get you some. (Off camera Screen gag. Large tub of popcorn is handed over to Carnus)
MAIRA "OU! OU! Mickey Mickey! Come sit next to me! Over here over here!" waves emphatically.
Avira "TRON LIIIIVES!!" Avira-Aya heckles, waving her arms around before slinking down into her seat when people around her start looking at her. Aheheh.

The presentation is started. She should know all this stuff already, shouldn't she, being a HUGE TRON FAN after all. And yet...she couldn't explain.

"I get the feeling someone is breaking the fourth wall a little bit more than usual." she reflects, leaning forward as the presentation goes on about the Realm of Data.
LEXUS This is about when the lights go out.

This would matter more if half the room wasn't lit in neon from the programs present. A projector flashes on, showing the EYE OF LEXUS as a door opens in the back. He is holding a microphone, and he intones, his voice menacing with EXTRA REVERB. "AND NOW, FOOLISH USERS, YOU WILL BOW TO YOUR NEW MASTER!"

Except something seems to be wrong. There's no booming voice. He pauses, and taps. "IS THIS THING ON?"

He looks around, and shrugs. The lights pop back on, and LEXUS sighs, tossing the mic aside and sitting down at the table, clipping on a smaller mic at the neck. "Hey everyone. Glad to see you all here." His voice is /nothing/ like it was. What the hell?

He reaches out to grab a glass of water and takes a drink and letting the presentation continue.
TRON TRON picks out an unpopped popcorn kernel from the bowl and flicks it at the MCP. Apparently CHIEF isn't the only one willing to risk sparking a food fight. "Impatient are we, 'Administrator'?" He grins. "Where'd you get the display controls, anyway? I thought 'a neutral party' was supposed to be handling that for the benefit of our audience."

He leans back in his chair and folds his hands behind his head, casually glancing over the crowd at 'Avira''s heckling, only for the lights to go out as LEXUS makes his entrance. He only casts the Virus a deadpan stare as LEXUS makes his way to the stage. "Drama queen," he snorts relatively good-naturedly. "Fashionably late /and/ an attention hog."
Palom Palom's player cosplaying as Palom would be silly. Instead, he's somewhere else at the con, dressed as Cotset, and trying to get the rest of the Xabungle cast to coordinate with eachother and stay in contact at all times. Yeah, that's not happening.

BEST BABYSITTER Luneth was tasked with keeping the children entertained for the day. This strange city seemed to be having some sort of huge event, and if so many people were interested surely there'd be something good for kids to do! Sure enough, looks like they've got some kind of giant animal mascot! It looks like it's supposed to be a mouse, but it doesn't seem that reminiscent of a Burmecian, he thinks.

"Look, it's Mickey Mouse!" Palom and Porom shout, because all kids, everywhere, know about Mickey Mouse. "Who? Hey, stay close, kids." Luneth tightens his grip, then a yellow-and-black blur runs past him, followed by a large man in glasses. "Stop! You're not /actually/ Jiron, don't do crazy stuff!" He stares at the two figures for a moment, and then looks down and to his side. "Let's see if they have any ice cream. Hey, kids, want some--"

They're gone.

Elsewhere, Palom and Porom slip between Mickey's guards and trail after The Mouse. "It's Mickey! Yaaaaaaaay!"
CHIEF Glances over to LEXUS with a smirk, before he continues to eat some of this really good popcorn. He does ponder pulling the mic in closer, but he leaves it on the table for now.

CHIEF flings a popcorn kernel at TRON. "At least he doesn't have a bad hair day nearly twenty four." He says with a chuckle. "Just a broken mic." Smirk.
CHIEF then reaches for his microphone speaking softly. "No one can hear the LEXUS scream..." He does shifty eyes. "..unless your in the data space..." He does the wiggle fingers of doom and then gets some more popcorn.
MCP MCP notes. "There is no neutral party." he makes the force wave at TRON, and reaches over to get some more popcorn.
Beatrix Beatrix keeps wondering what's all of those <OOC> things she keeps earing too. But she looks up and watches the panel.

She wants to know if there's freebies or grab-bags too.
King Mickey King Mickey looks out towards the screaming fan and politely waves. He watches as the voice of LEXUS and his menacing eye appears on screen, then it all backfires. He shakes his head, "Its not a convention unless something goes wrong."

Suddenly, Mickey is ambushed by a pair of young talented cosplaying mages! Caught by surprise, Mickey flails for a minute but then seems to calm down, beaming with his always smiling face. After all, he loves kids!

Since the kids slipped past the guards, it does not take the guards long to realize Mickey is undersiege and quickly respond to the incident, feeling as if they are SOOOOO fired!

However, with the raise of his hand, Mickey halts the guards and looks to the mages, "Well, hello there, kids! You two must be mighty tricky to get up here. Tell me though, where are your parents?"
TRON TRON deadpans back at the MCP, "There is only Zuul?"

He picks up a blank piece of paper from the table and deflects the incoming popcorn from CHIEF. It might just go spiraling into the audience. "Hey now, don't throw the actual edible part of the popcorn!"
Suddenly a very fine dressed program peeks his head out from around the corner with his cane in hand, before another much older program with red lines a V shape on his head reaches over and snags him by the back of the collar to drag him back. Something being heard about 'we are not done with this recognizer argument'.
Deelel The two system monitors throw popcorn at Gil whent hey think he's not looking. The Sentry just facepalms his faceplate into his hands.

Deelel on the other hand is just listening along to the music as Carnus ask some questions about OS.

"Operating systems think of them as seperate worlds it's the simplest way to go about it." Deelel goes for some popcorn again. She looks over at LEXUS for a moment as he enters and she now laughs at Lexus entrace. User error the bane of all good things someone in the sound department borked up.
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin could only give small nods in response to everything as his eyes are held forward toward the stage still.

"Different worlds, huh?"

Munch. Munch. Popcorn is so delicious.
CHIEF speaks over the mic looking over at Carnus, "That is what the Voice just said up on the screen." He jabs his thumb back at the screen, before he pours him a glass of water. "OS means operating System. Each Operating system is different. I am sure details will be further coming."
MCP Welcome to the next Slide, Yo!

So. We have the Realm of Data. Raisins in the Primordial Cookie Dough of the Data universe. The remaining survivors of the Crash.

What is the Crash you say?

(A picture of Ansem is shown with his heartless swarms)

Warning: THIS is a bad dude.

When all the barriers of light came down because of this bad dude, all the remaining grids hooked up. (No, not in that way) and stabilized eachother. There are currently 7 Operating System Worlds in the Realm of Data. Only a few of them will be active immediately.

WISE OS is the world of Classic, Old School TRON. It's connected to Hollow Bastion and Shinra HQ right now. This is the grid we know.

Flynn OS will be opened slightly tehreafter, accessible by the Arcade and further points later on. Flynn OS is the world of Tron: Uprising, Legacy and Evolution canon.

SHINRA Os is a reverse engineered copy of WISE OS. Unavailable Grids will become available over time and plot contrivance. (The Slide shows an image of a Techical Difficult Screen with Stormfall replacing a fallen piece of the sky that has shattered into a million bits on the ground)

These other grids include Xanatos OS, the world created by Multi-billionaire Mastermind Xanatos. And Historia OS, which some of you may also know as the hometown of our lovely quasi-insane Artifiial Intelligence ADAM.

Next slide. General rules of operation and what the hell are we going to do with this crap?!

MCP just puts his head in his hands and moans softly.
Palom The children stare up at Mickey. "...Parents? We don't know. Our backstory never mentions them." Porom looks up on stage. "Hey, the glowy people are talking! Why are they all glowy?"
LEXUS :EEXUS just waves offhandedly. "Just giving the people what they want, my boy. At least I'm not /boring/." He chuckles, and then looks to CHIEF. "Oh, you'll hear me scream at the sound guy later." He looks over the people in the crowd and does a menacing handrub. "Mwa, ha, ha, ha."
CHIEF just slides to the side of his chair as he stares at LEXUS. Then he tilts his head one way and stares, then takes in some more popcorn. He /almost/ falls out of his chair actually before he corrects himself with an ahem. "There is nothing to see here. All. Is. Golden."

Then he acts like he is in a state of zin.
MCP The Soundguy in particular is handed a Mango by one of the DPS crew, who apparantly has an entire inventory of them in the back. "Use it in good health." she tells him somberly before disappearing back into the background.
Avira Meanwhile, Aya-vira doubletakes. That was LEXUS's REAL voice? "Wow, they must autotune the hell out of it for the game." she remarks as she folds her arms over her chest.

Her attention suddenly becomes divided between TRON and LEXUS antics (AHHH hilarious, she loves those two!!!) and the slides themselves. "Oh, right, Ansem. Or should I say 'Ansem'." She even makes air quotes.

Strange. There was something strangely nostalgic about knowing what was going on.
CHIEF then catches the DPS who has the mango's before he then whistles over to her. "Hey! Good lookin' Toss one of those my way! I can add it with the Orange!"
MCP MCP nods sourly. "Contunity nightmare is what it is." he airquotes 'Ansem' while the DPS member just wolf whistles appreciatively at CHIEF and ducks behind a convienient plot hole.
"Such a tease." He remarks with a stretch, before resting his hands back on the table, now looking for the means to cut the orange Maira gave him as a gift. "I haven't met 'Ansem'" He also air quotes. "Yet--well-- as a character. Met the dude in a back lot. Very fussy about his hair."
TRON TRON flicks an unpopped kernel over at LEXUS this time. "Oh be quiet, He Who Must Not Be Seen."

He scoots his chair back and leans back onto the back legs, resting his heels on the tabletop with ankles crossed. "Besides, I'm just having fun for the sake of it. Seeing the Administrator," he points over to the MCP, "completely /not/ enjoying himself is reward enough."

He shrugs his shoulders a bit. "All I keep hearing are things about 'plots and plans'. Or was it 'pots and pans'? I can't tell sometimes."
Deelel Deelel sighs. "I wish I knew the whole bit about Ansem when I and Faruja." She goes back to her music for a moment. "The ground rules, you know we're going to have users all over the place soon MCP."
Avira "And that was even BEFORE the time travel bull****." Aya-vira, cursing without the geese, adds to the MCP. "Don't even get me started on that cheap sack of..." she goes on to mutter something under her breath about Chrono Trigger.
MCP MCP snorts. "Has a very peculiar hand twitch." he imitates someone holding out their hands to the side and shaking them. He shrugs meaningfully. "Another one of /those/ types" and snorts resentfully at TRON. "Well. If I could actually get SOME DOWNTIME to sleep." (glares at the DPS)
MAIRA Wanders back, sits, tries to pretend she knows whats going on. You know, the usual.
CHIEF then leans over to the mic. "By the way-- if you guys do have /any/ questions for us, please feel free to ask once the voice is done. It will cover /everything/. Or it should. If not I am sure someone will be correcting us if we give out the wrong information."

He gets down low in his chair, almost whispering, and lowers his voice an octave. "..and remember to bring cookies..."
Deelel Deelel looks over a MCP "Those programs are quite the handful ain't they?"

Chief woudl find the heavy sentry loob a cookie Light disc style towards Chief. "CATCH!" he barks out.
LEXUS "He also had the most /fabulous/ jazzhands." LEXUS comments. A kernel bounces off of his head, and he squints at TRON. "Says /you/. How long do they have you scheduled to stay in your disguise again?" He groans. "Ugh, scripts." He leans over to the crowd. "You know, if you ask really nice we might be able to drop some spoilers too." He winks.

So. Welcome to the TRON TP. This serves as the canon restructuring and reboot for the TRON theme here on Final Kingdoms. A lot of what will be happening in Traverse Town, WISE OS and FLYNN OS will be very open ended. We're looking to get the entire TRON cast involved and also anyone who wants to go along with the ride.

Each plot line is broken down into Episodes, of which a few will be teases in a few moments. As these plotlines progress, characters from the TRON continuity will be unlocked and available for apping.

This is mostly to keep the marginal sanity levels of those mantaining the plot. OC characters from these OS systems (Such as the Flynn OS Legacy canon) will also be available. Just not from the closed systems at this time.

Next slide: Preview of coming attractions! The Tron TP Series trailer. Now in 3d! (If we can find the video guy. He seems to have bolted along with our other sound tech)
MAIRA "I don't even know what to ask. I will admit the extent of my knowledge about TRON-verse is that they are computer programs, in a computer world with some kind of math-y looking grid and for some reason they have cool glowy parts. Almost maybe they race or something? So uuuuh....yeeeeah" she says, shifty eyed.
TRON TRON deadpans to LEXUS, "All the time. 'What's your preference, the white glowy body-suit or the black sneaky body-suit?' You and Master Control have it easy, you can walk around in buisness suits all day with LED's taped to your ties."

He grins over at Maira. "That's pretty much the basics of it."
"Mm. Spoilers." CHIEF cackles a bit and then at last is able to peal the orange. He glances back at the video screen and snorts softly. "I am waiting for the questions of when they can apply for what roles, cause you know. Disney XD trying to can TRON: Uprising and then having to actually /then/ move it onto the right time slot causes fans actually caught them red handed."

He points out at the audience. "Watch it! You will love it! Watch all of the TRON stuff!" he gives a sage nod and eats his piece of orange.
King Mickey King Mickey lets the parental question slide for now and just lets the children enjoy the light show that is being shown by the MCP and other cast members. He watches on curiously to see just what the fruits of the programmers and story boarders' labor. After all, we're funding this project and expect to get our money's worth!
MCP MCP snorts at TRON. "There is something to be said of practicality. And also, don't jut your chin at me like that, you might break something valuable." he looks over at CHIEF< then at LEXUS, going 'Shoo. Shoo' in that direction.
Deelel Deelel says "Lets not get into the jazzhands shall we Lexy?"

"That's right we really need to tap our icons on that one. It was a whee bit of a mess. There were somedays." She looks over to MPC with a grin and then comment "About time we let the majority of our cast out of the box." She pauses looking at the trio " seems some are escaping already." She sighs and looks back to the trailer as she now hushes.
Deelel Deelel pauses for a moment and looks about trying to find the person who shouted that. "Who let Guybrush in here?!"
MCP MCP Sighs. "..let him stay. At least as long as they behave them.." he sighs and shakes his head. "NEvermind. Guards" DPS Whispers. "psst. I think you mean.. Security?" "..yeah. Yeah. Whatever."
LEXUS "Yeah, but YOU don't get randomly replaced with CGI." LEXUS retorts. He leans back as takes another long drink from his water. "MCP and I? Ugh. We barely even get to do our big scenes." He squints as someone yells about Lucasarts. and just shakes his head.
CHIEF has been contently enjoying his orange, so in return of the nice juicy orange. He scoops up some popcorn in the cup. Signs it and then actually gets up. He walks over to the edge of the stage, hops off it before walks over to Maira.

"For your orange, maybe not as good as a prize money, but hey a cup signed and some popcorn." He gives her a playful wink, before he walks back up to the stage and hops back up there to return to his seat before the next slide hits the screen.
MCP In a WORLD.. where Data wants to be free, yo.

A campaign poster for SARGON for mayor of Traverse Town. The building of Datapoint Security. The Election Night ripped apart by the arrival of CHIEF in a tank.

And a time where enemies band together A dark cellar vault where TRON and the MCP stare with focused concentration at a glittering light map in front of them.

And a canon where this can also exist with a man who throws Fruit For the Sake of Justice...

A brief introduction to the escapades of FRUIT MAN and Kiwi lad, defenders of justice. Somewhere a DPS member in a hawaiian shirt snickers over the darkened trailer.

Lines will be drawn.

A massive creature of darkness crackling with hyper condensed data throws TRON through the wall of a building, shattering it into polygons. Deelel sneaks quietly through the empty halls of a dark and sinister gridspace office.

Worlds will be restored. Images of a struggle on top of a skyscraper, an oddly nostalgic 8bit theme, and tourist video of a gleaming Los Angeles at night, the ENCOM tower lit up and brilliant in the shot. ansi(6,And a Fanbase will ask..)]

MCP walks along the ceiling of the inside of the datapoint security building, which is somehow.. off. Outside can be seen Traverse Town architecture and a furious battle is going on in the background.

What is This. I don't Even.


Confusion. Begins. Now.
CHIEF leans over to the mic, "Spoiler. Everyone dies. The end." He then smirks as he takes a drink from his glass of water seeming to just be playing around.

"Now you people can ask us some questions and we can give you some spoilers!" He places out his hands. "After all, we can't do this without viewers like you!" And then a muffled. "..and Disney ceo's with cushy seats." Nom orange.
MCP MCP grumbles. "And a 'non compete' clause.." under his breath and grabs something like a bananaphone to consume.
King Mickey As the trailer ends, Mickey rises from his seat and begins to clap a loud with applause, "That was great! Color me impressed!"
Avira "Ooooooh." Finally! The previews! Aya-vira is pleased. She stands, hopping up and down excitedly. "Look! Earth! Are we going to get more earth?!" Oh wait, she should probably line up for the actual Q and A part, right? CHIEF says as much. Sort of. "CHIEF you troll!!"

Clearing her throat, she stands and heads for the center asile where people can presumably stand and ask questions.

"Okay, just to start, I wanna put this out here-" Aya-vira lifts her arms. "The whole VALKYRI name and the fact that it's an acronym was entirely due to inspiration from meeting him." She points directly at LEXUS. "Also I want him to have more screen time! He'll be in this TP, right? Also what I said earlier-does this mean we'll see more pieces of Earth popping up?"
CHIEF smirks as he is called a Troll and just chuckles as he leans back in the chair with his hands behind his head. He will let the others answer these questions, after all one is more aimed at LEXUS and the other the MCP probably can handle.. or TRON.. maybe even Deelel.
Deelel Deelel says "I'm sorry we can't say at this time but there are things coming. When does he not troll? We can't let you know the details just yet but you'll just have to wait and see won't you?" Deelel grins like she clearly knows something.

"We have that effect on people it seems."
MCP MCP says deadpan. "Appearance of myself or my associate are completely up to the company's CGI budget." he snorts softly.
TRON TRON has been busy making a paper airplane while commentary has been going on. He somehow manages to bow towards Mickey without moving, still leaned back in his chair with his feet propped up on the table. "That's what we're here for."

He rubs his chin at the MCP out of light-hearted spite. "CG-Man, CG-Man. Cameo King of all the land--" He coughs once, then throws the paper airplane over at CHIEF. He would notice that it's a fairly passable F-117 design. "Right. Play nice."

He clears his throat a bit as Aya-vira asks the first string of questions. "LEXUS' involvement is entirely at his own whim. Or his agent, sometimes I can't tell the difference." A mischievous look crosses his face. "And it's safe to say that this will involve pieces of Earth, not just digital frontiers. Which pieces, however, you'll just have to see."
Two can be seen walking backstage. One with a cape and he looks like a rather older gentleman with some pretty high tech gauntlet arms. The other is a tad shorter and much skinny. They seem to be discussing the arms, until they notice they are on camera and quickly skitter back a bit.
LEXUS "My agent's in negotiations with the writing staff. Trust me, if things work out, you'll be seeing plenty of me." LEXUS replies with only a little smugness.
Avira "Yessssss." Aya-vira steeples her fingers. "There are certain people that will be very pleased to see LEXUS again. Heh heh."

"The parts that'll contain National Treasure, right? I'm still waiting for some Nicholas Cage action. I know you own him, Disney! Stop holding out on me!" Aya-vira shakes a fist and takes her seat back, nonetheless looking pretty pleased with her answers.

She pauses, however, when she spots the guy with a cape and the gauntlet arms. Her eyes widen, "Hey, I know that-" suddenly, he and the other guy is gone.
King Mickey A few men in black suits take note of the cosplayer's little mention about Nicholas Cage, along with a few whispers.

While it is a little strange for him to be asking questions, Mickey does take advantage of the opportunity, that is once Aya-vira's question has been answered.

As the mouse raises his hand, a listening program appears nearby and brings Mickey up on a viewscreen, presenting the King with a microphone to speak,

"This question is for everyone on the panel. I believe it was mentioned earlier that this is a reboot and restructuring of the TRON theme here on Final Kingdom. If I may say so, I felt the previews to be both exciting and interesting. So bravo to you team! Let's hear it for them, folks!", to which there is plenty of applause and whistles!

"However, I have to ask just where exactly is the reboot going to take place? Are you rebooting from the beginning or will this be in within the Legacy storyline?"
CHIEF then at last leans forward about this time grinning after LEXUS replies. His voice is a bit quiet over the mic. "The answer is. Yes. To both." He then glances side to side and gets more popcorn. Its like an infinite supply of /popcorn/!

"As for National Treasure, that is something we can't disclose."

Then the king asks his questions and CHIEF smirks up at him. "Howdy sir." he then bows his head. "The Reboot actually will be sliding in current stuff in nice and smoothly. They are actually keeping current stuff tied in with the Wise OS while later we will they will opening the stuff from Flynn OS-- ala-- Legacy, Uprising, Evolution." He then hand wobbles. "At leeast that is what I've been told."
LEXUS LEXUS is about to say something when Gilgamesh causes him to suddenly spit water. He coughs, leaning over the desk and trying to keep from choking.
CHIEF blinks and starts to gently pat LEXUS back. He gives it a few more pats getting slowly a sheepish look on his face.
Avira "H-hey..." Aya-vira shrinks in her seat at the JERK shouting in the background, looking embarassed. She taps her index fingers together. "Haters gonna hate."

She seems COMPLETELY dispirited rather than running off to pick an actual fight with Gilgamesh.
LEXUS With some help from CHIEF, LEXUS recovers. "Did he..." He hoarsely mutters, "Did he just call Nick Cage's mom fat?"
MAIRA Maira-Kat is sitting under an animated rain cloud, looking insane and miserable as she glares at her knitting. @.@
"Cage rules!" A voice yells from behind the screen from a bowl hair'ed individual, before the mechanic program can be heard talking that sounds a allot like Elijah wood goes, "Hush. They might be able to hear us."

"Oh.. sorry."

Then a female voice speaks up, the one who had the teal hair. "I swear you two. We can't go anywhere nice where you two don't do something stupid. At least he got a job here setting up the servers for now."
Avira "No he called /my/ mom fat. What a dick. I'd punch him in the face but this isn't self defence." Aya-vira mumbles dejectedly. She does perk up a little when 'Uprising' is mentioned. She knew she recognized that old dude in the cape!
TRON TRON inhales deeply at Mickey's question. "From what I understand," he glances over at the other panelists, "CHIEF has the gist of it. None of the characters know about all these other worlds /yet/, but throughout the story the full scope of the Realm of Data will be revealed bit by byte. I do believe we are attempting to push the story forwards from the realm of the original movie to the Uprising pre-Legacy timeframe."

He cracks up laughing at LEXUS' impressive spit-take. His chair leans back even further on its back legs, almost (but not quite) to the point of tipping over.

He manages to recover after exhausting his air supply and points back towards the screen. "Oh, and CHIEF? You want to talk about bad haircuts? Two of our stagehands back there makes this," he points at his own case of helmet hair, "look like professional styling, let me tell you."
MCP MCP pulls the panel back on topic with a herculean Feat of Strength. He coughs and clears his throat. "..Any other questions not related to Nicolas Cage, his storied career or Disney as a gestalt?"
King Mickey King Mickey says, "I see! Well, thank you for time.", and then he takes his seat."
TRON TRON coughs into his microphone over at the MCP, "Spoilsport."
Elijah wood's voice yells from the back, "Hey! This isn't that bad... what.. hey.. stop laughing.. Oh come on!" Yes there is indeed stifled giggling before a very sharp British 'ahem' can be heard, then three voices of in a near whisper of, "..sorry Sark.."
MCP MCP grumbles at the Autologger and adds to TRON with the same coughing dodge. "Brown-noser."
Deelel Deelel stops listening to her music and is laughing at LEXUS spitake as well how can she not it's hilarious. She looks at TRON "He's not lying about that I seen them too." She calls back. "Your hair might eat uncomplied users!"
CHIEF drums his fingers on the table. "Any further questions from the audience? We will answer /anything/." He smirks then blinks, then slowly glances side to side. "Well.. almost anything."
LEXUS "How about telling them when it's planned and what they might expect. And how interested people can get involved and spread the word on their... 'mybooks' and 'facespaces' and 'chirpers'." LEXUS fingerquotes a lot as he says this. Yeah, he's doing this on purpose.
MAIRA Maira raises her hand. "Can I set things on fire?"
King Mickey A little boy, cautiously and bashfully raises his hand to ask a question and is greeted by the listening program. He looks down and then to his mother who motions him forward, "Umm... Umm.... Will there be light cycles? Cause I really like lightcycles! They go, vrooooom and move from here to there?! SOOOOO COOOOOOOOOL! Also, what about coliseum disc battles!?"
CHIEF drums his fingers on the table before he pulls the mic in closer. "Also.. see this place.." he leans over and clicks a button to show the 'Bits and Bytes' Grid room of Final Kingdoms. "Its gonna be gone tonight and remodeled into a much larger space. You will get a wonderful surprise." He gives a playful wink.

Then LEXUS speaks up and CHIEF nods. "Well.. I can tell you a great deal of these episodes will need some extra hands on cast. So as many as we can help will actually help our writers tell the story. Its a pretty flexible script really, so we can bend it pretty good."

CHIEF then grins like a loon. Then Maira ask her questions and nods, "Sure can!"

Then the kid speaks up and he looks up at the kid, "Hey there partner." He smirks. "There will be tons of Light cycles. From First gen to third gens and possibly, very possibly, some disc arena match offs."
MAIRA "Alright. Awesome," she says, then gathers her things and walks out @.@

Timeframe. The ----The projector breaks down. The rest of the session is just a Rick'Roll of Rick Astley top hit set over Tron Uprising, Evolution and Legacy footage.
LEXUS LEXUS says, "As long as they don't make it last too long." LEXUS grumbles. "No one likes tournament arcs.""
MCP MCP blanches. The Autologger continues to eat his poses. It is Sinister. Beware. "God, no Tournament arcs."
LEXUS LEXUS then promptly giggles as the con gets rickrolled. "MY POWER IS INFINITE! MWAHAHAHAH!" Somehow, it just doesn't work without the voice overdubbing.
"Nah. I think it deals more with survival games." CHIEF remarks back to LEXUS.
LEXUS "Oh, I love survival games." LEXUS comments placidly. "Especially when I survive and they play the Games.
Then CHIEF looks at Lexus before glaring at him. Oh yes, and he /did/ catch that paper airplane earlier folks, it is now sitting on his lap. "..its always your fault. You MONSTER!!"

Then drinks some water. "..and who doesn't love survival games. More explosions."
Avira "....awww man." Aya-vira sighs and pulls out her phone, resetting the 'days since Rickrolled' counter with some disappointment. u, no more tournament arcs. Or at least make it so it's a one on one tournament. You know how much of a pain it is to get the planets to align and have six people all on at the same time long enough for a coded fight? A whole lot."
TRON TRON snorts over at the MCP, not dignifying that insult with a response otherwise. He then calls after the leaving Maira, "Just make sure you go outside first! People get mad if you set something on fire indoors!" He's trying to be helpful, honest. It'd be bad if the Con had to be evacuated mid-panel, y'know?

He shudders faintly at the mention of a tournament arc. "Geez, as if the four-way Disc Battle wasn't bad enough."

He flicks more unpopped popcorn at the 'antagonists' of the story, mostly at LEXUS and CHIEF, though. Mostly because he can. He also may be humming along to the rick-roll tune.
"Disc fights from my knowledge are typically done one on one anyhow. Though I've heard in Uprising they also have Light cycle jousting." CHIEF shrugs his shoulders. "No clue who came up with that idea!"
CHIEF quickly palms the table. "That is what they forgot to cover. The bit rate stuff." He grunts gently. "I am not even sure if we are allowed to talk about that." He looks over at the MCP, "..are we even allowed to talk about that?"
MCP MCP looks through his notes, looks at the Rick'rolling projector screen then out at the crowd. "That's not in my copy of the press release notes. Maybe?" he chintaps. " Probably in the bonus commentary of the DVD."
TRON TRON digs around in the popcorn bowl for more unpopped kernels, only to come up empty. "Out of bullets." He sadfaces for a moment, then grabs a handful of popcorn for himself. "Oh well, it was fun while it lasted."

He munches for a moment. "Oh yeah! The bit-rate stuff." He shrugs over at the other panelists. "I don't see why not. It's pretty important."

He tries to peer around the screen without actually getting up. His chair teeters dangerously on its back two legs as a result. "Can you guys back there stop comparing hair styles and fix the projector? We could probably use it right about now."
Suddenly some skittering is heard and then someone is seen climbing up a ladder with tool in his mouth. He then seems to get to work on the projector. Tinker. Tinker. Tinker.
Deelel Deelel says "Generally but sometimes there is known to be the idea of group company prehaps you will see in the future. Prehaps first hand who is to say?" Deelel grins at this opne and looks over to CHIEF and TRON for a moment "Things change and evolve. There will always be Light cycles, there's a few of you users I promised them to If I recall right."
There goes mister Wood's voice again. "It should be fixed!" He then slides back down the ladder.
.At last the singing stops and the TRON-Con symbol comes back up on the screen.
MCP MCP keeps humming it under his breath even after it has stopped playing.

CHIEF leans forward as TRON gathers what he has on it. Cause he is pretty sure that is what he is doing. "Seriously though, we will be looking for others to join us on this train ride. A good deal of this series will take place in Traverse Town, along with some of the ending stuff in New York. So keep your eyes glued out there for us."
Pumpkinhead Suddenly a young man stumbles into the auditorium. He is wearing a skirt, a green wig, and a five o'clock shadow.

"DID I MISS THE DISCUSSION?" He says, scratching at his hairy legs with a hand. "DID I REALLY HAVE TO DO THIS DRESSED AS MY CHARACTER??"
TRON TRON sidebars to the MCP, "Catchy tune, isn't it?"

He remains leaned back in his precariously-tilted seat, flipping through papers as he narrows his eyes at the text. "Huh. I think our errant crew forgot some notes. Guess the Administrator's right, that info's on the bonus DVD."

With a regretful sigh, he shrugs and tosses the papers back onto the desk. "Well, more information will be forthcoming as the story progresses, safe to say."

When the young man bursts into the room, TRON's chair finally destabilizes and dumps him backwards clean off the stage and out of sight.
CHIEF then whispers very quietly over the mic. "..and there may be some video game cast cameos from some big hands and crazy cars."

Then comes in the man-- in cosplay as a woman. He had seen stranger things! But it still causes his jaw to drop slightly.
MCP MCP deadpans at the man, and then deadpans at DPS. A program with a military haircut and a lady with spiky hair just sort of stand there.. until TRON's chair destabilizes. Then they crack up laughing. MCP facepalms.
LEXUS LEXUS is already off signing autographs. Truly, it is the villainy that gets all the fanclubs. LEXUS HAS ALREADY WON, TRON. MWAHAHAHA.
Deelel Deelel says "Big hands and crazy cards? I didn't even know that."

She pauses for a moment at what CHIEF is seeing the other ear bud goes in she gets up and is going to go hob nob with the fans.
TRON TRON climbs back onstage none the worse for wear, though with a sheepish grin on his face. Not even his hair seems to have gotten messed up. "Well. I guess that is that."

He bows to the crowd. "Thank all of you for coming to our wacky panel about the Realm of Data and those who live in it. Have fun!"

This scene contained 124 poses. The players who were present were: Gilgamesh, Avira, Deelel, Pumpkinhead, MAIRA, Beatrix, MCP, LEXUS, King Mickey, CHIEF, Palom, TRON, Oblivion, Carnus Sirin