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Dance of Ice and Fireworks
(2013-04-13 - 2013-04-14)
A celebration of life in a cold northern continent port town.
Rena Laradyne Now is a time for celebration.

Why is perhaps a question left to the dusty musings of sages. A question left to be relegated to the ages. So instead of explaining, Rena simply contacted those she could get ahold of and the Shivan was very much interested in catching up with recent events and not interested at all in doing this without food and drink involved.

The North Continent's only major trade port was that of Carwen, a colorful small town of medieval technology and architecture and the Inn involved 'The Rankled Badger' stood out, a bright and comfortable place overlooking the ocean with walkways that overlook the ocean and meander in smooth curves back to the main streets.

Inside the badger, Rena has an anachronous radio on one of the polished tables blaring a cheerful tune into the slightly smoky dimness. BGM CHANGE: ]

Globes of light around the inn give the impression of flickering fire rather than steady illumination, making shadows dance across the stone and wooden walls.

Also to note. The calculating and reserved Rena has pushed the tables up against the wall, has put her weapons aside, and is dancing with some of the patrons. There are only a few and they have a rather bemused air about them as the large woman whirls around the room laughing while the smell of spiced meat and the slightly cloying smell of honeyed mead drifts from the inns kitchen.

She twirls and twirls around the center of the swept stone floor, and where she stops? Siren only knows.
Niklas Dragonius P-A-R-T-Y spells Niklas Dragonius. He's that guy, you know, that guy who knows when all the social events on campus are happening; that guy who shows up to them with a huge grin on his face, happy to entertain everybody and hit on all the girls who don't have boyfriends, but isn't the same guy as the jackass who shows up with a cocky swagger proclaiming himself to be the life of the party. Nik's not cocky at all, in fact, which is pretty funny given the man can literally punch so hard /gods/ come out of his fists. He's easygoing; he's the guy who gets in the way of the abusive drunks, the guy who pulls the unnoticed girls out onto the dance floor for a dance or who makes sure everybody's got a drink. He's like a second host to every party - he even brings music.

Consequently, most of the big party people on the campus knew Nik to be the fixer.

Rena, however, was not one of the big party people, which means that Nik is even more curious as to what's up in this thread. He shows up dressed in his usual patchwork clothes (he's added a few new monsters since last time), guitar slung over his back, huge grin on his face. "Hey, Rena! Looking hot as always. This is the place, right? It's kind old, but it'll do, with a little more work."
Annia Leradine Dancing is pretty much defines Annia. She knows just about every style of dance, so she's right at ease with anything, any music. Well, she has her favorites of course, but she can meld it pretty easily. So when Rena called upon everyone for a quick gathering, she didn't know what to expect exactly, but whens he hears the music, she's already swaying those rounded hips to the beat as she walks in.

She takes a long look around the place, wondering what's going on exactly. Usually celebrations have a reason, so one can wonder. She spots some of her classmates, although they never had a class together yet, walking closer to Rena that she knows less, and Niklas that she knows too much about already.
Souji Murasame You think you're going to get away without Souji showing up? You'd be wrong. The Ramuha heir arrives, looking over the area and considering the situation. He taps the side of his chin speculatively. "Rustic." Souji comments, and moves to check the wine list, before he looks over at the others. "So what is the occasion, Laradyne?" Souji responds. He's not dancing. This is most certainly the wrong music for his preferred style.

He has, however, not yet dug in on Dragonius. Small mercies, right? "You seem to be well, Leradine." Souji says, continuing his tendency of referring to everyone by their last name, in general.
Myla Mason Myla Mason isn't sure why there's a party but really does she need an excuse to party? Also catching up with friend is always good right? So here she is and she's not even shocked Nik is there she was expecting him to bt there but noe where has Rena got herself too? She's spotted Annia and Nik already and Swimmer? Well he's been left somewhere to not crash the party
Rena Laradyne "Niklas." Rena growls the word, spinning to a halt and thanking her partner who moves off to a table to join some of those clapping to the rhythm of the music (or perhaps simply get their breath back and drink something, something that sounds like a pre-eminant idea) she moves over to him and gives him a scowling frown and raises a finger as if starting to lecture, and then her mock scowling melts away and she gives him a welcoming smile. "It's not the tools at hand, but how you use them." she makes a gesture to the surroundings and splays her hands in a gesture of bemused exasperation. "Be creative." Rena looks him over with open and honest appreciation and then nods very soberly to him as if making a grave decision. "Come. Did that woman ever find her missing boyfriend? " she raises a finger. "Hold that thought." she practically slides over to Annia. "You honor me at my fire, Leradine. Please come, sit where you like." she gives a closed lipped smile, her hands empty and her manner cheerful but not overwhelming.

This is about the time she realizes that Souji has arrived. Her eyes flash for a moment and then her smile just grows even larger. An aura of goodwill just radiates from her ."Murasame." she inclines her head.

The wine list is strangely complete with more than a few references to foreign vintages. There are clear whites. Smoky reds. Many of the bottles are local but a few are not only from across the continents but some from The Old Kingdom and other worlds. Someone (the Shivan most likely) has manipulated the list and brought some in just in case those who glanced at the list actually studied it.

Rena roots out Myla from the crowd and the reserved and quiet Shivan tries to literally pick her up and swing her around half a rotation. "Apologies things may not be to your taste, Murasame. But I did lay in at least /some/ surprises to hedge my bets anyway."

She gestures to Nik. "Dance with me or Play, Niklas. Pick quickly. I can turn the channel to whatever it is you favor. I just am rather partial to it." And then she is turning to Kyra and the large woman seems to stride back and forth like a cheerful bear. (Or an ice flow that is really keen to meet you, which may not be the exact measure of your health) "Kyra! Come. Sit wherever you like."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan had simply been passing through Carwen in her own personal little journey to serve as a break from the nonsense of the Church and it's machinations. Lord, how could one religious organization have been such a headache? She was not entirely sure of it herself, but a break was definitely required.

It is while she was in town that word spread of a party. While not particularly interested, it was also not as if the elf was strapped for time. Perhaps in would be a good way to spend some time. Thus, taking her mind off of other matters, she made her way to the location in question, entering through the doors.

"Hmn, rather archaic in design I would say..." Morrighan mused lightly to herself, tapping a cheek lightly in thought while her other arm kept her elbow supported. This certainly was not her kind of party, but...she would not complain...yet.


With that in mind, the dark elf casually made her way over to the wine table, taking a glass of whatever seemed good at that moment. "My, they certainly are lively however..." She mumbled to herself, watching the other patrons dance and enjoy themselves before having a sip from the glass she just took.
Niklas Dragonius Nik is slowly starting to wonder if Rena has a thing for Souji. If she does, that ranks among *the worst decisions in the history of human history*. Because Souji Murasame is like the world's biggest jerkoff. Seriously, there was a book published, the Cactuar's Book Of World Records, and World's Biggest Jerkoff was Souji Murasame. It was amazing, Nik even congratulated him on it once in front of a whole bunch of people.

He might be the world's nicest kung fu master but damned if Nik couldn't be /super duper petty/.

"I'll...uhhh," Nik isn't used to /Rena/ of all people asking him to dance. It doesn't take long before he's got his hands on her hips for the next dance.

When we say 'it doesn't take long', what that actually means is 'the man's reflexes are unbelievable and his hands are on her the moment she's finished saying the word /dance/.'


Nik is a hell of a dancer. It comes from completely mastering a martial art full of precise and intricate movements; he's very good at moving his body. Like, really good. Frighteningly good. Humans shouldn't be able to bend that way good.

He holds up his hand at Morrighan as she shows up. "HEY! HOT DARK ELF GIRL! How you doing? Didn't expect to see you of all people here! Wanna dance?"

Kyra Hyral Kyra's not much of a dancer at all. AT ALL. The only dancing she really does is the ungraceful running away of horrible things coming to stab and maim her. When it comes to parties, which she has very much grown to enjoy in those few years she's been at Alexander Academy and away from the strict supervision of her siblings, she prefers to be the one at the DJ table making the music happen.

Well except there really isn't that much opportunity to do that here. Unless Kyra were to set up her laptop, hook up the speakers, and drop the mog.

But much like Nik, Kyra's actually kind of surprised to see that Rena is the one starting the party. Though friendly, she always found the Shivan much more reserved. "Rena, hey!" she waves cheerfully, seemingly unbothered by the low-tech environment. (Not really the case, though, this whole lack of electricity thing reaaaally bothers her.)
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine rolls her eyes jsut a bit at Nik. Well, whenever he can get his hands on a girl, that's him alright. And he STILL manages to hit on a different girl at the same time, good grief. She shakes her head, but nods to Rena's introduction, without a smile as she always is really, but grateful either way.

Then Rena is swept off before she can properly answer. Well, that's alright too. She moves to the side, looking around, and then as Souji as he addresses her. Great, just to make the day better huh. "Murasame." She answers flatly, without much manners to it. She doesn't owe anything to him after all.
Rena Laradyne The bartender is a short, dark and stocky individual who has a perpetual look of anger on his face, etched there by the years and possibly one of the motivations for the sign outside. Morrighan is served one of the local wines, a darkwood vintage that is a red so dark that it is almost black and practically smells as sharp as a razor.

Rena makes up in sheer enthusiasm what she lacks in dancing. Which is not exactly to say she lacks in dancing (much), only that her movements are not nearly formed of anything like precision or intricacy ( although that double spinning loop may qualify) but she makes up with it by ample experience in mimicing the movements of others and so, when she stumbles (a few, relatively small times) she recovers quickly.

She finishes one reel around the floor. "Well. That wasn't so hard." she says to Nik, one eye closing as she gives him a lopsided grin. "I suppose I should pass you to the next in line!" That said, the Shivan literally attempts to gently push Niklas towards the 'Hot Dark Elf girl' in question, smirking as she turns away to return to Annia in a few strides and a loud creak as she sits down on the bench. "Well." she says very quietly and with an obviously conspiratorial tone. "..Do you think he has a list that he goes down and simply checklists for further inspection?" A platter of spiced meats in soups and sandwiches leave the kitchen on great trays and the Shivan sits down to bite into something of black bread and meat and cheeses. She draws in a great breath of air into her lungs and then lets it out again.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan's eyes are drawn to Nik as a familiar moniker is heard. Had this human not learned her name? She would have to rectify that! "While your compliments are not untrue, it would do well for you to learn that I do have a name." The elven woman spoke with a rather unamused tone. "It is Morrighan Lachesis Alazne. Now burn it into your memory, for I have no intention of repeating myself!"

The offer to dance caused Morrighan to smile wryly in response. "A tempting offer however, but..." She was about to go on to say that he was rather indisposed already and refuse, but their dance went on and was finished before she could say such. With Nik getting pushed towards her, there was really not much room to refuse.

And so she sighed and set the glass down, opening her arms to be taken for a dance. SUrely there were worse things to be subjected to than a simple dance. Even if it was with a human, she was not so stuck up that she'd refuse such a thing. ...Maybe.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine chuckles lowly at Rena, sitting down nearby, just resting her legs a bit as she watches the show "Having an actual, organized list would be giving Niklas too much credit. No, it's more likely that he just bounces between several, and even at the same time if the situation offered itself to him." She shakes her head. Well, at least he's entirely honest about those things... Not like other people she knows about, including herself.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is suprised as she gets found by Rena, spun about and she laughs. "Well it seems your in good spirits today Rena. I'd almost ask if you were feeling all right!" She seems to be pretty chipper all things considered. She notices Nik hitting on a very attractive looking elf of some sort and seems amused as she calls out. "It's not a party without you isn't Nik?"

She also turns to greet Souji. "Mr. Murasame, nice to see you relaxing." Annia gets a grin "Come on you should party Annia have a little fun, right?"
Souji Murasame Souji selects a light, fruity white wine, something suitable for the precursor for the main events to come. He's not familiar with /any/ of these vintages, none of the locations are known to him in that way.

He sighs. He'll have to go learning them all over again.

"You are doing the best with what you have to work with. Don't worry, soon our options will be expanding signiicantly." Murasame smiles thinly. "I will find enjoyment, have no fear." What? He's not being a jerk to her?

Maybe he just has a problem with you personally, Dragonius. Besides, no one can prove that book was authentic, especially since the author had a horrible encounter with a Malboro a week after publishing. Terrible situation. The stench stuck to him for months. Souji does, however, eyeroll as Nik immediately starts trying to sweep the girls around in his typical play.

He decides to wait. He picks up the glass of wine he ordered and sips it, looking over at Morrighan and considering the woman, That was a /Dark Elf/? He had to wonder what glamour she was using to conceal her form, most Dark Elves he knew were horribly deformed.

Souji will wait for the proper time in order to gain another moment of self-satisfaction. In the meantime, he looks over to Annia as she acknowledges him. "Do you think this party will have anything of note?" He asks Annia. "I admit, I have to wonder how... creative... our host is going to be today." Privately, Souji is /really/ hoping Rena didn't cook tonight. Myla's arrival and address causes him to turn, nodding to her. "Mason. What have you been up to lately?" He pauses. "I may have need of your mechanical expertise in the near future. Do you still have any schematics from the Academy?"

Kyra's presence is noted then, and he abruptly turns, walking over towards Kyra, "Kyra Hyral." Souji addresses her respectfully, actually giving her a short bow. "I pray today finds you well." He says, with his hands clasped before him in what seems to be something of a ritualistic greeting.
Niklas Dragonius "You didn't tell me your name last time," Nik replies cheerfully as he takes Morrighan in his arms politely. Despite being perhaps one of the most /rough/-seeming individuals on the *planet*, the young man knows how to be polite when he dances. One hand on her hip, one on her hand. "Morrighan Lachesis Alazne, huh? Whaddya want me to call you? Morrighan? Lachesis? Morri?"

He grins as they start dancing, and once again, he proves that he does know things besides /hitting people/ and /hitting on people/. As previously mentioned, he's quite a skilled dancer - he knows how to spin, how to sway, how to step.

"Sure isn't!" Nik agrees at Myla. "Niklas Dragonius is requisite for a party to be properly majestic! Ask anybody on campus."

ANYONE WHOSE NAME ISN'T SOUJI MURASAME ANYWAY. YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS, SOUJI. Nik is convinced that Souji only knows how to dance so he can come to dances and deny women the chance to dance with him, /thus feeding his evil black heart/.

"That's me, by the way," he adds to Morrighan. "I can't remember if I said as much. I'm Niklas, Niklas Dragonius, heir to the Divine Fist style and the Dragonius family title."

(The proper title is actually Lord Dragonius, for the like two people who care enough to know his title!)

He also can't hear the girls wondering if he keeps a checklist, but rest assured, they are correct - checklists are for people who are organized. Organization is for people who are concerned with tomorrow.
Kyra Hyral @emit Cheerful ice flow! That's her Rena. Invited in by the tall Shivan, Kyra grins and skips herself around the perimeter of the room. As she does, she takes note of Souji being here, but only affords him a momentary glance. Surely Frank has spread the word of her future compliance so she would -have- to talk to him at some point.

A party is not the place! On the other hand, Souji was all business. That he'd even show up at a party is kind of a surprise.

Kyra fetches herself a chair at one of the tables that were pushed out of the way earlier. Dragging it slightly, she angles it so the back faces the wall and she can sit and watch her fellow classmates dance merrily.

Nik, to no surprise, immediately starts hitting on an attractive-looking...dark elf? This marks the first one Kyra has seen in person and she looks upon her curiously. That skin coloring was something she's actually seen before amongst certain families in Ramuha.

Speaking of her countrymen, much to her dismay, she is approached by Souji. Though he bows, Kyra remains seated, staring up at her cooly. "Hello Murasame." she greets evenly, lifting her head as she speaks. "I'm fine. I hear you have been busy."
Rena Laradyne "Oh yes." Rena says softly to herself "It's very much all about.. what options one has available." she smiles tightly and then the expression breaks out in a grin. "Myla." Rena calls out from the tables, gesturing forwards. "Drag yourself over here and eat something, Levitani scum. I get it. You live on water. Now come have something before you turn sideways and I can see straight through you!" she grins. "Yes. Better to have a properly majestic occasion.. I.. think I find a great deal of Irony about that." and she laughs, although perhaps for no reason than her own private joke.

She springs to her feet. "I'm coming over there and draggin you now, Myla!" and stalks across the room like a stalking.. badger? (Close enough)
Morrighan Alazne "I would prefer just Morrighan if that would suit you. Morri is far too familiar." That said, she let Nik lead the dance, following his steps and movements with relative ease. Considering the way she carried herself, perhaps it came as no surprise that the elf was quite skilled in the way of dancing. The fact that this rough looking man seemed to know just what he was doing drew a small smile to the dark elf's face.

Morrighan's eyes momentarily glances over Souji's way. Having gotten a feeling of being stared at. The man is offered only a curious arch of a brow before her attentioned returned to Nik just as he was introducing himself. She hadn't asked because quite frankly she had no interest in knowing. But nevertheless, the knowledge was obtained.

"Niklas Dragonius, you say? ...What is this about a Divine Fist Style, though?" A question asked, one in which Morrighan already knew the answer, but hey, conversation! "Is that some manner of combat technique now?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine loosk over to Souji as he addresses her once more, shrugging her shoulders "I don't even know what the celebration is about to start with. Maybe they just wanted to forget about the troubles for a moment too." Looks like people are having fun at least. Rena prods Myla quite obviously too. Nik got his hands on one of the beauties he had spotted before. And there's no Jidro to ruin her fun. Maybe its not too bad either.

She looks to Myla as she talks to her, crossing her arms "I can have fun plenty just watching too." Mostly watching other people making a ridicule of themselves. Well hasn't happened yet, but Nik just might, given his usual luck with the ladies.
Souji Murasame People like Souji Murasame. He makes a mental check as he hears Dragonius prattle on. He's still waiting, Dragonius. The Murasame Heir is like a sword od Damocles hanging over Nik's game, waiting to fall.

Souji also knows of Kyra's assent. He straightens, nodding. "It takes a great deal of work to reforge a wide-scale manufacturing and distribution company. Progress has been acceptable, however." He smiles to her. "And you? Have you had any success in your work?"
Niklas Dragonius NIK IS THE KING OF MAKING A FOOL OF HIMSELF! Except possibly Will Sherman, the actual fool. It comes from Nik just not /caring/. He bounces back from anything almost immediately; it's damn near impossible to put him down for long.

Didn't stop Souji from trying.

"Morrighan, then. Uh? You were at the fight with the zombies, right? You saw it, didn't you?" Nik blinks, legitimately confused.

"Oh, right...I guess you're an outsider, you wouldn't know. The Divine Fist is an ancient style from my world and my family. Legend says that the Dragonius family was chosen to hold and safeguard the Divine Fist's great secrets by the great god Raiden after my ancestor, Ragnan Dragonius, aided Raiden in the Chaos War. Ever since then, generation to generation of the Dragonius family learns its secrets - martial arts techniques that tap the divine motions and allow us to become one with our gods."

Morrighan may have noticed, now that she's in close proximity with Nik, that the man is ripped. Moreover, his hands are gentle, but rough - the rough of hands that have bled over and over for something. He certainly carries himself like a martial artist. No...more like a master, not an amateur.

"A lot of styles have spun off the Divine Fist's lower forms, but only the Dragonius family is permitted to know the arts to join with the gods. It's a bloodline secret. Pretty neat, huh? It's kinda like being a summoner, but...not quite."

"I don't call them into being or compel them to act. By moving precisely, by making my motions perfectly, I become them. The gods flow through me, and in turn I am them. It's the most amazing experience in the world. Well, one of 'em." Nik grins and dips Morrighan low. "There are a few things that come pretty close, but it's definitely a high I haven't repeated any other way."

"What about you? What do you do?" He swings her back up into his arms. Souji seemed /so far away/ right now. He is in his *element*. He is *enjoying* himself.
Rena Laradyne Rena watches and claps along with the dancing and tells Annia, eventually returning to her seat (with or without Myla in tow) "We survived, Leradine. Of all the shamans and all the chieftains. Of all the merchants and kings and traders, we few are those who survived."

Rena grins lopsidedly. "..and what did I bring with me? Doubt and fear and the loss of everything, when I should be building. I was taught better than that. And I was shown better. So.." she grins, raising up a flagon as she takes one.

"More than enough of a reason to celebrate. A new beginning. Old connections, but not old wounds."
Morrighan Alazne Yes, Morrighan was there. No she was not watching as Niklas was calling down the gods with his fists. She was too busy being a newt and fighting a crazy witch! So his explanation regarding the style and his family was...more than what she had asked really. But there was no denying that it was at least somewhat interesting.

"...Is that so? Then, in a manner of speaking this particular combat style serves as the father of all hand to hand combat styles that have since branched out from it. Is that what you are saying?" Now, beating people with just your bare fists is not something Morrighan is particularly fascinated in. Not by a long shot, but the history and theory behind it certainly is.

Neverminding that for the moment however, she could clearly make out the level at which this man's body was built. For a human, he certainly stayed on top of his physical health. And despite his manner of flirting with anything female, she could sense something else about him...something she couldn't quite put her finger on just yet. "I suppose it is 'pretty net', as you so eloquently put it. A summoner that knows martial arts...Most summoners I know let their summons do all the work, yet...apparently you simply borrow their powers and do it yourself?"

And then she was dipped, the action causing the elf's eyes to widen just a tad in surprise. She was not quite prepared for that. "...Oho?" A grin began to appear on the dark elf's face, revealing a glimpse of fangs among her teeth as she stared upwards at her dancing partner. " that a proposition?" For what? She didn't elaborate though, finding herself swung back up and into Niklas' arms once again.

There would be no admitting it. None whatsoever, but this was rather enjoyable. Even if it was just a single dance that would not last much longer. "Me? Hmn, an apt question. What DO I do...?" Seemed that it was rhetorical as well as Morrighan went right on to speaking after. " simply a healer. I go from place to place and organization to organization, usually taking employment to assist in their operations and care for the injured, as well as perform magical rituals and large scale spells. I have no allegiance to any specific group however, so I am free to move as I wish most of the time."

...Yeah, let's forget about the fact that Garland was still after her head. Yeah, let's not mention that at all!
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine tilts her head a bit to the side, her orange curls bouncing a bit with the movements of her head like that "So we're celebrating that we're alive?" Its a reason as good as any really. She can understand that. This world was odd enough, not to mention monsters, like the behemoth she tackled down.

And then Nik starts boasting and talking about hsi fighting style. She would normally be uninterested in that kidn of talk... but now that she hears the name of 'Dragonius', something seems to click. She's suddenly up in her seat, slamming her hands on the tabletop "You're from /THE/ Dragonius clan? Not just happened to have the same surname by chance?" Now /THAT/'s something she hadn't exactly expected either, and it seems to bring out more emotion in her than she usually shows. At least, from what Nik ever saw.
Niklas Dragonius "Not *all* of them, but most of them. The ones that didn't spawn from the Divine Fist generally took some elements of it, though. Like I said, the legend is that it's a divine martial art style; it's pretty practical even if I'm not using the higher forms. Strength training, health training...uh, admittedly, most people stay away from the training methods. They're kinda..."

He'd make a motion with his hand but it's currently around her waist. "It actually got used in a lot of historical wars; traditionally, the Dragonius family fought when there was no other option, though. Normally not political battles - mostly against monster wars."

"It is totally a proposition." Nik replies, a grin spreading across his face to match her coy, fangy smile. Fangs? Oh man, that was *exotic*.

"You're a healer, huh? That's pretty cool. I know a couple healers, but most of the healers I know are, uh..." He glances meaningfully at Kyra, then lowers his voice substantially, hopefully so that only the dark elf can hear. "/crazy/. Really really crazy."

"It's pretty kind of you to take care of people like that. I don't think I could do it; it takes somebody special to go around caring for the sick and wounded, I think." Kyra was certainly somebody special, although this definition of /special/ apparently also included *sadistic*. Which is pretty funny, given Morrghan.

Annia stands up; Nik blinks. "Uhh...yes? I'm from the main family...I'm the only living master of Divine Fist right now, I guess." He frowns. As much as he was happy to not have to deal with his family, it didn't mean he wanted them *gone forever*. Just...not trying to force him to get married or whatever. "Why? didn't think that the guy who was a martial arts expert and named Dragonius was just /coincidentally/ named Dragonius, did you?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason has not gone for the wine just yet, prehaps she doesn't want to drink too much. So she can remeber the party, it's always fun being the one who has the clear memory of such events.

"Exploring, helping Art hunt an esper, and I have quite a few I have all my personal files and some of the ones from the libary I was going over." It's likely she could easily produce her pistols and anything to do with Swimmer and she my have had other projects on the go as well.

Nik will be left to his fatge for good or ill with his latest attempt at a good time. Now Kyra gets noticed and she's grinning over at her. "Good to see you Kyra I wonder if some of our friends have become alergic to having fun as of late."

"Oh just collecting information /I see/ all right I'll leave you to it."

"SO Rena's you been having a heck of a lot fun here it looks liek still what's the occasiuon aside the obvious you were never much on parties."
Kyra Hyral "There is a company I'm sure you've heard of that has earned my interest. ShinRa. Though I have yet to try and make an appointment with any of those related. I really need some kind" Kyra points out, "Beyond that, general exploration has yielded some interesting books and the like. It seems the majority of technology levels throughout these worlds are very low."

Perhaps infuriatingly, she changes topics a little. "Dragoon Man has survived." she says brightly.

Perhaps as if sensing Nik saying things about her, she looks beyond Souji for a second to make eye contact with the monk.

"Hello Myla! I'm actually happy to see Rena like this! I had worried about her since our world disappeared." she glances over to the cheerful Shivan. "I think she took it the hardest of all." Kyra...well, she was happy to be free of her family.
Rena Laradyne Rena gestures Myla over to the table when her friend has a moment. "So. Tell us the tale of this hunt for an esper, and mind you, if you skimp on any of the details I'll be greatly cross." she smiles indulgantly.

"Maybe I can tempt you with a trade? I have had a few interesting adventures myself since the world fell." she glances over towards Kyra and nods to her in agreement or perhaps acceptance before turning back to harassing the Levitani.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine hasn't seen Niklas fight yet, to her defense, so she couldn't be sure about that either. She looks a bit bewildered now. Well, all kinds of surprises in this world huh. "How would I know, haven't seen you fight yet." She crosses her arms, but she has that kind of smirk now, not quite usual for her. Finally something that tickles her fancy, changes from being constantly irritated at least. She sits back down, and just mulls that over for now. Well, she already seems in a better mood overall anyway.
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan nodded her understanding to the matter of his family's fighting style. "I see. Well that makes sense enough. Though I admit, I have not actually seen you put it into action. I believe I was too busy entertaining a certain witch." Ah, Royce. What an irritating woman. But she would not dwell on it. That incident was already in the past. And breaking the curse was little effort in any case.

"Yes, a healer. I realize my appearance does not suggest it, however...That is just the way it turned out to be." She does no dark and time magic additionally, but that's not really important to her work. Not really. "Crazy, hm?" She asked in a low tone, following Nik's gaze over to Kyra. "...I assume you mean her, yes?" An amused smirk found it's way onto her face after that.

"Taking care of people...It is simply a job." And the subject was left at that, her bright red eyes drawn over to Annia, falling quiet for a moment. Then the amused smirk came back and Morrighan leaned forward a bit, whispering into his ear. "Perhaps I will accept that proposition...some time." Grinning then, she leaned back and added. "...But for now, I do believe you have found your next dance partner."
Niklas Dragonius "Honestly, appearance seriously doesn't mean much about a person. You look as much like a healer as Kyra over there does." REJOICE, KYRA! Apparently time in the great wilderness has actually improved his memory! That, or the fact that you're borderline psychotic. He avoids Kyra's gaze carefully, his grin still nice and wide. "Maybe a little more, even. I expect healers to be soft and nurturing." KYRA IS NEITHER OF THOSE THINGS, SHE IS SHARP AND POINTY.

She dangles the tag of 'some time', but nonetheless Nik is on cloud nine for the rest of the day. He nods as Morrighan releases him, their dance ended (but memorable nonetheless), and heads his way through the crowd back to the girls.

"Hey," Nik observes, sitting down next to Annia. "So, you wanna dance?"

Do your worst, Murasame. /Do your worst/.
Souji Murasame "Dragoon Man." Souji sighs with not a little exasperation, looking away for a moment. "That's... good." Souji doesn't mean that at all, of course. "I've had some recent dealings with Shinra as well, Miss Hyral. They're sensible people." He pauses. "Although given recent arrangements, I may be able to produce the facilities you are looking for. I am still looking for a proper location to set them up... I have heard some tales about being able to restore lost lands through the location of 'shards'. Perhaps one of these might prove fruitful." He pauses, following Kyta's gaze. "If you'll pardon me." He says, politely, to Kyra, and breaks off, approaching Nik and Morrigan.

"Be careful about that one, Madam Alazne, you don't know where he's been." He pauses. "No one does, really." He looks over to Dragonius. "Are you really trying to win her interest with your hoary and tired legends?" Souji shakes his head, sighing. "You won't see much 'action' from him. He is more interested in carousing than keeping up with his work." He gestures. "Is there something you want to accomplish, Madam Alazne? You appear to be someone with more ambition than your former dance partner."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine considers that, looking over to Nik as he sits nearby. She leans over the table on her elbows, hands under her chin, those piercing eyes looking toward him. "I could be convinced." She's making him work a bit for the chances to get his hands on those hips, no matter the reason behind it. "Didn't think you were part of the main family line, figured you might be only an twice-removed cousin or something, who knows."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan blinked, glancing at Souji upon hearing his warning. "Oh? Not much 'action', you say?" She brought a finger to her cheek, tapping idly as she thought about it. "Hmn, well, perhaps you are right. I indeed do not know where he has been after all." Smirking at that, the dark elf shook her head, turning back to Souji.

"Something that I wish to accomplish? ...I wish to accomplish many things. I suppose the same could be said of most however, no?" THat was a rather roundabout way of answering the question without actually answering the question. Typical Morrighan. "Nonetheless, you seem to be a man of great ambition yourself." She gave Souji a quick once over before asking. "I do not believe that I caught your name however...?"

Meanwhile, the elven woman lead the conversation away from the designated dance floor, moving back over to the side where she had left her glass of wine. Never waste good wine now!
Niklas Dragonius Souji you are like the biggest jackass. If only Nik still carried the Book of Records with him.

"Well...yeah, I mean, I am. The branch families aren't that big, but...nope. I'm the heir." Nik shrugs. "Lordly title, divine secrets and all."

"I just don't like to talk about it much. I mean, who cares about that stuff here? It's not like being a nobleman means anything here. It's just a word, no matter what some people want to believe." Some people being SOUJI. "Heck, I didn't talk about it much at school....felt too much like bragging." Nik scratches the back of his neck.

"Don't really like bragging to people. Makes your ego swell up and then you get stupid and the you get killed. Plus, it's another of those stupid /game/ things." Nik hated the Game. The big Nobles' Game, the backstabbing, murder, hate...all the things that people wanted to convince Nik to do because he was born.

" wanna dance? I mean, the music's going."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine stands up, and pokes Nik in the forehead, and then flicks it with her fingers "Don't misunderstand me, Niklas." She walks away from the table, with that enticing sway of hers. She's not a dancer for nothing after all, she has what it takes there. "I'm not interested in your family or your name at all. I hate all of those high class nonsense, I only adhere to them I need to." She looks over her shoulder as she steps on the dance floor, and offers him a smirk over her shoulder "So you gonna dance or just watch my hips?"
Kyra Hyral "...really?" Kyra sits up, suddenly struck with the worst sort of cognitive dissonance. It would be nice to have an in to speak with someone of interest in that corporation. It would be nice to have access to a PROPER lab once more so she can poke out the very interesting things she's seen throughout the worlds.

"...I've heard a bit too about these world shards you speak of." Maybe some of theirs are out there but she cannot find it in herself to really be excited by the thought of restoring their world, technology level or not.
Rena Laradyne Rena listens to Myla for awhile and then rises up to her feet and moves over across the tavern floor to stand in front of Souji.

"Well, Murasame. You've brought your business into my celebration. I think you at least owe me a dance in exchange." she smiles at him cheerfully, extending her hand.

"After all, if I didn't derive at least /some/ enjoyment mildly at your expense then it would be all a very dull, if majestic affair now wouldn't it?"
Souji Murasame Souji, too, enjoys wine. He nods, remaining businesslike and polite. "Indeed. We all have things we wish to accomplish. Myself, I am in the process of building a profitable and stable corporation, reestablishing my business in an ever-changing and war-torn world. I am Souji Murasame, heir to the Murasame manufacturing and distribution conglomerate. Our products could be found on every table in our world." He turns. "I overheard your list of skills, and your behavior shows that you are more interested in accomplishing things than your. If you are interested, perhaps your could become a valued member in the reestablishment of our corporation. I have already negotiated supply and manufacturing deals with several powers and companies in the World of Ruin. The rest will follow soon-"

Souji is suddenly interrupted by Rena. He looks to her, eyes narrowed, and then he smiles, faintly. "Very well. Do you have a waltz?"
Niklas Dragonius Nik is back up, arms around Annia as she makes the offer. Yes, he does in fact like watching girls too, that's not a crime! He follows her onto the dance floor; as they pass Morrighan and Souji's conversation, Nik mutters something to the dark elf rapidly.

Then the music starts playing. Nik smiles. He could put Souji Murasame being a prick behind him for right now. While he was dancing, he didn't care about a thing in the world. Parties were his natural habitat - /real/ parties, not the things noble people threw to play the Game. That was dull, boring, and villainous. A real party was where you went to have *fun*, where you went to do something crazy and dumb and not regret it for an instant. This was his natural home, where he felt the best - surrounded by people who understood just for a minute what it was he really wanted.


Nik puts his hands on Annia's hips. "You know, you're my best friend's fiance. As hot as you are, I do kind of have a line there."
Rena Laradyne Rena moves over to the radio, picking it up and holding it to her ear like one would do to a seashell. "What are lines for but for jumping them?" she notes, mostly to herself as she turns the knob back and forth this way and that. Oddly enough, the music doesn't change at all as she does so.

It only does so when she sets it back down, a smoother and more graceful song drifting through the tavern like a layer of snow.

Rena drifts back towards Souji and somberly (although that might just be a sham. Her eyes sparkle with amusement and something else. She narrows her eyes very slightly as she extends her hand) "..if this will be suitable?
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine's hips are shapely, and a nice place to set a hand down upon, indeed. She moves with the beat, not missing a step. It doesn't matter what kind of dance or music, she's able to follow, the rhythm is flowering through her easily. That's part of why she became a dancer "I didn't say I had interest in you directly either." She answers up to the mention about her fiance. Nonetheless, she's dancing with him right now, and putting on the show "Its your Divine Fist that interest me." She states out quite honestly.

She doesn't show her more natural side often, for most people she's a cold ******, and that's the image she's been trying to project willingly either, since she doesn't really care about what others think either. Jidro seems to be the only one that knows she has other sides to her personality that she keeps hidden. But right now, she's hinting at those pretty openly too.
Morrighan Alazne Niklas' mutterings are heard, and met with a curious raise of an eyebrow, but the exchange ended quickly enough and Morrighan soon has her attention back to Souji. "My, reviving a corporation? You are thinking big then. I like that..." Hearing his name, she nodded lightly after. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance then, Mr. Murasame."

The talk of her skills caused the dark elf to smile a tad, never adverse to having her potential recognized of course. "As for joining this budding corporation, I certainly have no qualms about where my skills go. If one place fails to satisfy my needs, I will of course move to greener pastures." And of course, the Church's pastures were becoming mighty grey right about now. What with Valo's nonsense, the legion of religious zealots, conspiracies abound, and of course there weren't vampires in their ranks!

"I believe that you and I have cause to talk. At least a little more regarding this corporation of yours." Niklas' words rang in her mind, but she put them aside for now. Rena's request of a dance from her current company caused Morrighan to step aside. "Oh? Well then, the man is all yours. Do enjoy yourself."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "Sure give me a moment." She starts to think back. "we went ruin diving in that old M-tek lab that Mr. Greene found and we found our way deeper into the earth and found an old Libary in which we found a stone? I'm not sure it was rather fast it professed it's nature to Art and he sought o make a pack but it chose to test us and it departed."

"So Art gathered more allies and sought the Esper out again we tracked it across the wourld Souji joined us along with others and it was quite the task to fight it it then questioned out motived for why we were helping and demanaded an awnswer when it was done it attacked it was a savage battle magic, technology, magitek, sword play. In the end we managed to defeat it I'm not sure if it died or not but it agreed to serve Art."
Souji Murasame A hand removes a card from his suit, and he provides it to Morrighan. "Contact me later. We can make the necessary arrangements."

As Rena engages shenanigans, Souji sighs inwardly. He nods, taking up Rena's hand and begins to dance. His movements are technically perfect, moving with a fluid grace born from training and endless practice. There is something off about it, though. There's no feeling to it. It's a cold perfection that Rena experiences. "Is there something you're looking for, Laradyne?" Souji says quietly as they dance. "I always keep my mind on my business. Unlike some people, I need to get things done."
Niklas Dragonius "Ah...well, that's kinda harsh. You barely even know me!" Nik replies. Yes, he's enjoying this immensely, but that admittedly put a bit of a damper on his cheerful mood, no matter how shapely Annia is or how pleasant it is to be up against her. "I mean, it's kind of...just saying something like that..."

Nik rolls his shoulders unobtrusively. He spins her, and when he does, he takes careful note of the way Murasame is dancing; he can't help it. The guy's like a robot. No feeling, no emotion! Nik, by contrast, he felt it. He enjoyed it. He loved the dance. He loved to move, in any kind of physical manner. He hated meditation exercises - although he knew they were necessary, and thus put effort into them, because whatever Murasame thought, Niklas was a /master/ of his art. The only master left. It was a sobering thought; Divine Fist died with him, if he died.

"So why are you interested in it? I can't exactly teach you any of the higher tiers if you aren't my wife, and no offense, but I'm not really looking for that at all." Maybe one day he would, but sure as hell not today, not while he's in the prime of his youth and ready to go.

"Plus most schools that incorporate it are wildly different from the Divine Fist anyway. And the training methods are kinda..."

Nik mutters. He hopes nobody he's interested in hears this.

"...lethal. Especially for the higher tiers."
Rena Laradyne "That's the whole point" Rena says offhandly to Morrighan, giving her a smile with her eyes closed for a moment before turning back to Murasame. "But what is it that a story says.. All the running in the world simply keeps you in the same place?"

Rena smiles at Murasame and they move around the dance floor in perfect step with eachother. She does not falter this time, though she may only be mirroring more precisely. The fire banks down lower and lower until it is watching clockwork. A clockwork waltz. "Besides. You are not the only one to make connections. Just the one who seems to have given up everything else in order to chase them."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine spins easily, she's a rather light girl, especially compared to Nik's stature. That light body is perfect for dancing, which is her fighting style. "Not asking you to teach me either, I actually studied it a bit on my own, and adapted parts of it to my style. I'm not a fist fighter like the Dragonius style, but the basis of weight transfer and movements still apply. Just, minus the summoning skill there."

Annia also loves the dance, she likes the movement, the rhythm, everything just flows around her, blurring the world from her sights, making her feel alone for a moment. Its a feeling she's used to and appreciates even, considering the high class world she was raised in. "If anything, I wouldn't mind just trading notes."
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan took the business card rather casually, looking it over once before it simply became enveloped in light and vanished. Probably stored away elsewhere for later perusal. "I believe I will." That said, Morrighan turned away, leaving Rena to take Souji away as she resumed enjoying her glass of wine alone for now.

This was nice as well. That done however, the dark elf realized that it was likely past time for her to make herself scarce. She had already spent more time in Carwen than she had intended. A visit to Hollow Bastion's library would have to be next on the agenda. That visit was long delayed and otherwise held up by previous shenanigans one way or the other.

With her wine finished, Morrighan set the glass down and began to head off to the inn entrance.
Niklas Dragonius Nik makes the 'call me' gesture at Morrighan with his fingers before he returns his attention to Annia. "Ah...yeah, I guess that's okay. I don't have a problem with that."
Souji Murasame "How much did I give up? I lost everything when my world fell. Some things... before then." Souji pauses, erring slightly in his dance pattern as he looks away. "I'm going to make it happen again, Laradyne. The Murasame Corporation will be reestablished, and I will be greater and more successful than ever before." He says. "What are you planning to do in this new world? I know Dragonius is busy slacking and failing miserably at trying to woo women. Some others, like Gerrison and Valodjn, have chosen to work with me. What about you?"
Rena Laradyne "I've chosen to throw a party, of course." Rena pauses for just a moment before continuing. "In order to gather together the little I still have. To hear what people have to say, and what they have been doing with their time." She smiles.

"Dynatics was my family's business and a neccessary of the time. Perhaps now that different roads are open to me, I hope to see what's beyond them." she chuckles, leaning close to mumrur. "Call it an execise in curiosity."

When the dance ends, there is food and drink for all, and also fireworks.

Yes. Fireworks secreted sometime before anyone arrived and presented only when the festivities begin to wind down, and launched from outside to explode in streamers of blue and gold and red fire should anybody be a mind to indulge.
Kyra Hyral Kyra is outside as soon as the fireworks start happening, apparently being quite a big fan of them. Anyone within earshot promptly gets an extremely detailed chemistry lesson on how they work, complete with chemical formulas, how the colors are produced, and the "products" from those particular chemcial reactions. It's a little unsufferable.
Niklas Dragonius Nik appreciates fireworks. He's not as enamored with them as Kyra is, but he does at least listen. Fireworks are...well, they just weren't that amazing, no matter how amazing they were, you know? Being who he was kind of raised the bar for amazing.

His hands go into his pockets again. "Hey...nice party, Rena. I'm gonna take off, though. Something about the air's not agreeing with me." He casts a pointed glance at Souji, then shrugs and smiles. "I got stuff to do anyway. I gotta go meet back up with Serah and help her find her sister. I made a promise, after all."
Rena Laradyne Rena nods and smiles, waving to him as she looks up into the sky. "Thanks for coming Nik. Let's have another one soon, huh? I'm sure I can rummage up some reason or other. I hope you find what you are looking for." she smirks to herself, glancing towards Nik before she interlaces her hands just under her breasts and leans up against a railing.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine crosses her arms as the fireworks start, moving a step away from Nik. The dancing is over apparently, and she seems to be back to her colder usual self there. She turns over to Rena, nodding "... How about we celebrate the opening of the school next time. We still haven't picked even a spot for it." She slides a hand through her hair, from forehead to the back.
Rena Laradyne "Well. I know some people around here. Maybe they would be willing to help us find a site for the school." Rena nods after a moment of thought. "It would be nice to have it back again. I.. actually miss it a little, even though I was just there a few years."
Souji Murasame "Your hope is touching." Souji says. It doesn't show in his tone or eyes. "You can do as you like, Laradyne. I'm choosing to continue what my Family started. I will finish it."

When the dance ends, Souji turns away amd picks up his wine, looking up at the fireworks and pretending not to see Dragonius. He's done his work in ruining Nik's game tonight.

"The school will return soon enough. You will see." Souji says, out of nowhere.

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