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(2013-04-13 - 2013-04-18)
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Two days have passed. The first day was the painful burning of light attempting to seek out a man hidden down so deep that it was nearly impossible to see. The second day was great deal of pain. Perhaps even near loose of control and then nothing. Nothing came over. Darkness. The soothing form of it.

Yet on the Third day the Dark Knight awoken in his chamber on his bed. The candle only lighting part of the room gently. Those red eyes of his sweeping over the room, before the man reached up to remove his covers off his body. He then sat up slowly, noting the wrappings over his chest and even over his shoulder.

He touched this gently as he sat there, memories of the battle flickered in his memory, before he closes his eyes. Then he slowly stands up. His bare feet walking across the cold, stone floor of the chamber. He walks over to the closet and swing open the two doors looking at the nearly empty closet with only a few choices of cloths.

He traces his fingers along a few of the fabrics. His red eyes staring at the cloths as if unsure at first what to do with these. They were not his armor, yet it was something that must be worn. Just as he would need to fix his raven purple, black hair. Make it less bed-hair and a little more suitable.

Outside of the room two Palamecian Knights stood. There eyes rather normal and the two talking back and forth to one another without ever moving their bodies or even their heads. When the door opens however, the two knights jump with a bit of surprise. "Sir," They both say, one of them stepping in front of the door, while the other quickly heads down the hall.

The Dark Knight stares down at the soldier before him, only canting his head slightly. The Knight inhales deeply before he continues. "We must request you stay in you chamber. It is for your best interest, sir."

"By who's orders?" The Dark Knight says calmly and nearly lacking any emotion in his voice. As the soldier tries to explain this, the other turns the corner and starts to head up stairs to a much larger chamber, one that is filled with books. As the Knight enters the chamber his eyes glance around, almost seeming carefully how he moves into this massive room. "My Emperor?" The Knight calls out. "He has awoken.. do.. you wish for us to send him here.. and what of your guest?"
Rena Laradyne Rena lingers on the railing of the library, slowly shaking her head in wonder at the sight of it all. Her eyes have lit up in a pale face and she is just taking in the sight of so much knowledge in one place with a sort of childish glee.

She wanted to surge forwards and rip them off the shelves, tearing them open as if she could drink the contents down in ragged gulping gasps and never come up for air.

While the knight comes into the room and addresses Matthew, she takes out her phone and quickly punches in a quick sequence of numbers. "Come on Junker. Pick up your phone." she almost giggles as she takes a quick spin around a table and then swoops across the shelves peering with curiosity at the titles.
The Knight waiting for Mateus reply, glances over at his 'guest' that seems to be gawking over the books and books the Emperor has. The Knight still was unsure if he should step in further or continue to linger where he was. Perhaps even address the fair woman that maybe she should be-careful cause many of the tomes had magic spells over them.

Yet surely Mateus would have removed those for his guest.. wouldn't he? Then again, it has been some time since Metaus had even /had/ guests over. It was oh so confusing!

Back down below in the hall the Knight found himself being slowly pushed back in steps. As the 'request' to stay in his room was more of something that was indeed a request and not an order. Worse part was, it wasn't a request from Mateus, but something they thought would be best. He could say it was Mateus' orders, but that would be a lie. After all, all they were told to do was keep an eye on him; it was just easier to do this if he /stayed/ in his chamber room.

So the knight continues to step back as those red eyes peer into him, until he accidentally steps back to far and bumps into one of the vases, which goes crashing down to the ground. Only leaving the knight to cringe. Then looking over his shoulder at the vase, then suddenly the Dark Knight right in his face. No armor and the man was still not someone you wanted to look long into the eyes of.
Emperor Mateus 'Matthew' had given his guest plenty of time to acclimate to her new surroundings without too much interference. His only request had been that certain rooms were off-limits without his presence, the soldier barracks and the library being only two such places. He happened to be in the middle of a tour showing her around the castle and had just reached the library when the Palamecian Knight had arrived.

He bemusedly watches Rena almost dance around the aisles in excited child-like wonder, but avoids looking at the Knight at all. "Lady Rena is with me, Knight. Do not concern yourself with matters above your station," he states coolly, his tone indicating his displeasure with the interruption.

He folds his arms over his chest as his lavender eyes narrow noticeably. "So the Dark Knight has risen?" He emits a low sigh. He was hoping the tour would calm him, but it would not be. "Direct him here. We shall await his arrival."
Rena Laradyne Rena is peering at the titles of the books, hands behind her as she squints at the incomprehensible glyphs of other languages with amused chagrin. She eventually reaches her connection and chats amiably with the person on the other end of the phone with all the care of a schoolgirl. She's about to continue her meanderings when she hears the crash.

Curiosity drives her to the knight still standing in the doorway and picks up the tail end of the conversation. Her eyes flash at the 'matters above your station' and she grins even wider, "..just a moment." she sweeps past the knight with a surripitous look of sympathy (real or feigned is somewhat up for debate) as she goes by and completely ignoring the implication of waiting for the arrival she peers out into the corridor to find the source of the disturbance. "Are you alright?" she asks the knight who knocked over the vase, her eyes suddenly drawn to the dark haired man who she /almost/ doesn't have to look down at.

Her eyebrows raise almost into her hairline.
The Knight goes to salute Mateus, just about the time that suddenly Rena bolts by him. He blinks his eyes a few times. "Uuh.." He quickly snaps back to attention and then finishes the salute, plus the bow while speaking with some hastiness in his voice. "As you command, your majesty." Then quickly goes to play catch up.

This was turning slowly into a comedy of errors.

The other Knight who was stuck with the armor-less dark knight. Just goes to raise up his index finger to explain what this was about, until Rena's voice of concern catches the Knight off guard and he almost 'sweat drops' as the Dark Knight goes to look in the direction of the new voice.

The Dark Knight stares directly up at her with those red eyes of his. He is actually wearing a tunic-like gray shirt with a pair of black jeans and some boots over his feet. Nothing overly fancy, but one can presume it was comfy. He tilts his head slightly as he just stares at her. Then he actually blinks his eyes before he peers over at the Knight. "Who is she?"

The Knight quickly moves over to the vase that was knocked off and attempts to pick up he pieces, "She is, sir, the Emperor's guest."

The Dark Knight cants his head the other way as he looks back up at her. He furrows his brows softly. "I see." Though his words display a very calm state. "..and the name of this welcomed guest?" His red eyes also seem to be studying her for a moment, though as to what is hard to determine.
Emperor Mateus Matthew chuckles softly as Rena bolts past them and easily turns to follow the others at a quite leisurely pace. "Never mind, then," he murmurs more to himself than anyone in particular.

He turns the corner after the others and takes in the sight with growing amusement. One knight trying to pick up the pieces of a vase--that must have been the crash they'd heard--while the unarmored form of the Dark Knight stands just outside his door. Of course, Matthew himself is not exactly in his usual attire, still wearing the more 'modern world' look of a business suit and collared shirt.

"Her name is Rena Laradyne, Dark Knight," he states, his tone just shy of sharp. More akin to how one of authority would speak to someone of lower rank. "Though I wonder why you are on your feet so soon. Surely you understand your condition."
Rena Laradyne Rena takes the phone away from her ear for a moment as ostensibly her friend was in the process of being mangled or had passed out from the aftereffects of said mangling, so she slips her phone away and plunges straight into the comedy of errors with both booted feet.

She looks between the vasebreaker and the knight and makes a gesture of greeting, displaying open and weaponless hands before putting those hands on hips. "Laradyne, just for now. I'm guessing you are the main attraction on this tour." she grins. "..and for good reason, too. A pleasure to meet you."

she notes the title and no introduction and her eyes flash again but she says nothing in regards to it, just glances over at the guy picking up the vase and then back at the Dark Knight. "You do look a little out of it still. Are you alright?"
The Dark Knight gently raises an eye brow as he is dubbed 'the main attraction'. Those red eyes glance over to Mateus then back at Rena. "Tis a pleasure to meet you Lady Laradyne." He says bowing respectfully to her.

His eyes then turn to Mateus, his stance become more straight and perhaps now standing truly at his full height. "My Emperor, I awoken and was unaware of how many passings had gone by. I was also going to see on seeking something to eat." He red eyes peer over to Rena for a moment, before returning to Mateus, or at least not seeming to look direct at Mateus; at least not in the eyes. "If worse, find an apple from a tree." He bows his head slightly. "Unless my Emperor wishes for me to return to my chambers?"

He then peers over to Rena. "..I am fine, ma'am. Thank you for asking." The Dark Knight can be polite. He knows his respect and when to give it. Even if his words were rather precise and very clear. His voice was also somewhere in the tenor range, not an overly deep voice, but somewhere down in the lower ranges.
Emperor Mateus Matthew lets the Dark Knight explain himself quite well without interruption, studying him keenly for signs of... something. He has no intention of explaining what he's looking for, however. "Very well. You may go to the kitchen for a meal, but you must return to your chambers to continue your rest afterwards. Am I clear, Dark Knight?"

He turns his gaze to Rena, almost offhandedly dismissing the Dark Knight as a result. "Lady Lauradyne, this is the Dark Knight. Our use of his title is not out of some attempt to keep you from knowing his identity, for his title is his name. He is the commander of the Palamecian military, second-in-command to the Emperor himself."

His thin lips press into a wry smile. "More correctly... myself."
Rena Laradyne Rena twists her mouth to the other side now, chewing very lightly on the inside of her mouth as she quickly skims over everything she's learned since she took the pool of shadows into this slightly balmy realm of mountains and forest.

She looks over at Matthew then at the Dark Knight but the glances are fleeting and insubstantial. The use of names and titles and lack of them is filed and sorted away. The interplay is noted. Every look. Every glance. The appreciative smile softens into something a touch more genuine. Or perhaps a touch more calculated. "Well I always need to eat. I am simply polite enough to stop from time to time to allow others to catch up." she strides several steps forwards, bowing slightly to the dark knight and extending one arm towards the commander.

"Would you mind if we paused the tour for now, Matthew? I'd like to get something to eat myself." she gestures to the red eyed man, noting that as well. "I've got a million questions and I'd hate to keep you from your duties, even as gracious as you've been to me already."
The Dark Knight is first unsure what to make of this woman. He wants to peer into her heart, see what light she has, but he knows in his current state such glances could lead to far worse problems. So one must control the darkness within. One must-- ignore he hunger that claws to feast.

The man then raises an eye brow slightly as Rena walks up to him extending out her arm to take it. He knows what this gesture means; its a rather courting move that a lady would ask of a gentleman. However in his state of being, he never had to take part in such things. That honor always belonged to Mateus, which lead him only looking to Mateus for a nod of permission before doing so.

He stares down at Rena as she speaks to his Emperor, before his eyes drift over to the Knight who started to carry away the broken pieces. He then peers back at Rena as she then brings up the million questions. Once she is ready to go, he will show her the way. Though for now he remains quiet unless spoken too.
Emperor Mateus Matthew chuckles softly as he holds up one hand. "I do not mind at all. Simply return to the library once your appetite--and curiousity--has been sated, and we shall resume the tour accordingly. I only ask you refrain from taking any books from their shelves, as there are safeguards in place." As one would expect, given the size of the room.

He nods once to the Dark Knight, giving him the permission he seeks, and steps lightly out of the way as the knights move aside and tend to their own duties. "And do not worry, I have cleared my calendar for the day, so I have no pressing matters to attend to." He rests one hand over his stomach. "But a meal may do me good as well."

Besides, there is no way he would miss seeing how the Dark Knight will handle the situation he has unwittingly gotten himself into.
Rena Laradyne "Well. Now that the haggling is done." Rena reaches out and links her arm with the commanders if he will still allow her to, letting him lead her down the hallways of the castle with a carefree smile. "Let's all hasten to the kitchen and sample the trade goods, shall we?" She seems completely undeterred by the commander's lack of reaction.

"That was weighing on my mind a little. I'm glad I had nothing to worry about." she says to Matthew, closing an eye in an expression of amused chagrin.

"I'll be careful about the books. I didn't dare touch them anyways. I couldn't imagine so many generations of knowledge all in the same place. So few put such a high price on knowledge as to actually maintain it well. Some things are just left out to be forgotten."

"How long have you been commander, if I might ask? " she directs at the commander as they walk. "Do you receive your name back when you pass the title to someone else?"
The Dark Knight lets her take his arm, actually he doesn't even try to fight it; seems almost accepting of it. His eyes close for a moment as he listens to her foot steps, timing his own easily with hers. Not moving to fast on her nor to slow.

His red eyes open once more as he skims over the hall, including passing rooms if there doors were open. He doesn't say much. Yet when she asks him the question. His eyes narrow only slightly. It was a strange question. One he has never been asked. "I have been commander of the Palamecian Military before our world feel into darkness and merged with this one." The Dark Knight explains glancing over to her.

He then goes quiet on the second one, as if trying to process the request. He was not sure how to answer it. The name Dark Knight /was/ his name, yet apparently it had to also act as /title/ before her. Never before did he have to play such a game. So would? Was even such a thing possible?

The man furrowed his brows before he closed his eyes for only a split second. She was a guest. Not of this nation. She would not understand their ways. Not /yet/. She had been around those with emotion, not cold logic. If he acted to ridged, to calm, it would bring rise to possible trouble.

So the Dark Knight may indeed take a bit to process the question, but an answer slowly rolls from his tongue to his lips. "We keep our titles until death find us, Lady Laradyne. Once given a title, that is who we are for life." His eyes almost flicker with red light, before they simmer down. "We live for our Emperor and we will die for him as well. Thus these titles are our gift from his Emperor and we should never squander them. For who once were, no longer mattes when the title is given."
Emperor Mateus As the group proceeds to the kitchen and dining hall, Emperor Mateus simply listens to the conversation as they walk, his eyes half-closed and a smile playing at his lips. This would be a good test... for both the Dark Knight and Rena herself. The former, to test his stability; the latter, to see how she adapts to his forces. So far, so good--twice over.

Perhaps this has proven to be a calming activity after all.

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