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An Interrupted Duel
(2013-04-12 - 2013-04-15)
Within the colisseum, Evja was practicing until he was reunited with Sanel and Lia. After a conversation, they were to do battle until a member of the Glabados Church interrupted the potential match.
Evja This time of night, most simply weren't out at the coliseum. In fact, most were in bed. Among those that weren't, however, was a certain Vieran Judge who had made their way out of Fluorgis towards Traverse Town where they felt they could try and relax. At least in some fashion. Having not been in some form of combat for a bit Evja felt he was getting rather rusty and decided to go somewhere he could stretch out where...

A) Someone likely wouldn't complain about him doing such at that location
B) He likely wouldn't be disturbed by certain parties.

And not being out in the middle of the desert was nice too. Because at least in this place he had other places he could flee to if necessary to avoid having to deal with things. And he was close to a place if the need came up!

At the moment he was dancing back and forth in the middle of the Coliseum arena with a spear out. Leaping high into the air, Evja came back down in practiced, graceful motions like he was remembering some fight that happened a while back and was replaying it. Of note the Viera wasn't in her armor, but in fact was wearing something more akin to a Vieran Assassins attire at the moment.
Sanel Meanwhile....

There is a looming, ominous shadow before th viera. It is a terrifying shadow that encompasses his entire form. Dwarfing him, that shadow is reaching out beyond the stars, covering the entire field.

It is the bane of all furry creatures. It is the most feared abomination that no furry furry creature would dare utter his name.

"Buuuuuuunnnnn buuuuunnnnnnnn!!"

Emerging from the other side of the arena, the young boy is walking within the vicinity. As the boy is going from walk to /FULL AFTERBURNER/ with arms extended.


An arm, outstretched, moves to grab him by the collar and lift him up. It is the red-haired gria, who looks a little exasperated. She looks at the young boy with a critical eye, then it looks a bit bemused.

"It's been a while, Evja."

A glint forms along her eye as she rests a hand towards her hips.
Evja "..."

That ominous feeling sent a chill up the Viera's back as he suddenly landed and stood upright, ears perked as he looked around to try and figure out...

"Oh espers." came a soft complaint before he braced for what he thought was going to be an impact. Of course, right at that point nothing came and when he looked up... "Sanel... Lia?" With an uncertain tone to his voice Evja puts away the spear and starts walking towards the two, even though it may not be obvious, expression quite confused. "What are you two doing here? Is everything alright? Lia?" Evja always was the worrier, though, even back in the clan days. Worried that the others would get hurt outside of engagements in some fashion. "And... why are you two even together?"
Sanel Smile.

Sanel is looking at the viera with a wide grin. The boy is happy. He is very happy to see the viera. "Bun bun! Sanel likes Bun Bun!" After a moment, Lia finally releases the bo, rubbing her forehead. She gives a faint smile compared to Sanel's own bright smile.

Lia doesn't get to explain. Instead, Sanel scoops the gria into his arms and he hugs her close with embracing arms. This surprises the gria, who yelps and she twitches. "Lia is Sanel's pet. Sanel took her after breaking Bad Man who hurt his Bun Bun. Bad Man became a seed. Bad Man will be a beaaaauuuutiful tree!" Sanel brightens into a smile.

"So, Sanel claimed Lia."

Lia pauses for a few moments, then rubs her forehead, "Ahhh... Nevertheless, he kept me from being taken to jail, so... I suppose I owe him. I have remained by his side." Pause. "When he doesn't run off. I am still trying to find a leash for him."
Evja "..."

Evja just stares between the two much as he was before, though his arms are crossed at this point before he sighs and shakes his head. "Right. Jail... where you rightfully should be." Looking towards Lia, however, may make it obvious Evja has no intention of carrying that out. "Though as fate would have it I seem to be marked for arrest as well by the Church of Glabados. Not that there is any legitimacy to it."

Hesitating a moment Evja walks up towards the two before reaching to pat Sanel atop the head. "So you were there when Verda was taken down? I suppose I should thank you for keeping Lia safe. Though... you were part of Verda at that point. Did you not want to follow through with Erics intentions?"
That question went towards Lia. "Against me... or the Judges, even?"
Sanel Nope. Lia is not going to say anything regarding Sanel's statement. Instead, her eyes drifts away to allow the two the time to stare at each other. Sanel looks over at Evja wih a curious glance. Regarding the Church, Sanel frowns. "Scary Knights were scary. Sanel do not like them. Big Brother came to save Sanel!" The boy beams, then he looks around, "Sanel wants to find Big Brother again!"

....Never give Sanel an inch.

The moment that Sanel is given the pat on the head...

Sanel immediately pulls Evja into an adoring, if asphyxiating. THe boy is leaning his head against the viera. "Sanel is happy Bun Bun is safe!"

"...I tried, actually. During your match." She coughs, "Sanel was not pleased with the actions." And then after a moment, she lifts her shoulders with a shrug, "However, I no longer have any real quarral with you anymore at this point."
Evja Suddenly Evja is grabbed and HURK. Pulled off balance and sideways, there's little Evja can do to resist, or try to get out of it. "Mm... I... grk." it was a soft complaint before Evja just tried to go limp in hopes that the struggling was making it harder to breathe.

"So... happy for you too." at least he thinks he is, not knowing who this 'big brother' is. But to hear Lia tried to kill him seemingly? "Without lamenting on old things... cannot... breathe..." Evja complains to Sanel before grumbling out, "Hugs not allowed until you... beat me in a match." It was worth a try at least.
Sanel <3 <3 <3 <3

As much as Evja is complaining about the incoming pain from the hug, Sanel is happy. Unfortunately for the bunny, Sanel is unable to distinguish what hurts others and what doesn't. This is the price for not knowing his own strength. He is too happy!

After Evja makes a point that he's hurting, Sanel blinks and he looks up. Oh! Realizing that the viera is hurting, Sanel lets go and he yelps, "Sanel is sorry! Sanel did not mean to hurt Bun Bun!" Then, the boy tils his head over to the side. "Sanel will beat BunBun and hug then!"

The boy beams, "Sanel will give Bun Bun all of the hugs! Sanel will win!"

It is then that Lia sucks in a breath. Sucking in a breath, she shakes her head and she starts getting into some distance. "What is done is done, Evja. For as long as the boy requires my presence, I am going to remain by his side. ... When he doesn't run off on his own."

Sanel is hopping around happily, "Sanel is going to play with Bun Bun! A game with Bun Bun~!"
Evja "..."

That had been a common sentiment from Evja today as he watched the two, Gria and boy, before he finally just shook his head and accepted his fate. He hadn't actually thought Sanel would take him up on such but he /was/ in the Hades Cup too...

"Thank you Lia. And... Lia?" Ignoring Sanel a moment since the fight could always wait, Evja flashed out of sight by taking a couple of steps and reappeared behind Lia only to wrap his arms gently around her, hugging her(but not hard enough that she couldn't get out, given how long it'd been and their history). "Please stay out of trouble and safe, alright? I have the oaths that bind me, but... I can overlook some things. And if you start being of help I can try to talk to the Judgemaster and see if he can remove your sentence or change it somehow so you are free. Alright?"

It was a soft conversation he spoke to her regarding, whispering, since it was really only her business and not anyone elses. And given it was his old clanmate he didn't even take the time to try and speak in the false voice he tends to use when posing as a female, since she knew anyways.
Sanel The boy is clapping happily, skipping and hopping with giddiness. He turns to face Evja and then he starts stretching. "Sanel will take Bun Bun! And Sanel will have Draggy and Bun Bun!" He is happy, oh so happy.


Lia fixes an irritated look at Sanel while rubs her forehead, "...You do remember my name, right, Sanel?" She shakes her head, now dismissing the boy in favor of the viera that caught her attention, "What is it, Ev----" The words become interrupted when she is brought over to a hug. In that very moment, her cheeks turn red. After the lingering hug, her head shakes and she dismisses it. "R-right. That... would be great." She sounds a bit hesitant, but in the end, it would be nice not to be on the run anymore. Now, once she distances herself betwen the two fighters, it is up to them to begin the match.

Sanel brightens and he hops in the air a couple of times.

"Sanel is ready! Sanel is ready!"
Louis LeBlue A foot comes down hard upon the sands of the Colliseum. Ever since the events surrounding the failed attempt at capturing Ramza, Louis has been in a vile mood. People have been avoiding him, knowing that he's running at a very short fuse. To think such a thing could last longer than just a few days.

So imagine the man's glee when he is told that a certain 'rabbit' has appeared amidst the Colloseum grounds of Traverse Town. And with the one known as Winter Dusk too!

Imagine Louis' surprise when Sanel is /hugging/ the Viera, instead of letting her blood run through the streets!

"What are you doing!?" Louis shouts out a Sanel, bringing out his massive halbert and swinging it to the side while approaching the two of them.

Not too long after, Louis is standing at a few yards away from Evja and Sanel, and stabs the butt of the halberd to the ground, trying to look imposing.

"Evja! Viera. Judge of Fluorgis origin! You are a Heretic. Today, I am your judge." He then brings the massive halberd down to point at the rabbit. "And my judgement is..."


No mercy.
Evja Seeing Lia being somewhat bashful made the Viera smile beneath the veil over his face. It had been far too long since he'd had a chance to just talk to her and not worry and, really, it was refreshing. Squeezing a tiny bit before she pulls away from the hug Evja turned to face Sanel before laughing slightly. "I do not plan on being a pet anytime soon young one. Especially given I am thrice or more your age."
Of course, at this point, her attention went right towards the man with the spear and she looked quite, well, aghast. Not scared so much as surprised. Not today... not with Lia here. Please don't do something that will cause her to be hunted by /someone else/. Of course, Evja was thinking the same thing regarding Sanel... please don't do something that will make him hunted. Not that Evja knows the boy has any connections with the Church.

"Please do not cause trouble in these lands, or here. I do not want any trouble and do not want to see anyone hurt." Stepping forward, Evja pulls a spear out from behind herself, currently wearing a cloak and an assassins outfit, and holds it out sideways after a few quick flashing steps are taken to appear besides Sanel. She was blocking the boy off, trying to protect him. "Lia, boy, you two should get somewhere safe. This man is dangerous and I do not want either of you to get caught up with his madness." there was a pleading tone in the Viera's voice, as soft as it was. "Please."
Sanel Blink. Blink.

Sanel brightens at Evja's laughter, then the boy hops. "Sanel is strong! Sanel will show Bun Bun how strong he is." The young child is definitely looking forward to see how strong the rabbit is. However, Sanel is /really/ looking forward to have him as a pet. "Sanel will claim Bun Bun next!"

Thoughtfully, "...I should teach the boy on claiming," Lia considers. Pause. "Should." However, she only gives a shrug, better to leave it left for interpretation. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss, after all.

The boy gives a glance over to see a man who is approaching the colisseum. The yellow-eyed boy looks at the approach of a man. "Umm... Sanel is fighting Bun Bun. Why is strange man here?" That question is answered.


"Sanel is fighting Bun Bun! Get out! Sanel does not like people ruining Sanel's fun!" And Sanel is reaching for the ground. Even as the viera is moving to guard the boy...

She may find that being within the boy's vicinity is not a good idea.


The earth will give a ripple. A shudder, a loud shake as the boy is ripping part of the earth from around him. Particularly, if Evja does not move out of the way, she will find herself being used a projectile. Not that Sanel is aware of it.

Over his head is a massive chunk of the earth the size of a boulder that could double the height of a man. The flat of it is the part of the ground that was stood on.

"Fight is closed. Sanel is fighting Bun Bun! Sanel says GET OUT!"

"Get out! Get out!"

And.... CHUCK!


That massive chunk of rock is flying straight towards Louis. ...Wait, is BunBun on that thrown earth as well?
Louis LeBlue The wind momentarily plays with Louis's hair, the man's extreme gaze not moving from Evja's presence until she speaks to the others. To Sanel, and the Gria. "Hellspawn?" The man tilts his gaze towards the girl. After all, the Gria carry horns and devilish wings as their racial features. And they are /quite/ rare, even amongst the world of Ivalice. And twice more so now, with their world having been lost and so many souls drawn into darkness.

The man then looks forwards at Evja, who has clearly made peace with his future for he's raised a weapon. "I see you refuse to enter your death quietly, and will make this world suffer the heresy of your life further." Louis declares. "So be it, if you fight by the spear, then you too will die by the spear." The man then slowly begins to walk forwards, following the Viera's movement with his eyes.

"Step away from them if you want them to not come to harm." He points out, then moves into a quick run forwards with his halberd held up by both hands. The man then lets it fall forwards, like a knight would when riding a horse in preperation of knocking his opponent off their own steed.

But then Sanel reacts. Shouting at him in regards to the Viera. "What is this? You little..." The man glares at Sanel. The Earth shakes! Magic!? The man doesn't budge and continues to walk forwards with his spear out, and when the massive brick comes out, the man thrusts his spear out towards it, sending a massive kinetic wave forwards and through the rocks.

The rocks themselves clatter and ram into the sides of Louis' body, but none collapse against his center. However, there's plenty enough for it to scrape and dent his armor with just that initial rush.

"Very well. Then with this, I will assume all three of you have forfeited your lives!"




At least Evja has managed to get off of that rock. But Louis has followed their projection and thrusts the spear hard at Evja's midriff, and follows this up with high-velocity further stabs that seem like an entire tunnel of spears are enveloping the area before Evja and coming his way. More and more, each with deadly precision and certain aim; the blades sharp enough that they would easily cut Evja's outfit to ribbons along with his flesh and bones!

At the end of this excercise the halberd swings around towards Evja's midriff, and then follows through in a massive circling motion that sends the very send up into a tornado, after which the man jumps forwards and attempts to slam the spear hard into Sanel's eyes in an attempt to blind him, before moving rapidly once more and letting the massive blade come down towards Lia's back - aimed at carving off her very wings!
Evja What?

Why was the earth moving?

"What? No, do not!" Evja pleads only to find the land he was on thrown! What the hell is this kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid?!

At the last moment Evja vanishes from sight with the flourish of a large spell circle on the rock signifying that the Faerie Shoes had activated. Leaping straight into the air, Evja kicks off the air once and ricochets back down to the ground only to skid to a stop and turn just in time for Louis to launc the flurry of attacks at him. One thing Evja was not, though...

Was a novice with a spear.

Evja's free hand shoots out and a spear appears in his grip just in time as he swings both to block one of the strikes, parrying them away and carefully slipping by them bit by bit. It would look like a flurry of sticks and spears to the outside observer, but Louis could probably tell just how practiced Evja was in combatting against other spear users. It was second nature to the Viera.

It was only when the sand trap came that Evja leapt back to try and get a clear view, unable to protect Sanel. And out of the corner of his eye he saw Lia, and Louis charging towards her.


A yell came from the Viera, lapsing into one of the rare times he would ever use a contraction. So angered by the sudden assault on his old friend, one who wasn't even in the fight, Evja vanished and reappeared right in front of Lia before bashing the weapon aside with all of his force using the Judges Sword only to spin around and slam it right against the man, trying to break his armor or at least damage it.

Flickers of darkness showed about the Vieras eyes, still weak from the floodings of darkness that had been happening so many times in recent weeks. The mines, Hades, Seith... normally his anger would never reach this level, but Louis just hit one of the few things that could drive Evja into a rage. "HAH!" Sword dropped, it vanished as Evja pulled out his spears and attempted to ram them straight through the man. Yes, that was a strike that was fully meant to be lethal. Screw his morality and code, Evja was angry. Louis attacked a kid, attacked his bystander friend and came to kill him. Judge Gloves were off, this was personal.
Sanel Sanel is not happy. He will remind Louis of that. In fact, Sanel will make Louis kiss the ground over and over and over when it is all said and done. However, Sanel is in trouble. Given the initial rush of the rock falling straight onto the man.

And then, Louis is charging straight towards the group with his spear. This man is set out to ruin Sanel's game and to hurt Bun Bun. It is hard to tell which one is worse. However, Sanel is pretty angry enough to decide how he wants to hurt the man lots.

So, when the halbard using man brings down the weapon towards the boy, the spear-end of the weapon is close to the boy's face. His eyes widen, quickly shifting around to avoid the blinding. However, that blade arcs and slashes across his chest.


This brings Louis to a hug. It is not a pleasant one, either. The boy makes it a point to have the man eat the earth with the help of a wonderful suplex. The boy's hug becomes increasingly tight with a nice slam.

...And within the motions of Evja bringing the spear straight into the man, Sanel quickly releases the man from the hug, but moves to yank the man to his grasp and to send him off-balance.


Well, Sanel is going to lift the man over his head and introduce him to a hefty backbreaker.
Sanel This is one of those days that really makes one question being a bystander or trying to go the straight path. You got a guy who is trying to kill you by association. This will not do. Given the fact that this man attempted to cut at her wings...

Evja manages to intercept.

Her eyes widen and she looks at the judge.


Now, as for Louis, she is getting to some distance, now moving to rifle through her belongings.
Louis LeBlue Lia is a weakness. That's all she is. And against a master of spears such as Evja - and with a magician. There were no chances that should or could be taken here! The man is just about to adjust and thrust his halberd into Evja when Sanel suddenly grabs hold and slams him towards the ground the first time. The man however catches himself with one hand and immediately thrusts a halberd for Sanel's back, before looking up at the incoming Evja - while still with one hand and two feet to the ground, halberd partially held to his back.

"You think you have the RIGHT TO SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT!?" The man shouts towards the Viera and meets the strike with his spear-strikes with his own Halberd, doing the impossible - letting the tip of his thicker blade touch against Evja's blade each time, blocking his every attack. By the time Sanel tries his second grasp, he simply gets a boot aimed at him that kicks away his hands and prevents him from getting more and a momentary grasp on his armor.

"Prepare!" The man demands, bringing his blade to his side and then suddenly rushing for Evja alone and seeming to want to impale Evja by the chest. But just at the last moment he thrusts his halberd up, and throws it while at the same time moving himself and bringing himself between Evja and the girl and bringing his sword to bear and tries to stab it into Evja's very foot!

The Halberd goes flying straight for Lia's body.
Evja So this man was equally skilled or even more skilled with a spear, enough to deflect with the tip alone? This wasn't good at all. However, thankfully, spears were quite good for defense as well as offense and Evja had enough time to duck back once the strike towards him had knocked him to the ground despite dealing no real damage. At least, not initially.
When Louis charged with his spear however, Evja brought his own up, both of them, to spin them defensively and try to deflect it away. It was a ruse that worked and when when Evja leapt up to try and get into a position to intercept the spear Louis' sword slammed down right through the Viera's foot, leaving him to scream out in pain from it.

Thankfully he only needed one foot in the air to do his kicks, but that didn't help the fact that he now had a sword through his foot. "Damn..." But it seemed Sanel was working to keep the winged woman safe, something Evja would have to thank him for later. Landing a bit away with the sword still in foot Evja visibly panted as he yelled out, "Your opponent is me, bastard! Focus on me before your damned god sees you hurting innocent bystanders!" There was to hoping Louis was one of those who were extremely pious. Enough to distract away from the othe two. Evja was taking this time to prepare himself however. With his foot wounded and bleeding he had to try and keep ready. Reaching a hand down Evja grabbed the sword and gave a painful whine as he pulled it free and tossed it as far aside as he could. Even though he was pretty sure Louis could easily get it back if he wanted. All the while those angry dark flickers around Evja were showing near his eyes again. This man came wanting blood... why... after just that one encounter with him?
Sanel It is considered a weakness forthe bystander to be attacked. It is inevitable that people will come to her rescue. However, the young boy is already moving in to get to the defense of the fight when Louis comes for the boy's back. That halbard slices against the boy, causing him to cry out in pain.

Even more, while Lia is getting her things together...

The spear comes at her.

Both eyes widen before she tenses, "Damn...!" But that is when the boy 'flies' towards her, letting a coat of ice around him slip by as he catches the spear.

With his hand.

"Sanel angry now."

Slow. Slow. It's slow steps towards the man who had attacked HIS pet. "Sanel's pets!" The boy tightens his grip along that spear. Through a bit of magic, the boy's back has a pair of 'ice wings' around it as he slides around.

"Sanel saw this at Manhattan."

One can hear the music change to a baseball theme. Sanel is moving towards Louis with a nice wind up.... That halbard is winded back...

And it is swung.
Sanel "Yaaaaaaayyyyy!! Sanel did a home run! Sanel did a home run!"
Louis LeBlue "Your poisonous words have already turned the boy against us! I can only assume the demon has been tainted by your words as well - vile rabbit!" Louis calls back to Evja and continues running straight for Sanel before him. He wanted blood. He wanted blood, for Evja had stood in the way of him and Ramza. That disgusting heretic. If only Ramza didn't exists! If EVJA DIDN'T EXIST!

The caught Halberd!

Louis keeps coming towards the boy minus any visible weaponry. And he just keeps running, one hand forwards and ready to grab Sanel's throat and squeeze the life out of him when Sanel shows his immense strength! The wind up brings the Halberd straight into Louis' midriff and knocks the air out of him. He grabs for the Halberd however, ripping it from Sanel's halts as he is thrown to the air...

There, he swings the Halberd out wide, bringing a massive thrust of kinetic force to the ground, cutting into the icy fortress Sanel made and shattering it. He then tornadoes the polearm in the air, halting his flight and sending him forwards in a moment of physical impossibility, straight towards the back of the Colloseum. He then reaches for his back and grabs a second Halberd and suddenly thrusts it down! The immense wave of power knocks everything down from the air!

Birds are thrown to the ground. Flags are ripped from their banners, and Evja might find themselves pushed to the ground, after which the man finally lands /just behind/ the Viera. "This is Over." He declares, and then lays that point against the rabbit's back. It will be a moment's notice for the Viera to get out of the way, as the man suddenly does the spearman's version of a Samurai Stand-down.

There's a sudden GUST in the air, and the glint of a blade, after which the man soars to the very opposite end of the Colloseum and has managed to cut everything in his path between Evja and what lies behind Sanel and Lia. Let's hope that they moved.
Evja Indeed, Evja stood there, watching, waiting, seeing the spectacle that was Sanel and Louis clashing. Of course, suddenly the man was at his back! Evja flinched just in time to pull out his crystaline sword and spin around to intercept Louis just as he was hit and knocked backwards, bouncing and skidding across the surface of the coliseum floor that was now pretty bunged up likely. Standing up slowly and wobbling to an upright position. Slowly Evja pulled out two more spears as he looked around for Sanel, Sanel and Lia. "Bastard... I'll... I'll kill you. THEY WERE INNOCENT!"

Darkness suddenly erupts from around Evja as all the light around him begins to pour into him, glowing like a bulb for a moment before he vanishes and flies right towards Louis while completely uncaring about his own health. "JUST DIE!" Evja screams as both spears, which are now charged with the same radiant 'light' he was, clash towards Louis. Rebounding up and down and dancing around where Louis was Evja looked like a flurry of spears. Impaling them into the ground, swinging them at Louis, attempting to bash him and knock him down and skewer him and quite frankly anything else Evja could do before jumping three times high into the air only for the spears energies to trickle towards Evja, forming a giant spear above him.


CRASH! The spear is launched downwards towards Louis and, no matter what it hit, there would be a large explosion. One that would likely light up the night sky above the coliseum for all of Traverse to briefly see.
Sanel Although Sanel achieved the dream of sending a man to the moon, it is one that has to come to an end. The man wanted blood. And he should have it.This... is unpleasant.

The descent of the mighty blade soars downward towards the ground. That halbard's kinetic force shatters the icy fortress that the boy made. That polearm is soon twisted into a whirlwind. And with that gust and pear soaring down...

It strikes both the child and Lia. Blood erupts from both of the bystanders(?). Lia is really wishing that she had gotten her crossbow in time to shoot it into the man's eyes. As the blood splatters round and the two are off to the ground, bleeding...

Sanel collapses on the other side, his eyes shut.

...And yet. Just as deep as that wound as left.

...Something is sucking the blood back in and sealing those wounds.
Louis LeBlue The man touches the ground and turns around, a path of blood along the ground he'd sped, and a far larger one where he'd finally 'touched' Sanel and Lia with the blade. He stabs the Halberd into the ground. "This is the disease you wrought upon yourself when you stood at the center of a war, and demanded it to stop - without understanding neither the war itself, or the people involved - Evja." Louis declares.

"This is nothing but your own fault. Had you not stepped in the way between the Church and those poisonous Heretics, you would have been safe. Your friend would have been safe. But instead, you proved to us that you were a threat. Not just against us, but against the people whose beliefs we protect."

The man takes a few steps forwards.

"You were the one who stripped away their innocence!"

Darkness comes from Evja, and the man just points it out; "And now you show your true colors. A creature of darkness. Instead of showing the light of wishing to protect these sheep, you merely show the darkness of your hatred and desire to destroy. Your darkness is nothing before the Holy Light of Faram!"

The man too moves forwards and springs up, bringing his spear down and parrying Evja's first blow. His eyes are dark. Mean. Evja stabs through the armor at his belly and pulls him down to the ground onto his legs. The man swings a second sword up, halting one of Evja's strikes, before a second finds purchase across his armor and snaps apart one of his gauntlets.

"Rraaaaaaah!" Louis just keeps coming though, stepping forwards to Evja, showing no remorse. Of course he's getting hurt! He starts bleeding there where Evja cuts wounds, but like some force of nature he keeps coming forwards until finally his hand grasps out towards Evja in an attempt to grab hold of his throat and lift him into the air, and to squeeze down on that fragile Viera neck of his.

"You have but one option. Repent and let yourself become a noble Templar like Faruja Senra. Become one of our faith - or your friends will see their deaths." It's obvious that this man is on the last line of his own - but can Evja beat this man and save his friends ~ for it is certain that Louis will attempt to stand in the way!

Evja Evja finally landed and went to jump again, but it was too late. Louis had the Viera by the neck, and quite an iron grip too. Reaching for his own sword to try and use it to break the grip Louis had on his throat, it was only then that Evja realized they were a bit too close to even swing it properly. Both hands reach up to grasp at the one grabbing his throat and attempt to pry it off to no effect only for him to open his mouth as if going to speak.
But instead, Evja reaches into his coat and pulls out a whistle, which he quickly raises to his lips and blows soundlessly on.

But nothing happened! At least, visible anyways. Was he too out of breath to even blow the whistle? Or would Louis notice in time that there was a Chocobo running towards the two from behind Louis, leaping up into the air to try and kick the man right in the back of the head as it soared over the two?
Not to mention Evja timed the Chocobos arrival with a kick of his own, attempting to nimbly kick straight up and at Louis' crotch(good foot), and spin around with his lance in a swift enough motion that he cut the air around the two and attempted to launch the man straight up into the air, away from himself and hopefully into his own territory.

"I will never join your damnable cause!"
Louis LeBlue All the prying indeed does the poor Viera very little good. The man's grip remains firm on Evja's throat, slowly digging into him. The man watches Evja pull out and finally... blow on a whistle. Louis isn't born yesterday. He knows that the whistle must summon something.

But of course, when there's no sound at first, he laughs; "Hah! This is the end of the line, Viera!" But then there's that shadow. The man glances back real quick, before he suddenly grabs his other hand at the Viera's foot that comes at him and then throws him straight towards the ground - in the way of the Chocobo, and steps aside - before finally coming straight at Evja;

"YOU CHOSE WRONGLY!" And with that, his spear descends upon Evja's head - aimed square at its center. Let's hope that he doesn't tear an ear off when he gets out of the way of that killing blow!


Evja collides with the descending foot of the Chocobo, ironically named Senra, before rolling backwards and bouncing a few steps, coughing from dizziness. Just as Evja pulled out a hidden potion to chug the spear came down right at his face! It was only a quick motion that saved the Viera, kicking off and doing a flip only to have the spear catch his shoulder and slam him down into the ground, pinning him there temporarily.

"GAH!" came a cry of pain as his back arched upwards, feet grinding against the ground from the pain of having that mammoth spear through the shoulder. Senra, too, looked rather dazed for the moment as he attempted to roll over onto his feet. "You... you will not win here." Evja claimed defiantly as he tried to gather himself.
Louis LeBlue The man just starts... wrenching the halberd in Evja's body while it is through his shoulder. One can see the almost /demonic/ grin of pleasure as this man sets to harming the Viera further, trying to step his foot down onto his bad foot in order to further hurt him.

It's like a boy with a magnifying glass, trying to burn out the ants. He's just playing with the Viera, even while bleeding, seeing nothing but the desire to kill this thing. This THING that stood in his way. In the way of THEM.
Evja Evja struggled quite a lot against the spear, both hands grasping it as he tried to push it out of him. The Viera even managed to slowly push himself to a stand, though he couldn't separate himself from the spear, clothing acting as problem for that, and the Judge Coat. "I told you... you will not... win..." defiant even to the end, Evja looked over to see Lia and Sanel on the ground, hurt, bleeding...

Possibly dying.

He couldn't let them die... but if this man killed him, he might wind up killing them too. After all what did this man know of honor if he came on two different 'hunts' for people. Might as well try to do what he can to break free and get them away. "Senra, take them and go!" Evja calls out to the Chocobo. But would Louis realize he meant the Chocobo? Because just at this point Evja takes a gambit and reaches up to do the only thing he could think of and grab the shaft of the spear before pushing it through his shoulder further and using his other arm to try and summon a spear, filled with as much hope as he could muster, to strike right for Louis' chin. He was trying, trying to knock the man back, knock him far enough away, get him off that spear that was lodged in his shoulder, to give himself enough time to escape with his two friends.
With Lia and Sanel.
Louis LeBlue Senra? The man looks up, finally taken by one of Evja's ruses, and finds the Chocobo running towards the group he'd downed earlier, and then looks back down quickly at Evja when he feels the jerk on his arm as his halberd gets moved and Evja - standing - manages to finally pry it out. The sudden strike for his shin knocks the man back finally.

He ends up also grabbing at his chest, feeling weaker due to all the bloodloss by now. He takes a few steps after Evja; "Come back here! Have you no honor?!" He calls out. The man ends up taking the Halberd back and thrusts it after Evja in the hope of catching him with one final hit ~ to at least have his revenge!
Evja As Louis slams his halberd out at Evja to try and pin him and get back for intercepting Ramza's execution, Evja barely had a chance to react. It was only because Louis spoke that the Viera realized he wasn't going to give up and he spun just in time that the lance slipped right by him and started to go towards Senra and the two who were now being carefully slung onto his back with a practiced ease.
Well-trained Chocobo.
It was only a split-second reaction and twitch response that Evja reached out as he turned with his good arm and spun completely before launching the lance right back towards Louis' foot, trying to pierce through it and pin him to the ground as Louis had nearly done him earlier in the fight. "I have honor, bastard... it is the reason I saved that man from your execution squad, and it is the reason I am sparing your miserable life right now."

Reaching behind him into his coat Evja pulls out a potion and tosses it on the ground a bit aways from Louis. Far enough away that he'd have to try and get to it, but it was there. "Mercy. It is something you church bastards could learn. Accept it or choke on your pain." And as Senra trots over, Evja barely manages to climb his way onto the back of the Chocobo before the Chocobo warks and takes the feck off /really really fast/. Evja was actually acting as something to hold the two onto the Chocobos back while holding onto Senra. Though he was being cautious, listening to see if there was (hopefully not) some parting words from Louis.
Louis LeBlue "I don't need your Mercy, RABBIT!" Louis shouts back, grasping the blade from the ground as he walks towards Evja. "Come back here! Come back here you coward and face me like a MAN!" He doesn't care wether Evja is a male or female.

The man then decides to throw away his last weapon even as that Chocobo runs off. Louis obviously makes for a quick sprint, followed by a violent throw of the blade towards Evja's back in one last attempt to strike down his opponent. Aimed for the heart.


At least, even if he would manage to hit, that Chocobo would be able to get the group out of his reach!

The man then finally stumbles to his knee, grabbing the little potion, and then smashing it to the ground at some distance away from him.
Evja Evja hugged around the two wounded people on the Chocobo, tight, nose pressed against the back of Lia's head as he hoped softly that Louis would simply take the mercy and accept it. Take the chance to not be hurt worse. Not keep hurting. Though he wasn't a fool. He already had a hand searching for the Gria's crossbow. Please be loaded, please be loaded, please be drawn, please be drawn... yes, at least it was drawn. God, how long had it been since he used one of these?

"I don't need your Mercy, RABBIT!"

Those words shouted caused the Judge to sigh as he grabbed and arrow and carefully loaded the weapon, a bit blindly while fumbling with it, around the other side of Senra's neck as he ran. Barely managing to knock the arrow into the crossbow, Evja sat up just as Louis shouts out...

"Come back here! Come back here you coward and face me like a MAN!"

To which Evja shakes his head a tiny bit and sighs, "You had your chance."

It was only then he realized that Louis had managed to grab the spear and throw it. Damn. Having no time to deflect it, Evja gave his feet a twirl and looped them into the harness straps on the Chocobos saddle before aiming and firing the crossbow as best he could, even as the spear impacted the Viera. The aim was dead on, though it was only broken from being a killing blow by Evja(smartly) raising the crossbow as well as putting his arm in the way. The pain did finally knock him out atop the Chocobo who kept running even as he slumped sideways, unable to keep himself upright due to, well... being unconscious.

Welp, Louis got his revenge after all - but would he even know?
Louis LeBlue The arrow cuts through the air, on its way to Louis, and cuts along his face - drawing a scar from the side of his eye towards his ear. Blood splatters the area behind him, but the man is still shouting at Evja. Even though red has entered his eye, he still stands like an almost dead man; "Come back! Come back you coward! I will have your head!"

But nothing. Evja doesn't return, and the man finally falls on both knees. Not long there-after, his men would find him there, still on both knees, a scowl on his face, anger in his eyes... but not reacting to external stimuli. Unconscious from bloodloss.

He would take a while to heal.
Sanel ...Beating heart....

...Beating heart.

The boy was slung onto the chocobo like a package.

0One haunting eye lights up as he stirs to life.

The boy, almost rigidly, moves itself up. It turns back towards Louis. Mentally, his mind is processing his vitals, readings, and other important factors.

Until part of him wakes up.

"...Where is Sanel...?" He looks over at the fallen Lia and Evja, now moving to slide them over comfortably, then he takes over the ride to try to guide the horse somewhere safe.

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