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Revelations Of Another Kind
(2013-04-12 - 2013-06-22)
A meeting with Katyna to relay the information discovered thus far bears unexpected fruit.
Mercade Alexander The TDA appears to be the same as always. A message has been sent to Katyna, informing her of important information regarding her case. All that's left is for her to arrive. Mercade sits at the lobby desk as usual, preparing to deal with the situation that's likely to come up. There is an open folder there with a good deal of sketches and his unique notes.

"Hopefully, she's still all right." Mercade says to his associate in anti-crime. "This is a complicated situation."
Emi Dennou Emi, ardent member of the ACA (Anti Crime Associates), is eager to continue the case. Lord knows when the MYSTERIOUS HALF SISTER SLAYER will strike again?! Though it's hard for Emi to imagine sibling rivalry on such a scale. Certainly, she can understand jealousy, but her own relationship with her 'Sisters' is rather close. "This one supposes this is just another manner in which they were made lucky." She murmurs to hersefl, glancing at Mercade's notes. She's still got a lot to learn, she realizes.

She's sitting down in a nearby chair herself, her typical deadpan expression on her face in spite of her more thoughtful words.
Ember Katyna had been busy trying to deal with her church issues, but she had not forgotten the case either. In fact, Kat had been eagerly awaiting information regarding Felicia and how she might be involved in all of this. She had also remembered to bring the remains of the cursed gauntlet from the Traverse Church fiasco a while back, incase they could get a reading of some kind on it..Along with a newspaper clipping of some very interesting information.

She arrives a bit tardy, looking breathless and ruffled. Apparently the last couple of days have not been kind to her, but she's at least still in one piece. "Hi! Sorry I'm late! Thanks for waiting..Did you find anything?"
Mercade Alexander "Lucky, huh?" Mercade replies to Emi. "I suppose such things are relative, wouldn't it? Still, could be worse." SHE COULD BE DEAD. That's pretty worse.

Katyna gets to the office. Mercade shows her in. "Yes, in fact we have." Mercade responds. "But please, sit down. Would you like some refreshments? This might take a while to deal with."

Once Katyna indicates her desires for something to drink or snack on or not, and it has been provided, Mercade looks over the girl before him. "So, you mentioned that you have no idea how this person might be related to you, right?"
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou nods slowly to Mercade. It can always get worse. That's why when it's not worse, life can be considered grand.

"You could say that." Emi tells Ember simply. "The Network is not even certain where to begin." She lets out a small sigh but it seems that Mercade is in the process of making the client comfortable. A reasonable act, Emi reflects, since it isn't exactly kind information that has been uncovered.

Emi stands up and adds, "I will fetch them." She wants to see how Mercade starts this off before providing her own commentary so as to not disrupt his method.
Ember Katyna nods. "Never seen her before in my life. And what's her deal anyway? Why does she want me dead? I never did anything to her.." She pouts, trying to figure that out, but nods when he offers her a seat. "Ooh, I could do with some hot chocolate and cookies if you have some!" she beams, making it hard to forget she's just a kid afterall..

She watches as Emi heads off to fetch something, thoughtfully, before turning back to Mercade. "Oh yeah, I also have some stuff that might help too, but maybe I'll wait for you to go first?"
Mercade Alexander "Well then." Mercade says as he leans back in his chair. Get comfy, Kat, because this is a doozy. "We've checked up on Sister Felicia. Her adoptive patents were under attack by a resurrected undead fiend. It was attempting to kill them. After the undead was dispatched, we learned that Sister Felicia has been taking an interest in the dark arts ever since her beloved had perished in an unfortunate circumstance." He pauses. Apparently she is also the older, illegitimate half-sister of Kityana Redsdottir." He pauses, looking directly at Katyna. "She seems to want to get some kind of revenge on her for being named the official heir, as well as being given the artifact known as the 'Fireheart', among other things."

He pauses. "So what's your take on this?"
Emi Dennou Emi steps off, and--yes--starts making hot chocolate. That's easy enough. SHe'll have a harder time finding cookies that haven't already been consumed but she fishes around for a bit in the kitchen. She steps out a bit later with the items at the tail end of Mercade's explanation, cricking her neck lightly as she sets down the tray nearby. she looks at Kat expectantly.

Ember Kat listens intently to the story, frowning a bit at various parts, but not saying anything til the end. It's only when he mentions 'Kityana' that she gasps and nearly jumps from her chair. "She's...My sister? What the..How's that possible?! But I've...Never..I didn't even know! And her parents...Who..?" Whoops, did she just give herself away?
Mercade Alexander Mercade quirks an eyebrow. Huh. She didn't actually know. That's a pleasant surprise. "Apparently she was disowned and adopted because of her parentage. Her resentment seemed to blossom into a desire for power which became worse when her beloved perished due to unfortunate circumstances. She has since been dabbling in the dark arts for various reasons, which could explain her ability to command spirits. Regardless, if we're going to get to the bottom of this... We're going to need to dispense with the false pretenses."
Emi Dennou Emi says, "There was also some manner of Fire Sword." Emi says. "That you apparently have that she desires as well, being her 'birthright'.What is your desire with regards to your half sister, The Network inquires bluntly and to the point."

She points an index finger towards Ember's chest and then jerks it up as if shooting at her with a finger bullet. Kapow.

"It is apparently her desire to destroy you and her own true parents, such feelings are alien to The Network, having not had parents."
Ember Katyna frowns. "Gee, she's really..Messed up, hehe.." She laughs nervously, rubbing the back of her neck. Ironic really, it's not like Kat's not messed up herself, and she did go down a dark path because of it, but...She sighs, "So..That desire for power twisted her into tis evil monster..How..Awful.." She blinks at Emi as she talks of her birthright..her..Inheritance. "Oh...You mean..My firesword? Fireheart.."

Kat frowns, running her fingers along the length of its hilt thoughtfully, "My dad gave this to me when I was young, said it was a family heirloom that would always protect me. I...He never told me anything about a half sister..." Of course, it would probably have been shameful, if he'd known he had married a woman who'd had a child out of wedlock..Or..Who knows what else..

She glances back at them. "I...I dunno what to do. She wont stop, til she finds me and kills me, right?"
Mercade Alexander Mercade nods ad the explanation. "I can't expect that you knew everything... But your family history is more tangled than I could have expected. But I will say this... There are other options." He smiles. "We need to find her and corner her so we can resolve this issue. Find out if it's really her doing all of this, or..." He pauses. "Well, I'll keep wild speculation to myself on this one. I don't have enough evidence to weigh in either way, but it's important to not lose hope. There might still be a chance to resolve this without anyone needing to die."
Emi Dennou "Who can say? This one doesn't know her." Emi admits. "The Network's ideal, however, is to talk her down so that familial bonds can be established and strengthened. If one is to protest at the bartering with darkness, then you two have a fair bit in common as it stands. Nevertheless, while there seems to be many theories..."

Mercade more or less says it for her. "We are not killers by trade or there would be many more bodies, The Network suspects."

The sword doesn't seem too special but she supposes it is special due to it being an heirloom even if that means nothing in a practical sense.
Ember Katyna glances back to Mercade, nodding wordlessly. "I guess so.." She sighs. Yeah, it's seriously messed up! No wonder she turned out this way. No wonder she changed her name, hoping to get away from it all. "Heey, there's something else, check this out!" She pulls out the leather bag, taking the remains of the gauntlet out of it and putting it on the table.

"This was from before, when I first met Felicia in the church..I think I mentionned that last time. I wonder if it's any use to you, y'know, get a reading on it or anything? Also, there's this.."

She pulls out a news clipping that describes in some detail about mysterious attacks upon various children who seemed to have their energy drained. The artist's rendering looks a lot like Jasmina, who seems to be surrounded in pyreflies.
Mercade Alexander Mercade blinks, and looks over at the gauntlet. He considers for a moment, perhaps if it would be safe, and decides to grab a pair of tweezers and a small lens for magnifications out of his desk drawer anyway. He leans over the gauntlet, examining it in fine detail. "Hmmmmmm... I'll have to have Isaac look at this and give a verdict. Magic isn't my strong suit." He turns, and then takes the clipping, looking it over. "Hmm... Seriously?" He frowns. "Okay, this is something we need to look into." He holds out the clipping for Emi to look into as well so she knows what's up!
Emi Dennou Emi looks down at the news clipping. Pyreflies? She doesn't know what to make of that. But maybe Isaac would have something to say about it. Magic is, in theory, something she knows about but she wouldn't hold a candle to Isaac. Especially about 'Weird Magic Shit'. REally she just makes lightning shoot out of her hands and her knowledge is centered largely around that sort of technique.

"Curiouser and curiouser..." Emi admits.
Ember Katyna sighs, "It's never gonna end, is it? People are gonna continue to get hurt, and..." She frowns, "I have to do something about it! I have to stop it.." But how? Her hand runs over the sword's hilt again, thinking...So this was what she was after all along. This was the price of power. This is what it does to people, twisting them, corrupting them..?

And then it hits her, a crazy idea, an insanely dangerous idea, but an idea that just might work!

"Aha!" She jumps up suddenly, nearly toppling the chair over in her haste. "I'll lure her to me..She's after the Fireheart, right? So all I have to do is advertise where I am and she'll come running.."

By now, Kat has no doubt that all the dots will be connected; The person who cursed her with the gauntlet is the same person who attacked Felicia's parents with skeletons..And the same person who attacked those kids in the clipping. It's all adding up now..

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