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A Picnic Interrupted
(2013-04-12 - 2013-04-12)
Reize, Lily, and Annalise were set off to enjoy a nice picnic. However, familiar new friends to the leader of the Shard Seekers were in danger.
Reize Seatlan It's a good day for a picnic!

There is a lot of adventuring to do! All away from the comforts of Fluorgis, this place is currently the hotspot for activity! It is the peaceful, British Countryside. It is a place of eternal daylight with a sparkling blue sky. Not even a cloud or signs of rain. This peaceful place filled with rolling hills and country farms is rather like home in a way to some people.

In a way, it is almost home for Reize.

"You know, this is almost home." The boy muses, looking from the left and then to the right as the leader is leadingh is group along the farmlands. There is a wide mixture of catle, gots, chickens, and other county animals around.

There's only one country road for a passing wagon that soon disappears.

"I think this is the great spot for a picnic!"
Alexis Belerang "It's too many! I'm telling you, it's too many!"

A feminine voice fills the air.

"It's because you're making me carry so much!" A male voice answers in similar loud voice.

In the distance, there's a small growing dustcloud, being led by a princess looking girl 'running' (prancing) forwards, with a young man behind her carrying a massive series of 'boxes' on his back by straps. Behind them are a whole bunch of little shadow Heartless.

It seems something is about to disrupt the picnic!
Violet The sun shines brightly in a blue sky filled with puffy white clouds and a gentle wind that threatened to pull at the sun hat from Violet's head, her pale blonde hair gently whipping around her shoulders as she looks up at the sky with a smile on her lips.

Indeed, it was almost home in a way.

Her crystal bleu eyes blink lightly as Violet shifts her eyes towards their leader, leading the way through the farmlands as the dirt country road steadily fades away into a lush green field. It was otherwise peaceful until a pair of voices break the quiet.

Violet blinks her bright eyes with some surprise to see the pair, and a ridiculous load of boxes. The flicker of shadows behind them not even a moment after causing the girl to tense. "Reize..."
Lily "It's a really nice place. Not like the desert around Fluorgis or Manhattan where the ground is that strange rocky substance everywhere but the parks!" Chimes a voice from right behind Reize. Lily's dressed up in a snazzy new version of her old clothes, notably only in that they are shinier than the originals, and NOT all smudged and chopped up and patched.

"What's a picnic? Was that explained once? I can't remember..."

Largely because she never gets hungry, really.

But when she picks up a certain feeling however...

Lily turns about, an energy crackling around her. Blueish-tinged, and sizzling with electricity. "... no, NOT HERE!"
Reize Seatlan During the course of the travel, Reize is looking over twards Violet and Lily. He laughs a bit, "Well, the Shard Seekers are no longer needed at Fluorgis," He gives a relieved smile. "So, now we can explore anywhere we pleased." He brings his hands up into the sky. "That means more adventures." And more traveling and walking through muddy areas. The young adventurer, overall, is happy with the turn of events.

The topic of a picnic is in the list of things to discuss, "Well... A picnic is where you pack and eat outside." He gives a wide grin. "And Violet and I packed enough to where we can enjoy eating together! Consider it a time to bond and----"

Soon, those thoughts are interrupted as the sound of voices stir. Reize blinks, "Eh...?" Turning his head along the path, he sees ...familiar faces? "Eh?! Alexis?! Sygg?!" The boy grits his teeth, "It's the Heartless! Shard Seekers, battle positions!" The boy is withdrawing both boomerangs, then he charges towards the Heartless. "Let's keep them away from the two!" And he is off!
Alexis Belerang "Beat them off, Sygg!" Alexis calls back. "Impossible!" Is the immediate answer. "Just keep running! They'll get tired eventually!" Right!?

The two just keep on running towards the group. But, instead of assuming they will help, Alexis just calls out; "Run! There's at least twelve of them! There's no way you could take them!"

Ahhh, to be a level 1 adventurer.
Violet Battle positions he says. And Reize was already pulling out his boomerangs and charging head on towards the heartless. "So much for our picnic..." Violet murmurs quietly to Lily beside her. If the other girl was there still that is. Shard Seekers tend to be excitable from what she's seen.

With a light breath Violet reaches to the hilt of the sword at her side and smoothly withdraws it from its sheath, the frost visible in the air just above the blade's surface.

The warning is called out to them, if but belatedly. But running is not an option. Not really. Violet twirls the sword once at her side, creating a few miniscule snowflakes as she weighs the comfortable weight of the sword in hand for but a moment before pushing off in a hard dash. Straight towards the gathered heartless.
Lily "There will be time for it!" Lily grumps out to Violet, as if to better say 'there had BETTER BE TIME FOR IT.'

Paying no mind to Alexis' howling for now, she just grins at her while power continues to build wildly around her.

Then, finally, some of that power begins congealing into small balls of light, separating from the aura and floating off until Lily gestures... and then they fly in like bullets, curving bullets... for the Heartless!
Reize Seatlan "Tsch!" Reize flat out ignores the princess's warning, already charging full bore towards the Heartless. With both boomerangs drawn, he readies himself towards a dash.

For a brief moment, in the flash, Reize appears by the side of Violet. Even as Lily flings the balls of lights at the Heartless, the boy dashes past a small group.

"Saaaaaaaaa! Hunting Hawk!"

The boomerangs slash all around him as he zips past the Heartless, aiming to strke down each one within his reach with ease.
Alexis Belerang Between the power of Violet's sword and Lily's destructive light magic -- and yes, Reize's boomerangs helped too -- it isn't long before the Heartless are beaten to a pulp and sent back wherever it was they came from. And behind them, the pair is kind of gasping at the small group of adventurers. Especially Alexis, while Sygg is grinning (and glad he finally gets a chance to put down those darned boxes!)

Sygg ends up sitting with his back against the boxes, and Alexis... well, she's kneeling in the picnic area, hugging a bow to her chest and still /staring/ at the group. Just... staring.
Violet Slashes and magic were thrown, and long moments after the Shard Seekers were victorious as what was left of the heartless seem to shrink and seep away into nothingness. Violet exhales a short breath as she tries to catch her breath again, giving a glance over Reize and Lily to make sure that they weren't too badly injured. Or Lily's new dress ruined for that matter. "Is everyone okay?"
Lily When the heartless all end up smashed by the group's efforts, Lily takes in a deep breath of relief, relaxing a little. No need to get all panicky, huh? "... I thought there were more of them than that!" She chirps happily, mood swinging around like a rollercoaster just like that.

"... Hey, are you alright? They didn't hurt you, did they?!" She calls out to the other travelers, waving at them as if noting was wrong or unusual!
Reize Seatlan As eveything fnally calms down, Reize looks at the two. "Oooi! Are you all alright?" He looks at Violet and Lily, who both eemed to have it handled well. Thankfully, the two are skiled in their own right, both of them more skilled than HE is. This further makes him wonder why the group choose to follow him.

Ah well.

The boy glances to Sygg and Alexis, "...It seems that the Heartless were chasing afer you guys." He frowns, "It's a good thing we reached you both in time."

Thoughtfully, Reize gazes at the boxes that Sygg put down, "Wow, that's alot." He sweatdrops.
Alexis Belerang "You!" Sygg notices just who Reize is, and jumps up the moment Reize asks if they are alright. He starts unstacking boxes, until finally he gets to the bottom one; opens it, and then pulls out a series of weaponry that have been repaired and reforged beautifully. Not perfectly, but... you know... better than one might expect from an apprentice blacksmith. "Where did you get these!?" Sygg immediately asks.

Alexis in the meantime, has gathered herself from the ground and walks up to Lily and Violet, making a curtsey before them. "You have defended me well, valiant warriors." She tells the two girls. "We're alright. Thank you." She then offers a hand to the two of them.
Violet Violet smiles lightly to herself as Lily's mood becomes bright and cheery, chuckling lightly as her bright crystal blue eyes turn towards the girl, boy, and their boxes upon boxes. Indeed, they were the source of the cause, seeing as the mini Heartless were chasing after them. Question is why.

Quickly retrieving her sun hat (after being blown away during the fighting), Violet pulls it on and straightens the rim, then glances down at herself as her small hands brush off what dirt may have gathered. "If I was not hungry before, I sure am now."

And then Sygg pulls out a weapon. Several weapons actually. And the pale-headed girl tenses subtly as she narrows her gaze on said weapons. It was a bit of a relief when Sygg starting asking questions because it meant that the victims that they had just rescued weren't going to turn around and attack them after the fact.

Violet shifts her crystal blue eyes to Alexis and her expression relaxes with a gentle smile, chuckling softly before she bends a knee and sweep into a smooth, graceful curtsey as well. "It was of no consequence."
Lily "Ah... good." Lily can only run over to squeeze Reize's arm happily instead of much else for start with. She is HAPPY. They helped people and nobody seems to have been hurt. Wheee!

"I'm glad we managed it so fast and nobody was hurt. Say... you don't look like you're out here for a picnic... what's with all of the boxes?" Lily's no scratching her cheek. Then looking over at Violet. "Hmmmm..."
Reize Seatlan !!!! As Lily runs over to squeeze Reize's arm, the boy laughs and puls Lily close. Well, at least Lily is happy again! The young boy smiles and then he looks over at Sygg.

"Buh?!" That is Reize's first reaction when Sygg announces Reize as 'You!'. While observing the unstacking of the boxes, Reize fixes the adventurer with a cuious glance. When he starts showing the series of weaponry, Reize instantly recognizes them.

"Whoooooaaaaa!!!" He sweatdrops, "Are those the rusted items I brought to you?!" He beams happily, "You did a great job on repairing them!" And then, Reize is grilled for the location, "Remember that 'Royal Port' that I told you two about when we first met?" Reize then adds, "It was within some lost cavern within that area. It was quite an exploration when I ran across the area, but.." He rubs the back of his head. "That's how I found those."

He grins, "I owe you guys payment!" But then, he reaches into his backpack to procure a large cloth. "First, why don't you two join us all for a picnic! We don't mind the company!"


"Oh! Right!" He laughs sheepishly, "Lily, Violet. This is Alexis and Sygg. I ran into them when uhhh.... I got lost coming home."
Alexis Belerang The princess watches Violet bow before her, and takes a step towards her so she might lay a hand on top of her head for just a moment, before she speaks; "Please, rise. I have a kingdom no more." The girl pauses for but a moment, before she adds; "But it was of consequence to us. I must insist you accept my word of thanks."

Sygg looks down to Lily when she asks about the boxes. "Transporting things from Notre Dame to a castle up north." He explains. "Hoping to get some money for running the~."

"Task!" Alexis quickly speaks over Sygg's words... which sounded suspiciously like 'sidequest'.

"Royal Port - yeah, I remember!" Sygg adds; "I will have to look into that. These weapons... they had my father's touch. But... he was supposed to have been gone. With our world." The youngster lets out a long sigh. "My dad might be alive out there somewhere..."
Violet Violet blinks up at Lily as she practically glues herself to Reize's side, pausing only briefly before returning her bright blue eyes to Alexis as the other girl places a hand on top of her hat. Her words earn a slight quirk of a pale brow for a moment, reflecting on how odd the situation is perhaps, before her expression softens. Straightening her back, Violet dips her chin still, "Then accepted we have."

Glancing to the others, the boxes, she lifts her bright eyes to Sygg and Alexis once more with a kind smile as she's introduced. "A pleasure to meet your acquaintances." Violet arches a brow as she gives Reize a sideways glance. "And I should not be surprised."
Lily "Hello! And you're welcome." Lily grins at Alexis and Swgg, and does a sort of bow to them, deeplying nodding at them both! "You did tell me, Reize, but... I didn't know what you got there. A bunch of things, it looks like."

Realizing she's still crackling with energy, Lily pulls away from Reize after the hug's over with, and dims down that power. It takes a moment, and several calming breaths, but the mana roaring about her calms, and finally is snuffed out. "Notre Dame?"
Reize Seatlan There is a glance back between the interaction of Violet and Alexis. Already, Reize gives a bit of an inward smile. However, it soon turns to a sadder smile the more it dawns on him. Mentally, Reize dismisses it and turns to face Sygg. "Aha! So you're handling a few tasks yourself, huh?" The boy grins, "That's good to hear! We wanted to get a picnic, and..."

He blinks, "Eh?!" He looks at the weapons and then back at Sygg, "..Hrm." He looks somber, but he perks back up, "I'm certain you will find him! Enough of that! Let's enjoy a nice picnic!" Reize kneels down, start rummaging through the bag and pulls out the sandwiches, apples, and other sort of delicious items.

Reize does glance at Lily with a note, "You are controlling your powers better! You're getting better!"
Alexis Belerang "A city over yonder, through a strange portal." Alexis declares, pointing into the direction of the portal to France. "A big city with a large cathedral at its center."

Sygg looks hungry when Reize speaks of picnic, as well as them joining. But then... that worst thing happens. He's just about to pick an apple from Reize's hand when Alexis quickly grabs it instead.

"We must first finish our task. /Then/ we will eat!" The princess declares.

One can hear the young adventurer's stomach growling. Complaining. Tears stream down from his eyes. "But but but..." He tries to object.

"No buts! We must finish our mission post-haste! The good people of Brittain rely on us!"~ followed by Sygg slowly stacking the boxes anew and fastening them all with rope, before pulling them up onto his back.
Violet Violet blinks with some surprise when Sygg's hand is slapped away before he has even a chance to grab an apple. Instead grabbed Alexis. The girl frowns with some confusion as the boxes are once more fastened and pulled onto his back.

Clearly Alexis was insistent on getting their 'mission' completed, but it wasn't as if the Shard Seekers could force them to stay a while and eat. "You could perhaps compromise and take something to eat with you to eat on the go?" Violet offers.
Lily "Piiiicnic!" Lily calls out, with a happy grin for Reize as he praises her. "I'm trying. It's not easy. Everyting always feels so... wild." Sh, rather suddenly, sits down on the grass while listening to Alexis, eyes locked on her and then sliding towards the portal. "Cathedral?" Another unfamiliar word. "... I don't quite follow half of what happens but...what Violet said. If you're hungry!"
Reize Seatlan Reize cannot help but feel bad for Sygg. In fact, Reize looks over towards Alexis, extending an index finger into the air, "You know, an adventurer needs food for his travel. Otherwise, his ability to finish the task will diminish." He then adds pointly to the princess, "There is a limit on the body. What good would it do to the good people of Britian if the brave adventurers were unable to complete the task due to hunger?"

Reize speaks as if he has experienced this.

Read: He has.

The boy reaches over to toss another apple towards Sygg, who looks like he could us the energy.

"Besides! Hefting a lot of the equipment requires much to eat for the energy! You wouldn't want to risk him collapsing from hunger, would you?"
Alexis Belerang Alexis puffs up her cheeks like a bit of a spoiled princess. Which, really, she is. "Sygg is a powerful adventurer." She clutches onto his arms. "He can outlast far more than you!" Now she's suddenly getting defensive. What is it with this girl? "Still. I will allow him an apple on the way!" The girl catches the apple for Sygg, who is standing there, frozen, not sure how the hell he suddenly got in the middle of an argument about adventurers.

It's not long before the two are off, both of them eating an apple and having said their goodbyes; leaving Reize's equipment behind. As much as Sygg's father had forged them, they would not help him find his father. Payment? It seems that has been all but forgotten. Perhaps their rescue and those apples are payment enough!
Violet The frown deepens in her features as Violet watches how things go down, the pair turning to leave the group to their picnic. "Hm." she exhales a small breath of a sigh, deciding to focus on more important matters at the moment.

Like food.

Violet holds out her skirt as she lowers onto the blanket, smoothing out her dress. "I admit, I am rather curious to see Notre Dame. I wonder what other cities are out there in this realm."
Lily "They're really in a rush, aren't they?" Lily's shoulders sag in disappointment, but she watches the two of them head on their merry way then glances at Violet. "I guess that means more for us, but... what is a Cathedral?"
Reize Seatlan The defensiveness of the princess earns a sigh from the boy. He does, however, give Sygg a smile, "...Just think of it that she thinks very highly of you." So if anything, it is a good thing, right? All considering the situation.

However, when the two start to leave, Reize is looking over he equipment left behind. He rummages through them, looking at the armory around, "Hrm... Sword, I can't use.. Maybe someone else can..." He looks at Violet, "What about you? Think you need a new rapier or..."



"Oh! Their payment!" The boy looks up to see where they went, "Ooii! Wait, Alexis! Sygg! Your--..."

They are gone.

"..---payment." He sweatdrops.

He glancesback towards Violet and Lily with a sheepish smile "So, uh... yeah!" He gives a bright grin, rubbing the back of his head, "Food! We'll explore this Notre Dame next!" Then, he answers Lily, "Well, a Cathedral is a huuuuuge church! I imagine Faruja going there to pray there a lot."

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