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Goods and Services
(2013-04-11 - 2013-04-12)
Souji meets with Rufus Shinra, of the Shinra Electric Company, and strikes a deal for military equipment. He also gains some valuable background information...
Souji Murasame The Murasame heir enters the office, looking around the appointments with a glance and taking them in. His own office looked much like this one, before his world was destroyed... Though his desk was wood, not armor alloy. The idea is interesting, however.

He smiles faintly to himself and inclines his head to Rufus, stepping forward to offer his hand. "Mr. Shinra. A pleasure to meet you." For those who care, he is wearing his blade. He never leaves it behind. It is, however, peacebonded. Souji folds his hands behind himself. "I have been very impressed with Shinra's production quality and technological level. It reminds me much of my own world." Though Ramuh ran on harnessed lightning, not Mako.
Souji Murasame "Technology is always a valued commodity in my world. Our land was rich in energy which led to rapid development." Souji says, nodding. "My... associates are engaging the challenges of the worlds in their own way. I, however, am more interested in establishing mutually profitable relationships with the powers that be. Powers such as the Shinra Electric Corporation." He pulls out a folder from his suit and offers it to Rufus. "After observation of your products, this contains a list of some of the material we are interested in obtaining, as well as an initial offering."

The folder itself outlines a listing of several bulk shipments of small and medium arms, body armor, and several small manned combat vehicles, approximately enough to outfit a platoon of troops. "Should I gain good results, further business may be in the making as well."
Souji Murasame Souji nods, considering Rufus' words. "Indeed they are. And even as powerful as Shinra is, they can only stretch so far right now. I hope to assist in bringing the knowledge of modern, more civilized methods to these people. Technology and comfort allows them to live at greater standards, giving them a happier, more productive life."

And you can make more money off of them too.

Souji's expression grows curious as he looks to Rufus, watching him intently. "What was your experience like, Mr. Shinra, in establishing and growing the Company? Did you meet many challenges in your work?"
Souji Murasame "The Wutai and the Shadow Lords, eh?" Souji looks to Rufus. "Who are these Shadow Lords? What makes them so fearsome as to be able to destroy a world? Are these Wutai people truly so fallen that they would make such a deal? Either way, you survived such an ordeal intact... It speaks much to your capabilities."
Souji Murasame "I have not heard of Xanatos Industries until recently." Souji replies. "I hear tell their world just came back. An interesting concept, that a world can be lost, but return..." Souji looks away, lost in thought for a moment as he puts one arm up, using it to support the other as he taps the side of his Moogle Glasses.

"You are able to provide what I need at the moment. We'll see what happens from there. To be honest... I intend to rebuild my corporation, rebuild my family's legacy. We will begin manufacturing again. But first things first." He smiles. "We all have to start somewhere."
Souji Murasame Souji thinks. It's within his means. He nods. The initial investment is applicable. With a smile, Souji gestures. "I will stop downstairs on my way out and provide the agreed aupon sum to your accountants, and provide instructions. I will pick up the materials when they are prepared."

Souji pauses again. "The Murasame Family was known for being able to accomplish things for their business partners. Perhaps there is something we can do for Shinra to show our good faith in future work?"
Rufus Shinra Rufus Shinra would as always watch his back but Rufus was a man who tended to keep his word. Or he'd not get anywhere once he gave it. The trick was sometimes getting Rufus to do so. Still it looked promising with Souji, it would be itneresing to see where it leads.

"My accountant will be ready for you and you shall be contacted when the shipment is ready."

"So you say humm the may be very well something you could do for Shinra."

Rufus takes a moment to gague Souji and think about just what to request of him.

"It's a simple thing really but a very useful one. If you were to keep us appriase of any organization claiming to call it self the AVALANCHE it would be most useful. They are a violent terrorist group that attempted to destroy Midgar in the past."

Sure he was funding them back then but anyone who knows that are long dead thanks to eithe their own stupidy or the Turks taking them down.
Souji Murasame "The AVALANCHE, eh..." Souji nods. "If we encounter these people, we will inform you immediately." He shakes Rufus' hand again. "It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Shinra. I look forward to much more in the future."

And another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

This scene contained 8 poses. The players who were present were: Rufus Shinra, Souji Murasame