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(2013-04-11 - Now)
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Maira After the fight, Maira had come back and made sure everyone was taken care of, calling in a little added assistance from people she knew had cure magic. Luckily, she also had a nice supply of potions stocked up, because lets face it. This kind of thing happens. Maybe not...exactly that....but a lot of people getting hurt? Kind of an occupation hazard.

After she'd seen everyone was okay, she sat down at the table, drank a cold cup of tea, then passed out for the rest of the day.

She's rising now, the sky still the same color as it was before. It's always the same color...always. Maira gets out of bed and gets dressed, then moves to check on her 'patients'.
Percival A few hours after the Gargoyle was stabilized with healing spells, he'd have turned to stone; the bed creaking ominously under the sudden increase in weight. And yet, somehow, it managed to hold.

Twelve hours later, he'd awaken, in a manner less dramatic than his kind was typically accustomed to. The stone would literally just crack, then flake, sloughing off as if he were a snake shedding a skin.

He'd experimentally flex an arm, then bend at his waist, immediately settling back down on the bed. Alright, he'd been severely injured, such that his stone sleep couldn't quite heal all of it in one sitting, he could deal with that. The last thing he remembered was pushing Avira out of the way, and being impaled, twice. He must have just passed out from his injuries. He'd settle back in bed, glowering as he looked at the rapier that seemed all but /glued/ to his side. Even if he dropped it, or broke it in twain, it would always return to his side.

Noting that Maira had entered the room, he'd manage a wan smile. Good, she hadn't been taken by the Dark Knight after he'd passed out. "Good evening, M'lady..I'm glad to see that you're still with us.."

He pushed himself up to a seated position, grimacing, but still managing it with some effort.
TRON TRON had collapsed yesterday more to exhaustion than injury, though there was plenty of that as well. Treatment has proven to be relatively effective, but signs of the damage still remain.

The hole in his thigh is really the worst of it that still remains, though wrapped bandages have hidden the 'wound' from view. His torso is heavily bandaged from just below the shoulder to about abdomen, and even though bandaids and taped gauze hide most of his facial wounds, a wireframe-like suface could be seen peeking from the edges of the dressing. Even what could be seen of his black unisuit is still highly scratched up and tarnished with a dim bluish glow of voxel edges that should not be visible.

That said, though, the Security Program isn't out cold. Instead, he seems to be staring up at the ceiling... well, past it really. That strange stare into nothingness without a sole indication of otherwise being aware. At Percival's voice, however, he turns his head as his brown eyes refocus on the activity.

"Same to you," he comments to the Gargoyle wryly, though seems quite content to remain lying in the bed without moving. His gaze turns towards wherever Maira happens to be, his brow furrowing slightly in concern. "How do you feel, Maira?"
Maira Maira's eyes are uncommonly wide as she watches Perci come out of the stone sleep, the stone crumbling to the floor beneath his cot. She has never seen the like before, and is quite fascinated. She remembers, of course, him telling her about it, but she had to see for herself.

She moves over to him and start assessing his injures, amazed at how much he had already healed. Once she has determined that he is going to live, Maira hugs him gently, letting out a heavy sigh of relief. "I'm so glad you are alright. Yes, of course I'm still here we--we knocked him out. I don't even know. He may be dead..." she says, though she seriously doubts it.

Then Maira hears TRON speak and turns to move over to him, chewing her lip as she looks him over. Healing a Program was not something she was generally equipped for. "I'm fine...really I'm fine. I slept some," she replies. Physically, she feels fine. Tired, but fine. Emotionally? A mess. "How are you feeling? What can I do for you? I'm not familiar with how to really help you but if you told me I could probably help..."
Percival When Maira came over to hug him, he'd wrap his arms and wings around her briefly, though he'd wince as she brushed against his ribs. Those were still sore. He'd try his best not to make any sound though. "Oh don't worry about me. I heal quickly." When she speaks about the Dark Knight possibly being dead, he falls silent. He didn't want to voice that he might actually be /happy/ if he ended up dead.

He'd release her when she spoke to Tron, as he moved to sit himself up on the edge of the bed. "You don't look like you slept well though. Take care not to exhaust yourself..."

And then he'd give Tron a sheepish smile. "I'm not sure we've met Sir, except in passing. I'm Percival, its a pleasure to make your acquaintance. You fought well, and quite bravely. You're a program, if I'm not mistaken? Deelel told me something of your kind."
Maira "Oh, yes. Percival this is TRON, he's a member of VALKYRI. I guess he's actually the only male member of VALKYRI, heh. We'll have to work on that," she comments.

Maira looks back to Perci, nodding some. "I'll try to rest more when I can. I was...actually thinking maybe I should...go somewhere else though," she sighs. She'd just come home! But if Leon is not dead, and he's probably not, he would probably be back.
Percival The Gargoyle would nod his head, as he tried to stand off the bed. Oof, was he sore! He'd traipse across the room slowly, his talons clacking upon the wooden floor, before offering Tron his hand. "A pleasure, Sir."

The Gargoyle would glance sidelong at Maira. "If that's the case, perhaps you could come with me to Fluorgis? Zia and I are looking for a new place to stay, and we could frankly use the help moving, once we decide. You'd be welcome to stay with us in the meanwhile."
Carnus Sirin "This should be it." Carnus says as he steps through the doors into the main area of the headquarters. His eyes scan about at the injuries that cover the people here and he frowns slightly. Though there's still a bit of joy in his eyes.

"Well, looks like I missed something quite interesting. I've definitely found the right place though." Taking a few steps further inside he rests his hand on the hilt of his orante heavy sword and scans about for some form of leader. "There someone able to answer some questions for me?" he calls out hopefully.
TRON TRON inclines his head in a nod as Maira introduces him to Percival and accepts the handshake. Percival would find his grip firm, but there is something about the texture of the black 'glove' that doesn't quite feel right for its implied leather-like appearance. "Same to you, and well met."

His gaze turns to the side briefly as he compiles data, his brown eyes zoning out. You could almost hear his Discs whirr on his back in the process. "Healing magic and potions have proven effective to speed recovery, but my systems need to decompile and defragment on their own."

He blinks once then looks back to Maira as a chagrined look crosses his face. "Sorry, that wasn't very clear was it?"

Then someone enters and a voice he doesn't recognize calls over to them. He carefully pushes his upper torso up so he is semi-lying on the bed now, resting his weight back on his elbows, and shifts his suddenly-sharp gaze to Carnus. "Depends on who is asking, I believe." His tone is defensively cautious, but not unfriendly. Just... suspicious. "May I ask who you are?"
Percival He would note that the Gargoyle was being very careful to prevent from digging his talons into the recipients hand, he'd made that mistake once before. Eventually he would release the hand, crossing his arms as he turned to regard the newcomer. "Greetings, Sir."

Tron already asked the question he sought, so he would just stand there, watching the exchange. This wasn't his home after all, his tail would sway from side to side in a relaxed cadence, his wings moving to furl, and relax upon his shoulders.
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin turns toward TRON and Percival as they speaks out to him and gives a wide and toothy grin to the pair. "Greetings!" he calls out as he begins to approach. "They call me Dragon, because apparently I don't give out my name often enough to go by that." he shrugs lightly. "But, my name's Carnus Sirin. I'm a spellsword sellsword from the Kingdom of Lindblum." he makes a quite formal bow, indicative of some form of nobility.

The armored individual in mostly red glances around again. "Looks like you've been in battle recently." he says casually. "For what purpose do you all fight?" The fingers of his left hand idly trace along the hilt of his sword as it rests there.
Maira Maira jumps a little when she hears an unfamiliar voice. Historically, new people in VALK HQ had lead to bad times.

"Er....hello...." she greets. That was rather blunt, wasn't it? Really, had she become so suspicious these days?

"We fight against the Shadow Lords...we fight for those who can't fight for themselves...we accept jobs as long as they don't go against our morals, generally. Are you....what can we do for you?" she asks.
TRON TRON tilts his head slightly as Carnus introduces himself, his gaze softening slightly from near-hostile caution to curiousity. There doesn't seem to be any threat here... a nice change from just yesterday, he has to admit.

His answer is almost immediate after Maira speaks, though spoken without much thought to it: "To protect." Protect what? He doesn't clarify, but perhaps he isn't being overly specific to begin with.
Percival The gargoyle would arch a bony protrusion on his brow ridge, in response to the man's question.

"Because its the right thing to do."

He doesn't elaborate any further than that.
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin lets out a loud bellow of a laugh and clasps his hands together with a satisfying *SMACK*. "Brilliant!" His toothy grin returns yet again as he hears all the responses he had hoped to hear. It seems he found some place with people who fought for the same reason he did, finally. Though, it's his fault it's taken so long. He keeps getting distracted by the new sights so easily, after all.

"Then it seems I really have come to the right place. I'm looking to help in any way I can." He pauses a moment and then nods, "I was told..." he turns to TRON for a moment "By someone who I'd assume is from the same world as you are, that VALKYRI fought for much the same that I do. And everybody knows things get done quicker the more people there are working towards the same goal."
Maira Maira blinks, then smiles gently. "Heh...oh, I see! Well, you'll have to talk to Avira. She's not in right now, but she's our leader. Right now we are sort of recovering from a battle, yeah....sorry if we're a little jumpy and less than welcoming," Maira apologizes.
TRON TRON's eyebrow raises as Carnus' gaze focuses on him for that moment. Someone who is from the same world as himself... Deelel, perhaps? Certainly the most likely, given she has made friends in the Shard Seekers. And Lindblum... isn't that a location within World of Ruin? It would certainly explain his attire and weaponry.

He noticeably relaxes all the same, a faint smile lifting his mouth and easing his expression. "Maira's right. But that can always change, especially since it's clear you're far more friend than foe." He motions for Carnus to pull up a chair to join them. "Would you mind telling us your story, Carnus?"
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin waves a hand dismissively in front of his face, "No no, worry not on it my dear." His hand reaches behind and rests on the back of his head and chuckles softly, "Not the first time I've scared a bunch of strangers by showing up and asking questions." As his hand fall it rests on the hilt of his sword and he lets out a small sigh. "Looks like all the leaders are missing and no one's up for a good spar."

Grabbing a chair and spinning it around to sit backwards on it, the spellsword leans his arms onto the back of his chair. "Well, not sure what there is to tell. Dad was a knight, mother a red mage. They're both nobles with close ties to our regent Cid Fabool." He leans his chin to rest on his arms as he continues lazily, and you then notice that his face's natural position is that of a smile. He really is just that happy of a man, all the time. "So, I studied the art of mixing both magic and the sword, and took off to see the world for all it's beauty. I stopped in at every orphanage I could because, let's be honest, who can resist treating a bunch of parentless children? And to make ends meet, since I refused to take my parents gil with me out into the world, I would sell my sword to any cause I deemed worthy of my time. Always turning down jobs that were based on greed or vengeance. But, more often than not, I ended up just fighting to defend those that couldn't defend themselves, and didn't take much pay."

As his story continues, he begins to snap rythmically, a flame appearing and disappearing above his fingers with each snap. "When the heartless appeared in my world, I delved straight into research. Finding out where Brahne got those things and what they were. I discovered the truth about them, but couldn't find a way to stop them before our world was taken." His fingers snap one last time and the flame disappears for good. "And now, after getting a bit distracted by all these new and wonderful sights, I've found myself here. Following leads on who's fighting for the same thing I am, and how to restore the worlds to their previous state."

"Though, it is a shame to think one day I may not get to travel to all these new world fragments any more."
TRON TRON lies back down fully and folds one arm under his head like a pillow while his other rests over his abdomen. He could possibly get up, as none of his wounds are actually hampering his ability to move and/or do things, but for his friends' sake he'd probably better not. He is still healing, and watching his form fragment and crumble might prove unsettling to the others.

Still, he listens closely, able to mostly track the important points of Carnus' tale. Talking with other humans, especially those from World of Ruin, have proven very helpful. "I understand."

Maira excuses herself to check on the other wounded, so he takes over the conversation in her stead. "It does seem that there is much common ground." He emits an exhale that seems to be more psychological than physical, but grins. "Would you like to stay here and give us a hand while we recover from our injuries? If nothing else, you will still be in the area when Avira returns."

He blinks once. "Oh. My apologies, I haven't introduced myself." He offers a hand out to Carnus for a handshake. That is what you're supposed to do, right? "I am called TRON."
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin pauses his story to wave off Maira as she goes to tend to the other wounded, offering her his best.

When TRON finishes his introduction he reaches forward off the end of the chair and grasps the program's hand firmly, giving it a quick shake. "Pleasure to meet you TRON. I'm glad Deelel sent me this way."

He rests on the back of the chair again and glances around. "I know a bit of white magic, so I can find a way to be of use to anyone who hasn't recieved any treatment of that sort yet." He reaches for the book hanging off his right side and lifts it up, unlocking it with a chained key hidden under his chestplate. "A bit rusty though, I'll have to look back over my notes." he murmurs as he begins to flick between the pages. "And the leaders are never in, I see. It was the same back with the Shard Seekers."
Minerva Minerva had been elsewhere she'd been out prehaps getting some things for brewing. She pushes her way back into the HQ with a sack of some sort of grain or another over her shoulder as she nter and calls out.

"I have returned! Any word on how the others are recover!? Lady Lockheart got the tar beat out of her pretty badly."
TRON TRON chuckles. "I am... not certain where Avira went. Logically speaking, she is most likely gathering more medical supplies." Probably the second-highest expense of VALKYRI, second only to unintentional renovations. "Any assistance you can give would be welcome."

Then the door opens and Minerva's voice calls from the entrance. Recognition lightens TRON's face and he lifts his arm in an acknowledging wave. "We're fine, everyone is out of danger at this point." He looks worse than he feels, in truth. "Ah. Minerva, this," he motions to their book-reading guest, "is Carnus Sirin. He came here to offer his assistance." His expression turns quizzical. "Have you seen Avira since the battle?"
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin gives a small shrug and says, "No matter, I'm in no rush anyway. And I suppose being around you lot will encourage me to train and spar more often." he scratches the back of his head and laughs embarassedly at that.

Upon hearing the new voice, he swivels his head from his spellbook to the woman who has entered and his eyes flash with recognition. "Ah, well met. I believe I've seen you before. By the large cathedral if I'm not mistaken?" he grins widely and nods once more. "Yes, I'm sure of it. You were there when I met the keyblade wielder. A pleasure to meet you again."
Minerva Minerva looks over at TRON, "Salutations and yes, we do get in more fights than the Corpse Brigde did during the War." She nods to the man for a moment "I'm afraid not I been busy getting supplies and hearing rumors about things related to my world."

She the sack of grain down and looks over to Carnus for a moment and she nods for a moment "I was aye. As was that vile wench who'd played us for so long."
TRON TRON hrms softly at Minerva's lack of news. "I see."

He smirks at Carnus. "Yes, there is rarely a dull moment around here. Places to go, people to meet, places to defend. You will not get bored anytime soon, I'm sure."

With a low sigh, he pushes himself to sit up and slings his legs over the side of the bed, heedless of a vaguely glass-like crackling as he moves. Yep, not quite /that/ defragmented, then. At least he doesn't try to stand or move beyond that.
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin taps his chin, thinking back to the day in Notre Dame. He could recall there being three other groups besides himself. Sora, the VALKYRI's, and... that lone woman. Yes, there had been something odd about her actions. "What, that girl? She didn't seem that vile to me." His smile fades a bit, but never fully disappears. Seriously, is it even possible to make this guy frown? "Then again, I'm sure you've got your reasons for thinking so. Not my place to change them for a girl I met only briefly."

He turns back to TRON and his overly cheerful tone returns in full. "Glad to hear it. I'm looking forward to fighting with someone for a change. Had been wandering on my own before..." his hand motions around everywhere. "All this. It was the best way to see all the beautiful sights my world had to offer."

He looks back down toward his spellbook and murmurs, "There's got to be a way to make the fire bigger. It can always be bigger. Cause more of an explosion once it leaves the blade."
Minerva Minerva has set the sack.

"Vile? She was likely one of the shadow lords who destroyed our world and has helped to destroy countless others. More so she lied spyed on us and used us. IF It was my call I'd carry out my birth right and pass judgment upon her then carry out her sentance. There can be no forgiveness for those who stray that far."
TRON TRON audibly clears his throat--a staticky sound replacing the usual sound effect. "Minerva." His brown eyes narrow just slightly. "Let's save such topics of conversation for another time?" It's phrased as a question, but it sounds far more like a suggestion.

He undocks only his Silver Disc from his back and almost idily spins the Frisbee-like object between his fingers, weaving it between the digits. "Fire, hm? Perhaps you and Maira should talk. She is quite adept with that element." His faint smile shows no malice is intended.

"Just wondering, though. After I have recovered, would you be interested in a sparring match?" He scans over Carnus' seated form with an evaluating gaze, but with a curious air to it. "I trust Deelel's judgement of character, but I'd like to see what you can do for myself."
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin casually moves his gaze over to Minerva, listening to her rant on a woman he knows nothing about. He nods absently, not that interested in joining in with the hatred without further research of his own into the matter involving Katyna. He snaps the book shut and clicks it locked again.

"Is she? I'll have to have a talk with her if our magics are compatible. Fire is my element of choice, though I have command over all the black magic elements." He moves to his feet and gives a small nod to Tron. "Of course, simply seek me out once your recovery is complete and I was gladly show you exactly where the dragon part of the 'Loving Dragon' comes from."

He makes a formal bow and says, "I'm feeling like a nap again, but I will see to some white magics for those that are in need." he cracks his knuckles and says. "Let's see if I can do it without accidently lighting something ablaze this time." It sounds like a joke, but it's hard to be certain. "We'll talk more later."

And with that, Carnus sets about doing a bit of work helping to treat the injuries within his power before he disappears outside to take a nap under the starry night. He's aware there's probably a spare bed inside, but just prefers to rest under the open sky.
Minerva Minerva says "Agreed." She's listening though she's got to think about what she hs to do. She's run from much of her life but what Kat has done is something he can not ignore, will not ignore. she very wll may do something about it. Looks at Carnus again anmd seems to be sizing him up as he goes to do his thing she lets him go.

"It is generally good to learn how one can fight I admit I never fought agianst you myself TRON. I would be curious to spar some day with you."
TRON TRON bows his head to Carnus as their guest bows and excuses himself, then turns his full attention to Minerva. Well, as full as it gets while still twirling his Disc. It seems to be a good way for the Program to release some stress (or boredom).

"That is true, I haven't sparred with anyone since joining VALKYRI," he realizes almost off-handedly. That may be in part because he doesn't come from a world where combat is the norm, Games notwithstanding. "We'll have to amend that." He casts a wry grin after Carnus. "Should I escape from the encounter relatively in one piece, anyways."

He puts away his Disc and elects to lie down once more, deciding against getting up after all. If his form is still fragmenting under the bandages, it's probably not wise to push the matter.
Minerva Minerva Says "Once you recover I'd not wish for you to tax your self after such injuries. "I won't be fighting to harm, don't worry and you might be strong enough to surive me in a true fight."

he picks up the bag again and ooks to Tron "Prehaps I should leave you to your rest and return to my brewing."
TRON TRON chuckles. "We shall see what happens." He closes his eyes and folds his hands over his abdomen, feeling rather tired himself. What he wouldn't give for some Grid Energy right about now... but this isn't the time for feeling homesick. "I won't keep you, Minerva. Thank you for checking on us."
Minerva Minerva smiles at Tron for a moment "Recover as best you can my friend."She's neve quite got what Tron was and prehaps was simpler in many ways than the users from TRON world but what mattered at least to her? He was a friend and Part of Valkyri and arguably more human than some humans she's known.

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