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(2013-04-11 - Now)
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Serah Farron After the sudden attack by Kuja, Serah had managed to escape out through alleyways, pulling the princess along. Not too roughly, but enough to show her where to go. She doesn't know this town yet, but she assuredly knew she had to get away from that man before he gave chase. And looks like stars are with them, since after a few minutes, she's finally able to catch her breath, leaning against a wall and wiping her brow a bit tiredly. She was spent and hurt after the fight, but she's standing at least.

She looks over to the princess, phewing a bit "Looks like we're in the clear." She smiles a bit, none the worse for wear. She'll need a good shower after this no doubt. "What was this all about..." She wonders a bit outloud, now really knowing any better or how to ask about this right now.
Garnet The battle was bound to attract enormous attention, especially if the Alexandrian soldiers were around. Would they come after her? Was she safe, even in Cloud Nine? Her head is spinning in confusion and worry as she lets Serah pull her along to safety. They pause in the street once the coast seems to be clear, and Princess Garnet also leans against the wall, breathing heavily from exhaustion.

It takes her a moment to be able to speak again, and she's still covered in blood and bruises although thankfully no broken bones. She peers back curiously at her savior however, with some measure of respect. "You...You saved my life. I do not know how to thank you enough. I do not even know your name.."
Serah Farron Serah Farron shakes her head, standing up after a few moments, with a more regular breathing now. "Don't worry about that. I just couldn't stand idly standing by while he was pushing you around like that." She holds a fist up at her shoulder level "If I'm going to have this kind of power, I might as well make it worth something and use it for the right cause." She smiles. She sounds like someone that hasn't been fighting for a long time at least.

"I'm Serah, Serah Farron. I don't know who that guy was, but he was bad news. Seemed like he wouldn't take a no."
Garnet The princess nods and smiles faintly. Turning around to face her properly, she bows. "I thank you, Lady Serah, for saving my life. That was a very brave and noble act." She smiles a little at her joke, although she is still too winded and worried to laugh at this time. "That was Kuja, Advisor to Queen Brahne. I...Suppose it would be pointless to pretend to be something that I am not, now that you have witnessed everything."

She takes a deep breath. "I am..Garnet Til Alexandros, Princess of Alexandria kingdom. I do not approve of what is happening in Alexandria, and I ran away, hoping to find help in Lindblum. Unfortunately, it seems they are having some of their own problems, and wish to only keep me safe and hidden. But.."

The girl sighs tiredly as she glances around. "Come, we must keep moving. Perhaps it will be safe at Cloud Nine. I have friends there.." And she begins to lead the way towards the popular Bar/Inn.
Serah Farron Serah Farron tags along, nodding as she listens "A princess huh? Never met one before. We didn't have anything like that back on cocoon, but we did have a sort of dictator I guess." She doesn't really know much about it, it never really affected her at least, athough her sister was working for them technically. "If you needed to stay hidden you had your reasons, don't wait for me to blow it up for you."

She looks behind her, making sure noone is following either "Either way, that guy was dangerous. Doesn't matter if you're a princess or a servant, noone should be forcing you, and certainly not drag you back like that either." She's glad that you know of an inn at least, she's never been here and wouldn't know the first thing about accomodations either.

Around the residential area, there's some whispering and gossiping going on. Mostly about an army attacking a settlement of 'rat people'. Apparently the news move fast about certain events around the multiverse. Serah doesn't pay too much attention to it though, she has no idea about anything.
Garnet Garnet smiles faintly and just shrugs. "I am sorry that you got caught up in all of that, I did not think that Kuja would try to forcefully take me away...I would appreciate if you kept this little secret between the two of us, however. I imagine that there are a lot of people out there who are searching for me right now.."

She pauses then as she nears the tavern, catching wind of some of the conversations. She'd normally just shrug it off..Until she hears something about Cleyra and Burmecia's king being taken away. "Wh..what? That cannot be! Mother.." Garnet sighs and shakes her head. "Come. We must hurry!" and she leads the girl into Cloud Nine. At least for now, she must recuperate, perhaps tell Aerith and Tifa what is going on, before figuring out what to do about this..
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks, rushing after the princess into the inn "What's going on?" She doesn't know what's going on much really. She's only been here for a few days after all. There's so many things that's going on, between being a heartless magnet and saving princesses from megalomanical crossdressers (hey, she doesn't know better with his dresscode really).

The Cloud Nine is bustling as usual int he bar area, but the rooms upstairs are always opened for those that need them. She figures Garnet must already have a room too "What's bitten you suddenly?"
Garnet Garnet leads Serah to the inn, glancing around before quickly shutting the door. The place seems to be more or less empty with only a few stragglers here and there, but she does not see Tifa or Aerith at the moment.

Glancing back to Serah, she rests on a chair and tries to relax. "Err, excuse me? What has bitten.." she blinks, glancing around herself, checking to make sure a mosquito didnt bite her or something. Apparently she has not heard that particular slang before..

Shaking her head, Garnet gets down to business. "Did you not hear what they were saying about the Nezumi in Cleyra? They captured the King of Burmecia, and are going to put him to death! I suppose they will take him back to Alexandria and put on a show..I must return to Alexandria immediately and put a stop to this!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron crosses her arms at that, thinking "I didn't really pay attention to it because I didn't know about those places either. So its your country, Alexandria that is behind this?" She frowns a bit "Is that why that man wanted to drag you back home?" She doesn't know what would a princess do there if there's a queen, but what does she know about royalty.

She moves over to sit down on a chair nearby "Well you can't go in this state, you need to rest first." She looks at her hands again. How did this go again? She tries to summon some of that magic she used before... and at first she summons a ball of fire, eeping "No no, not that!" She talks mostly to herself there, as she waves her hand off, making the fire disapear. She tries again, this time a more gentle green surrounding her hand "Ah, that's it." She moves over closer, placing a hand against Garnet's shoulder, letting the curative magic flow through "I'm not used to magic yet."
Garnet Garnet nods and sighs. "Unfortunately, that is the case. I..Ran away from my home in Alexandria, hoping to find help in Lindblum. But it seems they could not help me, other than to protect me, then I got separated from my friends when the heartless attacked me and I wound up here.."

She smiles sadly at Serah and nods. "Yes, I suppose I must. I am truly exhausted, but..I cannot rest for long! I must leave as soon as..." She blinks in sudden surprise when Serah accidently summons a ball of fire however. "Oh, are you alright?" Oh dear, she's pretty new at this, isn't she?

Garnet cant help smile a bit at that, although she is too polite to laugh at the poor girl. "Aah, careful! I am not a skilled black mage, but I have studied healing magic. Perhaps I can help you to better focus your spells..."
Serah Farron Serah Farron provides some healing to the princess, nodding a bit at that "Well, I wouldn't mind, although I'm not sure about this power yet either. Having magic in my world was a calamity of some kind, hard to explain, but it wasn't well seen at all. In this world it seems like its alot more normal... natural in a way. I only started learning about how to use this magic, since the heartless started chasing me. I don't really understand it, but its like I can't always use all of the abilities either. Like against that man yesterday, I was able to use offensive magic. But when I'm using healing magic like this, I can't use a fire spell anymore."
Garnet Garnet nods and smiles, "Of course! It would be payback for saving my life back there." Her smile fades a bit when Searh speaks of how magic was uncommon in her world, not quite understanding, "Oh? How strange. Then, did you have to keep it a secret, or something?" 'Calamity' sure makes it sound serious..

"Well, I suppose it is a little like summoners in my world. In fact, I did not even understand my own abilities, until Ramuh came to my aid a few times when the heartless chased me down. I have not met any other summoners in my world, althugh Kuja seems to be able to control the eidolons I summon.." She sighs, "I sometimes wonder if I am the only summoner out there.."
Serah Farron Serah Farron considers that "I don't seem to nee to keep it a secret in this world, because there are lots of other users. Its a bit complex but..." She reaches over her left arm, and peels away the bandage she put there, revealing a straight mark. Its like a rectangle, but there are spikes, like spears sticking out from it up and down. "In my world, people don't have magic at all. Unless they are given magic, branded like this. It's a mark of servitude to some higher beings, you could refer to them as gods I suppose. They don't fight usually, they make humans into servants for various tasks."

She looks down "But there was two worlds, Cocoon and Pulse, which are at wars. So in Cocoon when there's a Pulse fal'Cie or l'Cie, it becomes a problem, as Pulse is out to destroy Cocoon. Anyone close or far from a Pulse fal'Cie or l'Cie gets purged, exile to Pulse... or so they say at least... they actually simply execute everyone..." She looks down at that a bit, recovering her brand over again.

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