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(2013-04-11 - 2013-04-11)
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Carnus Sirin Sat at a table with his feet propped up and hand folded shut in his lap, Carnus seems to be asleep judging by the closed eyes and steady rise and fall of his chest. Go figure. On the table in front of him lay his ornately decorated heavy sword, and next to it a locked red book with golden trim and a gem embedded in the cover. He seems to be dozing peaceful, a content smile resting on his lips even while he's napping.

"Mmm... gysahl pickles..." he mumbles in his sleep, fidgeting slightly and then falling back into his peaceful snooze.
Deelel Deelel was an alien crearue when you got down to it, a child of humanity yes but in many ways alien to this level of existance. Such as the users never ending drive to conaume. It was hard wired into consume basiclaly hte grid bugs of this world. Still she's in a pretty good mood and she's got a music player from manhattan likely full of Daftpunk and who knows what else thanks to Isaac. She is suprised to see someone there as she enters, that she doesn't know.

"Greetings can I help you?"
Carnus Sirin "Whoozat?!" Carnus says surprisedly as he jumps awake and nearly goes crashing to the ground. He slams his hands onto the table at the last second to save himself, and swivels his head quickly to Deelel. He yawns loudly and gives a luxurious and oh so relaxing stretch. A grin quickly overtakes him as he moves to his feet, calling out a friendly greetly.

"Ah, hello there!" His tone just as chipper as his facial expression. "This is the right place, isn't it? I was told Fluorgis and the people around here pointed me here. I'm to believe this is the Shard Seeker headquarters?" he cocks his head as he looks over the woman, only just now taking the time to note the differences in culture yet again, his mind racing and wondering what world this woman was from, and what it was like there. He loved all these new and beautiful sights that the recently heartless calamity had brought to his attention.
Deelel Deelel says "Right plae? Yes it is how can I help you? Have you come to hire us for something?" She tilts her head a little bit looking this strange person over for a moment. The odd thing on her tattos they glow faintly with a light just a bit brighter than their ink?
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin is too distracted being, let's be honest, quite rude, but not intentionally. He holds his chin as he looks at the woman's glowing tattoos, the smile never disappearing from his face. "How curious." he mumbles.

He suddenly remembers why he's here and lifts his gaze to meet Deelel's again. "Oh, yes, my apologies." he clears his throat and continues. "Not here to hire you, more curious as to why your group hunts for the world shards."
Deelel Deelel looks at the man for a moment and tilts her head "What's so curious you seem to be staring a little bit. Oh well why not we can resre parts of woerlds and anyone who might have been in the shards original location. We can't sit idly by and it angers the ones who consumed those worlds in the first place."
Carnus Sirin "Apologies, I may not look it but I'm a bit of a scholar at times, and the differences between people from other worlds fascinates me. You're the first one like you I've come across." Carnus says quickly, reassuring the woman.

When she explains what the Shard Seekers do and why, he bursts into loud laughter. "Brilliant! I had hoped to hear as much. It seems you are exactly the type of people I am looking for." he extends his hand to shake with Deelel and says. "Pleasure to meet you. I'm interested in finding the shards and helping restore worlds in any way I can."
Deelel Deelel says "My people are ... not something you'd likely be able to dream up. Let's leave it at that shall we?" She grins a little bit more at his words "Also just looking for adventure really." She shakes the man's hand "ID's Deelel."
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin nods once, the laughter having subsided to a small chuckle. "I'm capable of dreaming up wonderous things, but I'll leave it there for now." There's a beat as he listens and then, "Adventure, heroism, and companionship. Sounds like a solid plan. Now where do I sign up, Miss Deelel?" He neglected to mention his name, but it doesn't feel as if it's intentional. More like he's just forgotten to give it back in return for the woman's.
Deelel Deelel smirks for a moment "Trust me on this, anyone from most of tjhe worlds I tried to explain it to? Their eyes glaze over." She shrugs a little bit. "Humm you'd have to talk to Ivo and prehaps Reize but Ivo has been unavliable as of late."
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin scratches the back of his head as he lets out a little laugh, "Well, as I said I'll take your word on it for now." his hand drops and he makes a small sigh before settling back into the chair and kicking his feet back up so he can relax as he had been. "Looks like I've got more waiting to do then. I've been looking for Ivo, Reize and Lilly since I heard about this little troupe. But, so far you're the first seeker I've even found." Head shaking slightly, "Guess I've got more time to nap at least. Or perhaps I should actually train a little. Can't get rusty with all these heartless roaming around." He says he should train, but something about the way he says it implies he isn't very motivated to at the moment.
Deelel Deelel says "Well I don't see an issue with you hanging out about around here. To be honest and things have been pretty hard here as of late." She nods at Carnus asseration about not getting rusty. "No, and there are other organizations. VALKYRI and the Twilight Dective Agency. Also work towards such."
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin glances over his shoulder to Deelel as she mentions the other organisations. "VALKYRI?" he murmurs. "Think I ran into some of them. I'll give them a shout as well. To be honest, I'm just hoping to be helpful wherever I can be. This just seemed like the most sensible first stop." he pauses a moment and then cocks his brow. "What's been making things so hard? The usual with the heartless?"
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin moves to his feet again and slides his sword back into it's sheather hanging loosely at his left, and the book hangs from his right. He cracks his neck and stretches for a moment before turning to Deelel with a huge smile. "Well, I've got a lot of things to see and new groups to search out. Think I saw their base back in Traverse Town, I'll head on over." he waves to Deelel as he exits through the doors. "Looking forward to working with you."

This scene contained 14 poses. The players who were present were: Deelel, Carnus Sirin