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(2013-04-10 - 2013-04-12)
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Riku Riku snorts awake and watches a little spider crawl over his leg as his aching body protests being holed up in this ancient and rotting cabin. He could have easily gone anywhere else but he had stayed.

He had stayed on that roof until the light had completely failed and for most of the night besides, looking up at the stars for long hours as he tried to wrap his mind around what he already knew but couldn't make himself believe.

Riku slowly extends that leg, watching the spider crawl across his dusty pants back onto the ground and away. He had been lucky it hadn't rained or snowed on his brooding carcass.

Riku groaned as he sat up and stretched out the worst of the kinks, placing his feet very carefully as he moved back and forth along the forest floor. By now, the behemoth was surely long gone. Many miles away and he wasn't any tracker to speak of. "..add that to my long list of things I'm not any good at."

He grumbles and bites fitfully into a travel ration. He had to go back eventually, if only because he had no idea how to take care of himself in the wild. He was only slowly beginning to realize how tame and quiet Destiny Islands truely was, and how little he had been prepared for the universe outside his tiny world.

He paces around in a couple of circles, moving through some basic forms to at least /feel/ for once liek he was doing something he knew anything about. When his muscles are warmed up and his sunken spirits eased if not entirely lifted, he starts to explore a little bit of the surrounding woods. He makes a few references that he THINKS will be good enough to find this spot again and sets out, just to see a little bit of what there is to see in these woods.
Eclipse Behemoth
The woods are a rather peaceful places. A few smaller animals scatter away from Riku, climbing into trees to look back at Riku with a curious look. Birds sing their songs and the place had a very calming nature too it.

There was little sign of the Behemoth. No sounds that it was in the area at all. Everything seemed rather calm, until their was suddenly some rustling up-ahead and shortly the sound of something /running/. Soon to be followed by something far larger possibly /chasing/.

It would seem the Behemoth may have been found. Actually the poor deer that was running suddenly heads right in Riku's direction before taking a quick leaping bound in the other direction. Soon to follow came the massive Behemoth on the chase. Yet when it comes around, the massive creature spots Riku ahead and with such a short notice and with no good turning radius, well, the Behemoth does the next best choice.

The massive ten foot creature leaps right over Riku, before landing behind the boy and sliding to a half. Side of its body slamming into a tree and its claws digging up the soil. Those gold eyes stare right at the boy, before there is a low growl of annoyance at the youth. At least one could hope that was annoyance.
Riku Riku whips around in the direction of the deer just in time for the Behemoth to leap over him, causing him to yelp and slip on a patch of dry leaves and go down hard with a faint rustling thump to the forest floor.

He drags his fingers through the leaves as he pushes himself up to his feet, dusting himself off. All of his movements he forces to be slow and controlled.

He doesn't retreat as he stands. "Yeah, good morning to you too." he grumbles and snorts faintly. "Well. I guess this saves me the trouble of finding you again."

Riku rocks back and forth on his heels as he looks over at where the deer disappeared into the woods, then looking back at the behemoth. He just stares at them, slightly out of focus and his head slightly tilted down and away, eyes clouded as he looks.. and sees.. but struggles to believe. It could have something very much to do with 'What do I do now?' to which the answer was always 'no idea'.
Eclipse Behemoth
The Behemoth slowly starts to walk up to Riku. Still a low rumble from its throat as those gold eyes are locked onto the boy. They were almost primal. Almost glowing brightly. Each step was one ever closer and the growling going only lower as a momentary snarl.

Then as the Behemoth only gets a few feet away, it sniffs the air, before those ears that were anchored back, suddenly point forward to Riku. Then slowly it seems those gold eyes look less fierce before there was a huff from the beast.

The Behemoth then lowers down his head, before he goes to gently bump his nose against Riku. There was a soft 'mrrh' like sound as it does so, before it then walks away. Sniffing the ground gently then in the direction the deer ran. The massive tail staying down low.

Then the Behemoth raises up his head, sniffing the air with his eyes closed before opening his mouth gently. Then those gold eyes open before they get that predator look once more. It crouches down, before suddenly charging in the direction the deer ran.

Seems the hunt was back on!
Riku Riku moves his hand away from the sheathe at his hip. "Far be it for me to interrupt breakfast." he murmurs in the silence left behind by the behemoth's passing.

The teenager braces himself to follow, hesitating for just a moment before pushing off and jumping a low rock onto a lower terrace of the forest terrain, chasing after the beast.

There was something he needed to do before he returned to Archades.. if he could just remember exactly how he managed to do it.
Eclipse Behemoth

The Behemoth continues to move at a rather quick pace, before he comes to a hard halt. The deer he had been hunting had been slain it would seem by a pack of wolves that tore at the body of the deer. The Behemoth then starts to move in closer. The black fur mane and mohawk bristling up, as it growls lowly and then lets out a loud howlish roar at the wolf pack.

The creatures turn to face the Behemoth, before several of them growl back in return and gnash their teeth at the equal, but far larger predator. Soon a few wolves move away from the deer slowly starting to make there way up. Growling lowly and letting out a few wolfish barks in protest.

The dark purple Behemoth holds his ground, staring at each of the wolves. Its tail swishing gently before it snaps its teeth in their different directions. The ears pinned back as it lets out a rather large snarl with its teeth.

Yet as Riku starts to approach, one of the Behemoth's ears train back toward the youth, before those gold eyes trail over to a wolf that may be getting as equal curious about what comes. Quickly the Behemoth leaps over in front of that wolf snapping his teeth at the wolf and almost biting down on it. Which causes the wolf to quickly move back, as some of the other members of the pack start to make there way up.

One behemoth, on lad with a sword, and ten wolves. This seemed like even odds.
Riku Obviously these wolves have not learned the lesson that the wolves of Bramble Orchard have learned.

Namely. Don't mess with the silver haired boy-predator.

It's not good for your continued health.

Riku slowly draws the sword from his hip, frowning as several of the wolves on the upper terraces peer down at him with the flat gaze of predators, the slightly gaunt frames making them just crazed by hunger enough to take on unusual prey.

Two of them leap down from the terrace at the same time and Riku reaches up, eyes flickering gold as the armored hand digs into the mangy hide of the wolf just underneath the throat. His fingers grasp and pull, his body twisting so that the wolf is smacked bodily into the ground, smacking into the rocky soil so hard that the creature is stunned. The other wolf bites down on his shoulder, claws catching and fangs biting down on his shoulder.

Riku shifts his weight to slam a boot down on the neck of the stunned wolf, keeping it groggy and pinned while he reaches back with the armored arm, smashing it in the head to loosen it's grip before releasing a small, concentrated flare of energy straight into it's muzzle. The wolf goes flying backwards into a tree, laying against the base of it also stunned as the one under his boot starts to squirm and gnaw at his boot. He brings the hilt of the scimitar down with a THUMP, taking his foot off the knocked out wolf and rubbing his bleeding shoulder as he takes stabilizing breathes in and out as he tightly holds onto his temper. "You really don't want to continue this." he murmurs at the wolves firmly, eminating a shimmering mirage aura of menace as he glares between each of the wolves. He also keeps an eye on the behemoth at all times, never taking his eyes off them.

There's being trusting. And then there is being stupid.

And he was already full up on his quota of the latter.
Eclipse Behemoth
The Behemoth has his own wolf problems. Four wolves go after the far more larger creature which was a massive mistake. Two of the wolves get slammed by the Behemoth's claws sent right into a bolder and another over that same bolder.

One of the wolves bites for the Behemoth's neck. Which it finds hard to get through the heavy thick fur. The Behemoth roars in pain as it goes to roll over and curls its legs in to kick the wolf off. Into the air and then the Behemoth swats the wolf into a tree; which then actually breaks the bark of the tree from the sheer impact.

The Last wolf lunges and the Behemoth actually bites down on the wolf before tossing it aside. The he lets out a loud howl into the air. The remaining wolves between Riku and the Behemoth quickly retreat back into the forest, leaving their fallen pack members and the deer carcus, which the Behemoth pads down to and paws at it a bit. Looking over what is left of the deer.

The Behemoth paws at it once more before it huffs softly, those gold eyes peering up at Riku, just staring at the lad as the beast sits there.
Eclipse Behemoth Riku takes a moment to calm down, wincing slightly at the small gashes and wounds made by the wolf trying to chew through leather and armor to get at him. He peels off the duster, experimentally rolling his shoulder back and forth but sees no immediate breaks in the skin. Just something that was going to wickedly bruise and a few scrapes.

"They must have been really hungry to do something that stupid and crazy." He looks at the deer carcass and then away at the behemoth with a moment of disquiet. "I know what thats like. They just arent entitled to take it out of my hide." He gives a short, tight lipped smile and approaches the behemoth from the side. " know. I ought to go back. I dont understand what happened.. but Im betting somebody will."

He drifts closer to the behemoth. He knows in a vague sense what he has to do now, but he cant.. quite remember how to do it and so he takes a few moments to just mentally brace himself as he moves closer.
Eclipse Behemoth
The Behemoth watches Riku as he comes in closer, leaning down to start to bite into what was left of the Deer. Pulling at the bones and chomping them easily in half. The massive creature continues to do this for a bit, eating what meat he can, chomping bones in half. For the most part the Behemoth seemed to be ignoring Riku, even though just a moment ago it seemed the creature was inviting him over.

As Riku moves in closer the Behemoth cuts their gold eye gaze over to them. It was far more predatory looking than earlier and there was a low growl emitting from the Behemoth. It almost dragged what was left over the deer a bit closer to himself, before continuing to chow down. The tail gently moving side to side as it does so.

The Massive creature then glances over at Riku and gives him a growl in warning; almost like how a predator would say /mine/, before continueing to chow down.
Eclipse Behemoth Riku is not too far away now, and he looks very tired as he stares at the Behemoth. He doesn't look scared, and perhaps he should be. Maybe the time to be scared will be later, but not now. " know. I ought to go back. I dont understand what happened.. but Im betting somebody will."

He pauses, then adds. "..this isnt right." He snorts as he approaches the behemoth. Although scared for whom is a subject of some debate. "You owe me a story, after all. And I.. you may imagine.. am," he reaches out a hand to press against the fur of the shoulder lightly. "Very.. very stubborn when it comes to things like that."

He keeps his tone very neutral and even. "And I am not sure if this is going to hurt or not. Im not even sure I can do it properly. The last time? Well.. I wasnt exactly thinking clearly." He clicks his tongue very faintly, swallowing a bitter chuckle. ".. Im not going to leave you like this so, even if you take a swipe at me.. Ill be back." He closes his eyes for a moment and when they open again, they are yellow all the way across. "I promise." The teenager quickly draws a burning slash of dark energy across the behemoths shoulder and then a second mark. He quickly takes two steps backwards, focusing on opening up a portal underneath his feet.
Eclipse Behemoth
The Behemoth seems to ignore Riku for the most part, even if perhaps those words are being heard by the creature; there just was no acknowledgment of it. Crunch crunch. Nom nom. He really was content to just keep eating. Even though really it was a rather small meal for something of his size and stature. No wonder the Behemoth was trying to get some KFC-- we mean-- Chocobos.

Though when Riku reaches up and quickly traces the X on the Behemoths shoulder, those gold eyes went wide from the pain, before it suddenly lunged around to face Riku. Letting out a loud roar in anger. The muzzle pulled back into a snarl as the massive claw went to take a swipe at Riku.

Yet when the claw went for Riku, there was a strong chance, and most likely high chance the claw met air, as Riku opened a portal right under his own feet. This probably lead to the fact the Behemoth quickly started to pad around where Riku just was. Sniffing the ground before giving a snort in protest. Then slowly returning back to its light meal.

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