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Impromptu Meetings
(2013-04-09 - 2013-04-10)
Oh, knowledge is shared / About Keyblades and lives / Sora does haiku.
Sora One of the true joys of being a Keyblade Wielder is the fact that Sora is essentially required to go portal hopping and finding new and strange - and often, beautiful - places to explore. The end result is Sora standing in the Notre Dame de Paris, looking around the cathedral in fascination.

Goofy and Donald are probably somewhere in the area.

Sora eventually wanders out of the cathedral to the steps leading up to it - as it is a quiet period of time, he is not very disturbed. The young boy tilts his head back, watching the day fall into the evening with a peaceful smile on his face.

It is so rarely quiet lately...
Carnus Sirin Wandering through the streets of Paris, Carnus looks about with wonder. He hadn't intended on coming here, in fact he's got business taking him far from here. However, in his usual manner of traveling, he went further and further from either of his intended destinations and ended up lost after just following one new sight to the next. He pauses outside of the Cathedral and stares up at it.

"Now ain't that just a sight." he says after letting out an impressed whistle. He looks around and sighs, "Not many places for a nap around here." His eyes suddenly turning to scan about the area. He still needed to find a bearer of a keyblade and the Shard Seekers, but this wasn't where he should be searching. "Maybe I'll get lucky..." he says and notices the boy enjoying the peaceful evening. "Hello there!" he calls out and begins to approach, plopping himself down on a stair not far from him. "Lovely city, this place."
Katyna Katyna had been travelling a little on her own for a while now, occasionally joining Ramza on his ventures, and keeping in touch with the Twilight Detective Agency regarding a certain case they were working on for her.

Since her last run in with Faruja and Ramza at the same time however, she had needed a little space to breathe, and so she had wandered unexpectedly into this strange, but rather quaint little world. The sight of a cathedral reminds her of Glabados church, and was not exactly a place she needed to be reminded of..Yet at the same time, the church had always offered her solace in the past..

And so she heads towards the cathedral steps, seeking some much needed inner peace. Sora and the other guy who calls out a friend greeting are not yet noticed as she stares down at her rosary, rubbing it between her fingers thoughtfully. At this rate, she's bound to accidently bump into someone if she doesnt look up soon..
Vespa "I've never seen a building so bit before..", Vespa says looking at up at awe at the Notre dame Cathereal. She has many questions about how it was built why it was built. But for now she just looking over the archeture of the building. The whole city has alot of atomosphere..
Avira Avira had been, in fact, previously wandering around the French Countryside. 'Training' was the reason she had given to the other VALKYRI, though to alay their concerns about her getting into trouble, she had promised to meet up with them here a little later.

It is now later. Avira wanders in to the city, seemingly already familiar with it and easily makes her way to the magnificent cathedral known as Notre Dame.

"Really?" she says to Vespa. "Well, I would certainly say it's a marvel of architecture." Though since being around Ivalice she's seen several equals.
Minerva Minerva had found her way into Paris she hadn't found much about her had changed oddly she had grabbed a cloak after a few comment from the locals as well she'd not wanted to cause problem so here she is brown cloak like some sort of Jedi or something taking in the buildings here. In someways impressive, in others it's very much like home, and it's far dirter than Tranverse Town and Manhattan, Saint save her she'd become addicted to indoor plumbing and underground sewage the moment she understood the concepts but she's keepingg up AcVira and Vespa.

"It does remind me some what of the holy city..."
Sora "Hello!" Sora says, raising his hand in greeting to Carnus. He doesn't know the other guy, but that's never stopped Sora from being well... friendly! When is Sora ever not friendly and all happy-faced, really! He peers around. He vaguely recognizes Katyna and Vespa, but...


The last time he saw her in person, she was unconcious and they were running out of Manhattens' world heart. He gives her a friendly wave, popping up to his clown feet in a fast movement.

"How are you all?"
Katyna "Aah..." Kat sighs, "What a beautiful cathedral..." She's sure it's even more beautiful inside! She's about to head in when she hears familiar voices. Oh no..Is it..VALKYRI? Kat frowns softly, feeling a pang in her chest- more like a dull ache, the pain of happier times, when she was part of them too..Now it hurts, knowing she can never go back there again, never be one of them again..She's never felt more lonely, save for when she was an orphanned kid, having lost everything to the heartless..

She hasnt yet spotted Sora still as she seems caught in a dilemma. Should she hide in the cathedral? She's sure they'll only tell her how much they hate her...Of course, she ends up bumping into someone instead, and she stumbles on the steps, losing her footing. "Aaah!"

In the process, she ends up dropping a little slip of newspaper from her pocket as well. Now, what could that be..?
Vespa Vespa hms and looks over at Sora. He was there at the whole Manhatten mess. What was his name again?? She can't remeber, then again there were alot of people there and it got very chaotic fast...Whoever he is he knows AVira, well

She waves back to him. "Hello. Doing allright just amazed by this building here, this catheral. We have nothing like it back home..", she hms pausing lost in her thoughts for a second her home doesn't exist anymore..
Carnus Sirin Giving a wide grin he leans back, Carnus lets his arms rest on the stair above him. Head tilting back to stare into the vast sky above him he says. "If you're referring to me, well." he says in his rather warm and friendly tone that seems to be his natural manner. In fact, relaxation and friendliness are two things that come with the Spellsword in droves.

His eyes travel back down to look between Sora and the woman he's speaking to, listening idly for a moment until he hears a crashing noise. He looks over to the woman who's just stumbled and smirks, pushing himself back up quickly he moves over to help her up. "Are you all right, Miss?" he says offering a hand out.
Avira "In a way, it is very simillar to...Mullonde, if I'm not mistaken?" Avira has yet to visit the place, merely knowing of Mullonde by sheer reputation. "Though I would need to visit there to be sure. Hm."

She hears her name called out and looks up to see Sora of all people hopping down the stairs to the great church. "Oh! Hello Sora! It's good to see you again!" She waves back cheerfully and quickly...though that gradually slows as her eyes follow over the kid's shoulder, settling upon a familiar face.


Her stomach twists. She too remembers the days when she had what she thought was a friend. It'd been a while since she'd spotted that girl-not since that day in Fluorgis, but she'd certainly been the topic of numerous conversations. 'Give her a chance' Skoll had said. Right now, though...

...she's not all that sure what to do about the former member so she tries to focus on Sora, her smile wavering. "Hey, I wated to thank you. For all your help. With you know what."
Minerva Minerva pauses at Sora and her mood brighten a bit she pulls down her hood now and smiles a bit at the toung lad. "Well met, Sor."

She looks over to Vespa for a moment "It is impressive workmanshiop I must give them that." Carnus she doesn't know and she looks over at hims strangely then her eyes narrow on Kat. "Aye it is Avira at least in terms of how the masons crafted the city."

She looks seeing Kat for a moment a friend? No she'd been used and she had used them. She has her life thoguh there may be a duty she may be oblgiated to carry out for now she contiunes and tries to nto focus upon it.

"Your aid saved many Sora."
Sora Katyna's stumble sends Sora wheeling towards her, ever the gentlemen, but Carnus' quick attention relaxes the boy. He kneels down to grab the piece of paper, glancing at it to see if it was Katynas' or perhaps the other person, at this point in time.

He smiles at Avira and Minerva, shaking his head. "It was all of us together that saved everyone, you know. With Avira here as the focus." He gestures at the girl, shaking his head again.

"No need to thank me - it's my job, you know!"
Katyna "Ooof...Ahh..Ulp!" Katyna yelps as she stumbles down the steps. Fortunately it doesn't look like she's twisted an ankle or anything. Aside from a few bruises, and her pride of course, she seems more or less alright.

Then someone offers a hand up, and she glances over at the stranger, grinning sheepishly. "Ahh, heh..Thanks. I guess I'm okay, just a few bruises..."

However, she suddenly realizes she is missing something! "Aaah! that article..Where'd it go?" Ulp..She glances around anxiously for that slip of paper. Of course her gaze locks briefly upon Avira, before looking away quickly..Ashamed. Of course she'd be upset, her most of all. Kat wanted so badly to prove herself...But how?

That article might just be the key to proving herself...Maybe. "Can you..Help me look for it?" She asks Carnus. "Oh, I'm Katyna by the way, guess I'm not always that clutzy!" Oh wait, she is. Nervous laughter ensues.

Of course, Kat notices Sora by now too, and she smiles and nods to him self-consciously, seeing as he's talking to Avira and all. Still she had been meaning to ask him about something. "Err..Hi again Sora.."
Vespa "Everyone there part to play.", Vespa says. "That the best way to put it!"

She looks curiously at Katyana she look a bit unconforable about something.

"Paper?", Vespa says picking up a slip of paper. "You mean this one?", she offers it to Katyna. She didn't look at it.
Carnus Sirin With a quick pull of his arm, the Spellsword lifts Katyna back to her feet and smiles warmly at her. "Not a problem, Katyna." his words flowing out smoothly with a friendly warmth to them as well. His eyes suddeny scan down around and says, "Uhh, yeah sure." Trying to help her locate the dropped object.

Turns his attention around to Sora again who had gotten closer and picked something up. He eyes the boy curiously for a moment and then realises he's definitely heard the name before. "Sora, is it?" he asks carefully, before noticing the piece of paper in his hands. "Ah, perhaps that's it?" he turns to Katyna and nudges toward Sora.

"I think I've heard your name before, can't for the life of me remember why." he scratches his chin and snaps his fingers. "Perhaps you're one of the people I'm looking for!" his smile spreads into a wide toothy grin and he says, "One of the Shard Seekers I wonder?" He has been in search of two things since awakening in this strange new conglomeration of shattered worlds, Shard Seekers and Keyblade Wielders. Though, his fondness for naps and easily distracted nature made it a long journey to search for them.
Avira "Eheheh..." Avira laughs nervously, making eye contact just about everywhere else. "Well uh...kind of. I did what I had to do, you know?" Even as she says these words, she feels a faint pang of emptiness inside of her. Swallowing, she forces herself to ignore the feeling. "But seriously." she says, her voice quieter. "Thank you for all your help in restoring that world."

Avira makes eye contact with Katyna for a few brief seconds and Katyna is easily the first to look away. Avira watches carefully, taking note of the shame on her face. That reaction...well, considering the terms they last parted on, it was to be expected.

For now, she just looks on kind of awkwardly. She's actually at a loss with no sage friendship advice on hand. This is uncharted territory for Avira.
Minerva Minerva ios just keeping chill as she's looking at Katyna for a moment as the internal debate. It would mean dropping information she wasn't exactly keen to share with her comrades but on the other hand could she let what Katyna did /slide/ for all she knows she's part of why most of Iveliace was devoured bt the night?
Sora "This one?" Sora offers Katyna, then he nods. "Yeah, I'm Sora. I work with the Shard Seekers, as well - is there something I can help you with, or something?"

Avira gets a long look, before he leans into murmur softly to her, before giving her a small smile and a friendly pat on the shoulder. "This is the first time I've been to this specific world." Hea dmits, falling into his casual hands-behind-his head pose.
Katyna Katyna smiles cheerfuly at Carnus. "Heh, thanks again. Gee I feel like an idiot, making such a scene." Katyna bites her lip as she chances a glance at the other VALKYRI. Truth be told, she was concerned about their well-being. Afterall, heroes tended to do dangerous things, and..Avira had no doubt made some sort of sacrifice to help restore Manhattan.

Of course, Kat did not know the specifics, as she had tried to stay away from Heartless and heroes both at the time. She's glad to see they're doing alright, though, although Maira's not with them. She'd like to ask of her, but again, would they bother to tell her?

Suddenly she feels foolish, and ashamed of her childish anger towards Avira. At least she'd not written her off completely..Maybe.

Sora finds the paper, and she beams. "Oh..Thanks!" She hesitates a moment, "Umm...Heh..I guess...I'm just looking for the person who hurt those kids.." she nods towards the article..Did he already read it? "It's a bit personal too.."
Carnus Sirin "Brilliant!" Carnus says with a smile as he has found not only the scrap of paper dropped by Katyna whom he helped up, but the first actual Shard Seeker since heading out on his journey. His face lights up even more, if that's possible, and he lets out a loud and jovial laugh. "Today's turning out to be quite productive."

His joy is hardly containable at this point and he begins to pat Sora's shoulder almost a bit too hard. "Great to meet you. I've been looking into these incidents with the worlds and how they fall to darkness. My research told me about a group called the Shard Seekers who were fighting for, well, what I'm fighting for really. That, and some thing called a keyblade." he pauses and remembers the conversation he had with the Burmecian inventor on the Dias Plains. "Heard they were involved in saving all these worlds. And as amazing as it is seeing all these new sights, my idleness helped cause Lindblum's current predicament, so I'm doing whatever I can to make it right."
Avira Of course, with Katyna in her vicinity, Avira can't help but eavesdrop a little on her. Hurt kids? Hmm.

Sora leans in to murmur something to Avira, to which she clearly listens. After a moment of hesitation, she murmurs something back and gives him a smile. "Vespa, Minerva, I just remembered I needed to catch up with someone in the city. I'll be gone for a few, but I should be back."

Unable to help herself, she reaches out and gives Sora a hairruffle before heading back down the steps to Notre Dame.
Vespa Vespa just listens to the coversation, she doesn't have much to add. She finds Carnus a bit too loud for her liking... Katyna seems nice enough and what this about some hurt kids?

She nods to Avira. "Allright."
Sora Hairruffles do nothing to Sora's hair.


He grimaces at the mention of the Keyblade. "Why is it I'm always found..." He mutters to himself, before he takes a seat, rolling his eyes slightly in amusement. "Pay attention, okay?" He tells Carnus, even as the Kingdom Key shimmers into light again, resting in Sora's lap, one hand lovingly wrapped around the handle.
Katyna Katyna arches a brow as Sora whispers something to Avira and she heads off. Hmm, what's that all about? But she has other things to take care of at the moment. This might just be another piece of the puzzle to the mysterious case of Felicia. It's too bad she doesn't have VALKYRI's help in this, but..She's sure she can do this on her own somehow..

When Carnus mentions something about Sora's keyblade, her eyes flick quickly to where he usually carries that sword..Although sometimes it seemed to just appear out of thin air, into his hands. Ah yes, the keyblade, the same one that she had seen in the hands of the lingering will down in the depths of Manhattan..Why was Riku so disturbed by it, and was it the key to all her problems?

"Heh, that's right, you're the Keyblade wielder..Well, one of 'em, anyways. But you sure are different from the last one I saw..." There's a strange, haunted look in her amber eyes there for just a moment as she says that..
Carnus Sirin A single blink.

Another blink

Suddenly, loud laughter erupts from him and he gives a little jump-skip. "Oh fortuitous day! Everything's coming up Carnus today!" he says excitedly. His eyes scan over the keyblade that has magically appeared in the kid's lap in pure amazement. "Incredible, and that thing really has the power to restore the worlds?" A million questions rush through his head but he pushes them aside. For now, he'd found the two things he was looking for, he had time again to relax and plan. Activities that are more commonly referred to by others as 'napping'.

He claps his hands together and begins rubbing his palms. "Now just to join these Shard Seekers and I'll be set to continue along the path ahead of me."

In all the excitement, his hands flicker with flames for a moment before they go out ahead. He laughs at this and says, "Sorry, sorry, got a bit excited there." releasing his hands and letting one rest on the hilt of his sword, and the other atop the locked red book hanging from his waist.
Vespa "Your much cooler than a Keyblde Al.", Vepsa says seemingly talking to herself, or whoever or whatever Al is..

Carnus laugh is overly loud as well. She defintly woudn't want to be around him when he is drinking..
Minerva Minerva is about to open her mouth about something but she doesn't know what to think about Vespa and AL. Is Vespa a little touched or is Al some sort of enity that she can't hear. She is also distracted by Sora's hair's fell power. How did it do that?
Sora Sora's hair contains much magical energy.

~Fell Energy~.

Sora looks at Katyna. "Other Keyblade wielder?" He asks softly, before looking at Carnus. "It does." He says this almost flatly.
Carnus Sirin Whether Carnus just can't tell that Sora is more than bored with people asking him about the Keyblade, or whether he just doesn't care, he plops down on the ground next to Sora. Leaning forward on his hands, eyes still transfixed on the keyblade. "Hard to believe such a thing is, quite literally, the key to fixing everything." he chuckles at his own joke.

He looks around suddenly, seeming to just now remember there are others around. "Ah, but I'm crowding you. I've found out they're real, and I now know where to find one should I find the remnants of a world that's fallen to darkness." Giving a few quick nods he extends his hand, only just now offering his name. "People tend to call me Dragon, but my name is Carnus Sirin. I'm a spellsword sellsword from Lindblum."
Katyna Katyna stares at Carnus...And sweatdrops, laughing a bit nervously. "Heh...." Wow, he's even louder than she is. But these days, Kat's not as easy going and loud as she once was.

She glances at Sora and nods slowly. "Dunno who this keyblade Al is, but, no, there was another one..I'm not even sure if it was a he or a she, or just an it. Really, just looked like an empty suit of armour to me.." she shivers, "Was the creepiest thing ever, but it seemed to bother Riku more than the rest of us.." Whoops, she probably shouldn't be talking about her days as a Shadow Lord's servant...

Cue more nervous laughter.
Sora Sora's blue eyes focus at Katyna for a few, very long moments, even as they narrow as he considers the words that she gives him. "... a empty suit of armor... Riku..." For some reason Sora looks shaken, his face going pale as he considers the situation she mentions.

Then he looks at Carnus, shaking his head. "I'm Sora - and this is the Kingdom Key. I know it can restore worlds, because I did so just a few weeks ago." He says with a sigh. "Ask anyone who was at the restoration of Manhatten."
Carnus Sirin "Wonderful, so it wasn't all just rumor and conjecture. They're real and they work." Carnus' smile, whether permanently affixed or just a side-effect of his current joy, never dissapates. "This is great news, great news!"

A quick jump back up to his feet, he bows gracefully to Sora. One of the few signs of his noble upbringing. "I'd be very grateful if you let them know. Or even tell me who exactly I am looking for? I was told they have a headquarters in Fluorgis, it was actually where I'm suppose to be." he lets out an embarrassed laugh and scratches the back of his head. "Got a little sidetracked looking at the sights. Ended up out here."

His eyes flick over to Katyna and he listens carefully to her words, lodging the information into the back of his head and keeping his questions to himself for now. Of which there are many, as usual.
Katyna Katyna nods slowly to Sora. "It was strange..Just an empty shell that had lost its identity. All that kept it together was a memory of what it once was, or something like that. I think that's what that strange witchy lady had said..Called it the lingering will or something.."

There's a brief awkward pause as Kat struggles to lighten the situation however..

She smiles, "I guess..I owe Riku one though, afterall, he did help to steer me away from the Shadow Lords. Haven't seen him in a long time though, hope he's okay.."

Katyna glances over at Carnus and grins, "If you're lookin' for the shard seekers, head to Fluorgis, that's where their headquarters are. Reize is their leader. Real nice guy.." She sighs tiredly, looking down at the newspaper article. "Hmm, well I have work to do.." And it seems the VALKYRI are already heading out one by one themselves.

"Heh, it was nice talkin' t'yall..See ya around!"
Sora "T-thanks." Sora says to Kat, blinking his eyes quickly. "See you..." Then he shakes his head, turning to Carnus.

"You're looking for Reize Seatlan or Ivo Galvan - they're the two most in Charge of the group as it were, but there's also this young lady named Lily, who kind of watches over all of them, I think - so if you just head out to Flurogis and you should be okay."

he waves his hand almost irritable, and the Keyblade disappears.
Carnus Sirin "Stay safe, Miss Katyna!" With a wave, Carnus wishes Katyna well and bids her farewell. He turns back to Sora and nods. "Reize, Ivo, or Lilly. Got it." he gives a small nod and reaches his hand out to pat Sora on the shoulder once more, a lot gentler this time. "Sorry about all the questions. There's just so much work to be done, and I'm already quite behind." he scratches the back of his head and lets out another embarrassed chuckle. "Mostly due to my own distractedness." he admits.

Turning to look over the area one last time he says, "It'll be a shame to bid farewell to all these new sights and people, but it's for the best. Not everyone can do something to help, so those that can should always defend the lesser." he glances back to Sora and questions. "Ain't that right?" he waves his hand. "Ah, look at me. Telling a Keyblade wielder about protecting people." Carnus turns back to fully face Sora. "Thank you though, I'll be in touch if I find work you can help with. Unless I find a keyblade just laying around." he laughs again at his own joke.
Sora Sora manages a half-lopsided smile as Carnus reaches out and pats him on the shoulder, gently. "It's okay. I just get them so frequently - I feel like I should be writing... nhhh, what's that word - a handbook or primer or something about the Keyblades and how to use them. Or at least start keeping a diary."

Someone find Jiminy Cricket, stat!

"But... you watch out. You never know."
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin waves his hand in front of himself dismissively as he lets out another soft laugh. Watching out, that was for people that didn't rush into situations. "I'll be fine. As long as people need defending I'll keep fighting."

He does pause a moment at mention of a diary however. "Not a bad idea, you know. I've got some research papers, and with personal testimony from you I could get something done up. Make it easier for people, like me, who just want to help put things back together. Give them a headstart." The ideas begin to float around Carnus, but as with so many of his papers and books it's doubtful this one will ever come to fruition either. Training, studying, fighting, protecting: All things that Carnus follows through with. But a book? Doubtful he'd ever have the motivation to finish it without just deciding to go take a nap in the warm sun. After all, with all these worlds it was always sunny and pleasant somewhere.
Sora Sora's blue eyes glint.

"Don't be too sure." He warns, before he offers the guy a friendly salute, and wanders off.
Carnus Sirin Carnus Sirin waves Sora off and says, "Take care now." and with that he lets out a loud yawn and moves to lay down off to the side of the stairs. He knew where he had to go, surely a nap wouldn't hurt.

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