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(2013-04-09 - 2013-04-11)
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Ramza Beoulve Narshe.

Ramza hated the cold but the warmth of the pub certainly served to make the the young man far more comfortable. They'd come to Narshe after radioing Angantyr and discovering he was in the area. A short trip later, they were there. The pub was mostly empty at this time of day, which gave the meeting some measure of privacy in the corner booth he had procured.

Ramza wasn't drinking. He didn't even order his customary glass of milk, perhaps because he thought that Angantyr might consider it passing strange once he arrived.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr CURSES to himself after the goddamn radio conversation.

He's trying to get OUT of this godforsaken place, not stay here longer. Goddamn it Ramza. Goddamn it.

Whatever, he will listen to the job, and then he is going to immediately corridor to the farthest place he can away from this god forsaken hole of a city. Seriously.

Angantyr, once more, walks into the Inn and looks at the surprised bartended, who knows he has tried to leave three times already...

He shrugs, and the guy points him towards the booth in the back, after ordering his own food and drink. Taking it towards the booth, he sets it down, and immediately starts eating, giving no cares if Ramza had anything or not.

"So what's the offer?" He asks, taking a long drink of the ale.

The Dark knight was in his traditional armor, with the adding of animal furs to make it warmer, including a large cloak that covered his form, and provided protection against the elements.
Artemis Eurus Artemis meanwhile, is right at home in this snowy place, having the opportunity to wear her myriad of furs from her various hunts over her armor. The masked swordswoman sits beside Ramza, her sword across her lap and a tankard of ale before her. She'd promptly rolled her eyes when Ramza ordered milk.

Artemis nods to Angantyr at his arrival, but otherwise leaves the talking to Ramza for now.
Ramza Beoulve The young man folded his gauntleted hands together, placing them on the table in front of him. "The offer is twofold. I want you to procure Nethicite for me. There is much about it that I'm unfamiliar with, but I do know that it has magic absorbing properties that may be useful in my task of toppling a conspiracy within the Church. Before you say anything, I want to use it as a deterrant, not a weapon. /Those/ properties of that magic stone don't interest me in the slightest, in fact I find them so abhorrent that I come to the next part of the offer."

The young man would smile thinly. "I want you to begin to gather as much information as possible for tackling the problem of the Archadian Empire's production of it. I understand that that may seem like a monumental task at best, an impossible task at worst. Regardless, I'm not fond of organizations that would use magical artifacts of immense power to fulfill their dreams of conquest."

A slight pause before he continues. "You told me recently that you encountered vampires within the church. It may not suprise you to learn then that the Church of Glabados is run by a Council of Archdemons known as the Lucavi. Creatures who use conduits known as Auracite, stones emblazoned with the houses of the night sky, to tempt mortal men who lust only for power, and to possess them. Most clergy of the Church is unaware of this fact, and are being used as pawns to further their ends."

He'd smile in a sort of self-depreciating manner. "Since your world is known as Ivalice as well, it seems as if it might be my world's future, or past. I would not be suprised to learn if the Nethicite and Auracite are connected in some way. However, I admittedly know only the bare bones details of what I /need/ to know of Nethicite, and the politics of the Archadian Empire in order to tackle the problem. I was hoping you might fill me in."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr sits back and listens...

He does not laugh. It is amazing, but he does not, instead he shakes his head. "Demons in the Chruch huh? I am somehow unsurprised, and now it makes the other part with the vampires make more sense...monsters and lesser monsters, I suppose." he says, "But then again, you could be lying to cover your own treason, and this could be nothing more than for you to rebuild the Corps Brigade under your rulership..." Angantyr muses, "Whatever the case maybe, I care not. Truth or fiction, what is known is that you want to strike at my enemies...and for all intents and purposes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

"What you ask, however, is a campaign of no small are asking to destroy the very backbone of the Arcadian military, as you see...Nethicite is extremely important to their tech, so they protect these places where it is mined, manufactured, and processed exremely well. However...Arcadia is deminished thanks to the their choices for locations are too. However, it also means they guard these places closer...but it also means that they are probably looking for alternitives, because I am sure their stores can not last forever, unless they perfected manufacturing it." he pauses, "Or have made breakthroughs on the Goddess Magicite that they currently hold...though I imagine that is more for a political reason, than real true power."

Angantyr pauses, "The structure of Arcadia is quite simple. There is a consul elected," In quotations, "From the people, and an emperor that is handled in ways that traditional leaders are. He serves as mediator and tie breaker...the power between both is often very hotly contested...there have been signs that the Consul is coming to power lately...but they do have the power to remove the emperor of his power. More then that, I dunno. But the man has Two sons. One is Vayne Solidor, the other is...unknown. It is thought that he is dead, but rumors go both ways on the matter. Reguardless, House Solidor is the most infulential house in Arcadia...and pretty much run it, rather or not the Consul aggrees. The Judges, are not peace keepers, or law givers as their name might suggest, but rather dogs of House Solidor, and the leader of Arcadies' armies."

"That is it in a nutshell. To destroy House Solidor, would be to cripple if not topple Arcadia."
Artemis Eurus Artemis listens intently. Ramza's ultimate goals are grand indeed. Artemis glances toward Ramza, then back at Angantyr, who apparently has a history with Archadia. Interesting. It seems Ramza picked the right mercenary. "We're out to topple two institutions now?" she comments with a small smile to Ramza.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza listens to this thoughtfully, before nodding. "I suppose there's no way for me to confirm my story. But since you don't particularly care so long as I strike against your foes, that will suffice. Perhaps in time I can still earn your trust in other ways. I'd prefer not to simply be allies of convenience."

"As you say then, nevertheless, I would like you to look into it. Even if these mines and manufacturing plants are well guarded, and clandestine, there are typically still ways to cripple them before the guardians even notice."

Another pause. "What is the goddess magicite? I admit to unfamiliarity to it."

He pauses, to look down at his hands. "House Solidor, I've heard much of them. If that is the case, then I'd like for you to try and figure out ways to topple them. Mayhaps a battle of attrition in which we cut them off from their resources and supporters, enough to make them vulnerable."

He'd look up again at Angantyr. "Here is my concern. The Auracite is powerful, and given their fascination with other magical stones of immense power, it won't be long until they learn of them. It may be that several are hidden within their territories, and they are searching for them. Now imagine that they find them. House Solidor, their judges, their many of them covet power enough to be tempted by an Archdemon's offer? It is a terrible thought to contemplate that in time.. The Church and the Archadian Empire may not just be aligned, but may become one and the /same/ for all intents and purposes. All the Lucavi work together for a purpose that still eludes me."

He'd glance sidelong to Artemis, his smile becoming slightly sheepish. "More like eight, perhaps nine, at last count. All in the long term, Artemis."
Artemis Eurus Artemis laughs softly in response. "Oh, good. I was afraid things would grow dull."
Angantyr Vespar "The Goddess Magicite, as far as I know, allows for a True Heir of Dalmasca to be picked, so that their country might once have legitimacy and be able to resist the Arcadian Empire on a more even front...instead of just seeing to be a group of terrorists. However, with thier only true heir dead...seems to be a lost cause, but for whatever reason, the Judges were searching very hard for the Magicite...who knows." Angantyr shrugs, "Rather because it's powerful, or because they want to squash any and all insurection in Dalmasca. Hell, I have no idea why they'd even attacked the place in th first's at best, a hole."

"There, is of course, something there...tactically, to them however they can disguise it as more Arcadian expansionism."

Angantyr takes a drink, Angantyr is quite knowledgeable on many things...he is not as mutt blooded as people seem to take him for. There is real intelligence behind these eyes, and his words are more laced with words that betrays a less ingnoble upbringing.

"Look, I don't care." he says, "Men go crazy for power...rather it is the noblest soul or the darkest heart. Everyone's heart gives in eventually, in the right or wrong circumstances." he says, "And you are going to have to deal with putting up with Allies of Convience, from time to time. I'm not motivated by some good feeling in my heart that I did the right thing at the end of the day, Ramza. I'm not in this to be Alturistic, nor do I think you are either. I don't see these qualities in man, because they often do not exist. They are just things to escuse attrocities. Your church is no different, Arcadia is no different, me ONE organization that isn't self interested in some way, and I'll show you a deluded organization of idiots."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza chuckles, smiling in a self-depreciating manner. "Then you're speaking to a self-deluded idiot Ser. I'm not battling the Church for some personal motivation, pride, power, honor or glory. I do it because it's the right thing to do. You may as well call me a madman as well as before this is finished I will likely be the foe of every man who believes that people should suffer and die on the whims of a select few. And while I do not mind allies of convenience, I would prefer instead to have friends."

"Then I suppose they will needed to be relieved of the Magicite. If there is no heir to Dalmasca then it is likely better off destroyed."
Angantyr Vespar "Good luck with that then," Angantyr says, "It is likely held up tight, and thieving is not my skill." Angantyr says, "Knowing one's limits is what saves you from death."

Angantyr squints at him for a while, "Right, whatever you say. As long as you got the money, I don't care." Angantyr says, frankly, "Call me whatever it is you want." And he finishes his hearty stew and downs the rest of the drink.

"So anything else?"
Artemis Eurus Artemis gives Angantyr a look that communicates just how very difficult protecting this man is going to be. They'll talk later. Artemis has a lot of questions she would not bring up with company. "I expect it will be interesting working with you, Angantyr. We will certainly be in touch."

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