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(2013-04-08 - 2013-04-08)
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Maira Things learned today: Making a snow man is really hard when you run unusually warm, as evidenced by the goopey lump with a carrot stuck in it sitting around where Maira has decided to hang around and practice with her chocobo.

The beautiful red bird trots around with Maira in the saddle, giving the snow below a suspicious sort of look. "Alright Mao...lets go a little faster eh? Go, go!" Maira says, then her mount kicks it into gear and begins to sprint! Maniacal giggles echo through the nearby mountains as Maira clings for dear life and generally has a wonderful time--at least until something spooks the bird and it skids to a panicked stop, sending Maira flying headlong toward, luckily, a snow bank.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr turns a corner right as Maira hits a snowbank.

Angantyr pauses for a moment, waiting to see if Maira was all right. At the lack of pain or neck breaking, he starts to laugh at her. Holding a hand over his mouth, as he moves to help the young woman out of the snow bank, and brush her off.

He looks at her face...and immedaitely bursts into laughter again.
Maira There, the source of the spooking! Mao looks at Angantyr and lets out a loud "WARK!?"

Maira, cursing in a way that would likely make Angantyr proud, digs out of the snow bank, grabbing hold of Angan's hand and sputtering, wiping at her face. She's not seriously hurt, but she'll have some scrapes and bruises! "Mao! What the <GOOSEHONK>!?"

Maira looks up to see who her helper is to find that it is a giant dark knight--somehow now not the scariest dark knight who could be laughing at her, at least. "Uuuugh...hi Angantyr," she groans, the snow already beginning to melt on her skin. "W-what are you doing out here? Did you scare my chocobo?" she asks.

Mao: "WARK!"
Angantyr Vespar "If I did, it was not my intention. I was actually starting to leave this god forsaken place." Angantyr says, with a amused grin. He helps pat the rest of the snow off of her, "DOn't let it melt on you, it'll make things worse." Angantyr comments, and helps her out of the snow. "I was here for a job that went poorly. Apparently, Evja decided to complicate my life again.." He says, shrugging, "However, that has become a moot issue."
Maira Maira stares balefully at Mao for a few more seconds, but sighs and reaches up to pet the chocobo, who at least had the grace to look apologetic.

Maira blinks at being patted down, blushing slightly. "It's okay, it will just...I could just--wait, what? What happened out here? What about Evja? Ugh I really hoped he would leave you alone--what do you mean its a moot issue?" she asks, looking up (way the heck up!) at Angantyr, her eyes widening.
Angantyr Vespar "He started a fight down in the mines. I let him come with us, and right as we found the heartless threat, he started a fight with me." Angantyr says, "I think purposely, for whatever reason, but also yelled at Avira about her deal with Hades, condeming her, without even understanding what her circumstances were."

"The mines suffered a cave in, and we left him there."
Maira Maira raises her hands to her mouth, her eyes growing wider. Evja was either trapped in the mines or dead? No...not trapped, he'd be able to get out, she's sure...but...

He'd picked the fight? He'd insulted Avira? Maira isn't sure what emotion to deal with first. There is anger, both for what Evja did by attacking her friends and for the way Angantyr told her about this. Is that anyway to tell someone their friend might be dead?

The air grows quite heated, but rather than burst into flame, she aims her hand toward the snowbank and releases a fireball, melting it in seconds. "I don't understand...I don't....get it. Evja has been nice to me. He seemed...understanding, and he knows you and Avira are my friends..."
Emi Dennou Emi is sticking around Narshe for the moment to get a feel for the land and make sure the Heartless aren't stirring up trouble immediately again. She is curious about that red haired lady and that Mist and whatnot. But what she finds is not Kuja, but Angantyr and Maira! In the snow!

She approaches the two of them, her commonly deadpan expression on her face.

Or at least that's how it starts, sensing heat, she suddenly stops short, and quirks her head to the side curiously.

"Maira, The Network offers by way of greeting."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shrugs, "If he DID make it out...don't trust that judge." Angantyr shrugs, "He's only out for himself, and his own interests." he grunts.

And then Emi shows up! "Oh hey...Emi?" That had to be it. "Sorry I didn't get back to help in time, I hear there was more to the situation. It took me some time to find my bearings once I cooridored out. By the time I showed back up, the fun was over." he shrugs, "You okay?"
Maira Maira looks over as she hears Emi's greeting, smiling lightly in greeting. "Oh, hey Emi, how are you?" she says, her greeting less enthusiastic than usual due to, well, STUFF.

Maira looks back to Angan, frowning. "I...It can't be that simple, can it? Evja defended me when--when /he/ came. Why would he do that if he's only out for himself? I'm angry that he said those things--and attacked you, but it doesn't make sense...." she replies. Maira wants to believe the best about people. She doesn't want to think she's been manipulated.

Maira looks between Angan and Emi. "Are you both okay? Do you need cure spells?"
Emi Dennou Emi tilts her head up at Angantyr. She breathes out a sigh. Of course it's about Evja. She nods slowly. "The Network is in a functional state. It turns out the mission was a trap, unfortunately, so we did not get paid." She clucks her tongue in irritation before shoving her hands in her pockets.

"But about that, Ang. This one understands the offense he had given, but letting him bait you--it nearly got us killed. Please be more cautious in the future even if 'fighting words' are utilized, fighting words--The Network clarifies the legal term in which words spoken of such vileness that violence is deemed an appropriate and just response."

She may be sympathetic, but that really wasn't a great time to start a fight! Actually it may HAVE gotten Evja killed but Emi hasn't heard or seen of him since that fight. PResumably a dig crew is dealing with the rubble.

She shakes her head at Maira. "This one is alright, we had time to rest....are you? Okay, that is, The Network clarifies."
Angantyr Vespar "Fine, Maira." Angantyr nods, "It's been a while, and I didn't even get hurt." Angantyr says. Luckily for him.

He takes a breath, "No. Not when it comes to Gabranth. Never that man." he says, he looks visibly angry. "I will NOT let anyone say such words about /that man/."

Yeah, that's a hot topic for Angantyr, but he stops himself, "In the future, he's not coming with me...assuming she's even alive." Angantyr says, "Small favors." he mutters.

"Reguardless. Another trap huh. I wonder if it was just in general, or a specific one."
Maira Maira raises a brow as Emi speaks about the situation with Evja. Ah, so Evja had provoked Angantyr huh? The viera had to know the strength of the fire that was Angan's temper. As the conversation continues, it begins to make more sense. Oh dear...

Maira turns a sympathetic gaze toward Angan, knowing at least in part why Gabranth is such a blood-pressure raising subject. Evja had to have been goading him! But why?

"Another trap? There have been more? What's going on?" she asks, frowning gently as Mao leans down to headbutt her gently with affection before peering at Emi.

Mao tilts his head. "Wark?"
Emi Dennou Emi gives Angantyr a look that is so nonplussed that it is actually subtraction. She's unimpressed.

"You are better than that." She says ultimately, before nodding to Maira. "It seems to have been a King Bomb that set the whole thing up. Mm, it was pretty suspicious--I thought something was odd with that dwarf, but it could have been any number of things. One shouldn't jump to conclusions, though The Network admits it would ahve been helpful to in this instance."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr grunts, "Enough to be noticable lately. It is becoming annoying. At this rate, I'd be better off just running through caves and hope the Gil I get off monster covers the supplies to actually run through it." Angantyr shakes his head.

"Don't give me that look. If it were YOUR home, you'd be in my shoes."
Maira Well, despite an explanation from Emi, Maira /still/ looks pretty confused.

Angantyr's comments about money are pretty straight forward though. "Business hasn't been good, huh?" she asks. All the snow has now melted and she's soaked through, though she doesn't appear to be cold.

Maira sighs. Should she look for Evja? She's so confused. Why do people have to be so /difficult/? Maira reaches into her pack to pull out a bit of water to drink, getting some greens for Mao as well. "Maybe we should go inside or something? Or get moving? I know you said you wanted to get out of here--Oh...oh and Angan I wanted to ask didn't tell me about your meeting with the Dark Knight. And have you seen Avira? Did she tell you we met him again?"
Emi Dennou "The Network's home was taken by the darkness, most sisters within the Network are deceased. Nevertheless, we are not asking you to 'get over it', simply to not endanger us and your friends in the process of you settling your grievances." Emi does not enjoy playing the 'lets see whose trauma is bigger' game because, really, she figures she's taken it pretty well all things considered, but she ain't keen on being collateral damage.

Dark Knight? 'The' Dark Knight? Is that a capital T, or a lower case t, she wonders.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr grunts. He is non-commital on anything farther reguarding the subject.

"We drove him off. He was...similar to me. He pulls on this stuff as well as I can, and worse, is /perfectly/ controled. It is...troubling." he admits, "We barely managed to drive him off...myself, Ramza, and his allies." Angantyr pauses, and he glares at Maira, "Why would you do that without me? You two could have been in /serious/ danger!" Angantyr growls. "That was dumb."
Maira Maira bristles. "It was not DUMB we were not /looking/ for him, he just showed up! He didn't...he didn't even attack us," she replies. "Don't look at me like that Angantyr," she grumbles. She didn't go looking for him! Maybe she was hoping she'd find him but...ugh. Still so many questions unanswered.
Emi Dennou "Could you start with the top?" Emi asks. "Regarding this dark knight, The Network isn't sure what is being referred to here. There are a lot of dark knights."
Angantyr Vespar "There is one. Powerful, stronger than possibly even I am." Angantyr admits, "I don't know his name, he just called himself the Dark Knight." He says, and shrugs.

"He seems to attack those with light in their heart. He even claimed I did." Angantyr shrugs, "I am not sure what the deal is..." he says and looks at Maira, "You should have called me!" he sighs, "He's dangerous, and your lives could have been in danger!"
Maira Maira looks sheepish, her gaze moving back to Emi. "Oh, I'm sorry Emi. There's been this dark knight and he's been going around...testing people...he hasn't given a name, even when I asked. Repeatedly. I first met him on the beach in Traverse. He just...walked up and said he had to 'test my light'. Lucky for me, other people were around...Katyna, Evja, and Minerva...they defended me and we fought him. He is /very/ powerful. He doesn't...he doesn't seem to feel pain," she explains.

"But what was really strange was that when I asked him to stop--he did. He stopped attacking and he just left, saying he'd find me again and...yeah. He did. In Fynn. Avira and I were checking out the bulletins to look for jobs and he was just....there. He didn't attack us though. Actually, he just...offered my things," she goes on, her brow furrowed, clearly puzzled. "Said he would promise not to hurt me but he couldn't promise not to hurt my friends so...well I couldn't take that."

Maira looks back to Angantry then, flushing. "Call you? Call you HOW? You're not on our radio...are you? I mean I guess Avira probably knows how to contact you--and besides, if you were there maybe he would have attacked."

"....and you do have light," she grumbles, looking down at the snow.
Emi Dennou Emi nods, accepting this information, and once she has this information she says, "I should go. If The Network finds any information regarding the Dark Knight, we will inform you, Maira."

She bobs her head once before turning to head back to the inn, a faintly sour expression on her face.
Maira "Oh, thank you..." she replies to Emi, then watches her walk away with some confusion. Uuuuh...should they follow?
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shrugs...

Angantyr moves to follow...screw this cold.

"I have a phone, you call it, I gave you my number." Angantyr says, frustraited.
Maira "You did?" she asks, pulling out her phone and scrolling through her contacts, pursing her lips in confusion. "Oh...I guess I do..." she admits, flushing a deep shade of red.

She looks up at him then, frowning. "I'm sorry...I just didn't think of it. I don't know if its something about the darkness but it just seems to fog up my mind."

Maira looks to her side, then rolls her eyes. "Uist would like me to inform you that he is angry with me as well. Ugh."
Angantyr Vespar "He is a smart guy." Angantyr comments, "To be worried about his friend."
Emi Dennou Emi sssssssloooooooowly looks over her shoulder.

Th...they're following?! But that defeats the whole point of the sourly walking away event!

She sighs and slowly facepalms.
Maira Sigh! "I'm sorry...are you just going to keep being mad at me? I'll call you next time, okay? I'm alright, you see? It's Avira you should worry about..."
Angantyr Vespar "No nobody is angry, now stop talking and let the fade come." Angantyr says, "Emi is starting to get annoyed I think."
Emi Dennou "What's the fa--" Emi begins.

When suddenly the scene fades to black.

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