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Crash Landing In Paradise
(2013-04-08 - Now)
A Elysiana is looking for a way out of Hawaii when all of a sudden...
Elysiana Glyphanos The Beach of Hawaii.. watching the grey dawn turning to color in the coming morning. She sat watching the waves crash to and from onto the beach. Elysiana Glyphanos hummed lightlying in the grey light.
Duke Ah yes, the waves, the sun, the wind. The beach was an excellent spot to be if you wanted to just relax. Crashing waves, sparkling water, it had everything.

Speaking of Crashing.

The little hand of Duke struggles up from beneath the controls. Straining, it presses three buttons in succession before the view pitches and his furry form goes rising to the ceiling.

As Elysiana sits and watches, there's a streak of light in the sky. Out in the darkness, this streak of light grows in size. It grows and grows until it dips below the skyline.

There's a large splash of water before the strange disc-like ship skips against the Ocean.

Once. Twice. Three times. And then, it clears the beach and slams right into a patch of palm trees, clearing them out by their roots.

'Had worse. They say the only bad landing is one you don't walk away from.'

Duke gives a muttered scoff as he picks himself up in his ship and begins assessing the damages.
Elysiana Glyphanos A SHOOTING STAR! It streaked across sky and she roose slowly to both her feet. The shop rising has her attention and she reaches towards the empty air beside her.
Duke "Kweesta!" The little guy says aloud as he slaps the forehead of his helmet and slowly lowers his palm, leaving a streak on the visor which fades after a second.

'Ship's in bad condition. Probably gonna need a few things 'fore she can take off again. Luckily, little guy always keeps parts for just such an emergency.'

Duke glares skyward at something before hopping off the large comfy pilot's chair and four-leggedly crawling his way to the back of the ship. Punching a button with a fist, the little guy opens up the read to the ship.

As the ramp descends, square in the middle of the view is a strange girl. Duke pauses, watching the life form.

'One of 'em humans. Probably a kid. Just play it cool.'
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos watches the descending platform. She exhales. She begins to step into the water.
Duke 'Easy now. Don't go scaring off the locals.'

The little helmet-wearing orange furball gives off a sigh as his internal monologue warns him about doing his usual schtick. The little critter raises both his arms in a waving motion and smiles a toothy grin at the little one.

"Batookah!" He exclaims loudly in a friednly-sounding tone as he tilts his head, wondering if the creature spoke any intellectual language.

This scene contained 6 poses. The players who were present were: Elysiana Glyphanos, Duke