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(2013-04-07 - 2013-04-08)
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Evja The mines were a large complex of course, many many things around where one could simply get lost and never find their way out. It also didn't help that the main 'entrance' to the place suddenly found itself blocked by the cave-in created by the commotion and flurry of problems outside. On the plus side...

No wind!

Negative side?

Without a torch - darkness. With the Heartless having robbed the interior of the mines of light and the last of the torches out one would have to travel by their own torchlight.

Ever since the crash, though, there had been a woman wandering through the mines in a rather disordered way. Spear in one hand and her other on the wall the wounded Viera dragged herself along the pitch blackness while trying to find her way out. Behind her, off and on, there were various orbs of munny and such that had popped out that she didn't care to pick up from things that likely had been beaten back.
For now the creatures within were staying away from her though, having learned that she can seemingly hear them quite well and is quite adept at dealing with them. But the scent of the injury was fresh in the air for those who could smell it as she headed slowly deeper and deeper.
King Mickey Having been informed of side passages leading into the Narshe Mines, Mickey Mouse has decided to brave the elements on this cold and snowy night. He was told by The Elder that there were unconfirmed reports of members of the adventuring party who may have been stuck in the mines following the cave-in. While he was advised not to go, King Mickey would not take no for an answer and insisted to go on ahead. A rather foolish decision made by the wise king though if he had a chance to help another in trouble, it was a risk he was willing to take.

While he may be foolish enough to go chasing after survivors in the middle of the night during a snow storm, The King is not foolish enough to go unprepared. Having been given ample provisions and a map of the mines by The Elder, Mickey is well equipped to head into the mines. Having made it to the instructed side entrances, he ventures in. He rubs his arms to help warm himself up before straightening his jacket, glancing down the dark corridor, trying to make heads or tails of what lies ahead of him.

The Mines of Narshe were as infamous as The Elder informed him to be. With all of the twists and turns, it would a difficult trip to make without adding in the danger of the monsters that lie within.

Bringing up one of his hands, Mickey calls forth a ball of light to illuminate his path. He takes a quick glance at the map he was provided and then proceeds forth into the cave and whatever may lie within.
Evja Maps did help! The area where the cavein happened wasn't the hardest thing to get to with the maps. At least, that is, it didn't take forever. If he headed towards the caved-in area eventually the King would find out that it was pretty well, well, caved in. If whoever was left here got trapped beneath it they certainly didn't make it. Unless they were like able to survive tons of solid rock falling on them.

In one branch, though, if he made his way around the honeycomb maze to each entrance to it, he could find signs of blood on the ground. Proof that one /was/ there. And by the looks of it they had wandered off, or been dragged off maybe. But that's what happens when one is gravity-bombed, Flare-stared and beaten with a mace.

Yay armor!

Evja, meanwhile, has made it just about as far as she can before she finally slinks down against the wall in the corner of a large mining area behind a mine cart that was there. For the time being there was nothing around and she could generally hear most things within a distance.

"I... do not want to die here." she mumbled softly. "Not like this. Damn them all... I cannot even trust them to tell the truth." With a soft whimper of sorts she curled up and brought her knees to her chest, leaning against the metal on her knees with her arms between them and her forehead as she mumbled further, "Everything was for nothing in the end."
Sad bunny is sad.
King Mickey With the use of the map, The King has traversed his way through the mines and made his way to outside where the crew quarters were. It takes him sometime to make it there though it is as they say, slow and steady always wins the race!

Holding his light source up, the mouse takes a moment to investigate the scene. He recalls seeing the smoke still arising from the entrance of the cave along his way up the pass, assuming the cave-in was fairly severe. However, it appears he has made it to the otherside and this gives him hope that others may have survived.

The King kneels down, taking a closer look at the ground and noting the patches of blood that begin to lead further into the mine. He breathes a sigh of relief, as this remains another encouraging sign. However, if this individual remains alive, they are wounded and this means he must make haste, walking at a much quicker pace as he follows the trail down the path!
Evja At this point the Viera wasn't moving locations so it was only a matter of time before Mickey found her location. It also didn't hurt that there were munny orbs along the way and the occasional spot where she had been knocked down while fighting off beasts in the dark.

Until that time, however, she was simply sitting much the same, mumbling softly to herself about wrong-doings while trying to remain conscious. Not that she was doing it for reason of hoping to be rescued, but more because no one wants to just pass out in a situation like this. Especially with monsters around.
King Mickey From trails of blood to munny... Almost sounds witty enough to be the title of a log!

Nevertheless, The King follows down the path and into the darkened room where Evja now lies, barely conscious. He holds up the ball of light to further illumate the room, glancing around before calling out loud, "Hello! Hello!? Is anyone here!?"

After making his way into the more open room, Mickey continues to look around, calling out again, "If anyone is here, call out and give me a sign!"

It does not take Mickey long to find the minecart and the end of the munny trail. He carefully strafes around the minecraft to discover the bloodied Viera. Somewhat startled, Mickey rushes up to her and begins to check her over for signs of life. He sets down his light source and begins to tap her lightly on the face, "Hey there, Are you alright? Come on. Talk to me."
Evja "Mumblemumble... just... help... mumble mumble."

Something about half paying attention and maybe wanting to help before suddenly there was something else there. And she could see! Grunting and quickly recoiling the wounded Judge started to strike out but stopped when she realized there was light.

"Who... who are you? And why... are you here? Come to kill me since the other two failed?"

Yeah, not the most trusting at the moment, though she didn't seem to be in a pool of her own blood or anything, so not wounded /that/ bad. At least, not visibly anyways.
King Mickey Even as the viera nearly moves to strike him, The King breathes a sigh of relief upon seeing signs of life. Seeing that she is in a skittish and rather untrusting state, Mickey rests his hand carefully on her shoulder to help provide some reassurance as he speaks calmly, "Easy there. I'm a friend.", just then a subtle green aura begins to form over her, providing some relief from the pain.

After admistering some first-aid, Mickey takes another look over his patient, seeing the healing magic helped to close some wounds. He reaches over into his pouch and begins sifting through it for an item and continues where he left off, "I come from town. I heard there was an accident that resulted in a cave-in and some of an adventuring party did not return to town. So, I came looking for suvivors."

The King pulls a potion out of his pouch and pops the top off, "I am going to need to pull down your mask for a moment. I have a healing potion is going to help provide some further aid, alright?"

He carefully reaches up towards Evja's mask, pulling it down before putting the bottle to her lips, "Drink this.", then proceeds to lift the bottle slowly to allow the liquid to enter her body, "Tell me, were you with the adventuring group that was here a short time ago and what is your name?"
Evja "Huh?" came a soft complaint against it though she didn't have much energy to stop him from doing such despite reaching up to try. The magic did work though what it fixed wasn't immediately apparent given she was in full plate beneath the robe. /Full plate/, as in not an inch of her flesh beneath was exposed.
With the mask pulled down a bit Mickey might notice, though the light wasn't perfect, Evja's features weren't the most feminine.

"Evja. There was... fighting among us. I bickered with that... bloodthirsty murderer and he... turned on me when the Heartless came."
King Mickey The King notes the Viera's initial resistance and carefully pulls back from adminstering the remainder of the potion. Then it all begins to make sense as the platemail is revealed to have extended to complete plate, despite being hidden.

Mickey does not appear to notice the Viera's subtle differences, more focused on the task at hand of making sure his patient is able to stand in all of her gear. However, he is listening to her story, nodding occasionally to assure that, "I see. So there was some discontent in your ranks and then things went awry."

The Mouse does not comment any further on the subject, appearing surprisingly non-judgmental about it, even though he would not mind providing a lecture or two. The image of Avira, Myla, Emi, and Rena all collapsed outside Narshe's center square following the battle with King Bomb was enough that he felt bad for not being there sooner.

Mickey looks back to Evja, "Well, Evja. I must say that you are lucky to be alive. Tell me, are you able to stand?"
Evja At the remark on standing Evja shifts a bit and forces herself to stand, even going so far as to use a spear to hold herself up with. "I am not so weak that I cannot." a rather defiant remark comes from the Viera. It didn't sound 'mean' so much as... well, as if she was trying to convince herself of this.

"Who... who made it out? You said some were missing."

She managed to stand, though, even if she was leaning heavily on that spear. Her ears flicked a bit then suddenly she grabbed another spear out of the air and threw it towards something, monsterous sound scampering off in the distance. "Damned beasts. I can hear them all over this mine... they keep lying to themselves that I cannot."
King Mickey King Mickey says, "If I recall correctly, Avira and three other ladies made it out. Do you happen to know if there was anyone else in your group that traveled with you into the mines?"
Evja If Mickey looked at her face he could easily tell she wanted to lie. She wanted to say no, that they were all. But she couldn't bring herself to lie. "Just that bastard Angantyr. He has a warrant for his arrest out, and a Death sentence in Archades for assault on the Judges, as well as... attacking Judges in Fluorgis. He is wanted by the Church for killing people as well."

It was a soft plea but she asked, "He is better off dead... no, damnit, why must I insist on the right thing? Fine... let us go looking for him. Or... whatever you choose."

No one deserved to die in this pit, not even Angantyr.
King Mickey The level of hatred in her tone is enough for the mouse to frown disapprovingly and wonder just what exactly went on during those fateful moments of entering the mines. The name Angantyr was familiar to Mickey though he decides to hold his tongue in favor of doing what needs to be done. After all, there will be time to ask questions later.

However, the warrior's dilemma defines a difficult decision for them to make which The King can more than empathize with. However, when she expresses the desire to look for him, Mickey takes a stand, placing his hand up as if to stop here, "I'm afraid I cannot allow you to do that. I know these words will be difficult to hear though I believe you are in no condition to fight, much less be expected to continue searching for your lost ally. So, I am going to send you back to town in order to rest."

Then, The King begins to waves his hand in a motion that causes the ground underneath Evja to glow with gold, "Trust me, if Angantyr is in here. I will find him. After all, a man like him will likely not be hard to find.", then with a whip of his hand, calls out the magical command, "EXIT!"

"Til we meet again, Evja. Stay safe.", are the last words emitted by The King before all flashes white!

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