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(2013-04-07 - 2013-04-07)
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Angantyr Vespar Angantyr walks out of the cold into the Inn he was sure Avira was staying at.

He'd left earlier in the morning, wanting to see if he could at least get SOMETHING...

Sadly, nothing but dead animals, and a few fetch quests. Siiigh. This place really does suck, he thinks, and takes his cloak off, shaking the snow off of it as it starts to instantly melt. Angantyr was sick of the cold weather, and if not for his conversation that was going to happen with Avira, he'd taken his corridor the hell out of here.

He approaches the bar, "A meal and something strong to drink." he says, and moves to sit at a table. Running his hands over his helmet, to take it off and drop it on the table. He'd been a little bit without shaving, and his hair had grown out a bit. He sets out a map...hmm...he could go back towards Vector, and check out the military contracts there...
Avira Avira had slept in. The fights had not gone well for her in any presented form, from getting half of her clothing burned off in an explosion to to really being able to effectively hit anything. Add to that words imparted by a certain viera judge and the fact that this entire mission had been a gigantic trap for unsuspecting "heroes," Avira did not have a good weekend.

She hasn't left the inn. The elder council of Narshe still wanted to question her about last night's events, which was, frankly, to be expected. Avira was in no mood for that.

Angantyr is waiting around for a little while before Avira makes her appearance. For the sake of decency, the townsfolk had given her new clothing to wear. Why, she's even been given a new cloak. She scans the place briefly, immediately picking out Angantyr, and approaches without hesitation.

She drags a chair over to the table, sits in it, and rests her head in her hands. "Hey."
Angantyr Vespar "Sorry I didn't get back around in time. I had to get my barings after getting out." Angantyr says, and looks Avira over, "You look thrilled." he says with a small nod, "I guess the authorties here are wanting a full understanding of what transpired." he guesses, but well...

"You alright? I mean, Bunny Judge said a lot of outrageous things." Angantyr speaks, trying to get current buisness out of the way first, before moving on.
Avira "Yeah." Avira sighs, "They want to hear the whole story about how one of their own was actually a monster in disguise. That foppish guy might have had something to do with it but he wasn't talking much before he split. Except in his ridiculous theatre metaphors."

There's a look of pain on her face for a few moments before she lifts her fingers to rub her eyes, "You know, Angantyr, I actually felt for that viera. I sympathized with him a little. I know how terrifying it is to have to defy the will of Hades and I could see someone not being able to muster up the courage to stand up to him. He's the freaking God of the Dead after all. But after all the stuff he said last night, I..."

She sounds defeated as she admits this, "I don't really sympathize anymore. He made me so /mad/, Angantyr. The only other time I've gotten that angry was when I thought Maira had been killed."
Angantyr Vespar "She thinks himself a hero, but in truth she was nothing but a coward using the law as a shield for her own failings. She made her mistakes, and now she is paying for them...and will probably be having their second meeting with Hades." Angantyr shrugs, "More than she deserves, I think. From what I gathered, all Evja could do was blame others for her own failings...and deny their own wrongdoing." Angantyr shakes his head, "Such weakness is disgusting. What makes it worse, is they tried to drag you on their level. I understand what you did, and why you did it. Not ONCE did you blame anyone else, and from what I have seen you've done everything to make things right. Don't let the fluffy bunny trouble you."

Angantyr rolls the map up, "The world will not mourn her passing." and with that, "So, about more important things..." he pauses, "You didn't deserve my lashing." he pauses, "All of it anyway. Your little friends in the TDA still better be on their toes. They wronged me serverely, for the witch who enslaved you." he pauses, "They do not understand the /rage/ Garland is in over her. And that man /never/ gets angry."
Avira Though she does notice the switching gender pronouns, Avira doesn't bother trying to correct them, all charity for this viera out of her mind in this moment of weakness. "Maybe so. If only he had come to us offering her help, maybe she wouldn't have needed to make that deal with Hades in the first place." Viera aren't exactly known for 'playing well with others' though from what Avira has experienced. "It's...that...well, it's related to the lashing too. I owe you an explanation of this whole mess, Morrighan's nonsense aside."

She looks up at Angantyr, "I just want to preface this with a disclaimer that I was -never- aware of my so-called position as a Princess of Heart. I still regard that with disbelief since...well, you and I both encountered Jasmine and experienced the light in her Heart..." she pulls her head out of her hands and starts to figit her fingers together, "My light was nothing like that..a...anyway."

She looks to Angantyr. "This starts shortly after we both too the cure given to us by LEXUS. While the cure had removed the darkness that was tearing me apart on the inside, it didn't remove the mutation. I had hoped it was just working slowly to fade away but nothing was happening."

Avira looks away from him. "I was not...happy with the thought of looking like a beast for the rest of my life. Especially after what you did for me to get a cure. Hades sensed this distress and offered the contract. I'd get to be human again, I'd do some work for him on the side."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr listens, "I see." He says about the Princess of Heart thing, "No, it is something you may not have known...or possibly didn't believe. You weren't very persued by the heartless...but it makes sense about the Shadow Lords and their interest in you. But hinesight.." he shrugs it off.

"And I understand. I just wish you'd been honest with it, it'd have made things...I don't know..." he shrugs, "Easier?" he sighs, "It's only human though..."

"So basicly, human now, beast when he needs you...and never expecting that he was playing you the only time.."
Avira "That's right. Maybe he knew what I was. That's not all though...I managed to get an escape clause written into the contract." she looks embarassed. "The deal would be off and I'd be human forever if I received true love's kiss as a mutate." Setting up a preview for what happened later, clearly, "Apparently there was a geas of some kind preventing me from just outright admitting that escape clause to anyone."

She waves a hand, "And before Hades the Shadow Lords had not been all that interested in me, period!"

She looks down at the table and pokes her fingers at it, idly wishing she had a drink. "So Hades showed up when we'd finally gathered up just about all the World Shards needed to remake Manhattan. He exposed the deal in front of everyone and forcibly changed me back into a mutate. Now here's, as an aside, where the Judgebunny gets involved again. Apparently he'd made some deal with Hades to get into the Hades Cup tournament in exchange for a favor. This favor was to kill Mercade. Hades called that favor at that moment and all hell broke loose. I had to attack my friends. Hades let on I was the Princess and I fled."

There's a haunted look on her face. "Merlin told us a while ago that if the Princess of Heart of a fallen world falls, that world is gone for good. You more or less know the rest up until when I was taken to the Underworld."

She frowns, "....Morrighan helped the Shadow Lords drag me there. Maybe it was some kind of gesture to get on their good side again. Sounds like it didn't help."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr shakes his head, "Not with Garland in their number still. He is old and powerful, and highly reguarded as far as I known in the Shadow Lords. Though he has mostly kept me out of the loop in reguards to them. I know who they are, where they operate from...just not where it is. Even if I did, I wouldn't try to go there without him. That'd be suicide." he comments, and listens.

"Yes, I heard most of this, more or less. Though it clears up a few holes I had of the previous telling...or I guess retelling of it." Angantyr muses to himself.

"So I am guessing Mercade kissed you."
Avira "Yes." Avira says, "Mercade broke the contract. Of course, immediately afterwards, Hades tried to kill me. 'Snuff the light of Manhattan' he said. We got out of there thanks to the magic of your least favorite wizard TDA member."

Meaning Isaac, of course, who was responsible for Morrighan escaping to TDA care.

"After that we had to start putting out false rumors and keeping me hidden so the Shadow Lords wouldn't catch me again. That...that was the time...I really should have called you and told you what happened." she sighs, though she had admitted this last time when Angantyr lashed out at her. "Though there's...more."

Avira takes a breath and starts fiddling with her fingers again. "We got to was horrible, all dark and filled with Heartless. We went to where the World Heart was before that point, I just knew we had to rekindle the light. So I got Sora to use his keyblade to unlock the light in my Heart and that light became the new World Heart-or at least its start. I remember feeling other lights coming together...they were familiar at first, people I knew, but soon it became millions. The next I knew I saw myself before a large set of doors. The doors were open and beyond it was...bright. So beautiful. I wanted to go to it but...I started to hear voices."

She looks up at him, a smile on her face, "One of those voices was you. I knew I couldn't go in the doors and turned away. I found myself left in a void of nothingness. I had no body, nothing to feel, just more voices of people I knew. Isaac later took me out of that place and I woke up. Apparently I'd spent three days unconscious."

She looks sheepish. "So if I seem...weaker than before..."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is not humoringly, it is genuine interest.

"Hm." is all he says initially. It is a tale for the ages, that is for sure...but. He leans back, finishing his meal and drink, and calls for another, two infact. The second might be for Avira, but he seems pretty hungry tonight.

Finally, he says something, "I'll escuse him then, this once." In reguards to Isaac. "Should he wrong me again, he will not find me so forgiving." And that is all of the warning he will get. "As for the rest...I have no idea what to say, or think. It an advanture, and it's good you are safe. As for weaker? Nah, I say you're stronger for the experience. I think you know what you want, and you should stay on your path. If going into the underworld like he did was not enough, then I fear you are too picky, even for my tastes." he laughs.

"You are one of my few friends, and if you haven't noticed, I don't keep very many of them. For good reason, I add, but I would rather keep you as that, then lose you over something as silly as jealousy. I'm not a jealous man, never have been never will. Just tell Mercade that if he breaks your heart, I'll break his face."

And he finishes the rest of his drink, "This leads us to one more...complication."
Avira Avira eyes that second drink of Angantyr's for a long moment. After reliving all that again, she wanted a drink. An adventure? Yes. Though in spite of her "station," she felt she'd been much less than heroic through the whole venture, which would only lead to more outbursts such as Evja's. Where the only times she'd get referred to as 'Princess' would be with derision.

Being quite hungry herself, Avira waves a tender over and puts in an order for her own food.

"If it weren't for you, Angantyr, teaching me those few days after Clan Dagda found me in the wilderness, I wouldn't be where I am today. You were my first friend in this messed up new world." she looks to him with a smile. "Hah, I'll tell Mercade that."

One more complication? "/Which/ complication?" Avira asks in a dry tone.
Angantyr Vespar "Maira." Angantyr says, "Okay, I pretended to not notice...because that would be extremely complicated...but well, lets be honest here, she's as subtle about her feelings as a freight train." Angantyr says, "Which is saying something, coming from me." Angantyr makes a motion towards the Bartender, "On me." he says, indicating that he'll be paying for it. Why? Because Ang is feeling nice today. He burried Evja deep in a cave.

"Yeah, well, I couldn't just yet a young girl who hadn't seen a monster before and had no idea how to use a sword loose on the world. I gave you the tools, you got here on your own. So don't count out your own merit either."
Avira "Ah yes, that one." For a moment Avira thought the subject of Katyna was going to come up again-and honestly, she's pretty glad it doesn't right now. Just thinking about that whole mess made her upset all over again and it wouldn't put Angantyr in that much a better mood either. "Yeah, frankly, I noticed a while ago too. She always seem awful interested in my feelings towards you when the topic of guys came up. I figured it was only natural since you were her knight in shining armor that one time when Kaydin was being a jerk to her."

Knowing what she does of Maira, she'd be pretty succeptible to forming a crush under those circumstances. "Honestly, though, it's your choice. And I'm pretty sure at this point Ivo might have taken his predations elsewhere since I haven't heard from him in a while." She pauses, "...not gonna lie, though, I will miss you hitting on me."

For the first time in a while, she smiles proudly, crossing her arms over her chest. "Oh, I'm not counting myself out at all. I made the decision to take a new, /kickass/ direction in my life, and I think I'm well on my way to Hmm....Kickassia? Let's go with Kickassia."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is long and loud.

The drinks arrive, and he holds it up, "To Kickassia then." He says, and downs it. "And as fun as it was, I'll be good about that stuff...unless I think a certain detective needs a kick in the pants so to speak."

He considers the Maira situation a bit more, "I dunno, I don't exactly romance the easiest. It took a while for my feelings for you to come out. I like her, well enough." he shrugs, "I think it's a bit soon still." He considers, "Oh yeah, Kaydin. That is when I first met her...well, actually got to know her. Maybe that good for nothing Dark KNight accidently did something /right/ for once!" he laughs.

"Ivo was huh? Hm." that isn't a good hm.
Avira "To Kickassia!" Avira says a little too enthusiastically as she too lifts her glass. Yeah, she's really liking this word. She'll save it for later.

Evenly, she nods, unable to prevent herself from blushing just a little. She might have been the first-she does recall asking him about that and hearing that, well, he had a few people to warm his bed. Actual courting and the like he never participated in.

"You might want to tell her, because from my vantage point I see her jumping all over you in the wake of Mercade getting his act together." She starts to dig into her food as he reminisces on the Kaydin incident, pausing to add, "Yeah, Ivo. was nice of him to make that fireproof outfit for her. You probably don't remember it but before that, Maira's magic was so out of control that it kept burning up her clothing whenever she fought. She's vastly improved since then."
Angantyr Vespar "Little bit. There are still...accidents."

Angantyr takes a drink, "Well, I guess the guy can do nice things once in a while...though I suspect his intentions." he shakes his head. "Anyway, I'll think about it." he says, with a nod...

He takes a breath, "So...we're cool, right?" He asks.
Avira "Yeah." Avira says after a moment, looking up from her food. That wariness he noticed radiating in his direction from her yesterday is gone. In fact, it seems like a great weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

"Just in time too." she teases, "'cause I really need to get back to training."
Angantyr Vespar "Oh I see how it is. All I am good for is training it seems. And to look great shirtless." Angantyr teases, "Oh and kill annoying things." He laughs.

"Well, that's good, in all honesty. It's good to have that behind us." he pauses, "And for the love of god, if you get kidnapped again, you are saving yourself."
Avira "'re also handy on a ship too." Avira adds with a wink. Then Angantyr brings up the whole kidnapping thing and she gets kind of huffy.

"FINE THEN, if it actually happens again, I /will/!" she bangs a hand on the table, making their plates of food bounce. "Honestly though, I think that last response in regards to the Underworld will be a pretty good deterrant." Except for, maybe, Morrighan who is the honey badger of dark elves.
Angantyr Vespar Morrighan just don't give a <GOOSEHONK>.

Angantyr grins, "Yeah. I like to think I am decent at sailing. If I ever give up on my plans, I might just do that." Fat chance.

"Yeah...yeah. Your friends got some noteriety...for good or ill there Avira."
Avira "Hey random question." Since sailing did come up and Avira is reminded based on past conversations. "Would you be a first mate for someone if you had the opportunity?"

She smirks. "Noteriety is good. Keeps the work coming!"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr considers this for a while, "I'd think about it. It'd be a seriously tempting offer. As long as I was given freedom to persue my own agenda..." Angantyr says, "I am still serious about Arcadia."

After some time, he speaks on the other subject, "Yes, but too much is a dangerous thing. You start becoming targets too...and old grudges die slowly. Very slowly."
Avira "You are." Avira nods, "I can tell. Anyway, just curious." She won't go into her plans to construct an airship since success was still so far off. It's not like Angantyr is unaware of Avira's interest in airships.

She actually thinks that the other subject is abandoned until he unexpectedly brings it up again. "Hmmm. Yeah...I see your point with that."
Angantyr Vespar "There is a fine line. Gota walk it carefully..." he says, "And sometimes you just get into the wrong place at the wrong time.." Like him.

"Yeah.." he says after a moment, "I am going to come to some resolution about way or the other."
Avira "Sometimes, Angantyr, I think you want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because it usually ends up with a fight." Avira observes, peeking up at him. "Your resolution.."

More curiosity, "Do you think you've gotten any closer to your goal, Angantyr?"
Angantyr Vespar "No. Not by a long shot. To destroy Arcadia, I need an army...a power that can at least strike at them and put fear into their hearts...even diminished as they are, they are still powerful."

"Such a power is likely not to come cheeply. Or easily."
Avira "They are still powerful. Their capital city is still out there, though I've never visited it. I sort of don't want to." Avira notes, looking distantly at her now empty plate. She'd practically inhaled her food since she spent most of her day lying in bed recovering.

"Just don't give up your heart or soul for it." Avira murmurs.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks at her for a long time.

"I shall strive to keep both right as they are. Such as they are and dredged in darkness." He shrugs, not being hard on himself, but matter of factly.

"I imagine it's very...Arcadian." he says, shaking his head.

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