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(2013-04-07 - 2013-04-16)
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Ramza Beoulve Twilight.

The blazing desert sun over Rabanastre begins its descent over the horizon. The marketplace of Rabanastre was famed throughout Dalamasca for the quality and breadth of the goods available. The crowds had started to settle down, and some of the more successful merchants had already begun to close their stalls for the night. Others who had a less profitable day, kept them open for a while longer, their desperate hawkers trying to recoup their losses.

The young man was armored, and wearing a white cloak, but he was no longer cowled once the harsh light of the sun had begun to dim. They'd come to Rabanastre for a specific reason that he hadn't divulged to most of those within his company, but they'd arrived early. And so he'd spent the better part of the late afternoon within the Market. All he'd purchased so far was several maps, writing tools, and several other implements, as there were others within the Braves who served as quartermasters for their supplies.

While he had made his rounds, Katyna had been at his side instead. Artemis at times needed her rest, and entrusted someone else to be his guardian. For now, he was listening vaguely to a peddler trying to sell him something he certainly wasn't interested in, giving Katyna a slightly bemused smile before shaking her head at the merchant. "No thank you, Ser. Are you ready to go back, M'lady?"
Katyna Katyna was happy to get away from Fluorgis, which was getting boring, not to mention a hotspot for trouble. Whether or not Valos was telling the truth about Churchies being there, it seemed safest to leave as soon as possible. Besides, she had too many bad memories of all the happy times she'd spend with the Shard Seekers, especially Reize..

Rabanastre is a welcome sight, and as always, her eyes are wide with innocent curiosity as she peers at this and that as they go window shopping from stall to stall. The threats of sister Felicia and the resulting worries wer at the back of her mind at the moment as she tries to enjoy herself.

Of course, she is bemused to see that Artemis is not here, and allowed Kat to protect him for once. Did she trust her a bit more now? Did the others no longer see her as just a burden on their leader? Well either way, she was determined to prove herself.

Finally, when she's finished looking, she grins at Ramza and nods. "Sure! Ready when you are! Wow, this city is so big and busy! But I'm a bit tired. How 'bout we grab a bite to eat before heading back to the inn? I'm sure Artemis is hungry too, even if she's so stubborn with all that serious bodyguard stuff n' all!"
Faruja Senra Faruja had arrived at Rabanastre several days back, eager to see whether the Church's last charity drive here had won them many souls. By the time night nearly falls, the rat easily sees that the city is in dire need of moral guidance. Between the Archadians who rule, and the native religion, there is much work to be done to see that Ajora's name is praised throughout the city. At least they know of Faram here!

And so, the Templar is taking a walk through the markets as he is so prone to doing after his duties end for the day. A familiar figure stands out the small crowds left; one Katyna. For the moment, the rat doesn't notice Ramza, a smile on his muzzle.

"Lady Redsvaren! Lord bless!" calls out the knight.
Ramza Beoulve The young man put away several furled maps into a leather satchel at his side. He was smiling in bemusement to Katyna as she spoke of Artemis. "Certainly, we can have our evening repast on the way back to the inn. And Artemis.. well you would have to understand her, M'lady. Mayhaps you should ask her /why/ she regards my protection as such a grave matter, its not my place to do so. Let us just say that some of the Templars we have faced are monstrously strong, you weren't with us at the battle in the Sabil Mount.."

He recognized that voice. And as he turned to regard Faruja with a stoic look, it certainly confirmed his fears. He wasn't afraid for his own safety perhaps, simply the situation that his presence was putting Katyna into. He could hardly run from it though. "Ser Senra. It is a distinct pleasure to see you again." While his words may have been affable, there's an edge to his voice, as if perhaps he expected hostilities from the Burmecian Templar.
Katyna Katyna smiles and nods to Ramza. "I know..You're a very important person, with a very important message to tell the world. Artemis just wants to keep you alive, because she knows that a lot of people would want to see you dead. Even so, I think it's good that she's taking a break for.......AAaahh!"

Suddenly she is aware of Faruja, calling out her name, and she flushes a bit as she realizes her proximity to Ramza. Eheh..This isn't gonna turn out so well, is it?

"Umm, Ser Faruja! How good to see you again.." She laughs a bit nervously, scratching the back of her neck self consciously. Yeah, subtlety is so not her thing. Katyna does notice the edge to Ramza's voice however and frowns softly. "Please..Dont fight him.." She pleads as she waits for Faru to join them.
Faruja Senra Faruja's gaze narrows as he spies Ramza, the man's intuition proving right. "I canot say I share those sentiments. Come to spread your lies, Beoulve, to...wait." The Templar pauses, mid-accusation, eye flitting over to Katyna.

A hand shifts at Katyna's nervous laugh, heading steadily for he butt of his spear. "Katyna. Step away from that man, a wanted Heretic. I do not know what, or how much he has told you. However, he is dangerous. Come. Behind me, lest this becomes any more complicated than 'tis like to get."

The Templar can practically feel his plans slipping through his claws, anger surfacing on his face at the thought of Ramza seducing yet another friend!
Ramza Beoulve He levels his gaze briefly at Katyna, his stoic expression briefly managing a wan smile. "I'm not an important individual M'lady. I'm not special in any way. And my message, is not one that I ought to haphazardly spread unto the world, as I do not want innocents to be harmed by it."

Faruja and Katyna speak on him, and eventually his gaze fixates on Faruja, despite him speaking to Katyna. "You mistake me, M'lady. I respect Ser Senra, I do not wish to do battle with him, or harm him in any way. He's a good man, despite his zealotry."

He then glances towards Katyna, briefly, murmuring to her, Faruja would likely still hear him at this distance. "If you wish to do what he says M'lady.. I don't blame you for it..."

His gaze then sweeps to Faruja's hand upon his spear. "You don't have to do this Ser Senra." His voice was still quite calm. "Can we treat instead?"
Katyna Katyna makes a face at Ramza. "Dont be so modest! Everyone's counting on you...And..I..." She flushes when Faru tells her to step away, but..No! She cant let him down! "Faru...Wait! Dont hurt him! He's not dangerous..He saved my life, so please..Dont hurt him!" She doesnt seem surprised to hear he's a heretic though. Kat doesnt pull out her sword either, just steps in front of Ramza, somewhat protective. "Please..Dont fight!"
Faruja Senra At first, the rat's gaze remains on Katyna, his tail beckoning her forward. "Be that as it may, his presence puts you in danger, Katyna. Already, thanks to his presence, one friend has been accused of Heresy. I will NOT have it happen twice, if I must slay him in the streets!
Ramza Beoulve A long pause, as he looks Faruja right in the eyes. When he speaks again, his voice is filled with conviction. "That was not my fault, I didn't ask for Lady Evja to get involved. She left my company the moment she was healed, stating that she didn't care about the context of the situation, she just stepped in to prevent our demise. Even so, I do not want people to be harmed as a result of my actions. If your honor will allow it, tell the Church that I've ensorcelled her mind, and Lady Redsvaren's. While I'm loathe to deceive, I cannot conscience either of them being accused of heresy for associating with me. If ever I am captured, I'll affirm it to the Inquisitors of your Church."

He looks at Katyna hesitantly, with a smile. "This is your choice M'lady. I won't think any less of you if you decide to go with him. If he attacks, I will run. As I said, I don't want to hurt him."

Also Artemis would likely double kill him if he let honor and pride goad him into a lopsided fight.
Katyna Kat blinks at Ramza as he suggests that he tricked them both. Was he right? Did he really trick her? Kat's...So messed up and confused by now that she's not even sure anymore. All she knows is that Ser Kasrillen believed him, so..

She shakes her head again, staying where she is as she looks down at his spear. "I...I dont know what to believe, all I know is that you're both my friends, and I couldnt bear to lift my sword against any of you. So knock me down if it'll help, but I cant allow this!"
Chibi-Ramza Ramza would give Katyna a bewildered look. Did she actually believe what he said? "M'lady, it was just a suggestion to Ser Senra to use as an excuse for your behavior. I certainly don't have magic of that sort, and even if I did, I would never use it for such purposes."

And then he'd look at Faruja, speaking calmly to him. "I think Ser Kasrillen would be prouder of her thank you think, Ser Senra. In whatever paradise he dwells in, he can see the truth more clearly than mortal man. And I think you might as well..."

He'd offer a hand out to him. "Come with me, and I will show you the proof you require to know there is rot in your Church. On my honor, you will not be harmed, and if the proof does not satisfy you, then you may part ways with us, in whatever manner you wish. Even if your faith remains unshakable, as I believe it is, then at least you might /know/ what must be done to secure the Church of Holy Faram."

He would pause as Faruja referred to securing Katyna's soul. "I do not wish for anyone to be involved, who does not want to be. But Kityana Redsdottr is a stronger woman than she knows, and she must choose her own path. If she will stay with me, then I would accept her with open arms. If she wishes to go with you, then I will part with her amicably..."

And then he'd give Katyna a momentary glance, smiling. "But know you will always be my friend, Kityana, no matter what path you choose."
Katyna Katyna blinks and shakes her head. Why does she feel so confused? She wants to believe Faruja, but..She wants to believe Ramza too. Is it not possible to be friends with them both? She grits her teeth, glancing back and forth between the two of them. Aah, it would be so easy to just run away with Faruja, to support the church as he and Kasrillen had once encouraged her to do. And perhaps he is right, perhaps Ramza truly IS tricking her, afterall, he DID kill a Cardinal, and has yet to show evidence of his innocence, but...

She sighs, clenching a fist around her rosary which seems to glow softly beneath her fingers.

"......No. I'm sorry Faruja, I'm going with Ramza. I've already made up my mind. I know it's not the easy path, but it's the right path for me. I dont want to oppose the church..Or be forced to fight you either, but I NEED to see the truth for myself.."

Katyna continues to stand between Faruja and Ramza, refusing to budge. Although she does not lift her sword towards Faruja either. "As for Kasrillen, although he was a true and faithful Knight Templar of Glabados, he trusted Ramza enough to seek the truth rather than blindly follow orders and cut down someone whom he too, believed to be a good man."

She clenches her eyes shut for a moment, her hands trembling ever so slightly around the rosary. Yegads, what sort of trouble is she getting herself into this time? Where does this leave her and Faru? When she opens her eyes, they are a bit wet with tears. "Faruja, I'm so sorry, I need to do this for my own sake, and for the memory of Ser Kasrillen. He was...His student afterall, and one whom he had great faith in. Please just trust me and let me find the truth for myself. Please dont let us be enemies because of this.."
Chibi-Ramza "The Lord led you to faith in /him/. The Church is supposed to be the executor of his will, it is anything /but/. Ser Senra. Please, see sense. The office of the Holy Inquisition is part of the problem, it is not the solution. You /know/ me. Whatever else you might think of me, do you truly think that I am a /murderer/? Truly? Trust in /Faram/ Faruja, not in the accusations of mortal men. I am not saying that I am infallible, but neither are they. Just allow me a /chance/ to show you what I've experienced."

Ramza seems utterly exasperated, as he continues to speak to Faruja. He likes the man, he truly doesn't want him as his enemy. The gulf between them just seems to grow wider with every encounter, but now it seemed like the man no longer hunted him for the sake of him being a heretic, but because of his association with the man's friends. "You don't truly believe I'm a delusional madman, Ser Senra. I understand why you don't want your friends associating with me. Truly I do. This is not a life that I would wish upon anyone, but it is the /right/ path that I walk. If she wishes to walk it with me, then I can scarce deny her the oppurtunity. I don't wish to bring down your institution, merely to carve out the rot within it. Cardinal Delacroix was possessed by one of the Lucavi of auld, and I can prove it to you."

He'd turn to Katyna, managing a smile. "I thank you for your faith in me M'lady. And I welcome you among us, but if you wish to walk away, as Ser Senra offers, I will not blame you for doing so."

And then he'd turn back to Faruja, narrowing his eyes. "To save her from herself? Listen to you, Ser. Would you deny her the inalienable right of free will?"
Katyna "I cant, Faruja, he saved my life. Besides that, he was a student of Kasrillen. I ask myself, what would Kasrillen want? No, he would not want the ruin with the church, nor would he want me to aid the heretics. All he would want is the truth. I..." She sighs..

"I could never raise my sword against the church, but it doesn't mean I will raise my sword against Ramza either. Dont you see, Faruja? The only way to find the truth is to observe Ramza, to walk by his side..Not as his co-conspirator, but as a witness! Please let me bring you back the truth, whatever it may be. That's all. I could never blindly follow a path without investigating it first, without doing what's right, even if it seems like a difficult path at first.."

She glances at Ramza and frowns, "Sorry, I owe it to Ser Kasrillen.."
Chibi-Ramza Ramza would only nod at Katyna, without a hint of judgement on his expression. "I understand, Kityana. You need not raise arms against the Church. I won't ask it of you. Stay true to your heart, no matter what the cost."

And then Faruja would snarl and spit out venom at him, he would retort with a harshly. "No matter what my intentions are? Ser Senra! Where is the man I treated with, who believed in doing what was right, no matter the cost? I understand your desire to protect your friends, it burns no less fervently in my own heart. Would you stand idly by, if your Church decided that good people were to suffer and die on the whims of a select few?"

He would give Faruja, a grave look, the conversation sombering him. "...If you would do that, then you are not the man I thought you were. You are naught but a hypocrite. Your /SIN/ is to allow evil to proliferate, by doing NOTHING! So you protect a few people and turn a blind eye as they destroy the lives of others that you don't /know/ personally. I would protect /EVERYONE/ from the depredations of your Church!"

As Faruja leapt, Ramza would rush forward, shoving Katyna out of the way. he wouldn't draw his weapon, but he would certainly stand in his way. Should Faruja grab him, and try to leap, he might act, but otherwise his actions are not overtly hostile. His voice had a firm cast of conviction in it. "If she goes with you, it will be by her own will, not /yours/. The road to darkness is paved with the best of intentions, Ser Senra."
Katyna Katyna arches a curious brow at Faruja. "So, what is it you fear, that the church will punish you for daring to question them? For searching for the truth rather than blindly following orders? would they really punish you because you were searching for certain individuals within the church who might be trying to tain it as a whole?"

She takes a step towards him, "Dont you see? I'm trying to save the church too, in my own way. I dunno what Ramza's ultimate motives are, but I wanna protect the church from its greatest enemies, no matter where they might be hiding, and....Ack!" She yelps as Faruja attempts to reach from her and fly away..But Ramza pushes her out of the way and she yelps again, rolling to the ground.

"Ramza!" She calls, tensing, realizing that this could well turn into an unpleasant battle. she grits her teeth, staring down at her sword hilt. She had sworn to protect Ramza, but she'd also promised herself that she would not harm Faruja.

"You gotta run, he's after you, more than me. I cant leave here unless I know you're safe!" Why, Artemis would kill her otherwise!
Ramza Beoulve Even with his clawed hand at his throat, Ramza would not draw his sword. He would just stare into his eyes. Katyna was yelling for him to run, and that certainly seemed like the prudent course, yet he couldn't. "You joined the Church for all the right reasons, Ser Senra. And not long ago, I felt as you did. I brought a fine young Lady to Cardinal Delacroix, that she might find sanctuary from my viper of a brother. Instead, he shipped her to Duke Goltanna, so that she might be further exploited. Then I discovered that he was terrorizing the people of Goug, in his search for the Auracite. Even if you don't believe that he was an Archdemon that walked as man, it still rings true to the ears. Do you think I wanted this fight? All I want is an /end/. But I can't end it, not while it remains the right thing to do."

Ramza would measure the Nezumi's statements. "Fain forgive me. My words were harsh. I /cannot/ turn myself in Ser Senra. There are good men in your Church. Fine men, who as you say, save lives, and mean to do nothing but minister to the souls of the faithful. But the men who are in charge of this conspiracy are from the highest ranks of your faith. They would ensure that my words fell upon deaf ears. And while I'm willing to die for what I believe in, I don't believe that the truth would profit from my execution. I believe in you. I believe your oath. Now will you believe mine?"

This time he wouldn't offer his hand. "I will show you my evidence. You, and you alone may judge it for what it is. You may decide to act upon it as you see fit. You will not be harmed, not on my honor as a Beoulve, for name and blood mean naught, but on my honor as a man of principle. And once you are finished reviewing it, we may part ways in the manner of your choosing."

He would breathe out a sigh. "The truth is always hard, and may be hateful to the ears which hear it, but I must speak it anyhow. Remain her friend, guide her as you see fit. I won't stand in your way, as it is what she wants."

He would reach into his satchel, tearing off the corner of one of his maps, writing a few numbers on it, before walking over to Faruja, and handing it to him. "If ever you wish to take me up on that offer, this will allow you to contact me."
Katyna Katyna tenses and lunges forward as Faruja suddenly grasps Ramza by the neck. She reaches for his hand, trying to force him to release it as he speaks. "Faru..Stop! Dont hurt him! Dont force me to use my sword against you! Dont you see? None of us want this! We just want the truth, so please...!"

But finally he seems to understand..Kinda..Faruja finally releases his hold on Ramza and Katyna moves swiftly to offer him support, glancing at Faru as he takes off. "Faru..I wont let you down either...Somehow, I'll find a way to bring the real people to justice!"

She glances at Ramza. "You alright?"
Ramza Beoulve There were several bleeding marks across his neck, but they were shallow scratches, hardly life threatening. He'd smile at Katyna. "Never better, M'lady. Never better."
Faruja Senra Looking down at the piece of paper, the Templar frowns. Turning away, he shakes his head. "...I will not betray the Church, and my honor as a Burmecian by so openly conspiring with a wanted man. If such is truly necessary, then the Lord shall guide me to it. Besides, I am still not certain whether you are a poisoned viper, or the ram that appearance would have me believe. Actions such as yours, in my experience, come from either the utterly blameless, set adrift in the sea of circumstance...or that of black hearted brigands. When I know within my heart which you are, then we shall see." With that, he walks away.

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