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The Cold Hard Truth! A Sinister and Diabolical Plan?
(2013-04-06 - 2013-04-07)
The town of Narshe has been experiencing some mysterious and sinister sounds coming from their mines. With cries of concerns arising from its citizens, The Council of Narshe has taken it upon themselves to call upon the help of adventerous souls, following a failed attempt to discover the answer to the mystery on their own. As the adventurers arrive, all seems well in the small isolated town though not all is as it appears to be ... and then some.
King Mickey BGM:

The City of Narshe has remained relatively untouched since the merger of the worlds, being left to an isolated and peaceful existence. However, the tranquility of their lone solitude, as one can have in this desolate environment of snow and ice, has been shaken by disturbing sounds being emitted from their mines being carried along the winds. Some have merely disregarded the sounds, calling them hoaxes being caused by devious spirits or people attempting to play a trick on their fair town.

Meanwhile, many of the citizens have grown weary of the sounds, as they continue to grow closer everyday. The citizens have expressed their concerns for the council to act and as a result, have sent some of their strongest workers to enter the mines, only to have never returned from their expidition. Concerned for the well being of the town, the council has called forth for courageous adventurers to go forth into the caves and investigate the source of the problem.

Those who have answered the call remain slightly on the outskirts of Narshe. As the skies begins to fade to dusk, the blowing air grows colder, almost chilling to the touch. The whistles of the wind howl normally though an ominous aura can be sensed lurking over the town. What exactly could be lying within?
Avira No job too big, no job to small...

Lured out into this cold wasteland by the call of the council and the distressing news of missing persons, Avira does not seem to regret her decision in the least. It was freezing and unpleasant, but this doesn't drawn whining or second thoughts from the scarred huntress-she's come prepared. She knew this place was cold and long ago had invested in some clothing meant to handle such temperatures. Her usual hot weather Dalamascan clothing has been replaced by thick pants, boots, and flexible long-sleeved leather armoring. To top it all off, a thick cloak rests on her shoulders.

Perhaps clashing with the rest of her gear is a headband wrapped low to cover her ears. It does well to keep them warm from the biting wind that sails around her as she joins those gathering on the outskirts of Narshe. She scans the crowd waiting for a certain someone to show his face. She's half unsure that he would, but...

...well, money was money to Angantyr.
Evja Among those that were here, Evja was not one of them. At least, not immediately. The Vieran Judge had been late on arriving unto Narshe and as such they didn't immediately get shuffled to where the others were. It was only upon seeing the group standing upon the outside of Narshe did they even begin to approach.

The tall Viera was cloaked in a snow-white thick and heavy robe, riding atop a Chocobo who was also, for what it's worth, covered in a type of saddleblanket that would properly fit a Chocobo. Even if they were decent in the cold, there was no point in letting the bird freeze.

Eyes and the strip around such being pretty much the only thing visible, as not even her ears were out and easily seen beneath the hood, Evja didn't seem to pay attention to anyone in particular for the time being so much as stood there atop her Chocobo while listening to the wind.

Viera did have such nice long ears, hearing things would be a bit easier if it wasn't obvious on the wind.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr is here, there was a job that needed someone to do it. Angantyr's armor was modified from desert ware to artic ware. Chainmail being suplimented by fur, probably slain himself, and a heavy cloak over the armor which helps keep heat in. The signiture mace stays holstered on his back, and he walks towards the gathering.

Yes, Avira, he was here for the money like anyone else. He has buisness sense..

Of course, she's found in the crowd...he nods to her, not coldly, but instead evenly. His mood has probably improved, and he might be approachable now. However, his eyes are narrowed immediately, seeing Evja the Judge there. His hand moving to his own mace...but he doesn't yet pull it out.

He decides to eschew violence in the short term...he needed the money for his own goals, as satisfying it would be to end the Bunny's life right here and now.

There was more than enough time, or oppertunity, later.
Rena Laradyne Time... for ADVENTURE.
% Also a vacation in the somewhat balmy weather conditions of the city of Narshe. Rena looks around appreciatively, having pulled off her duster and now standing in the thick chill with only a short sleeved shirt and the armored parts of her outfit along with sturdy pants.

She slings her duster into her backpack, having made her way here because of the call to adventure, moving through the outskirts slowly and with obvious care of traversing icy terrain.
Kuja "The Boorish Monarch and the Misshapen Harlequin fume in their city of angles, their ugly desires in tangles. The people rejoice at the armistice, a mantle of purest snow conceals their recklessness."

A flamboyantly dressed man steps out on a suspension bridge overlooking the town square, one hand dramatically upon his brow, before he uses it to shift the long argent locks out of his hair. It was absurd spectacle, how he was dressed given Narshe's frigid weather

"...for is not peace but a shadow of death, deliberate to forget its painful past? Though we hope for promising years. After shedding a thousand tears, yesterday's sorrow constantly nears. And while the moon still shines blue, by dawn, it will turn to a scarlet hue."

The man smiled thinly as he stepped forward to watch the gathered heroes at the entrance to one of the mine shafts. "The Mercurial Brute, The Coquettish Hare, The Barren Princess.."

Those ones he recognized. The others? They were unknowns to him. "...And still the Canary eludes her cage."

There was still merit in watching these ones. His true quarry might even arrive later, after what lurked in the mines ranged out of them and attacked the quiescent town.

The foppish man turned, and walked through a Corridor of Darkness that emerged by his will. Angantyr might be attuned enough to it that he would feel a kindred presence lurking, but by the time he looked in that direction, if he chose to, he would already be gone.
Myla Mason For some it was balmy for others it was rather cold but Myla adapted and had just thrown on a traveling cloak over what she normallty wore. It was rather hard to take the sea out of any Levitani really. SO here she was mocing into town and she was curious about the rumoprs she'd heard and come to check out just what was going on here.

"Come on Swimmer..."
Emi Dennou Emi loves a mystery and also money. She wouldn't call herself a mercenary, of course, but she likes taking jobs and earning money for them. You gotta pay the bills and out of the many members of the TDA, she's probably one of the few who actually does like to get paid for thei work.

She has come alongwith Avira (most likely) and has taken Umi's overcoat and is wearing that to keep herself warm, a scarf, and even some nice gloves.

She nods towards the DORF as he reveals himself, looking towards Avira--intent on following her lead today.
King Mickey As the adventerous group gathers on the edge of town, the wind begins to give way from the blowing snow and fridged bites upon the tips of one's extremities. It is replaced by scene of a light fog that is caused by the steam emitting from the town's various forms of mechanized machinery. As Kuja departs through his dark portal, the form of a being can be seen through the mist, wandering towards the party.

A short and stocky individual emerges from the mist, carrying a lantern in hand. The glow the lantern's light reveals a long white and brown beard, along with other features to signal the individual to be of dwarven descent. A pair of hollowed brown eyes glances between the group as he approach, surveying them. He takes a deep breath and exhales a short time later into a cloud of steam itself before addressing the group.

"Hail, travelers. Not many people want to make the treck out to our lands, particularly during this time of the season. So, I am to believe you all must be those who answered the council's call for help, are you not?"
Avira Angantyr did come, as predicted. Silently, Avira nods back, but she doesn't approach him. That last little chat they had had not faded from her mind and so for now, she had resolved to only interact with him for purposes of business. A frown graces her face and she pauses, turning to take note of Evja's presence.

Her expression turns into an unreadable one. Mercade wasn't here so she wouldn't have to worry about the viera rushing in to kill him. Furthermore, last Avira knew she wasn't on anyone's wanted list at the nothing for /her/ to worry about. Certain other people here, perhaps.

The rush of warm steam-generated fog is a welcome addition, especially to Avira's gloved, yet still cold, fingers. She wiggles the digits to chase away the frozen feelings of numbness, watching as a steadily approaching glow joins the group.

"Hello." she greets the almost-dwarf politely. "You are right, we've come to investigate the disappearances and strange noises within the mines. I am Avira." she gestures behind her, "And this is Emi."

She lifts her head from the bearded man and stares off into the distance for a moment, right at the empty spot that had been occupied by Kuja moments before.
Evja Once Evja finally started looking around at some of the others, it was only then that the Viera realized there were several familiar faces. And at the sound of armor approaching she also got to see Angantyr making himself known - and as usual doing something like reaching for a weapon, for whatever reason.


Well, one could simply hope he would not actually start a fight with someone trying to help in this situation. But it would be foolish to not take the opportunity to at least protect ones back. Thus Evja shifts her Chocobo a bit to the side and has it step back several times so her back isn't towards the rogue Dark Knight.
Of those here... she didn't trust him to her back. Kuja's monologue and exit went unnoticed on her part but the dwarfs, being closer and more vocal, did not.

"I, at least, am here to assist how I can. If I can do some amount of good I am happy to." Though she did listen for what she imagined would be audible snorts of 'Yeah right' from several of those here, since in the past at least one (She wasn't quite sure what to make of Umi, or who was who with them ) had seemingly made it a point in the past to accuse them of things. Not that Evja could really blame her considering the events with Hades... to a point.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks at Emi.

He looks at her for a long moment...

..."Emi?" he says, trying to figure out which one she was. Ang is really bad at this Dennou thing.

He looks towards the stocky man. But he pauses...there was...something...

He turns to look, but the portal was already closing. Angantyr's eyes narrowed...damn, it was strong, but not unfamilar... Angantyr more complication, it seems. One more...

The dwarf was in his field of his attention, shrugging towards him. "Yes. There are odd sounds from the mines correct? Give me a direction, and I'll be on my way. Yes, I know they are dangerous, and monster filled, and probably have some sort of strange puzzle involving hidden buttons. I am guessing hidden buttons, but it might be hidden leavers. If there is a jumping puzzle, I am going to punch the first cute thing I see." he looks at Emi, "Second." because The Dennou's were just full of d'awwwww and also nightmare fuel.

"Lets not draw this out, I'd like to be in a warm inn with a bowl of food and drink within a hour."
Rena Laradyne Rena makes her way to the man and takes in the surroundings before looking at them. She nods, putting a hand on her hip as her boots crunch to a stop in the snow. She looks over at the others, feeling an aura of tension between the three adventurers and her expression not changing an iota. In a cool, firm voice she greets the man from the town

"My name is Laradyne. Oi... Myla!" she throws a hand over to wave her over to her location, smiling at the Leviani in that small, controlled smile that quickly comes and goes like melting frost.

"It seems we are at a bit of loose ends, but I hope we can all work together nevertheless." she looks at the others as she says this, and then goes back to waving over Myla. If she noticed the portal at all or said monologue, she gives no sign of it.
Emi Dennou Emi looks back at Angantyr.


"...Yes, you could say that." Emi 'answers' him eventually, her lip quirking faintly in an upwards direction. She turns back to Avira after she introduces her. "Nice to meet you, sir." She adds. "We're here to help." (For an appropriate fee) she does not add but they do need to eat, you know. "It's good to enjoy many kinds of weather, if you can bear it, This one supposes."

WAit what did Ang just say?

She raises an eyebrow at him faintly, and her cheeks pinken faintly which, of course, does not really help the accusation of being cute.
Myla Mason Myla Mason pulls back her hood and shakrs out her long blue braids and looks to the aman as he welcomes them.

"I heard the call yes, and I was curious to look into it."

She couldn't say not a reward for her actions either wouldn't hurt. It wouldn't hurt all for her. She looks over to Avira for a moment and says "Myla Mason by the way."

She grins for a moment at Rena and says "hey! Good to see you Rena."
King Mickey The dwarf nods to Avira and her companion, Emi who have taken the inititive of introductions, "Well met."

The dwarf's gaze circles through out the other in the group, almost noting the tension being caused among a few of the members. He nods to Evja's comment though did not pay much attention to the fact she did not introduce herself. He looks curiously at Angantyr and scoffs lightly, as a small gruff smirk forms underneath his beard, "Ambitious one, aren't ye? Don't worry, lad. You'll get your chance.".

The Dwarf turns to Rena and her exchange between the one known as Myla though does not appear to pay much more heed than that. Rather, he appears to take a bottle from his belt and takes a swig, "Ahhh, nothing like a good ol hair of the dog to keep one warm on a cold night."

With introductions out of the way, The Dwarf does the same, "The name's Wedge. I am the town's nightwatch man. I am as eager as the barbarian over there. So I will not waste your time further. If you'll follow me, I'll lead you to the mines."

Wedge turns about and begins to make his way back into Narshe. The treck through the city appears rather desolate, almost like a ghost town with not a soul in sight. Glances off to the homes above and around the group reveal a few illuminated by candlelight. However, the feeling of being watched cannot be shaken as the group continues their way, passing under the bridge-foyer in the middle of the city.

A short time passes and the group is lead by Wedge to the entrance of the mine. As they ascend into the mountains, the wind returns with an even stronger ferocity with blowing snow and bitting cold, nearing almost blizzard conditions. Wedge raises his arm in an attempt to give himself a clearer line of sight before looking back and saying, "It won't be long now! Keep up and stay close! I don't want to have to treck back and find you all if you get lost!"

The dwarf leads the group into the beginning of the Mine, a dark corridor lies before him. He turns about and says, "This is as far as I go. You'll find torches on the left.", notioning towards a large wooden box and then back to the group, "When yer finished, return to town. I'll find you there and then give us a report of what you've discovered. After then, you can collect your fees."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr scoffs at the Dwarf, "Barbarian am I? That's a new one." He says, "I don't get drunk, often. Fight...sure, but I like to think of myself as a fighter." Angantyr says, speaking with a tone and inflection that someone of high birth gives to someone who is not. He drops the act soon enough, but...was it an act?

He follows, not saying much other then responding to people, and notices Emi's embarrasment. It always brings a smile to his lips to make the ladies fluster. Though, Emi was far from his type...and also horribly underaged for him. She fell under little sister, catagory.

Evja is completely ignored, to keep cohesion in the group...but one false move, and Ang would make sure he stayed burried in the mines, and a bonus ghost boss for a later adventuring group.

"Oh Torches. You see." He says, and rummages in his inventory, and pulls out a electrical, battery powered floodlight. And hands it to Emi, "I want that back, but I trust you with it." he says, and pulls out his own smaller flashlight.

"SOME of us think ahead, old man." he says to the dwarf, and walks on in.

Avira Avira smiles back to the dwarf in a friendly manner, unsurprised at Angantyr's impatience. Ambitious was a very generous way to describe the Dark Knight in Avira's opinion. With introductions, Avira learns the names of two faces she wasn't all that familiar with-Myla and Rena (to the giantess of a woman, whom looks extra tall when next to the very petite Avira).

As they follow after the dwarf, Avira offers a few words to Emi. "We're being watched. Angantyr sensed a great darkness a little earlier." Unrecognizable, unfortunately, which brought Avira no comfort even if it meant that the mysterious 'Dark Knight' wasn't around.

"Fair enough." Avira offers to the dwarf, actually taking a torch out of the box. It's not that she's not packing a real flashlight somewhere (prior experiences involving being swallowed by a whale taught her that lesson), it's moreso a desire to go old school and, hey, free torch. Lighting her torch off of one of the wall torches, Avira heads into the cave as well.
Emi Dennou Emi isn't interested in Ang either, she hasn't given off any impression of being interested! She does feel she's everyone's little sister sometimes, though. Ang is pretty antagonistic a lot of the time, but Emi likes him well enough. She isn't really sure why, since he has many attitudes she'd normally find irritating, but she supposes there has to be a good reason even if she's unsure what it is.

"There is no reason to antagonize the employer." She offers gently. "You catch more dollar signs with honey than with vinegar. Or am I using the phrase wrong...?" She drums her fingers across her chin lightly. But she does reach out and take Ang's electrical floodlight, really probably a good choice on Ang's part because she can be its own battery. But what are the odds of it running out of power at the worst possible moment?! That's silly.

"By the by, did you know you have been labeled as a heretic?" She asks. "What were the circumstances behind that, if you don't mind The Network inquiring on such a troublesome topic."

She turns to the dwarf and adds, "THank you very much for the help. We'll do just that." She'll aim the light inward and follow after Avira.
Evja Evja followed along simply enough at length, not getting too close to the group nor staying too far. She was simply taking her time and listening further where she could to try and see if there was anything noticeable about. Upon getting to the entrance she hopped off her Chocobo and gave him a pat on the cheek before shooing him off to go occupy himself somewhere until needed/stay safe.

As far as torches and the likes go Evja waits her turn and reaches over to take several, lighting them in turn and holding them in a cluster in one hand, as well as stowing a couple beneath her cloak. Habit to be prepared on her part with these kinds of things. Never can tell when one will be destroyed and more are needed!

Was that question directed towards her, though? Of heresy? Hopefully not, but time would tell as Evja wandered along at the back of the group.
Rena Laradyne "I nominate that the barbarian who thinks ahead gets first crack at all the sliding block puzzles." Rena smiles cheerfully at Angantyr as they move through the town.

As the winds get fiercer and the snowfall more biting she appears to become even more cheerful, taking the duster off and casually slinging the fur lined garment over her shoulders like a light jacket as she picks up a torch in an almost jaunty manner.

"Thank you Wedge. We'll return with the information soon enough, should we not all throttle eachother on the way down."
Myla Mason Myla Mason listens to Wedge and has the worst feeling about this guy's name and she's not sure why. She pulls her goggles down and the low light vision is keyed up if she needs it. Swimmers own sensors are kicking into gear. as she moves along. Her Goggles do something what madness is this?
King Mickey Wedge merely stands aside to allow Angantyr and others begin to pass down into the depths of the mine ahead of him, appearing to pay no heed to the fighter's uncouth comments or anyone else's for that matter. He simply remains quiet. After all, the group has their orders and it remains not his business.

The corridors leading into the mine are narrow, at best allowing two people to stand side-by-side. However, the treck down further into the mine remains relatively uneventful and leads the group into a larger and more open room. Scattered about are wooden tables, a few broken chairs, and a couple of unkept bed that have been turned over. The crunching of glass can be heard under neath one's feet. The rest remains covered in darkness.

A gust of wind winds down through the corridors into the room, fluttering the torches of those who have them while chilling the room. One might feel as if the temperature is dropping even more than outside.

The wind flows through and over a table, lifting a piece of paper that is flung into the air. The paper drifts through the air and carefully lands over into a corner and onto the floor.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks at Rena, and gives her a scowl. There are so many fires you can die in, so many.

The trip down was uneventful, and this gives Ang the chance to snort at Emi's statement, "Yeah, I heard." he says, "And what happened? I found some of the HOLY Glabados' devout warriors bullying a child on my travels. I told them to back off, and they decided that the CHILD was worthy to be surrounded by pikemen. After ignoring my warnings, I maced a few of them. This resulted in a company of honorable warriors being maced until they broke ranks...and an inquistor leading them, which was revealed to be a vampire. We fought her off, but it was a long and painful fight. Neither of us are transforming into the undead, so I look at it as a good thing."

Angantyr pauses...the cold chill...the wind.

"...I think Magic is affot here." he says, drawing the mace. "Be on your guard."
Emi Dennou "Something was strange with that dwarf." Emi says after a moment. "Let's be cautious." Is it haunted?? Oh she hopes it's haunted. She hasn't had to deal with a haunting before. It COULD be really exciting! Or it could be kind of dull. Which could it be?! She can't help but wonder.

"A vampire..." Emi murmurs. "...Actually--" She looks towards Angantyr. "You might find this surprising but that was not the first time I've heard of a vampire being problematic. Percival ran into one as well. I don't know what he ended up doing with her... but I don't think that vampire was affiliated with the Church. It's hard to imagine that they would be unrelated entirely."

She's also heard crazier things about the Church but she was told that in confidence. She couldn't tell Angantyr about it if she wanted to. Not now.

Emi investigates the paper that just got blown over, giving it a look.
Avira "Wow, do they actually have those in here?" Avira asks Rena when block puzzles are mentioned. Thus far Avira is not a high enough level adventurer to conduct raids on the dungeons that contain block pushing puzzles. This could be her first! Oddly enough, she seems kind of excited about this. In a way, baby is all grown up!

She supresses a giggle when Emi points out to Angantyr that he has been declared a heretic. She's about to step in to mention he already knows, but Angantyr himself is happy to confirm it. Avira knows that story of his too, right down to the name of the child involved. She gives no interruptsions as he weaves his tale.

As they move deeper into the mines, Avira marks their way with a bit of chalk she keeps on her for the express purpose of things like -this-. No sense in getting lost. Their journey seems pretty devoid of block pushing puzzles though.

Emi beats her to the paper so instead, Avira withdraws her weapon, taking note of Angantyr's warning. Magic afoot, eh.
Rena Laradyne Rena makes a small head movement, looking around at the mine. She pays attention to each footfall as if she were making her way across unsteady ice, and ignores Angantyr and his scowl during the somewhat uneventful trip.

She manipulates a small crystal sphere as something to do with her hands as she listens to the story but does not comment on it. She makes eye contact with Myla briefly and then glances away at the flickering movement of the rustling paper.

She pockets the sphere. "Mind if I take a look?" she asks Emi as she moves over to look it over.
Evja "You have falsely used such an excuse before to attack others you wanted a reason to harm. It bears little credence to any. ... even if it is the Church that is being talked about whose cry is kill the Heretics. Now you've two nations who want you dead."

Evja finally speaks up after the long walk of silence, not seeming to enjoy the company that much. At least some of it. "You would do well to thank a woman by the name of Maira that I have not moved to take you before Archades to pay for killing Archadian Judges."

Seems she's been holding such in for a time. With a few quick steps and vanishing in and out of sight Evja flickers towards the back of the cavern to continue on while letting the others do as they like in this room. It was pointless to remain here in her view and scour it when the source of such things was not here. At least, if it was, they likely would have been attacked already.
Avira Uh oh.

Maybe it was only a matter of time. Much like what might happen if other members of the TDA were here around Evja, a confrontation like this is inevitable. Funny, though, "Since when did you kill a judge, Angantyr?" she asks, not so subtly putting her body between Angantyr and Evja.

She looks to Evja evenly, "Can we avoid provoking each other and focus on the mission today? Please?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason feels the wind and echanged a brief radio with Rena for a moment. She contiunes on checking her various sanner results form Swimmer. There seems ot be nothign yet but the papter gets looked at for a moment.

"So just what is going on here and I have to agree Sir Knight." She notes to Ang her own eyes are glowing gold but it's hidden by her goggles for athe moment.

"I have to agree less infighting or we might not get this sorved nor get paid."
King Mickey As the group begins to investigate the crew quarters, many unusual things are beginning to appear amiss as Angantyr mentioned. The dark knight appears to remain stead fast, his suspicions remaining on the chillness of the wind. Others do appear to have followed suit. Could it simply be their imagination or something sinister really have happened here?

Emi and Rena's attention appears to remain on the paper, glancing it over with great interest. Their lights illuminate the paper, revealing the contents of the letter before them.

Meanwhile, tempers appear to be flairing up amongst others in the group.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr turns immediately right towards Evja, eyes blazing.

"Shut your petulant whiny mouth, you judge scum. I have not killed a judge, not for lack of trying I assure you." Angantyr rumbles, "I attacked you for trying to steal the Keyblade, and LET YOU GO, deciding the blood on my hands over your dumb <GOOSEHONK> was not worth it. I attacked, and nearly killed Gabranth, that piece of <GOOSEHONK> Trash, slayer of nations. You will STILL your tongue, you petulant child, or you will find your final resting place here." Angantyr says, it is the last warning that the Bunny will get.

"We have no time for a fight, no matter how short it will be, here. There is something powerful afoot. Still your tongue, now, and pray I forget this slight on my honor."

Angantyr turns, immediately pushing ahead, "The sooner this is done, the sooner this <GOOSEHONK> can be out of my presence.." he mutters ot himself.
Emi Dennou Emi shakes her head and hands the paper off to Rena once she's read it. No body, but that's not surprising. She looks around a bit with her light further. She doesn't get involved in the discussion between Evja and Angantyr, at least not at first, but eventually she says, "Evja. You may be unaware, but you have also been labeled as a heretic."

Avira seems to otherwise have it handled. She gives her a sympathetic look. "There's 'least three taken. Heartless seem to be the root cause, if the yellow eyes mean them, but it's unconfirmed for the moment."
Rena Laradyne Rena looks impassively at Angantyr, looking up from the letter and not even raising an eyebrow but staring at him as if he were a hissing viper that she was observing in the brush nearby. She looks over at Evja with a similar lack of regard. She tilts her head very slightly.

"Well. I am glad that everyone who has organized this trap now knows we are disorganized and leaderless." she smiles at Myla very slightly then looks to Avira, then at Ang's retreating back as she drifts to cover their rear.

"You might be walking into trouble, sir barbarian. You might want to be careful."
Evja Angantyr's tirade causes Evja to begin laughing softly, "Petulant? Scum? Child? You are conceited or delusional, thug, as much as you are violent. And ignorant as well of the simple truth that I am like older than you. Gabranth is a better man than you shall ever be and one who knows of honor as well as duty. You are a bloodthirsty, senseless cretin who makes it a habit to hate all despite having no grounds on which to stand."
It was dark, but could Avira and/or anyone else who was looking see the Viera looking towards Avira a bit sadly? "I tried not to steal the keyblade, not that you care. You delude your own memories with what you want to be true. And yes, I am aware the Church claims me such. It is such as I get for stepping between a group of the Churches men screaming 'Kill the Heretics' as a warcry and their quarry. But I am used to being labeled falsely for things I do. Thank you for the warning, though."

Upon hearing the Heartless might be responsible the Viera raises a hand and pulls a spear out with it seemingly from nowhere. "I still cannot fathom why everyone seems to be friendly with you given how much of a bloodthirsty, violent criminal you are." She did seem to be looking around at this point however. If Heartless were involved... perhaps they would soon be drawn by Angantyr. Normally not one to bait others, Evja was using this opportunity to try and piss off the bloodthirsty Dark Knight, hoping he might flare his Darkness to attract the beasts that are supposedly here. Plus it would give her a chance to get rid of him as well if it came to that. Two birds and one stone and all.
Myla Mason Myla Mason does not well say a thing she looked at Evja for a moment staring at her for a moment. She'll have to keep this in mind, damn that person's got a heck of wrap sheet. She looks at the bunny woman for a moment.

"...Just lets get this job done!"

She seems a bust flustered but what can she do.

"The only things I know with gold eyes are people who use blck magic or Heartless yes and it's more likely the latter, Miss."
King Mickey It appears it was best that the group has settled or at the very least, put aside their differences for the time being, as a conflict between the party would have most certainly put them into a perilous situation.

At that moment, a dark portal begins to form directly above Emi and Rena, along with two pairs of small, twitchy hands reaching out to grasp the two ladies before them!

Not a moment later, dark portals begin appearing through out the room in large quantities with their hosts emerging from within. The Heartless most certainly have arrived and they are appearing to be quite hungry!

The forms of Heartless appear to be small dark sphereical figured with flames emitting from their heads! However, many of them appear to have small and various pieces of armor about them, along with being equipped with a variety of weapons and they are quickly to take advantage of disorganization among the heroes!

Each of The Heartless move in, taking action with a variety of quick strikes at specific parts of their armor, bodies, and weapons!! The strikes however, do not appear to directly damage their opponents! Individuals may feel a slight unnerving sensation as it begins to take effect!
Avira No. No, apparently we cannot avoid provoking each other today. Inwardly, though, Avira's just glad that Angantyr is keeping his reply to that mostly verbal. At least he too recognizes that tonight was not the time to be fighting amongst each other while in search of missing people.

A sigh follows as Angantyr storms ahead. "We should at least stick together!" she calls after him, sighing again as Rena speaks up. "I've seen worse disorder. We will push through this."

Emi speaks up saying something that could very well identify the culprits in the cave. "Heartless? What was on that paper, Emi?" Good thing she's already armed, but hearing that makes her rush just a little faster to catch up with Angantyr.

"I have my reasons!" she calls back to Evja. "It's a long story!" She doesn't get very far though-as she looks back, she sees the portals opening in the ceiling. "Look out!" What strange little Heartless though-they reminded her a little bit of bombs.

As a number of the little creatures converge upon her, Avira unleashes a rapid blast of her ice magic to keep them at bay. Earning herself some breathing room, she follows up with a larger blast-specifically, one of those snarling stylized one's she's grown so fond of. If she's named this attack at all, she apparently doesn't feel inclined to shout it.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr's eyes go aflame.

Evja has blow the last of the Dark Knight's patience. Blown it completely. Even the Heartless coming do not deter the Dark knight. Evja's words alone, have set him off.

Angantyr reaches DEEP into himself, pulling upon the stuff of nightmares to draw upon...and then cloaks himself in the darkness. The darkness consumes him, completely, before standing there clad completely in the dark knight plate. The abyssal plate itself looks as if you could fall right into it, as two red dots can be seen for eyes, which turn into beacons of crimson. The mace comes down, crushing the rocks below as he roars in anger.

There are no more words, as heartless come to attack, Angantyr FIGHTS...

Both Evja, AND the heartless.
Emi Dennou "Then maybe," Emi says. "You should not be so quick to assume that another's reason for being labeled heretic is any more valid than your own."

She remains unaware that Angantyr is geting ready to assault Evja, though it wouldn't surprise her. Another reason she may not be noticing this is because the Heartless have drawn her attention. The overall spookiness of the scenario chills her just enough that she's momentarily stunned.

She shakes it off clearly. Rena has a point that there is no real clear leader here, but she doubts very few 'leaders' here could stop these two.

Once she's recovered, she steps back, "The Network begins assault procedures." And she raises both arms, unleashing a wave of electric power towards the Heartless, playing a bit defensively.
Kuja Cloying Mist would suddenly appear throughout the mine shafts. Mist much like that which they might have encountered before, pouring out of various corridors of darkness placed throughout the mines. A strange, misshapen heartless would emerge from some of them, but they did not seem particularly interested in the living. Instead, they seemed to have no purpose other than continuing the flow of Mist, by spewing it from their maw.

A foppish man, would appear behind the party, bowing in an exaggerated manner, with one hand behind him, and the other over his chest. "May I also play a role in this audition? It is only fitting that the leading man, take the stage. Prologue. The End of the Puling Hare."

The man would have a grisly smile on his lips as he placed a finger to them, regarding the conflict between Angantyr and Evja with grim amusement. "Show me your hidden potential, if you desire to continue onward to Act I."
Myla Mason Myla Mason was asbout to say something else but she gets cut off bty the heartless arrive. She comes under assault now along with evedryone else and she's not feeling too good they hit. Something isn't right her connection to water itself is weakend and she attemps to purge it from her with quickly muttered spell.

"Come...we need to ... work as a team!"
Rena Laradyne Rena backpedals, throwing herself backwards as the claws reach out for her, the spectral hands tearing across her armor in chilling streamers that bring with it a soulrending cold that has nothing to do with the First Frost. It was a godless and unnatural cold that made the Shivan shudder.

She frowns with suspicion at Angantyr as he draws on the darkness that appears the same as that of their attackers.

Then the mist spewing creature appears and she uses a claw gauntlet to SLAM icy blades of energy into the heartless near her and Myla, putting her back against a wall as she quickly unslings the bow over her shoulders "Focus fire." at the words the bow glows a shimmering irridescence before a glistening arrow of energy spears through the air, freezing the air in it's path as it streams towards the mist producing creature.
Evja "When attacking a child is what he accused me of before attacking me in Jylland, I hold the excuse with those that hold no weight as I did no such thing. He likely just wanted to spill blood." Towards Emi, though suddenly Heartless!

So it worked, then! That was interesting to know that indeed Heartless were attracted to things like this. Perhaps if one could harvest and fire up Darkness as a beacon the Heartless could be lured towards it and destroyed en masse!

Evja responded to the Heartless that came at her by spinning around with her lance and trying to knock it away and down. Then someone appeared behind and Evja wirled around just in time to see the man. It was faint, but Evja felt uneasy about him. Not to mention suddenly heartless spewing...

"MIST! CAREFUL!" Though it was hardly in time for the Viera to avoid feeling it begin to pour out over her lower portions, legs and down from the spewing heartless. A tiny growl came from her as she backed away from Kuja and towards the group before shouting out simply, "I shall hold them as best I can, flee while you can! Heartless amidst Mist will kill us all!"

That shouted Evja charged towards the path to the exit and attempted to bat away the heartless long enough for the rest to get through. And yes, if Angantyr did try to get past, Evja would even hold away the heartless from him(Not that he likely wouldn't be doing such himself). "We are pitted within and trapped, regroup where you can keep them from surrounding you!"
King Mickey A small group of Heartless clang over to Avira just as she fires her shot of ice against them! Quickly!, the group of three in the front defend behind a trio of shields against the blasts of ice! The Front group shudders from the ice momentarily though, grumbling amongst themselves before shrugging the attack off and getting struck again with a larger ice blast! They shreak lightly and remain tightly around each other, waiting for their chance to strike.

The Heartless see the raging darkness emitting from Angantyr and two groups leap to strike against him! MRRRRRGRRRRRRRRR! emits from their mouthless forms but each of them are blown back by the shock wave caused by The Dark Knight's strike against the ground! As they recover, the mysterious person makes their appearance and The Heartless quickly begin to move back from Angantyr, waiting to see what he will do!

Emi's counter-attack on the heartless assaulting her is effective! The dark forms begin to jerk and shudder violently as the wave of electricity surges through them! They stumble around disoriented for a couple moments before shaking their heads to get themselves back the game, preparing for their next attack!

A large group of heartless begins to swarm around Myla and Rena, who appear cornered at this time! Certainly not a good predicament to be in. The Heartless are more than ready for Rena's assault, as a group of defenders come swiftly to the front lines! Rena's icy blades deflect off their frontward shields and begin to melt from a fiery elemental effect which is triggered. They immediately get back into formation and quickly deflect the energy beams away from their assault troop!

The heroes have done well to deflect their attacks so far. However, given the nature of these specific heartless, they tend to be incredibly aggressive! The Defenders place their shields aside and place their dark hands forward as red magical energy begins to emit from their hands, the air around them beginning to get hotter with every passing second! Suddenly, the areas around their opponents begin to emit the same fiery heat from their hands as a portal shoots up a pyre of fire from beneath them!

The Heartless do not stop there! As the defenders make their opening move, the offensive teams rush forward! With they gapping maws, the heartless attempt to bite into their opponents before they beginning to bubble around themselves, flashing more and more violently as seconds go by and....

Angantyr Vespar Angantyr roars as the bombs start to go off. Angantyr /GIVES NO <GOOSEHONK>s/. They were all on a fire sale.

HA HA H...shuddup!

Angantyr resorts to plan B. Physical violence.

He dives in, beating down heartless, and using the mace to block the explosions...the darkness shielding him from the blast as he breaks through the explosions like a boulder in a stream...and then he strikes. Striking out of the explosion by aiming to grab the Heartless by the face, and drag it INTO the ground, dragging it along as he brutally throws it towards Evja.

And then follows through, by dashing right towards both, aiming to impale them on the various spikes on the mace, aiming to slam them into a wall.

Angantyr's face level with Evja's own, "That bastard, destroyed my home. He destroyed everything I cared about, and turned my brother into a dog of Arcadia. And you think he is honorable? You think he is something to respect? Then you will /DIE/ here!"
Avira Avira says, "@emit A spark of anger suddenly flies forth from Avira's mind and she whirls to glare at Evja, punting a Heartless away from her as she does. "We are in this situation because you elected to cause strife amongst the members of this group! Had you kept your mouth shut and not deliberately provoked Angantyr, we would not be having this problem!" the huntress says sharply, no longer able to restrain her frustration. They came this far in this damn cold cave and now they're expected to retreat because suddenly half the group can't get their crap together?!

Seems she was right about one thing, though, as fire attacks start to fly. These are definitely bomb-type Heartless.

Squinting, she looks beyond Evja and finds that strange foppish man standing there and immediately gets a sinking feeling in her stomach. She /wants/ to ask Angantyr if that was the darkness he sensed earlier, but given his current beserker state, he's unlikely to answer. She might not need his guidance, though. She can feel him. "Who the hell are you?!" she calls out at him.

Avira really should have been paying attention. She hears the hissing noise behind her a little too late. Just as she starts to run, one foot launching her off the ground to dive to cover, the Heartless explodes behind her in a massive conflaguration. She's launched through the air, crashing through one of the discarded tables and smashing hard against the cave wall in a shower of rocks and dust.

Her small form remains prone for a few moments before she pushes herself back up. In her flight, she'd dropped the torch she had been carrying but by some miracle retained her grip upon her weapon. The back of her cloak is gone, as is most of the leather on her back, leaving her with deeply burned skin.

Her eyes blazing with fury, she pushes herself up onto her feet and calls forth her ice magic once more, mericlessly unleashing blasts throughout the cavern. Was there mist here? Avira would find out, for her particular brand of magic did rely heavily upon its manipulation."
Emi Dennou Emi pinches the bridge of her nose. Emi does not have the skill levels to both avoid the bomb and try to keep Evja (or Ang for that matter) for being killed. She elects that with current circumstances, she really has to focus on not dying first. Bombs go off, Emi manages to throw herself behind some rubble, covering her head with both her hands. "At this rate there will be a cave-in, The NEtwork warns that everyone find cover from falling debris!"

She moves along the walls, moving close to Evja in case htere happens to be a surprise from above plummeting to her. She's ready to make that +cover check, it seems.

WHAT COMES NEXT? MORE ELECTRICITY SHOOTING FROM HANDS. Seems to be slightly safer than spraying bullets into that mess.
Kuja The foppish man, standing behind them would merely clap his hands together in exaggerated slow motion, three times. "Well done. This audition is becoming quite invigorating. And here I thought the Mercurial Brute would disappoint. To not give in to his base nature."

He'd flick back his hair, with a hand, feather and all. "The Spent Princess isn't as entertaining. I thought for certain she'd want the Hare on a spit. After all, isn't he still in a contract to kill your Prince Humdrum?"

Meanwhile, now that the tunnels were fully clogged with the Mist, the misshapen Heartless would retreat back into the Corridors of darkness from whence they came. Each threshold into the umbra would still remain open, as Mist would languidly swirl out of them.
Myla Mason Myla Mason has to holld the line as she's assailed by the heartless there's pain a whole lot of pain from her. Well as they do seem to explode, oh dear lord Bombs. Freaking bombs she doesn't like those monster and worse when they are cosmic horrors mimicing them and she's force back. She's looking at the mist and she would use one of her flare shots but that's a bad idea she opens up with her pistols just laying down a whole bunch of magically charged shots.
Rena Laradyne Rena snorts, bracing herself for the oncoming assault. "..Alright." she murmurs to herself, taking in a deep breath of the quickly heating air. She stumbles a step from the explosion, from the blasts that caused a pressure wave to shoot through the small space. She coughs and chokes on the consuming mist and draws down into herself for the power, ice to combat the quickly consuming flames. Rena fires a brilliant crystalline arrow into the ceiling of the mine which shatter into threads of ice that rain down around her.

She moves gracefully with only small movements in the confining space, shoving and clawing the biting creatures away from her and fending them off with short, sharp SNAPS of ice magic that leaves explosions of cold to antipode with the rising heat into swirling streamers of steam that she pulls out of the air and refreezes, causing thorns of ice to arc like javelins to rain down on the dark creatures.

She makes her way towards Myla. "Myla? MOVE you Soggy excuse for a junker! Everyone who doesn't want Siren to sing you to sleep in a comfortable grave. Stop TALKING and start /RUNNING/, we aren't secure here. Link arms even if you can't scalding STAND eachother. Don't leave anybody behind." She re-slings her bow because the mist cuts down so much on her visibility, keeping a hand on the wall as she attempts to find at least Myla in the mist and keep her focus.
Evja "MY FAULT?!"

Evja practically roars out in challenge to Avira's accusation, "You have the gall to blame me for this darkness being present when I have gone so far out of my way to protect your world and you included?!"

Anger began to seep from the Viera, uncharacteristic anger, drawn forth from somewhere by the darkness-laden Mist. The Viera's body shivered and quaked as suddenly there was an explosion and Angantyr's mace connects with her armored chest and knocks her backwards into the wall before she had a chance to dodge. Bouncing off the wall and sliding downwards, Evja begins to laugh softly, "I knew it... I knew you were in league with the Heartless." it was a soft grumble from the Viera as metal cracked and her long fingers flexed against her metal gauntlets, actually managing to gouge the rock beneath her.

"Attacking the one willing to risk themselves to give you a chance to escape." Reason was gone at this point, slowly beginning to exude darkness, losing herself to the Mist that Kuja had brought with him almost as if for this very reason. "THEN HAVE YOUR DAMNED BLOODTHIRSTY BEAST!" Evja ripped her cloak off before launching herself at... a heartless that had just beelined for Emi to barrel it out of the way, "Run! While you still can!" Evja growled out in a throaty measure towards the girl, trying to protect her even though it may be obvious the Viera was straining against everything in her to not try and rip Angantyr apart. The anger was visible about her. Emi should know quite well why if she's observant enough. "I am through trying to reason with you Princess! Die in here with them all for all I care, you selfish <yay>, fellow contractee of Hades! At least I made my bargain to try and save your world, what the hell did YOU bargain yourself for?! All I got for my effort was an unbreakable order to kill a man and hatred! You were seemingly pulled from the very depths of hell by your friends, AND DEFENDED!"
Yes, Evja clearly remembers those at the TDA defending Avira's reasons, whatever they were, despite not knowing. The Mist had blinded Evja at this point who finally simply grabbed her spear and began to try and destroy every Heartless in the area, still somehow avoiding Angantyr and the others in her sights.
King Mickey It appears Angantyr's Rage cannot be contained and the dark knight has gone berserk! Shaking off the explosions like they were nothing, it appears the heartless's efforts were in vain against this unstoppable juggernaut! The Heartless defenders quickly themselves back into a defensive stance with their shields prepared for the onslaught of the beast before them! Many MEEP and GRRR loudly as Angantyr presses his assault with a few are left subjected to a sickening splat (Munny to boot, explodes out with green spheres!)! The defenders are able to hold off The Dark Knight's advance while more heartless emerge from portals behind them!

Avira's distraction appears to have been her undoing as the heartless' relentless assault has done a number on the princess! However, the warrior-princess may be down but is far from out. The Heartless sense her fury increasing, enough to cause them to cringe with fear! Sure, they'll cringe at a lady but an berserking hulk, not so much? That group must have nerves of steel! However, it is as they say, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."
And so the battle is underway! Fire and Ice clash together creating a nice steamy sauna that is begins to float throughout the crew quarters, making it incredibly difficult for many to see through the thick fog! The Heartless appear to have come out of that out unscathed though not by much it seems!

Emi was one who received the luck of the draw and managed to avoid her assault! In response, the network's counter-attack consists more of her trade-mark electrical shots, which once again begin to stun her attackers. More importantly, the metal shields act as a conductor for the electrical attacks, causing them to stream through out all of her opponents! BZZZZZZT! @.x

Rena and Myla appear to be having the easiest time with the heartless, as their consistant ranged fire is keeping their opponents at bay! Talk about team work! However, Myla wastes no time in unloading some of her more powerful rounds, as the bursts of magical energy slam into the defenders, sending many of them sprawling and exposing their weaker offensive teams to attack! Not a good day for this team!

Even with the encumberences, Evja's blind-assault is surprisingly effective! The rampage is sending the heartless around her sprawling and in disrray to the point they are working to retreat from her! SCARY!

However, it appears the Viera is not the only hazard in the room. The blasts from the Heartless-Bombs have effectively done a number on the cealing within the mine! Meanwhile, the remaining assaults and their deflections continue to damage the structure of the room! Suddenly, *CRACK! Rrrrrrrrr!*

The ground and roof surrounding rumble loudly, signalling the damage to the supports, which are beginning to give way, as rubble begins to fall from the cealing above!
Angantyr Vespar SOmehow...Evja has managed to make Angantyr /even angrier/.

"SHE was a mutant cursed with darkness that was driving her insane...YOU wanted to get into the games. I haven't seen you defend or save manhattan, instead working for the same forces that laid it low." Angantyr, Evja was going to die here. Angantyr had /enough/ of the bunny.

He shoos the others out...he can escape, Evja wasn't going to be so lucky.

Angantyr cleaves at the heartless, and Evja, swinging wildly...but not maddly. He was still perfectly in control...pissed off, but still of his senses.

Angantyr decides to burry two birds with one stone. He brings the mace up...and darkness POURS out of him...even Kuja, who is very pretty, is ignored. Darkness explodes from him...glowing in a heat haze all around him...

"DIE!" and then, with a powerful swing, aims to swing the mace down, unleashing a powerful wave of darkness all around him.
Avira "WHAT DOES THAT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHAT'S HAPPENING -RIGHT NOW-?!" Avira shouts back, absolutely furious that Evja would bring up all that's involved in Manhattan at this time. She also partially blames that annoying foppish guy, whom, terrifyingly enough, seems to -know- what happened to her.

The niggling thought of 'I really hate being called princess' festers in the back of her mind.


Bitterly, she inwardly admits that they really are going to have to retreat now. So much for the mission. "Emi! Let's go! We need to get out of here! Rena, Myla, you too!" She doesn't call for Angantyr because she knows that he has his own way of extracting himself from danger.

Frantically, she runs for the exit they came from.
Emi Dennou "Seems legitimate."Emi says at this point.

Emi isn't going to get involved in that fight when there's a cave-in also going on. As far as she can tell, Avira's got the right priorities, even more than Emi herself. She dashes after her, jogging along at full speed.

"Hurry and get out, The Network suggests, or not--this one adds a bit passive aggressively."

She bites at her lip, no doubt also annoyed that THAT topic has been brought up again, if less annoyed than Avira for obvious reasons.
Kuja "As amusing as it would be to watch you crushed, before you remember to escape using the talents of the Old Man.." Kuja would wave a hand in Evja's direction. A Black Mage doll would appear through a corridor of darkness. Enthusiastically it would speak a single word. "DESTROY!" Gravity magic from the doll would lift up the Viera if its magic struck, suspending him above the battlefield. Then an array of five collapsing stars, the size of pinpoints at their core, would form within his person. The energy would then coruscate outwards, exploding in a nova of darkness. "..I'd prefer you at least reach Act I. The leading man needs a rival with some elan, even if it is a brute like yourself."

The /very/ pretty man, thank you very much Angantyr, would nonchalantly open a Corridor of Darkness in front of him. "Is it already time for the interlude? Ware the rowdy thespians. They've started painting the town scarlet, ahead of you."
Myla Mason Myla Mason says "I have a plan! Avira trust me!"

She's been avoided she's got a plan this place is coming down, it's time to go, she's got an idea to prehaps get everyone out of here or so she hopes. She realsies it's time to get the heck out of here her plan is going to make thing worse she ceases casting turns about and runs like hell, and calls Swimmer after here.

Evja Angantyr slams in and Evja drops her torch, instead pulling out another spear and bringing both up across her chest to serve as a defense against the incoming Mace. That, and she jumped up just enough so when the mace hit it impacted the spears and knocked her flying back.

And then Kuja stepped in just as the ceiling began to fall with his doll. Lifted from the ground Evja barely had enough time to kick with one foot and connect it to the ground to vanish and flash away. And not a moment too soon as suddenly the entire area exploded with a FLARE spell!

"WHAT IS THIS?!" Suddenly the other was attacking! "Ugh..." Panting heavily it became apparent that Evja was wounded in the dim light brought about from the remaining lit torch the Viera had as he stood and began to throw his spears to impale them over the pathway of the exit to the mines, the same path they came down into. He was trying his best to give them a chance to escape. Trying to prevent the boulders from blocking their exit despite all that was happening. "Bastard..." she called out towards Angantyr, "Do not... die. Maira will cry. Do not... make her cry. GO!" Did Evja have feelings for Maira? Well, maybe, maybe not, but she was at least somewhat protective of her for whatever reason. Few friends and all more than anything else.
Rena Laradyne Rena does not waste breath arguing. She does not waste breath at all. She grabs Myla and pulls her bodily up the passageway, one hand against the mineshaft wall. "SPEARMAN." she booms in an authorative voice the temperature of a flash freeze.

The darkness of the aura then hits her like a lash, the unnatural cold grinding on her last nerve. As the black doll gives it's assault, she wades through the mist, pulling a cloth up and around her face as she does so. Unwilling to leave Evja and Anbehind despite the insanity, she shoves Myla towards the entrance. "MOVE IT junker!" and goes back for the others. She may not have a jackal in this fight between scavengers, but she was not going to leave people behind.
Myla Mason Myla Mason realises Rena isn't with her she turns around and she's going to come back for Rena. "RENA! COME ON ITS TIME TO GO!" She bolts after the Shivan as fast as her legs will carry her. "ANG CNA TELEPORT OUT IF HE NEEDS TO!" She'll have Swimmer also move her friend if she has to and she'll try to drag them the heck out. "and I'm damn sure the bunny has a trick up her sleeve too!"
King Mickey The supports surrounding this section of the mine are severely weakened from all of the assaults within this room. However, Angantyr's reckless assault will be the straw that breaks the camel's back, as the power of the darkness is enough to break the remaining supports and cues the inevitable! Rubble streams down from above as the cave collapses in on itself and those who have not made their dashing escape shall be trapped within or worse crushed under the weight of the world! A most horrific fate, indeed!

With the collapse of the mine-shaft, a massive explosion of dust bursts up the corridor with tremendous force and violently sends everyone who has not exited out, sprawling out of the shaft!

The massive cloud of dust goes everywhere, intermixing with the blowing snow, making it incredibly difficult to see. The howling winds make it equally difficult to hear, particularly for those who were forcibly ejected from the cave!

A most peculiar set of circumstances, as ally strikes against ally, while fighting against a common foe. The questions that remain are who survived, were they successful, and what lies beyond for those who survived.
Avira As if Avira needed further help running out of the cave! As the violent wind of dust blows past everyone, Avira takes great care to not go careening into Emi as they are forcibly ejected. Avira skids along in the snow, crying out in pain as her raw, burned back contacts the frigid air of Narshe.

A hand reaches up to grasp her cloak to pull it tight. It's then she realizes that she no longer has the garment. Shuddering, she sheathes the Spine and fumbles through one of her pouches for a potion.

"Is everyone alright?" she asks half-heartedly, looking back towards the cave.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr can't even hear Evja...and would probably be even /angrier/ if he did.

The cave starts to come down...whatever happens...well, Evja is pretty screwed. Angantyr decides that descression is the better part of valor, and turns, the armor shattering and leaving the Dark Knight in his basic armor.

He doesn't say anything, no dramatics. Though he had a really good zinger, if not for the wind and the crumbling.

Angantyr quickly summons a corridor around himself, and steps through. And of course, salutes Evja with a very very censored arm gesture.

Outside of the mines, the exit corridor appeared, as the nearly uninjured Angantyr steps through it, right...probably as the particular juncture collapses.
Kuja And then, a corridor of darkness would appear on the same suspension bridge that he gave his soliloquy earlier. His mien was entirely dispassionate now, for indeed he wasn't even looking at the other players upon Narshe's stage. Instead, he was gesturing to the stage itself. His smile was eerie, as he then turned, and continued to ambulate across the bridge. They'd hear the beating of wings upon chill winter air, as a silver dragon landed upon the other side of the bridge, upon which he mounted in one smooth motion, into its saddle.

And then he'd speak aloud, mostly to himself. "Alas, the canary isn't here. Still the audition for the bit parts must go on!"

And then the dragon would take off into the air above the stage, as the man waited patiently for events to unfold.
Emi Dennou Emi gets out and rubs the back her neck once she finally makes it out and gathers herself up. She groans, and examines the cuts and bruises from tumbling rock that she has accrued She lowers her arms and tries to take stock. "Mm... What was going on there, who was that red haired lady...?" She murmurs to herself.

Groan. So much for this mystery.

"Did everyone make it out?" She ask.s
Rena Laradyne Rena growls and coughs, a low rumbling noise in her throat as she is flung backwards by the explosion onto her back. She does NOT like being dragged, but after the first second or two of it, pragmatism takes over and her face becomes completely blank. She stares with that blank face up at the sky, eyes tearing from the choking plumes of dust in the air and she slowly sits up. She does a brusque and thorough examination of self and surroundings, gathering a mental inventory as she mentally shears the spearman and the barbarian from her memory. They are lost, one way or another. Anger. Grief. Confusion. Those are for the living. And whether they were living or not, they were dead to her assessment of the new situation. Change, Adapt, or Ice. The rule of the ice.

Rena coughs and wipes down her clothing, looking for survivors. Her eyes meet Avira first. "I am uninjured. Now that we have triggered the trap set by the storytelling gentlemen in the mines who played you all like harps, do you think we should backtrack our steps to see what has been happening behind us while our eyes have been blinded by the knives turned against eachother? Can you still fight?"

This is said with no scorn and no sarcasm. She might as well be asking for the salt shaker to be passed across the table. Her eyes flicker to the exit corridor, the smear of darkness through which the barbarian walks. Her eyes move past him as if he were no more substantial than air, ignoring him as she moves amongst the others, head counting and trying to help those who needed it.
Evja Rena still seemed insistant on helping Evja, which the Viera could appreciate. With the room suddenly collapsing, however, and everyone else vanishing, Evja doesn't have much of a chance to respond to anything at the moment. And with no light to go off of he does the only thing he can do and makes a blind leap towards where he thought the exit was.

Then everything goes pitch dark and a certain Viera is trapped within the Narshe mining complex, possibly dead, possibly not.
Avira "....I don't know." Avira sounds weary-as if it was something more than just her burns bothering her. It could be the whole 'played like harps' bit but she hardly sees it like that. Evja and Angantyr just... random...and then with the bringing up the contracts...

"I think I'm going to check into the local inn so I can heal." Avira sighs, pausing to drink down a potion. As she stands, she sees that damn foppish man on his dragon and growls. Without warning, she arrays her hands as if she were holding an invisible bow, complete with the motion of drawing back the bowstring.

Where an arrow would be, a shaft of blue light appears, then solidifies into a shard of ice. The 'arrow' is loosed at the rider and his mount. "Go the <GOOSEHONK> away."
King Mickey With the group battered, beaten, and suffering a tremendous loss of an ally, All they can do for now is reflect upon the events that have occurred, licking their wounds, and considering their next course of action. The howling winds and bitter chill of the snow remains to be a constant reminder to remain vigilant. With the only recourse left to be to return to town, it might be best to do so and at least report the findings of what has occurred.

The passage leading down the mountain to Narshe is passable. From afar, a small light of can be seen near the exit of the pass, could it be a sign from Wedge?
Rena Laradyne Rena frowns at Avira. "..but this task is not finished." but there is no point in arguing. "Let us see what folly we have dug for ourselves." she seems angry at herself but her voice is completely flat.

She checks her equipment a final time and plows through the narrow passage, picking her way across the rocky and icy terrain. She does not look ahead, keeping Myla with her and in front to keep an eye on the Levitani.
Kuja The dragon's tail would lash out like a whip, and casually strike the shard of ice, shattering it. The flamboyant man doesn't even turn around to see who attacked him. Whether he's oblivious to her insolence, or just doesn't care is unclear. The pair remained hovering at the same altitude, waiting ever so patiently.
Avira "It seems pretty finished to me." Avira says bitterly. "That Heartless infestation brought down that chamber in the mines. There's no way beyond that, and that's probably for the best for the sake of those in this city. They'll have to avoid this area until someone can confirm that the Heartless are gone for good."

She lowers her hands, growling as the man and his dragon ignore her magic. If only her magic were /stronger/...

She takes another potion, followed by a set of regular painkillers procured from Manhattan. Her pace back to town is urgent so she can minimize the amount of time her back is exposed to the snow.
Emi Dennou Emi nods to AVira and seems content to leave this mystery uncovered. She is worn out, tired, and frankly she could go in another day. She is uninterested in losing her life for the amount of pay this presents and frankly she's not so sure she trusts this dwarf.

"Mm... we'll have to find another way at least." She glances down the mountain path towards Narshe., and then she adds, "We can come back and investigate further when we're not hurting."

She doesn't see Evja around. Hrm. Was she still in there?

"In any event, we don't have the tools to dig Evja out. We'll have to to go back to fetch those at the very least."

She turns to head after Avira.
Myla Mason Myla Mason follows along with Rena with out much of a word there doesn't seem to be too happy but she's alive. "A job's a job."

She checks her pistols making sure they are cleaned and nothing would cause issue if she needs them again. She looks back for a moment then follows the Shivan.
King Mickey The blowing winds suddenly surge, rushing snow between the ascended Kuja and the heroes below, blinding each other from one another's view.

As the group descends into Narshe, there remains a small figure that resides underneath the bridge, carrying a lantern in his hand. The small form appears to be the night watchman, Wedge. However, the dwarf does not appear to be standing casually on watch. Rather, he appears to be standing defiantly in the middle, above where Kuja once remained. His gaze is lowered and to those who are attuned can begin to sense something is amiss.

"I see you survived. That was not supposed to happen. This is certainly a mistake though a minor one that can be corrected. After all, my master would not approve of leaving survivors and letting them leave here with our secret."

Wedge begins to move forward out from under the bridge, when suddenly swirls of dark magical energy begin to emit from within him. Numerous heartless suddenly appear though they do not approach the group of heroes. Rather, they begin to form around Wedge with the desire to devour him. As the heartless envelop him, Wedge looks to the heroes and speaks to them with soulless eyes, "You know... I must admit Iw as beginning to like you all though the only thing you proved to me is that the light is as fragile as glass."

The Dwarf drops the lantern in front of him and within moments, as the darkness finishes surrounding hum, he is suddenly engulfed in flames and begins to grow into a massive heartless himself! Throwing his hands outward, as the flames lick from his fingers and seeming impervious to the ice around him, Wedge looks towards the group, "This shall BE your grave! You all will not leave here... ALIVE!", to which he roars loudly at the heroes of light before him!

Rena Laradyne Rena opens her mouth to explain, patiently and without rancor, but when she is hit by the darkness and staggers slightly. She draws her duster around herself, the unnatural memory of the cold cutting at her and feeling like a mental coating of slime.

"Those creatures did not cause the collapse. Our merry band did that well enough on our own." she unslings the bow, rolling her shoulders. She grimaces at the waves of heat in the midst of such blizzard chill, nose crinkling slightly in bemused distaste.

"Myla. Remember that one time..?" she grimly looks towards the heartless that used to be Wedge and nods to her friend. "You were right. They should totally get better dialogue."
Emi Dennou "That is very unlikely." Emi says after a moment. "Because I have fought Bombs, and King Bombs before and have countermeasures within my skillset. I could not do it in the caverns, as I was concerned about suffocating the group. However--We are no longer within an enclosed mineshaft. This allows me to ionize the air around you. You won't be able to explode in such a damaging way as you may be hoping. What's more..."

Her eyes gleam. "You would simply be the third King Bomb this one has slain."

And with that she unleashes a strong burst of electric power towards the BOSS MONSTER--but she's not going for pure damage. Indeed, the electric blast seems to ripple around the bomb rather than plow right into him, ionizing the oxygen around him.

"Who is your master?" Emi asks. "Answer and I will stop."
Avira "Don't lump me into those two idiots fighting. I warned them not to provoke each other but they didn't listen." Avira says angrily, clearly not in control of her emotions to the extent Rena is right now. Something has her extremely riled apparently-several somethings, really, and her current state wasn't helping. "Besides, those were Bomb-type Heartless. Get enough of those together..."

She trails off,, falling silent as the wind bites deeply into her exposed back, drawing tears of pain from the scarred woman that she tries to conceal. She bites her lower lip to prevent a faint groan from escaping her.

Wedge is waiting to receive them. Or, well, he's standing oddly Avira realizes in her pain. Then he speaks.

The color drains from her face. "Get out of our way." she says quietly, drawing her arms around herself. She doesn't draw her weapon, not yet, letting Emi take the lead in questioning and attacking. Avira appears to be struggling and hoping for her potions to work their magic.
Kuja "In a true drama, it is always the ones who have the Crown, or covet it that are the most unstable."

He'd glance idly over his shoulder, flicking two perfectly manicured fingers towards the group. "Stick around, the faux monarch will make for a most ebullient denouement."
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks over to Rena looks back at that which is before them. "I remeber that one time. Also remeber what Mr Greene had us working on before the collapse. We should try that." She looks back and starst to focus chanting she's forming a hurge sphere of water but then the outer layer freezes whe's not doing antything else but seeming to form this /thing/ for something else as a set up?
King Mickey King Bomb laughs whole-heartedly at the heroes before him, particularly as they attempt to back talk him. He shakes his head and speaks aloud, "May as well say what you will because sadly they will be your last."

King Bomb flexes his arms and roars once again, the shockwave of the roar scatters any and all snow from the area before moving to his assault. He leaps into the air and thrusts his hands forward, unleashing a repeating shot of fire against all of his enemies on the ground!
King Mickey In response to Rena, a loud and squeaky voice comments aloud, "You know! I believe we are in agreement there!"

Suddenly, a zip of light can be briefly seen as numerous strikes are landed upon King Bomb, causing the massive heartless to stagger back and crash into the bridge of Narshe, "RRRRRRRRRRGH! What the hell!?!"

Then the flash of light zips back towards the heroes! The form becomes less blurred as it begins to slow, suddenly revealing the form of small animorphic mouse, flipping backwards and landing in between each of them! Taking on a defensive stance, King Mickey stands firmly against King Bomb, keeping his keyblade behind him as he finishes his comment, "These bad guys are so becoming readily cliche' in their reveals! Talk about bad taste!"

King Mickey looks back at the rest of the group, offering them a large smile as he continues, "I am sorry I am late, everyone though I am glad to see you all are at least in one piece!"

King Mickey swings his Keyblade around and suddenly, a blessing holy light shines over Emi, Myla, and Rena!

The Mouse moves back towards Avira, taking off his cloak and wrapping it around her. He smiles at her and asks, "You stay safe and come join us when you are ready, alright?"

The King rushes forwards pointing his keyblade towards King Bomb, "Now come on! Let's band together and take this guy down!"
Emi Dennou Emi slides to the left, the fire lightly scorches her ear. Avira's magic instantly regenearates the damage. It's actually kind of amazing, Emi thinks, that she has such healing power.

She cracks her knuckles once and draws out a small coin and--

--...wait, she thinks, if she uses this then that means she's lost money on this venture. In fact, she already HAS lost money on this venture.

Her eyes narrow grumpily and she flings the coin in the air when Mickey appears.

Emi blinks, the coin bonks her in the head, and she reaches up and snags it out of her hair, pocketing it again.

She is lost in thought for several moments before adding, "Understood."

She raises her hand and uses the power of electromagnetism to pull Keyblade (and Mickey) to her. She isn't trying to take the weapon, obviously, but is instead intending to, shortly after this, propel Mickey and blade at supersonic speeds for the King Bomb via his own blade, with little fanfare, because it's Mickey. And a mouse. He'll understand, she's sure.
Avira Where was Angantyr, Avira had to wonder as her hand reached down to grasp the Spine and pull it free. Fire buffets her and Avira actually welcomes it, happy to have some form of warmth even if it was this destructive. "Get 'im, Emi." Avira mutters, swinging out the Spine to unleash a cutting blast of air in return.

"Late?" she says blearily, staring dumbly as Mickey shows up. A small bit of joy spins around in the back of her mind-the part of her mind that isn't being overwhelmed by survival instinct. Her free hand, though, tugs that loaned cloak closer to her. "" she mutters, ", I'm ready."

Her eyes are fierce as she charges, the girl's ice magic pulling snow from the air into her sword-channeled spells. Even in the face of the King Bomb's overwhelming heat, she manages to hold the magic together, forcing it to manifest as the snarling head of a beast rising from the ground. Crafted entirely of ice, of course, it bites down and shatters with the force of the blow.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is still forming the water bullet it's pretty large all things considered. She contiunes to grows it larger and larger. She's clearly forcusing pretty hard from the look of concentation and the gold glow comming from her eyes is pretty apprent as any full on black mage. "I can't hold it much longer RENA! DO IT!"
Rena Laradyne Rena looks at Emi with a modicum of respect as she retreats to ranged. She takes cover immediately behind a large rock, kneeling in the snow with her back pressed against it. She does not argue or fight. "Myla. Man... it is a bit /cold/ for a swim, isn't it?" the grin she gives Myla is absolutely predatory. She takes a few pot shots at Kuja, trying to get at a wing joint of the silver dragon but mostly just trying to focus on surviving the scathing heat pouring off the massive creature of flame.

It is about then that Mickey appears, and reinforcements arrive in the form of an anthromorphic mouse. Huh. The worlds are a strange place, but one does not turn away help when in need of it.

She draws back the bow, sending an arrow streaking through the mass of water. The entire thing crystallizes in a moment as the arrow drives home and then EXPLODES in a deluge of Ice Water and cutting crystalline ice fragments.
Kuja As shots are fired at Kuja from Rena, he'd place a finger to his lip in amusement. "And so the Mammoth Lady thinks to usurp the leading man? Perhaps, she'd like a kiss."

He'd flick his hair backwards with a hand. "But I don't debase myself by puckering up for bit players. Let's create something more on your level to be the object of your affection."

A corridor of darkness would appear behind her. Cloying Mist would billow outwards from it, covering Rena, and then the battlefield. She'd feel light-headed as it washed over her. The Mist would then coagulate, taking form as a sort of spectre woven from the Mist. To everyone else, it would appear insubstantial, but to Rena, it would appear as her greatest fear. Whatever that might be, noone else would know what she saw, unless she chose to reveal it. Assuming she was unable to dodge it, the spectral being would lash out in a gruesome carress, before she'd feel a tugging at her soul, and life force.

And then a sphere of gravity would appear over her, in an attempt to dash her into one of Narshe's cliffsides repeatedly, before releasing her back among them.

Kuja would just give the group a twisted smile, before giving them a mocking wave. The dragon would rise in altitude, and move off towards the horizon.
King Mickey The King looks at Emi curiously as she grasps Star Seeker and before he gets the chance to ask, "Wha--- WHOOOOOOAAAH!", is launched into the air at super-sonic speeds! It takes Mickey a moment though he manages to catch on to what The Network was planning. As the electric energy forms around him like a shield and continues to propell him forward, Mickey begins spinning around within to give himself just that bit of extra momentum as he cuts through the cold air, like a hot knife through butter!

However, as The King continues on his path, Avira's assault is the first to connect! The massive ice beast emerges from the ground, being strengthened by the icy cold of the surrounding area as it ascends before returning to descend upon King Bomb! Its massive jaws open widely and slam shut as it crashes into the massive heartless! The Beast shatters into shards of ice that scatter everywhere. King Bomb appears unaffected by the beast's assault, to the point that he scoffs loudly, "HA! That didn't hurt a bit and you call yourself a hero!?! Hahah-- Huh?... What is.", at least at first.

Avira's beast attack may not have dealt the damage needed to end King Bomb, however, it causes an entirely different effect! The combined cold of the ecosystem and the ice attack has completely frozen the limbs of King Bomb in place, giving her allies a perfect shot to end this fight once and for all!

Not a moment later, Mickey looks forward opportunity presented before him and thrusts his keyblade forward, as he bursts through King Bomb with a tremendous blowback exploding out of his back! Dark energy surges briefly before beginning to disippate!

Yet, the massive heartless still stands, barely but it still stands! All hopes rest on the combined efforts of Myla and Rena to finish it off!

As Rena releases her bow and lets slew the massive magical arrow, it streams closely behind Mickey's projectile form and serves as punch necessary to finish this heartless off as it explodes into numerous ice projectiles, disenergrating the remainder of the darkness from its path!
Avira Her continued 'emptiness' persisted in dogging her. Ever since Manhattan, her fighting had felt so weak. The monster laughs in her face and Avira lets out a weary sigh.

"Being a hero isn't just about dealing damage..." she grumbles, dropping to one knee. The cold gets to her at last, back fully numb and muscles seizing up. She manages to remain conscious for a few more moments to see her allies take out the monster before finally succumbing and falling over.
Rena Laradyne Rena goes flying sideways, slamming back and forth against the jagged rocks of the hillside. That she does not break bones and shatter her skull is that she is almost a ragdoll already before impact.

When the gravity finally releases her, a bloody and mangled Shivan is discarded by a broken toy in the snow.

She lays on her back, one leg twisted underneath her as she stares blankly up at the wintery sky. Not even her eyelids flicker as the snow falls around her.

She does not move at all.
King Mickey With King Bomb destroyed, King Mickey descends to the ground just on the outskirts of Narshe. He looks up only to see the form of Kuja unleash a magical attack within town, only to hear moments later the blast of the shockwave. Uncertain of exactly what has occured as a result of the attack, The King appears torn to chase after the enemy or see what has occurred in town. Given the current state of his allies, Mickey stays his hand and allows Kuja to escape.

However, The King does make sure to remember that man, as he will most likely be a dangerous individual, particularly if he is toying with the heartless. He proceeds back towards the center of town, only to find that many of his allies have fallen either from exhaustion or being wounded. He looks around and calls out, "Help! I have wounded here and their injuries are extensive. Please if anyone is around, help!"

A few couple minutes pass and Mickey does what he can to tend to his wounded comrades. However, it appears his calls for help do not fall on deaf ears, as the elder of Narshe and a few other citizens emerge from the elder's home.

The Elder looks out to see the form Mickey tending to those by the bridge, "You there! Can you tell me if those beasts are gone!?"

Mickey turns around to take note with of The Elder and quirks a brow, "If you mean the darkness, then yes! These young people were the one who defeated them. However, they are badly injured! Please, I need your help, as they need proper aid!"

The Elder is hesistant at first, uncertain of whether to trust the mouse. However, something about him changes the old man's mind. He nods to young man next to him, "Take a few men and do as the mouse instructs." "But, elder!" "No, buts! Do as you are instructed! These individuals saved us and our town from certain doom! This is the least we can do for them and besides..."

The Elder returns his gaze out to the mouse and his companions, "There remain to many unanswered questions. I need to know exactly what happened here tonight."

The Elder's men quickly proceed out to gather the forms of Avira, Emi, Rena, and Myla, bringing them all to their inn. A short time later, healers enter the inn and begin to work on tending to their wounds. Restricted from entering their rooms to assist in aiding them, Mickey remains patiently outside in the lobby, glancing out a nearby window as the snow begins to fall once more.

After all, it is going to be a long night.

This scene contained 92 poses. The players who were present were: Avira, King Mickey, Angantyr Vespar, Emi Dennou, Evja, Rena Laradyne, Myla Mason, Kuja