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Fruiting For All
(2013-04-06 - 2013-04-14)
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Traverse Town has been pretty quiet since the DPS installed all their systems and they got to show it off the last time the Shadow Lords decided to come say hello. There hasn't been much excitement and many drills have been going on for the DPS.

Beyond maybe three individuals. One which has found that laying upside down with a bouncy ball and throwing it at the wall, then catching it, was highly entertaining. Well, it was kinda entertaining in a bored way.

Then in the fumbling of the ball, an idea was sparked. Perhaps by random conversation or one of them going on about a Banana phone. The Military program named CHIEF sat up with that /grin/ on his face. An idea was born once more. A brilliant idea.

If the DPS really wanted some drills to run and they were going to leave him out of it, then he would bring the drills to /them/ instead. How does one do this? It just takes some convincing of one of his patrons who perhaps is the engineer that started all this and a rather large bag for them both.

Yet what would they fill in these bags, you may ask? Simple.


That brings us now to the sunny---

--Ok, lets rewrite that. Twilighty day--

That is better.

Twilighty day of Traverse Town! People walking the streets, minding their own business. Some shops open, selling their good. People laughing and cutting up. Even some homeless people looking for money or food from those more fortunate then they.

On such a day there could only be one thing that must happen.

Look up to the building and see the Silhouette of FRUIT MAAAAN and Kiwi LAAAD!
Yet, there was no Fruit Man. Well.. that wasn't right? Though there may be a Kiwi Lad.

So let's try this again.



<Camera Pans to another location...>

CHIEF is seen chasing after several pigs who apparently have ran off with the bag of fruit in their mud pin. Yep. Fruit Man is being swined.

<Camera Pans back to the building...>

So that leaves Kiwi Lad to entertain the masses with fruit and fruit devices? One may never know what Kiwi Lad may have in store!
Lancer Kiwi lad also comes with his own theme music!

Very slowly music begins to play. It a lone kazoo. The squeaky strains filtering over the evening (morning?) twilighty goodness like the call of the plaintive loon.

Then.. in the distance, the rumble of approaching thunder. Somewhere. There are wrongs to right. There are foes to fight. There are.. little chunks of carrot in your teeth.

But no matter. Justice marches on with the giant stompy sounds of vigilance.

..and somewhere a sniper is groaning.

Silohuetted on the rooftop is the green masked and clad form of Kiwi lad, purveyor of fruit based heroism. The Kazoo, joined by other instruments comes to a stirring crescendo (and a banging trash can lid that startles the mimicer to silence) and then they lurk.. creeping across the roof tops heavily laden with a large bag helpfully labeled with a colorful orange.
Tifa Lockhart The barmaid had heard something about a fruit party. She figured that she didn't have much else to do on that night, so might as well take a break and do some social. Its close to the Cloud nine too, so its not like it will take alot of her time.

So Tifa comes over to the plaza of the second district... dressed up as a giant banana. Looks like someone misinformed her on what a fruit party is all about.
Kim Possible Kim also heard about the fruit party as well, although she'd heard about it while she was checking her e-mails at school in the computer lab. She was able to put her homework on hold while she made her way out here. She didn't dress up as a giant fruit, since nobody mentioned cosplaying. So when she arrives in the area, she's in for quite a surprise.

"What's that?" Kim asks as she looks at the giant banana, then sees the face and realizes it's Tifa. "What are you doing dressed up like that for?" Kim asks, trying not to laugh. "This isn't a costume party, you know!"
Percival The Gargoyle was perched on a nearby rooftop, with a book in hand when the silliness began. As the sound of a kazoo perturbs his silent reverie, he'd just toss the book behind him. He'd thought the novel would have been enlightening by its title, and instead it turned out to be a trashy romance novel about a sordid mercenary organization named SeeD. Definitely not worth finishing.

He didn't think anything of the appearance of Kiwi lad, and definitely hadn't heard about a fruit party.

He took a glance towards VALKYRI HQ and saw Maira within. Well there was a pleasant suprise at least. Unfurling his wings, he'd allow the air currents to take them as he glided down to street level, in front of the building. "Good evening Mai-"


He was just about bowled over by the onrush of pigs and CHIEF, and had to step lightly fast to prevent from being ran into any of them. He still loses his balance, and falls right on his keister as a result.
Deelel Deelel had come back to town to pick up things, Deelel had basically stopped living there the moment that Manhattan had been restored. She'd seen things after all that set her on alert to what could be coming. So she's driving along on her light cycle at least for the moment as she's looking for anyhting and then comes the pigs,, CHIEF and who knows what else as her bike with her on it is knocked over by a sudden flood of bacon.
Lancer And the misinformed is a masterful stroke of luck, for it makes them quite visible to those for whom fruit based justice reigns supreme. Somewhere.. a sniper is asking into their radio for permission to just shoot the stupid cretins, but is sadly denied.

So the Fruit Party Continues!

Jumping down from the rooftops, Kiwi lad sneaks steathily towards the Barmaid hatching her fiendish plot and masquerading as innocent fruit. Well.. it would be steathly if he wasn't humming his own theme music (Especially FOR stealth). "Halt, evildoer!" the modified voice booms (well. As much as a helium sucking chipmunk CAN boom) "I see through your dastardly fruit based schemes!"

Meanwhile, the pigs continue to run away with CHIEF< although a few of the more friendly ones stop and look soulfully at Maira with big adorable pig eyes. They snuffle and bump around Percival and are in fact, from the strange stylization of their hides and manner, actually Pig Noise, which while adorable, ruffles around oinking in a softly musical fashion.
Percival He does get to his feet after a moment, a sheepish grin on his expression. "I can't say, though I expect it has something to do with..."

He'd gesture vaguely towards CHIEF, who was still running away from them. "That man."

He'd give the pigs a speculative look. "These don't look like any sort of swine I've ever seen, what are they?"

Another pause, as he decided to continue the pleasantries, as if nothing at all unusual was going on. "And how have you been, Lady Maira?"
Maira Maira blinks, looking over as Perci glides down, smiling widely to him before he's practically run over by pigs. "Hello Perci!" she laughs, reaching down to try to shuffle some of the adorable pigs away so Perci can get to his feet. "I have no idea what is going on..." she admits to him with a shrug, idly reaching down to give the interested pigs some pettins.

"Where did you come from you silly things?" she asks as if expecting them to answer.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks as she looks over to Kim "... That's what someone told me it was! Why else would I be disguised as a giant banana, really?" ~_~

Somewhere nearby, someone is snickering, watching the barmaid in a fruit suit. Hey, it was worth the beatings he might get later. But before she can find out, he takes a trip to Hawaii. Its far enough to never be found!

Tifa sighs "So what's going on in an fruit party then, Kim?" She wonders since she obviously has no idea. Meanwhile, the costume stays on.
Maira "I have no idea Perci, I really don't," she says, turning toward him fully, smiling a little tiredly. "I've been well, pretty much. How about you? Been indulging in mass quantities of pizza in Manhattan I hope!" she says with a laugh. That's what she'd do!

Maira glances over to see Tifa in a banana suit, then reaches up to rub her eyes. "Uhhhhh...Tifa? Why are you dressed like a banana?" she asks, then looks to Perci as if to confirm that yes, Tifa is indeed actually dressed as a banana.
Kim Possible "I dunno," Kim replies, now turning away but no longer trying to laugh either. "All I knew is that there was fruit here and I thought it was ognna be something like a party where we sample fruits... unless." She looks from side to side with her eyes. "Unless there's something else going on I didn't see in my e-mail... which would be totally uncool!"
CHIEF had been chasing pigs. Yep. Chasing those pigs which goes off camera. Probably some squeals are heard. Some thrashing, and then all those pigs go running away.

Yet then CHIEF is then no where to be found.

However, across the way by some magic of camera, FRUIT MAN arrives with a flowing cape, a big FM stuck on his chest in that black armor body suit. Also a helm over his head that reflects the area in its full face dark visor.

He then jumps down into an alley. Soon some rustling is heard before suddenly an old 1980s song plays, more correctly, Funky Town plays. Then out struts Fruit Man with his sack of fruit and an 80s boombox on his shoulder.

Yep, FRUIT MAN has arrived.
Deelel Deelel cycle is down there are pig and she's not even sure what the heck is going on here. She really doesn't know but she's trying to derezz the cycle and finally she manges to but ends up getting run over by one of the last of the pigs. A now dazed basic is trying to get up.
Percival His smile would thin considerably when she mentioned that. "Manhatten.. still isn't very accepting of my kind, Lady Maira. I dwell here, for the most part."

And then he gave Tifa a strange look. "Lady Lockhart? W-What is that, that you're wearing?"

And then came the absurd spectacle of the superhero, and the Gargoyle could only watch in equal parts bemusement and horror.

Was that really a boombox? Well he'd give the faux superhero credit for that at least.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is going to have one of THOSE days obviously. And now that the FRUIT MAN has arrived, and she's still the FRUIT WOMAN, this is probably only to get worse for her. "... A misunderstanding, let's leave it at that." She answers Percival, lack of anything else to say about it.

She turns to look at the FRUIT MAN's arrival, wondering what's gonna happen in this party anyway, beside eating fruits, or making fun of the barmaid dressed as one.
Kim Possible As the FRUIT MAN arrives, Kim does a double-take. "Wait, are you supposed to be in charge of this thing?" She doesn't understand why he's got a boombox, but she's not about to doubt him either. "Where's all the fruit?" She hasn't seen the sack yet.
Maira "Ooookaaaaay," she replies to Tifa. She's not going to ask about it further!

Maira looks back to Perci, frowning briefly. "I'm sorry to hear that Perci...well, you're always welcome here!" she counters.

Turning then, she points toward Chief. "LOOK! ITS FRUIT MAN!"
Lancer It's about this time that Kiwi Lad feels the boot of authority that is the recall order. His shoulders sag as he goes "aww..boss. Come on." and he cries. "I have apples of discontent!" in which he attempts to lob an apple at Percival and Deelel's head before disappearing down an alleyway.
Deelel Deelel stares at fruit womans outfit err Tifa's and just eather is confused for a moment.

"This is just glitched up. What is going on here? Fruit Man? What the Cobol are you going on about?"

Now there's Kiwi Lad and Fruit Man as well Deelel is just string with this what in the name of USERs look on her face and thens he gets hit with an apple.

The apple the symbole of the most horrorfying system type out there WHAM right to the head, she just got maced.
Kiwi Lad was attempting to accuse Tifa of being a villian! However FRUIT MAN is all over this.

He looks at Kiwi lad, then to the 'FRUIT WOMAN', then to Kiwi Lad. He then shuffles up to her rather quickly, before he places down the boombox, reaches into his fruit sack and then hands her...


"Orange!" He hands it to her, then he spots Maira. He waves to her, before pulling out an apple and tossing it in her direction.

He turns his attention back to Tifa, before making several odd gestures; actually if anyone knew military it remind someone trying to do airline directions with light batons. His feet slide back in time with the music, before he spins around and then tosses Kim an orange as well.

"Kiwi!" he points at Kiwi Lad, "Light it UP!" He then points right to the sky. "For we are the Fruit Justice! And all must be fruited!"

However Kiwi Lad seems to have been napped. By an unknown authority.

Well. That would leave him only with a short amount of time, before he too would be called out. Best have fun now!!

So with no Kiwi Lad, FRUIT MAN does what he does best. Walks over to a street light, smacks it till it turns on and then pulls out several oranges before he starts to juggle them. About then the boombox starts to play I like to move it.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is handed an orange.



Why would you hand an orange to a banana. Well, at least there ARE fruits that aren't of the costume kinds.

Tifa is confused as all heck right now. ._.
Percival A warm smile. "Thank you Lady Maira. Maybe you could visit the Cloud Nine from time to time or I can stop by to visit. Most of the Agency has moved back to Manhatten and its quite l.."


The lobbed apple strikes true, smacking him upside the head. It didn't hurt all that much, and he presumed it was just a passerby who might be frightened of his kind. Not unexpected. There was little harm in it despite the humiliation.

Still, since Kiwi man had disappeared, he could only see Fruit Man as the responsible party. When he saw that it wasn't just a frightened civilian, a low gutteral rumbling escaped his throat. He shouldn't let himself get angry over such trivialities. And yet, he certainly felt like he ought to. Walking over to /FRUIT MAN/ on the balls of his taloned feet, he'd cross his arms. "Well? What was the purpose of that?" While he didn't explicitly state it, it was apparent that he desired an apology of some sort.
Kim Possible "Well, thanks?" Kim says suspiciously as she catches the orange. She's about to peel it open and start eating it when she pauses for a second. She narrows her eyes again and looks towards FRUIT MAN again. "How do I know this isn't poisoned, or that there's something else in this that is totally uncool?"
Maira This has happened to Maira, so she's just going to sit back and accept the chaos.

And a delicious apple! Maira reaches up to catch the offered fruit and smiles. "Thanks!" she says, then takes a bite, chewing happily.

Maira blinks at Perci is hit rather violently with an apple. "Oh dear...are you okay Percival? Certainly I'll come visit Cloud Nine," she replies.

She'll watch Percival confront fruit man then, pursing her lips curiously.
Deelel Deelel gets the apple now and just stare for a moment.

"...Fruited? What is your major malfunction?!"

She's really just an inch for being BSODed by this thing what is even going on here. Seriously what is going on?

"Maira! Tifa what is going on here I don't understand this..."
Maira Maira looks to Deelel, shrugging. "Fruit man. He shows up and gives people fruit...I dunno it's just what he does!" she explains. "I have no idea why Tifa is a banana."
Then Percival walks up to FRUIT MAN in discontent over the lobbed apple. Its ok man, at least your girlfriend hasn't smacked you upside the head with a mango for a playful game. He does a shrug, before he pulls out...

"Peach!" he then hands it to Percival. He doesn't seem to actually answer the question. How typical of FRUIT MAN.

The masked helm man stares over at Kim as she asks that question. There was a long stare, or maybe a stare? It was hard to say with that helm over his head. He then picked up a Banana, unpelled it and walked over to one of the homeless guys.

He crouched down and handed it to the man, before patting his hand on the man's head. "Good!"

As he walked away, the homeless guy could only blink a few times holding the banana. He just stares at Fruit man. Then the piece of fruit. Then back at the 'hero'. Then he got up and ran with it.

Fruit Man meanwhile then walks over to Deelel. He stares at her. Her reflection in his helm. He leeeaans in closely. He possibly stares for a long time. His hand reaches in the bag slowly. "You.. don't need to understand..." He then with rapid speed he pulls out a mango, "Have Mango instead!"

Yeah, this guy was a few pins short of a full breaker.

Fruit man then walks over to Tifa, before he bows and places out his hand. He motions his hand slightly for her to take it. For whatever the reason may be.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is REALLY regretting this banana costume now. It doesn't seem she can repeat often enough the reason she's in a suit, everyone is asking in turns, as soona s she finishes explaining, another appears to ask. >_<

She looks at the Fruit Man... hands him the orange...

And then she's gone. "I AM GOING BACK HOME TO TAKE OFF THIS STUPID COSTUME BEFORE PEOPLE DRIVE ME NUTS WITH IT!" >_<## And she leaves in the direction of the bar.
Percival Percival takes the peach with a bewildered look on his expression. His anger melting away by the absurdity of the situation. This man had to be some sort of imbecile.

There was no sense in getting angry at imbeciles.

Instead he'd walk back over by Maira's way, his tail twitching anxiously. "I just don't.. What is going on here?"

And then he offers her the peach as if to ask if she wants it.

And then he'd call out to Tifa. "Lady Lockhart! Its alright! You don't need to..." But she was already gone.
Kim Possible "Tifa wa--" Kim is cut off as she watches Tifa walk away. Then she turns to the Fruit Man and stares again. "What exactly is the purpose of this whole stunt? I mean, you just caused my BFF to storm off, and now things are starting to look even more weird than before!"
Deelel Deelel is just left in utter confusion as she has the apple in hand. She pauses to take a bite, of it, it's not bad. Not bad at all really but she looks at Fruit man for a moment.

"Wht is wrong with you, you crazy User!"

Deelel is shaking a fist at him.
The FRUIT MAN seems saddened as the wonderful and beautiful Banana woman runs off. He will miss you banana woman, he even cries out, "BANANA!!" as she runs off. Alas, it was never meant to be.

He then turns over to Kim, he stares at her once more. "Fruit man adventures!" This is all he apparently declares on what is going on.

FRUIT Man then turns to face Deelel. He just stares at her, before he skitters back up to her. He takes her fist. His goes to gently lower it down before he traces on the back of her hand a smiley face. Then hops away from her. Yep. Crazy be crazy.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart comes back to the square a bit after leaving, back in her usual clothes -.- She can't really leave Kim alone there either. She waltzes back in, looking around... seeing if there's anymroe of the crazies, or if she can just watch quietly what's going on in a fruit party...

Beside people being fruity, that is.
Kim Possible Kim looks to Tifa and nods to her. "I'm with him, let's get outta here! This whole thing is totally uncool!" She shakes her head. "That'll teach me to trust that kind of e-mail."
FRUIT Man cants his head, before he continues to hop away, picking up his boombox and exiting off into an alley way. After all, one can not continue to give fruit for every!

So the bag of fruit is left behind by all.
Deelel Deelel just stares for a moment sighs shrugs reforms her lightcycle. She pulls off and heads away she needs to gather supplies and head back home to the Arcade.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart picks up the bag of fruit that was left... well something for the bar at least. Evening won't have been a total waste ~_~

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