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(2013-04-06 - Now)
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CADUCEUS CADUCEUS was on an Airship, having decided to leave Traverse town and was just a bit impressed people trusted these machines without any light walls about it. Still when the airship lands, he walks out with the rest of the people. He does tend to stick out, circuit lines glowing bright green. He removes the disk from his back and begins to look into the green glowing center.
Serah Farron Serah Farron has found herself a place to sit down near the airship landing pads. The other guys said they things to take care of, so they left her alone a bit. She found herself some of the local snacks, sitting on a bench. Amusingly enough, her clothes don't look that out of place in Archades, so she doesn't attract too much attention yet. She picks some of the snack, some kind of bread pieces. Pretty yummy really. She pops them in her mouth one after the other, waiting patiently.
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS continues to wonder about, disk glowing in his hands. He finally sighs as he puts it back on his back. "I am a doctor, not a GPS." He mutters before approaching the woman sitting nearby. "Excuse me." He says, voice sounding somewhat synthesized. "Do you happen to know where the world Manhattan is located?" He asks curiously.
Serah Farron Serah Farron looks up to the 'digital man', although she's never seen such a person before either. She tilts her head a bit "Ah, no, I'm sorry, but never been there myself. I'm still new to this world, you see..." She doesn't think he's dangerous at least. She really doesn't know much either, she's been carried around by friends or pushed around by heartless maybe. That's how she got here.
CADUCEUS "I see." CADUCEUS says as he glances about. "These user worlds are vastly different to the worlds I come from...atleast there was some form of aides which can help us when we need it." He says as he offers a hand to the woman. "I am the Clinical Assistance Directorial Utilitary Companion with Enhancement Upgrade Systems, but you may call me CADUCEUS."
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks, scratching her cheek a bit as she takes that in "... Uhm... that's a long name alright, Caduceus. I don't think my name is an acronym for anything though." She smiles a bit, shaking her head. Takes all kinds of people. But she doesn't know about 'user worlds' either.
CADUCEUS "I am what is called a computer program. My function is to heal and treat users, people who arent programs, the people who make programs as well as try and perfect their physical capabilities." CADUCEUS explains as he pulls his disk from his back and holds it up, so she could see the flat side. Then images appear, holographic images of a solid black world with outlines of colored light and people like him with different colored circuit lines.
Serah Farron Serah Farron hmms "So... its a bit like my magic then..." She still doesn't quite understand it, but she's used different kinds of magics since she got here. Its relation to being a l'Cie, she's sure of it, but not how to control it yet. "Holograms?" she looks at the pictures though, she knows about televisions and the like, so its not really that odd to her. "So that's your world?
CADUCEUS "IT is. My world is filled with all sorts of programs, wishing to serve the users which created us. Others however wish to dominate, and force programs to battle each other to the death." CADUCEUS says as another image appears, this one of a being in white armor with red lines, ordering two green lined people to finish the game, before one throws a disk, and the one hit falls apart into tiny pixels.
Serah Farron Serah Farron hmms, watching the images. "That sounds terrible. But its not that different than our worlds I guess..."
CADUCEUS "Originally it was a free system but a power hungry program wishes to gain control over everything. Any attempts to resist him are either destroyed, or put to the games to fight to the death..." CADUCEUS says calmly as he puts the disk to his back. "I wasnt a native of that system however. That power hungry program infiltrated my system and stole several, myself and others...Thats why I have green lines. Normal programs have white or blue."
Serah Farron Serah Farron hms and nods, somewhat understanding. She's not much of a programmer though, but she knows about computers. "Our worlds are not that better. People aren't content with what they have, they tend to want more, and decide that taking some from the neighbor is the thing to do, after putting one's own nation under their control."
CADUCEUS "Every Program is a living thing in our world. And we are at the beck and call of our users...if we do not function as they wish, we are derezzed, our word for destroyed." He says calmly. CADUCEUS then looks about. "Most user worlds I seen dont know what computers are so it is difficult to explain what I am sometimes.
Serah Farron Serah Farron follows the gaze around "Well, this place doesn't seem to have computers... and I can't say that I really know about them either, but there was some in my world, I guess."
CADUCEUS "What is your world like, Miss..." He asks, and waits for her to give her name. "You said you use magic." CADUCEUS says as he chuckles. "Magic doesnt exist on my world, it is function and abilities. Guess here it translates to magic."
Serah Farron Serah Farron nods "Serah. Serah Farron." She thinks about it "Well yes, magic is not common in my world, its usually a bringer of bad news. Being able to do things without physical contact is what we call magic. But then again, most technology looks like magic when you don't know about it, like a telephone, radio or television. But being able to summon fire, ice, or healing magic out of nothing, we call that magic... Even if you used a tool to create fire or thunder, it still technically comes out of something right? Magic doesn't come out of anything but yourself.
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS nods. "Miss Farron. Most do not understand magic. I understand it less myself but my techniques are sometimes called magic. I can remove poisons by using my disk to interface with a person's biology. The interfaces however are limited, outside of healing any changes are temporary."
Serah Farron Serah Farron nods again "I know how that works... yeah, it would be similar to magic, really. Its not that people don't understand magic as much as they don't understand the people using it..." She sighs a bit.
CADUCEUS "Magic is a tool. Any tool can harm or heal. Most however want a general reason for their plight and the magic is general enough." CADUCEUS says with a nod. "Are you here alone or with friends?" He asks curously.
Serah Farron Serah Farron points to the left, somewhere down the road "They left for some errands a little white back, I prefered to wait quietly here for now, so I don't get lost."
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS chuckles. "I am not good at directions myself. Took me nearly three months to learn how to leave Traverse town." He says with a smile. "There are those who fight for the safety of others and the users on my world. His name is TRON, a security program."
Serah Farron Serah Farron hms "I heard of Traverse Town here and there, but not of TRON. I haven't been around much... although I've seen more than I should have, being on the run like that." She sighs a bit.
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS nods. "TRON is our world's hero. He wishes to rally those against the tyrant called the Master Control Program, or MCP. If you would like a ride to Traverse town, I could oblige..." He says as he pulls the baton from his hip. He then breaks it and leaps out and before Serah's very eyes, a green hologram outline forms around him before the hologram takes physical form, becoming a black motorcycle with green outline.
Serah Farron Serah Farron tilts her head "Well I'd need to find where Traverse is first... never been there, but I don't know where I'm going yet either... I'm just following friends, trying to find something familiar... places, people, something that would help me or put me on the right path.
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS nods. "Well here." He says as he moves from a spot on the bke and pulls out something similar to a cellphone. "You can contact me and others with this." He says as he offers it to her before he gets back on the bike and leaves.

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