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(2013-04-06 - Now)
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Kamon Lionward It's a beautiful day in Neverland, the place that defies maps, age, and most forms of common sense. If you're young, it's a paradise. If you're an adult or thereabouts, it is a little more likely to be a place full of all kinds of annoyances and inconveniences. Like fairies, and pirates, and children of all ages.

If you're Odynar, though, it poses a particularly dangerous problem: it's an island.

Kamon sits just off-shore in a dinghy devoid of things that aren't him. It sits low in the water, rocking gently (and occasionally not so gently) on the waves lapping at the shore. He came out here to pick up a box of stuff for one of the random jobs he'd picked up, and found that it was in the possession of a few pirates. Bumbling though they were, they put up a fight when they decided they outnumbered him, and in the process, he found himself on their boat and... drifting away.

He can see the shore from here. He's just far enough out that the water would be substantially above his head, and he lacks anything like oars. The Spine rests on the short pier jutting out from the idyllic beach nearby, point down and standing straight, lodged in one of the boards. It is next to a small crate marked 'FRAGILE.' He tossed both out of the boat when he was closer, and then got washed further out and chickened out of the jump.

Kamon sighs long-sufferingly and props his chin up with his hand. He keeps having to shade his face to keep the sun from gleaming off the metal jutting out of him. It's really annoying.
Kaydin The clanging of steel can heard as on another dinghy nearby, pirates seem to be gaining all sorts of visitors, this one a black cloaked figure with a black sword, chain wrapped about the arm the sword is held in. As the pirates fight, the cloaked man fights back, sometimes letting the pirates strike his chained arm. swish swish, clang clang. Cue sword fight sound effects and Arrrs,
Leida As of late, Leida has been procrastinating. She knows it is time for her to move on and leave the Shard Seekers behind. Despite her rather startling lack of adventerous spirit or skills, the newly minted clan had allowed her to stay among them ever since her rescue from the shadow demon's control several months ago, never once treating her with suspicion or fear of the horrid creature's return.

But even though she knows they will never say anything, her presence there is becoming more and more of a thorn in their side. Ever since her demonic features began to manifest the young princess has had to try harder and harder to maintain even basic civil interactions with the various peoples of Fluorgis but the tipping point had come recently and now even the shop keepers who greeted her with smiles and gossip on a daily basis wanted nothing to do with the girl.

Her connection with the shadows grew stronger by the day and she could use their everpresent currents to hear the rumors and poisonous things said about her in the dark. That fear and hatred would eventually spill over into the Shard Seeker's dealings and she was determined to take her leave before her presence could taint their new organization.

Ofcourse, she has other motivations. Having spoken with Emi and confessed the feelings that have developed for the strange hive-mind known as Legion, her desire to be near to them draws her to Manhattan but the barrier between the world of blades and castles that she knows and that of modern technology is one she has yet to overcome. Even though she has been reassured that her appearance, while still strange, would not cause undue concern in land of the Big Apple due to a strange tradition known as 'cosplay', Leida hasn't managed to grow comfortable walking about openly. No one screams or runs or chases her away but they still stare.

Feeling restless and unable to face her fears just yet, the princess boarded a random flight out of the sweltering desert city. She knows so little about the various worlds that populate this new paradigm of reality. A little exploring away from prying eyes might be just what she needs.

Ofcourse, after a few hours of wandering about in the forest, the demon girl has absolutely no idea where she is any longer. Lacking any sort of compass or natural direction sense, she forges ahead resolutely, using the blunt but thick wooden training blade granted to her by Angantyr to beat down the dense shrubbery. As she carves a path through the underbrush, it seems to snap back into place behind her, swallowing any traces of her passing and leaving her no means of finding a way back.

Unlike getting lost in Manhattan, surrounded by the din of hundreds of unfamiliar faces and rumbling automobiles, the serenity to be found here is a pleasant one. She enjoys the trek, allowing the subtle sounds of nature to surround her in what feels like ages.

Her reverie is interupted, however, by the sudden clash of metal carried by the wind. Her senses key up immediately; Even one as sheltered as herself knows the sounds of weapons meeting and for the first time since arriving a pang of fear shoots through her. As much as she'd like to simply turn and flee, Leida knows she cannot go back and she finally notices the slight tang of salt in the air. A beach? There might be some manner of transport she can procure there, and though she's not quite ready to leave yet, knowing a way to escape exists would be comforting.
Maira Maira has found her way to Neverland again, much to her pleasure. This is exactly the atmosphere she needs. It is filled with magic and wonder, the innocence of childhood, the fairytale fantasy...complete with actual fairies! That is truly the most delightful part, really, for with the fairies Maira is sitting on the beach of the island surrounded by small, sparkling lights that dart and flutter around her, helping her make a crown of flowers as Kamon's boat drifts into sight. She is all of a few inches tall, with brilliant flame colored irridescent wings upon her back that flutter idly as she concentrates on her project.

Maira looks up, squinting in the sunshine toward the dark shape. "Huh....what's that? Lets go check it out!" she says, then places the now finished flower crown on her head before taking flight to zip over toward Kamon, trailing sparkling.

She lands on the bow of the boat and waves to him emphatically. "Kamon! KAMOOON!" she cries, though it likely sounds like twinkling bells.
Kamon Lionward Kamon drifts. It's kind of embarassing, actually. He spots some commotion on another boat not too far off -- more pirates? -- and squints against the sunlight to see whats going on. It looks like someone over there is kicking some butt. Someone somewhat... familiar.

He shakes his head. Couldn't be. Kamon sighs and bows his head, crossing his arms and squeezing his eyes shut against the sun. Eventually, he gets tired of that, and pulls his coat off, pulling it up over his head to shield himself from it. Getting sunstroke on a boat would be embarassing. How is he gonna --

There's a sound like the twinkling of bells. Kamon opens his eyes and looks out from the shade of his coat, peering down at the fairy. He frowns a bit. "I don't suppose you could get me a couple oars," he mutters. There's another second before he pauses and leans forward, squinting again. "Hey, wait. You look kinda... familiar."

Except, of course, the one person who looks like the fairy isn't about three inches tall, so it doesn't immediately go 'click.' He just shrugs again.

Boats /suck/.
Maira Maira groans with frustration, flitting up to fly small circles around Kamon. Does he not recognize her? Also, it seems that he can't understand her. Hmm...something will have to be done about that! Perhaps its something about being so tiny? Hmmmm....

Maira flitters around until she decides to land on Kamon's shoulder, leaning in really close to his ear to speak after casting a couple of spells she think might help. "Kamon! It's me, Maira! I think I can help but you need to think happy thoughts, okay?" she says. This should work!

Then Maira flutters up and sort of....does a little shake, fairy dust falling from her onto Kamon.
Leida The bushes and ferns lining the thick jungle at the edge of the beach begin to shudder and thrash noisily as Leida haphazardly smashes her way out of the verdant maze. Her heavy wooden sword comes crashing down, knocking aside a final branch and the young girl clumsily spills face-first into the sand.

She sighs with relief upon finding herself finally free of the canopy of leaves but immediately winces as the bright sunlight shines down into her face, straining her shadow corrupted eyes. Pushing up to her knees, Leida lifts a hand to her forehead like a visor, blocking out the offending rays as she scans the nearby surroundings.

The docks are the first thing that catches her notice and she feels a surge of hope blossom. Maybe she can find a ship to get back home here. Before she can even rise to her feet to go and check, however, the princess finds herself beset by a mass of swirling lights. Instinctively, she flinches away from the sparkling motes but as they draw closer the scintilating spheres resolve into tiny female forms.

Leida blinks, staring at the fairies with wide-eyed curiosity. One of them flutters up to her face and waves her arms about emphatically but the only thing she can hear is a soft twinkling noise, causing the girl to tilt her head to the side quizzically.
Kaydin Kaydin continues to sword fight, and one pirate keeps him pinned against an edge. It is then the man surges with darkness and his sword cleaves into the pirate's sword and pushes the pirate back. Kaydin then moves and kicks him off the boat. With the pirate kicked off, Kaydin looks about his prize: A dinghy! Cue victory music.
Palom Palom bumped into Maira again in his travels, and decided to tag along to see a new world...

And then she turned into a fairy. Palom finds this interesting, but by the time dinghys start drifting by, he's gone to play in the sand, beginning to build a sandcastle when he hears Maira shouting and looks up. "Huh? Do you know that guy?" He stands up, brushes the sand off his clothes, and hurries out to the water... and begind walking /on/ the water, on a bridge of ice that forms under him.
Kamon Lionward *sploosh* goes some pirates. Kamon glances that way. Looks like someone won. Now they too can enjoy their very own dinghy!

The fairy gets really close to his ear, and Kamon jerks his head back a bit. He blinks a couple of times when Maira buzz-whispers in his ear. "Huh? Maira? But you're --" A tiny and adorable three-inch fairy. "-- short."

'Think happy thoughts.' Kamon frowns. He's been in this position before: get told to get into a certain mindset for a particular purpose by a trainer, and do it immediately or get hit with something probably wooden in a probably painful but non-essential place. He closes his eyes again, inhales through his nose and exhales through his mouth. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. There /was/ that moment of finding out his friends were all right after the end, that was pretty happy...

Kamon drifts upwards and kind of lazily rotates in mid-air. He ends up turning sideways, and opening his eyes to find that his coat is falling off his head. He catches it with one hand, and then notices he's in the air.

Predictably, Kamon starts /flipping out/ and /flailing wildly/.
Maira It works! It works! Maira cheers, zipping around in circles, probably screaming 'bweeeeeeeee!'

At this point, a few of the other fairies have fluttered over to see what was going on, adding their tinkling giggles to Maira's.

Helpfully, Maira tries to grab hold of Kamon's coat and pull him upright. "Just think happy thoughts! And go that way!" she shouts, gesturing toward land. She'll try to tug him in that general direction, the other fairies catch onto the plan and all grab Kamon's coat to begin towing him toward the island.
Palom Palom watches with interest as Kamon lifts up. "That looks fun! I wanna fly!" He jumps up and down excitedly, then slips on the ice and falls over -- though not into the water, as the patch of ice he's on freezes out and expands. "Owww..." ;_;
Kaydin Kaydin walks about his new dinghy and pulls the rope to redo the sail and begins to try and sail the dingy when sight of a floating person is seen. This causes him to turn and if Palom looks over, the little mage can see the black sword he carries, and how it looks identical to a dark knight of baron's sword other then the chain addition wrapped about his arm.
Leida After a moment the fairies realize their attempts to communicate verbally with Leida aren't going to work. Several of them withdraw and gather a few feet away from the girl, chattering amongst themselves now that they've had a moment to get a better look at her. The blade-like crimson horns protruding from her head like knives are certainly not something one sees in Neverland all that often, though it does have it's fair share of odd creatures and since she doesn't appear to be hostile they eventually flutter back over to try again.

A few of the tingy girls grab onto her fabric of her dress at the shoulders and tug upwards, trying to pull Leida to her feet and she complies with their request, still rather awe-struck by their very existance. The closest thing she's ever seen to a fairy are eldritch flames of a lost soul, so she's not quite sure what to expect from this encounter.

The sudden splash from the pirate being involuntarily ejected from his boat, draws her attention even as the glittering lights draw her towards the beach and closer to the others. Her eyes widen again upon catching sight of the floating man as well as the young boy standing on patches of ice that seem to have no reason to be there. This world's magic was strange.

The fairies insistantly push and tug the small princess over to the edge of the water and she eventually gives in, despite not being terribly comfortable introducing herself to strangers. "Um... hello?" Leida calls tenatively out from the beach. "Would you happen to know if I can acquire safe passage aboard a vessel here?"
Kamon Lionward Kamon keeps drifting. He thinks happier thoughts and drifts faster. He imparts a little spin by kicking a little. Fairies scatter from the giant flailing in mid-air. "Happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts --" Oh, there's one.

Kamon picks up speed and zooms over the ice bridge. He briefly spots it, feeling a surge of relief and then a little jealousy. He speeds up again. Kamon the Meteor streaks faster and further, over the pier with the Spine lodged in it and the box he was going to pick up. He spots Leida and jerks back reflexively, suddenly gaining a bunch of altitude. He clears the treetops --

Looks like Team Rider is blasting off agaaaaaiiiiiinnnn...!!

Maira Upon hearing the calls of the other fairies, Maira looks over as some are tugging Leida forward. Oh! Hey! Leida! Maira knows her! She wave emphatically, but Leida isn't likely to recognize her until she gets closer. She's too busy towing a floating Kamon toward the shore.

Luckily Kamon gets the hang of it and blasts off spectacularly! Maira watches with wide eyes as he turns into a twinkle in the disatance. Then, she zips over to Leida and hovers in front of her face, waving and bouncing excitedly, her flame-colored gossamer wings fluttering quickly. "Leida! Leida!" she says, her voice tiny but carrying thanks to some creative uses of magic.
Palom Palom rubs his bottom as fairies grab his clothes and pull him to his feet, but before he can thank them he catches sight of--

A Dark Knight of Baron!

"YOU!" The little mage shouts. "You attacked Mysidia! How many people did you kill, just to take a crystal that isn't yours?!" Palom glares, hands balled up into fists.
Leida Leida's eyes grow to the size of dinner plates upon seeing the man suddenly rocket towards her and she ducks at the last moment, just barely avoiding getting knocked to the ground by his surge of happy thoughts. "Well! That was quite rude!" She yells after him but by the time she's recovered her composure and turned around to do so, Kamon is little more than another twinkle in the sky.

Indignantly running her hands down the front of her dress while the fairies all giggle around her, she turns to peer back out over the lapping waves at the other boat and the young boy. However, she is beset by another dazzling comet only this one is much smaller and manages to stop before slamming into her face.

The princess' eyes cross slightly as she peers down the end of her button nose at the small glowing girl hovering inches away. The high-pitched twinkles coming from her are similar to the other fairies but Maira's command over magic allows Leida to pick out her words which causes her to blink in surprise.

"Do... do I know you?" Leida squints a bit trying to get a better look but between the glow of the fairy dust and Maira's unusual size, she isn't able to make the connection.
Kaydin Kaydin turns to the sound of the voice and looks to him, pulling his hood off. "Only the ones who refused to surrender. Be happy Mysidia wasnt completely wiped out, worlds suffered worse fates. If you rather tend to old grudges, would it make it better to know I no longer am part of baron?"
Maira "Maira! It's Maira!" she chimes, smiling brightly. Really, is she so unrecognizable!?

Then Maira hears Palom shouting and her brow furrows with concern. Especially as she then spots what Palom is so upset about. Kaydin! Wow, she hadn't seen him in a while. What kind of trouble had he been causing?

"Palom may need help!" she says to Leida, zipping off then to join Palom. She settles herself down on his shoulder and places her hands on her hips, glaring over at Kaydin menacingly. Not that he would notice from afar...but its the thought that counts, right?
Palom Palom begins muttering. 0'Destruction of nature...' he raises a hand and the glow of a red spark of magic can be seen-- but he stops when Kaydin says he has left Baron. "You left Baron? Why? And Baron has to be stopped! How many more people are they going to kill?!"
Minerva Minerva had been a bit lost after she arrived in Neverland she'd been changed to better fit the world and well she was quite confused. It had caused her to lose track of Maira and well it had taken her this long to find her. Had she been prepared she'd have been enjoying flying but now she's tiny and confused also making Twinking noises Maira would have a easy time nocigin the confused and now pint sized Monk. Or is that bite sized now? She'll get into once she's a bit less confused.
Kaydin "I left baron because I could not stand what they were doing...Slaughter countless in the name of power and defense. The fall of Manhattan made me realize that they will go down a dark path of much more destruction, and I do not wish more blood on my hands." Kaydin says as he looks to the Faerie with Palom. "I cant raise my sword against my own home...Could you use your magic against mysidia if they were in the same situation as Baron?" He asks as he remains at the boat's edge, the boat drifting close to the ice which Palom stands on. "Baron wont stop...until it has the power to destroy any threat to it."
Leida "Maira...?" Leida's eyes lift up towards the sky as a finger goes to her chin, pantomiming a thoughtful look for several seconds. The ticking sound of a clock can almost be heard as her brain tries to sort through the detris it has accumulated. She's usually good with names, but the events fo the past couple months have left her out of sorts and without some clue...

"Ah!" She gasps as recognition finally hits her, a hand going to cover her mouth out of habit for formal manners. "Maira-san?" Leida blinks and stares off after the tiny fairy girl, clasping her hands at her waist demurely. "How did you get so small," she muses quietly to herself.

Leida finds herself strangely jealous for some reason. Getting to experience flight like a tiny bird or insect would be quite fun, she thinks. Such thoughts are befouled by the sudden eruption of tensions between the child and the armored man and the princess turns a baleful stare upon both of them. This is not her problem.
Maira Maira can hear Kaydin at least, and is frowning thoughtfully at his words. Were they true? Did he really leave Baron because he didn't think what they were doing was right? Maira had forgiven people worse offenses....

Maira spots Minerva again and waves her down. "Minerva! Hehehe! Isn't this fun!?"
Palom Palom lowers his hand. "Well... good." He says, when Kaydin says he cannot stand to continue the violence. And simply nods. "If people from Mysidia attacked Damcyan for its crystal or something, they'd be bad people who needed to be stopped no matter where they were from! And shame on them because they should have known better! It doesn't matter if you're from Baron or not! If you /really/ think what they're doing is wrong, and you have the power to do anything about it, you should stop them!" He points at Kaydin.
Kaydin Kaydin chuckles. "I appreciate your outlook. You are right though, runt." He says as he pulls on the ropes to the sail and turns the stick rudder. "Take care, Mage, It will become worse before it gets better." He says as the ship begins to sail off.
Minerva Minerva pauses for a moment thankfully the change left her knowning how to sly the now tiny monk flies for Maira.

"Thank the saint someone who can understand me."

She hovers there and stars to think more.

"flight...tis a miracle really."

She starts to smile and now takes a look around to see there's Kaydin and she just eyenarrows. Minerva is fairly forgiving for her culture but even with that she's far less than some worlds or people would be.
Maira "Isn't it!? Look at my wings! Look at /your/ wings! Oh they are so pretty!" she says, reaching out to touch Minerva's wings with a giggle. It seems the Kaydin and Palom situation is diffusing. Good, she could do with a drama free day!

"Yeah when we're like this big people have trouble understanding us. I used a bit of magic to kind of...amplify my sound enough," she says with a nod. "I wonder if we'd all turn into fairies here? Very curious!"

Maira flitters over to Leida again, settling down on her shoulder. "Hiya Leida! What are you doing here? Looking for a way out? Did you get lost? Did /Reize/ get you lost?"
Palom Palom frowns slightly. "You can't just run away! You have to /make/ things better!" But, the boat's going farther and farther away. Grumpily, Palom turns away and throws a fireball into the open water, then walks back towards the shore, though he stops to look at Fairy Minerva. "What?" Then he looks at Maira. "Hey, you made the other guy fly, can I fly too?"
Leida Leida frowns slightly as the only ship in sight begins to vanish. Well, so much for that. Not that she's too keen on catching a lift on such a small vessel alongside a dark knight. Her experiences with the warriors of darkness has labeled them as generally unpleasant or at the very least dour sorts. Not the kind of person princesses should consort with in any case, have they the choice.

She closes her eyes and exhales in annoyance only to find Maira settling on her shoulder when then open once more. The tinkling sound of her voice is slightly irritating but there's naught she can do about it and she's not feeling quite dismissive enough at the moment to simply brush the girl off.

"No, it is my own doing that sees me stranded upon this strange shore," she says. "I grew bored and decided to take passage upon an unknown vessel, whereupon I found myself lost in the forest within a few moments of setting off from the port." Leida puts on her best regal look as she speaks, feeling some of her old courtly demeanor rising up from within now that she is back in more comfortable surroundings without any traces of 'modern' technology.

"I should like to see more of this land afore I take my leave. YOU seem to be graced with an agreeable method of traversing this dense forestry, perhaps you can find something of interest that might make for a bit of entertainment."
Minerva Minerva laughs and she does see the wings and she feels a bit strange as her own are touched but she laughs at it.

"We can fly !" She does a little loop "Who cares I guess we should have some fun however right?"

minerva waves "Hello!" Well thats what she tries to say.
Maira Oh Leida, why must you be so difficult and unpleasant? Oh right, real princess! Still, Maira takes it in stride, zipping back over to Palom as she hears his request. Well...she supposes that's fair... "Well Minerva, these two want to fly. The fairies told me you need some pixie dust and they must think happy thoughts," she inform her.

Maira wiggles over Palom then, pixie dust cascading down in golden sparkles. "Happy thoughts!" she says, then goes to give the same treatment to Leida....who may have a harder time with those happy thoughts.
Leida Leida wrinkles her nose at the golden sand as it cascades like snow around her, holding up both hands to shields herself from the sudden onslaught of pixie dust. "Ack! Wh-what are you..?!" The girl straightens up and brushes the sparkles from her dress in a huff. "Now see here! What business do you have covering me with such things without proper warning!"

She pauses and takes a look at her hands as the tiny motes settle into her skin and clothes, causing flushes of golden light to spread about for a few moments before they disappear. "Although... it is quite pretty, I must say. I wonder if one could have this dust on hand at all times. It would certainly make quite the statement at social functions."

After a moment, Leida turns to peer at the tiny fairy. "What was that about my thoughts, now?"
Palom Palom gives Leida a blank look. Then smiles. "Hi! I'm Palom, the Genius of Mysidia!" And then... pixie dust! Man, what's a happier thought than that you're about to fly? (As an innocent child, he has no doubt that this will work)

He begins to float off the ground. "I'm flying! I'm flying, Maira!"
Minerva Minerva is hoving about with Maira and seem to be getting an idea she also is dumping some dust down on Palom and laughing. She never really had a childhood in the sense some of the people here might have had barring Leida that is...
Maira Maira shakes her hand, facepalming at Leida. She flies closer to speak into her ear. "This makes you fly! But you have to think happy thoughts. It is simply how the magic works!" she informs her, turning to giggle in Palom's direction before zooming off to fly tight circles around him, positively gleeful!
Leida Leida's expression lights up a bit at the mention of flight and she turns to the fairy girl with a giddy enthusiasm. "Really?!" She realizes her slip after only a moment, however, and blushes slightly, crossing her arms over her chest and looking away. "W-well... I suppose I shall give it a try, then, if you insist."

Closing her eyes, Leida tries to visualize all of the things that she can think of that make her happy. Many of them are surprisingly simple: a comfortable kimono, a fancy bit of jewelry that was gifted to her when she was young, the taste of icecream after spending days in that horrible desert, and secretly the warm fuzzy sensation she gets from drinking alcohol.

They flow surprsingly quickly and the girl begins to lift gently into the air. Her eyes snap open upon achieving a few inches of flight and she does her best not to display the childish rush of elation that this gives her. "I... I am really flying..."
Palom Palom watches Maira circle him, reaching out towards her, and then watches Leida with interest. "You are!" He flies over, clumsily at first, but soon he's circling around her. "This is awesome!"
Minerva Minerva is flitting about for a moment

Sher just having fun and wonders about could she collect some of this dust for her own use for later who knows but he's having fun and looks about Leida as she flits about the princess and calls out.

"See you can do it wheee!!!"
Maira Maira giggles brightly, the sound of tiny crystal bells.

"Come on, I'll show you something," she says, then motions for them all to follow as she zips off toward the island.

She would lead them all through the jungle to where a waterfall pours gracefully down from a cliff, emptying into a deep, clear pool. Many other fairies reside here, some of the brave ones coming over to examine the humans and wave their greetings.

Maira settles herself on a rock in the sunshine, smiling widely. "I wish everyone I love could see this," she says, though most would not be close enough to hear. She motions with her hands, indicating that Palom and Leida could go through the waterfall. There is a cave beyond.
Leida Leida stares down at her feet in wonder for a while, wiggling them back and forth playfully in the air as if unable to believe she's actually hovering away from the ground. However, upon the departure of the others, she holds out a hand to them and gives a weak protest of, "Ah, wait for me!"

It takes some getting used to but the princess eventually learns how to put on some speed and keep herself steady. She glides along behind the group, partially because she's distracted by the various sights that pass them by as they travel into the forest and partially because she's afraid of anyone being behind her with such a short skirt on, ever focused on the display of propriety.

By the time they have arrived at the waterfall, Leida's noble demeanor has returned, and she settles down gently on one of the rocks with an fair bit of grace, stumbling only a little as she tries to figure out how to actually /stop/ flying. Again, she gives Maira a disdainful look upon seeing what it is she wants from her.

"You wish me to go inside that dank cave? How do you expect me to do so without becoming positively soaked? I think not."
Palom Palom flies along after. "Wheeeeeeeeee!" He swoops and loops and rolls, skirting trees and running his hand through the leaves. He flies down to the waterfall, looking around. "Can't you bring them all here, then?" he asks. And then... well, he's not afraid of getting wet! Trhough he goes! "Yaaaahooooo!" *sploosh!*
Maira Maira gives Leida an animated shrug. Suit yourself! It says. Maira stretches, arching her back as her wings flutter before she gets up and bolts after Palom, going around the water rather than through it, as trying to go right through would end in her being pummeled with water rather unpleasantly!

Inside, the cafe is indeed dim, though there is some light filtering through the waterfall. It seems to go deeper into the darkness.
Leida Leida's fists ball up and she gives a frustrated look at the others as they abandon her outside the cave. "Ooooh! The nerve! Fine! Go and play in the dirt, /I/ shall remain out here." She crosses her arms and flops down on the ground, looking sulky. "Hmph. Peasants."

Instead of letting herself get one-upped, however, Leida glances around at the various fairies present and gives them her best charming smile. "Hello, little ones. Perhaps you would care to entertain me, instead?"
Palom Palom giggles. He flies in as far as the light goes and then lands, conjuring a flame over his hand to light the way in further.
Maira Well, Maira was just out for a nice stroll, blissfully unaware that fruit-based shenanigans were about to take place. It's a lovely night and she's done a bit of shopping, having picked up some meats to stock in the VALKYRI icebox.

Then, pigs run by her, followed by CHIEF. Maira blinks, slowly turning her head in the direction they just fled. Did....she just actually see that? Did that just happen?"

"H-hey! Do you...need some help?" she calls.
Maira Maira blinks, looking over as Perci glides down, smiling widely to him before he's practically run over by pigs. "Hello Perci!" she laughs, reaching down to try to shuffle some of the adorable pigs away so Perci can get to his feet. "I have no idea what is going on..." she admits to him with a shrug, idly reaching down to give the interested pigs some pettins.

"Where did you come from you silly things?" she asks as if expecting them to answer.

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