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(2013-04-06 - Now)
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Niklas Dragonius Travelling by airship is nothing new for Niklas Dragonius. Galianda had airships all the time; they were a common sight in the sky. It's hard to imagine a world without airships, for Nik - they were so central to life in the upper class that the idea of commuting without them was almost alien to most of his peers. Sure, Nik had walked the Great Span and spit off the side, but a lot of people in his class barely understood the idea of living without money.

Like Souji. That jerk.

But more importantly than that, airships are traffic. Traffic is people. So, Nik reasoned after the close encounter of the Witch kind, the best place to go looking for Serah's missing boyfriend and potentially hot sister is an airship port. It makes sense, after all; people who are moving constantly tend not to walk when airships are available for cheap.

So Nik is here, eating an apple as he watches people come and go from the airship terminals of the great city of Archades. He's aching to explore proper, to go see everything the city has to offer, to immerse himself in the food and the culture and the people (especially the girls), but there are more important things to do right this instant. The hustle-and-bustle of the people is a welcome distraction for him; he can watch families reunite, people departing, people arriving, the whole flow of humanity. It's a warm, fuzzy microcosm of the world, watching a family or loved ones get back together, and Nik smiles around his apple as he leans over the rail, arm dangling.

People occasionally stop and stare at the young man, but all things considered, he doesn't look nearly as strange here as he did in Eden. The patchwork of what once was his school uniform looks similar to clothes the Archadean people are used to, even with the, er, formerly-monstrous nature of the patches. The fact that he's not carrying any visible weapons, and is texting someone on his Ma Belle, is probably a little bit stranger than wearing clothes made out of dead monsters.

The text message is really boring, though, he's just chatting with a girl he met a few days ago. It's just something to do while he keeps an eye out for the mysterious Snow and Lightning.
Serah Farron You have to wonder why Serah is still sticking around Niklas, considering his personality. But he's one of the few that she knows well enough to trust right now. Sure, he talks alot and flirts with all that moves, but its not like he's dangerous or something either. In fact, he's very honest, that's something similar to Snow in that aspect. So it's comforting.

She hadn't used an airship before either, although they weren't uncommon in her world, she just didn't have a reason to use one to go anywhere. She did ride on some of those hover-bikes though, but this is different. She got herself an ice cream cone, leaning over the railing toward the windows, looking at the world beyond.

She'd like to see her sister and fiancee soon too... but she doesn't know if they are around here, or even alive. She doesn't even know how long its been to start with.
Rena Laradyne And for some, the busy hustle and commotion of a major city is something to be tamed and controlled just like any other harsh wilderness. A beast who will turn on you if you show weakness in the face of it.

The milling people, the city streets, the constant drone of airships. Rena stands absolutely still in the midst of the storm of activity. A calm center flows out from her as she inspects a small crystal sphere and looks at the world through the slightly distorted lens. She turns the crystal slowly back and forth, rolling it across her fingers with deft fingers but the clumsy movements of the inexpert.

Rena slowly closes a fist around the sphere, leather creaking as she takes in a deep breath of the smell of the city. Her eyes roam across the crowd, eyes not focused as she waits and watches, putting her thoughts together and planning where to go from here. Such quiet and zen like thoughts are interrupted. By a phone. She hadn't used her phone in quite some time so it is with curiousity that she looks at the system messages. Her expression becomes one of chagrin and her eyebrows rise and rise into her hairline. She snorts very faintly, putting the sphere away as she formulates a reply. "Nik. You are doing it again. I assume from this that you are doing well? How many do you have on the line THIS time?" She had simply walked out of the town before. She had walked until she had needed an airship or another form of transport to get.. somewhere. Now she was somewhere, and so she went in search of a map, or at least some familiar landmarks.

Nik may in fact be such a landmark. He does stick out in the mind. Just.. for all the wrong reasons, usually.
Niklas Dragonius Nik blinks. Hey, until just a bit ago, the girl had been pretty receptive to his - ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh he was texting Rena, whoops. Well, that explained the sudden burst of disapproval. Nik hastily taps out a 'sorry!' because yeah that was kind of embarassing.

He pauses.

Then he adds out a 'but everything I typed still totally applies to you too! I'm doing OK. I'm in Archades right now helping somebody find her boyfriend,' and /then/ he sends.

Yes, that was better. Nik shakes his head and finishes off his apple, straightening up and stretching. "Sorry, Serah. It's looking like this is a dead end, too. I was kinda hoping...but, well, the world is pretty big, huh?"

"It's amazing how much there is to see. And how different it all is...on Galianda, almost everything's city, city, city. But's like what our world used to look like in the way distant past. It's amazing."

"When we first got here, I kinda figured we'd time-travelled here.'s just so different. It's amazing." Nik flicks the apple backwards over his head; it sails past some people, landing in the trash. He rolls over, his head hanging back over the rail as he stretches some more.

"Oh well. I guess it was a shot in the dark, anyway, but it's better than nothing. How's your ice cream?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron looks over to Nik, and then Rena, wondering what that's about. She doesn't know Rena yet, but she gets the feeling they know each other at least. She hmms, licking her cone away, nodding to Nik "Its great, better than some I had back home." She smiles, turning around to lean her back against the railing instead.

"And no need to be sorry... I mean, I don't know where they are, they might not even be here either. Its a long story you know... I'm just glad I found some people like you around here." She smiles softly, reassuring him that she's not going to jump off the airship for this either. Keeping on living is a strong trait of the Farrons.
Rena Laradyne Rena Laradyne says, "It's not where it applies, but how thick you lay it on Nik." is the reply from the phone which cheerfully continues to respond to what may be a potentially embarrassing situation by heaping MORE embarrassment into the mix and barreling through the rest like a glacier.

"Also. Hi." is the adjunct response as she lowers the phone and stares out from the crowd towards the rail. Her eyes glance towards Serah Ferron for a moment and there is an intense moment of weighing, measuring and then a glance back towards Nik so that whatever estimation is made, it's greatly lowered by the addition of an eye roll.

She moves through the crowd, tucking her phone away as she moves towards the group, raising a hand in an emphasis of her phone message, should it to have been received."
Niklas Dragonius Nik didn't believe in backing down from a situation because of embarassment. He was nigh-on impossible to really make embarassment *stick* to; it just flowed off him like water. That was probably to his ultimate benefit.

"Must be pretty good, then. What flavor?" He tilts his head over to look at Serah's ice cream...and then he's greeted in person, and he sits up, a grin spreading across his face.

"Hi Rena. You look hot as ever." He glances at his Ma Belle, then frowns. "Hey, I don't lay it on. That implies that I lie. I never lie. There's no act, I just say what I want."

"Also, this is my friend, Serah. We're looking for her boyfriend and her sister. You seen anybody who looks kinda like her but older, or a blonde guy in a cap and trenchcoat? Names of Lightning and Snow?"

"Serah, this is Rena, she's a classmate."
Serah Farron Serah Farron smiles "Vanilla, I like it that way." She says without any double meaning there. She loosk over to Reno, waving her free hand "Hi, nice to meet you. Yeah, Lightning looks sorta like me, pink hair, its not really that common I think, is it?" She hmms as she tries to remember if she's seen many others like that. She hasn't paid that much attention there. She doesn't need hair color to recognize Lightning after all.

"Snow is... uhm, kinda like Niklas I'd say. Spontaneous and honest." She leans toward Rena to whisper "Although Snow doesn't hit on every girl he meets."
Soan Sagittarius "Well, well, well, this world is a lot smaller than I imagined it would be." Soan Sagittarius' voice, coming from the edge of one of the tall pillars, with the various boardings written on it, says. In fact, the Rogue is not all that inivisible from it, but it's pretty clear that he /wasn't/ there a few moments earlier.

He's leaning against it, arms crossed over his chest as he looks over at the sudden gathering, tipping an imaginary hat toward Niklas, Rena and Serah. "Kind of an amazing coencidence to see you guys here. Ms. Farron, good to see you healthy."
Rena Laradyne "I should hope not. This place is almost scalding as it is. I wouldn't want your regard to cause some sort of spontaneous combustion." Rena gives about as much of a smile as she always does. A small, controlled smile of amusement as her attention turns from Nik towards Serah. The smile vanishes back into the paleness of her face as she curiously regards the woman. She takes in her stance and the tilt of her shoulders. Her weapons and clothing and everything that might be of use in answering the question. It is a serious regard that attempts not to leave anything out from pink hair to turn of phrase.

Finally she gives that small smile again and her eyes and manner relax. She shrugs one shoulder at Nik. "Sorry Nik. I haven't seen either of them." her eyes then shift back to Sarah. "Pleasure to meet you Farron, although I have to say your choice of company is suspect." She doesn't turn her face away from Sarah but she says. "Hello Soan. It's good to see you too." without batting an eyelash. She mimics the hat tipping gesture and goes back to her conversation.

"And although I would say it does your boyfriend credit not to wander so freely, it would be a poor choice of wonders for it is very difficult NOT to wander as freely as my classmate manages to do with such elan."
Niklas Dragonius "That's...not what I meant," Nik replies, scratching the side of his head. "I mean you look really fantastic, not...ah, nevermind." He's not entirely sure that she doesn't know what he meant, but he can never tell with some people. He just shrugs after a moment, holding up a hand at Soan lazily.

"H-hey! Suspect? I'm a great travelling companion. She has a boyfriend, I don't wanna get between that! Right? C-c'mon, Serah, back me up here, I'm not that bad..." Nik had thought that at least most of his classmates knew his reputation; sure, he was, uh, spirited, but he never did anything cruel, and he never got in the way of relationships that already existed. He even turned girls with boyfriends down so he didn't hurt anybody! Jeez, was that really how people saw him, just kind of a mindless machine?

Nik mutters something under his breath. Souji certainly did everything he could to put that image in peoples' heads, he guessed.

He sighs, his hands going back behind his head as he looks over Rena appreciatively, then lays back against the rail. It was kind of a coincidence, but...this world was full of coincidences. There were a lot of strange things that happened here, and he wasn't prepared to rule this one out as just a facet of the world's strangeness.

"So what have you guys been up to?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron doesn't doubt that from Niklas either, that's why she's still hanging around him after all. Sure, he's had his odd moments, but he never did anything untoward, beside talking, and even then its not THAT horrible. She's actually seen MUCH worse, just not... on that many targets on that short of a time either. "Its true, you're not that bad Nik, we're pulling your chain here." She has moments like that too, despite looking so 'nice' most of the time.

She looks over to Soan, smiling and waving to him as he approaches, giving a few licks off her cone in between "Hey, nice to see you again." She points to the dagger still at her waist "I appreciate your gift, although I can't say it really suits me... I might look into a weapon that feels more 'me' soon." She has no idea what's a 'me' weapon is yet, but she figures she'll find it one day.
Rena Laradyne "Taking things one day at a time. There have been a few marks that have been diverting, but nothing really of interest." Rena does not confirm or deny how much she doesn't know or even does know about Nik. She just continues to play along.

If she is subtly starting to move along the rail into a pose that is more towards the appeal side, leaning as casually on it as Nik has been she doesn't take any overt notice of it. She moves a hand along the rail, taking notice of the ice cream finally and pushing off the rail to scan the nearby stalls.

"That actually looks pretty good. Did you get that around here?" she looks at Serah at the 'not that bad' comment and snorts very, very softly without agreeing or disagreeing.. much.
Soan Sagittarius Soan pushes himself off the post, making his way closer to the apparent gathering that's formed up there with people he knows. It's rather funny to meet them in the middle of a very busy airship airport. Now, admittedly, he's been vaguely trying to keep tabs on where people of the Academy are at, but this one is pretty much largely a coencidence. Still, he's rather surprised to see Rena at all here. "Same here, lady. Same here. Very much the same here."

His attention turn toward Niklas as he parks himself a few paces away from the gathering, hands sticking in his jacket's pockets, causally, giving off a brief laugh. "I can vouch for him, too. Besides hitting on anything that has a nice pair of legs, Niklas' is good people." There wasn't an hesitation, altought Soan did have to think on that to say something... more diplomatic about things. He's a good dude. Just. Well. Reponsible on certain aspects only.

At Serah, the Thief nods, looking down at the dagger. "That's quite fine, really. It was merly a gift to give you the very basics. I may be able to procure you something more suited to your abilities."
Niklas Dragonius At least he doesn't stay looking defeated for long. Nik always bounced back. He straightens up after a minute, his usual grin spreading back across his face. He hated feeling sorry for himself - he hated feeling sorry for himself for even one single minute. It was dull and boring and frustrating and made him feel all of those things twice over, so he'd long since learned how to get rid of it, channeling bad feelings into abundant energy.

Nik tilts his head at Soan as he starts jogging in place - no real reason, just because. "He's not kidding, he can find pretty much anything. It's pretty impressive. Uh, there's ice cream like five stalls over, want me to go get some? I was thinking about it myself, Serah's cone looked really really good."
Rena Laradyne Rena thought about it and then shook her head.

"No. Why don't we both slide over there and see what's available? I'd like to look over what flavors are available myself." she chuckles faintly. "No insult to vanilla. I've just had a little too much of that lately."

"So.. Soan." her eyes glance towards him, her eyebrows raising. "../SHOULD/ I be asking you what you've been up to? Or do I not want to know?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron smiles to Rena "No insult taken. I just like vanilla. Can't account for tastes, right?" She makes most of the ice cream disapear, starting to chip at the cone, which has a layer of chocolate inside of it apparently. She hmms in surprise "Chocolate is good too mind you~" she chimes.

She nods to Soan "Well I don't know what weapon would suit me yet. But if you get any ideas or suggestions I'm definitely open to it." She pats the pommel of hte dagger she keeps sheated in her back. Its there if she needs it.
Soan Sagittarius Soan waves a hand dismissively, not without some amount of modesty in his smile. "Oh, please, it's not that much. It's just a little talent at finding things I have." He replies pleasently, echoing his agreement toward ice cream by just moving along with the three other youngsters. Ish. His hands back in his pockets, rummaging with something that pings with a metallic sound, he stares up at Rena. What is it with Shivan women and being so damned tall?

"I don't know, do you want to know?" He replies, pleasently. "Be assured it's nothing terrible, however. Lately, I've just been looking at supplies of equipment for us. Our things are fine now, but they'll wear someday, especially our higher technological equipments."

Speaking of Hightech, he turns his attention at Serah. "We'd have to test. Normaly, we had an battery of exams that would help you determine your talents, but, well, we don't have that. I do have suggestions, however, just by looking at your overall build and what you've told me of yourself." The part he don't say, however, is that he's not just talking what she said verbally.
Niklas Dragonius "Uh, sure, we can also do that." Nik replies, "I was gonna see if they had strawberry, myself. Strawberry is great. Actually, I don't think I've ever had bad ice cream..."

Nik stops jogging in place, crossing his arms and thinking hard. "I used to make my own a lot, though. Ice cream, I mean. Homemade is really the best kind of ice cream, like with a churn and stuff? You'd be surprised how many people in our cash range forget stuff like simple effort."

"Anyway, sure, let's go get some ice cream. I'll pay, I have some gil left over after killing that dinosaur-thing and it's not gonna get any better use than buying something sweet for a good-looking girl."

As he's walking away, Nik holds up his hands at Serah. "Also sometimes if you had a prior record of skill they didn't test you! But that was kinda rare!"
Rena Laradyne Rena snorts softly, giving Nik a speculative look and then sighing just slightly. "I've used one of those churns before and yes, I think it is against the contract to make bad ice cream." And mention of how and where goes out the window. Rena. The slayer of conversations.

"Yes. It has only happened a few times. I am glad you are keeping busy, Soan." Rena comments as to the Alexander testing. She looks down At Soan and continues to be tall at him while they go looking for the elusive Strawberry ice cream.

"So, will you grace me with the worthy tale of the slaying of this dinosaur... thing, Nik?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron hmms as she finishes nibbling the cone away, under the watchful gaze of Soan, leaving the other two get away for ice cream. She's not going to move from here, and even then Nik doesn't need to constantly watch her either.

"What kind of tests? YOu use tests to figure out if people are good with certain kinds of weapons?" She's curious about that. SHe hasn't heard much about the school mind you, just bits and pieces about the world Galianda is in, the continents differences and such.
Soan Sagittarius "Oh, a Rogue /always/ is busy." Soan says, sounding a little more chipper, lifting an index. "'Remaining idle is when opportunities flies away from your grasp.', said the Grandmaster quite often. Of course he had a very loose definition of 'idle', but that's another thing." He says, shoving his hands back into his pockets as he looks over the ice cream. "Vanilla is quite good. I like chocolate with candy on it, myself."

He pushes his pony tail aside from his face, who ended up there by looking down to look at the Farron girl. "Of course. Evaluations, psychological and physical. You'd be surprised how much the mentality of a person can influence the ease of weapons they might be good to use."
Soan Sagittarius Soan pauses, then points at his sword and shield. "That's how I ended up with theses, actually. I'm more guarded as most other Rogues, who tend to like daggers more most of the time."
Serah Farron Serah Farron hmmms, a finger against her cheek in thought, eyes turned upwards a bit "I see. I wouldn't mind trying out that test and see what comes out of it. I mean, it might figure out something I can't see on my own, right?"
Niklas Dragonius Nik comes back after a bit with some strawberry ice cream in hand. Yeah, he just had an apple, whatever! It's not like he didn't burn enough calories with his martial arts to anyway.

"The exams, I hear, are really weird. Like I said, I didn't get tested, 'cause I'm the heir of the Divine Fist and my family's got pull, but I watched 'em once. The one I saw had a guy fighting a tamed Marlboro to see how he dealt with it - you know, if he magicked it, if he cut its tentacles, if he hammered its face...anyway, I didn't see much of it, though, I kinda saw it over the wall while I was with somebody else, so."

Nik licks the ice cream.

"But I hear they're kinda strange. Not lethal, though, if you're in too much trouble the teachers come help you out."
Soan Sagittarius Soan bobs his head, getting himself his ice cream which he takes an experiment bite out of. Pretty good. Really less bizzare than this 'salted ice cream' thing he had a few weeks back. Soan, technically, didn't used the test either, or needed to, but did anyway, for a very specific reason. "Can be a little harsh, however. Sometimes you don't want to hear the results."

He looks at Serah, running his eye up and down at her with an evaluating eye. Probably a chance from Niklas' stare, it's more professional. "Personally, I'd see you either with a gun, a staff, a bow or polearm."
Niklas Dragonius "She seems like a gun kinda girl to me. Or a staff. I dunno why, she's got that staff chick look to her," Nik agrees.
Soan Sagittarius "Not a rod, thought." Soan muses further, scratching his chin. "Just a staff. Staves are deadlier than people think they are."
Niklas Dragonius "Yeah they are," Nik agrees. Slurp. "If you know how to hit somebody with one," slurp, "They can do a lot of damage really really really," slurp, "fast. But it's a skill thing."
Serah Farron Serah Farron hrms as she considers that. She doesn't mind eyes on her, Nik wasn't that bad either, he just voices his appreciativeness alot more than others. "... A bow? Hm. Maybe I should look into that." She doesn't think sticks are good for her, but who knows until she takes one in her hands and tries, right? "I rather not fight a malboro though..."
Soan Sagittarius "A specialty, yes," Soan concures, slurping his ice cream. "Oh, nobody in their right minds want to fight a malboro, that's why it's sometimes used for a test. Kind of put you on the spot. Ah! Like the sound of a bow, hm?"

He takes the time to lick his ice cream once, his brows furrowing as he thinks on things. "Alright. I can find you a bow for you test out. We'd probably start with a simple short bow at first, see if that works for you, before trying to find you an composite long bow or an ceramic one."
Niklas Dragonius "I'm not a big ranged weapons guy," Nik admits after a long moment slurping on ice cream. Mmm, strawberry. "They just kinda don't pack the punch I want them to. Like if I have to have a weapon, I'd rather have a weapon with real weight and useability, and not something I have to string or reload. Although I kinda like boomerangs, maybe you should try a boomerang. You can hit people with 'em and you can throw 'em, they're really flexible."

"Flexibility is the best trait in a weapon and a woman," Nik adds cheerfully.
Serah Farron Serah Farron rolls her eyes just a bit at Nik. Ahe's 18 years old, she's not 'dense' on that side. "... I just got the feeling that I should try it at least, I just hadn't thought about it. There was archery classes when I was at school, but that never interested me either."
Soan Sagittarius Soan preffers just not commenting on that. He's gotten used to that kind of comments from Nik when women are involved in the conversation. "Good! I'll procure you a bow, then. We'll talk payments at a later date, but I promise you I'll find some good prices on the matter if it need to be bought. If I find other weapons of interests, I'll bring them as well. Does this sound good to you?"

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