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(2013-04-05 - Now)
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Vespa Vespa found herself back her in VALKRI headquarters, again. She was finished packing up, again, getting ready to leave, again. She sighed to herself wondering how she seem to always end back her. She was surpised at everyone coming to find her and saving her. She had let down her guard too much at that Heartless

"No, I'm not running away Al! Really! You know I can't stay...",she says looking at the oversize axe laying on the cot.
Avira "Again? Really?" There's a tired tone in Avira's voice as she stands at the doorway to the VALKYRI headquarters. "Why can't you stay? For God's sake at least give us a real explanation this time before up and leaving."

Sounds like she caught everything Vespa said to Al just then. Strange, she wasn't there a moment ago!
Vespa She looks toward the doorway. "Avira..", she hmms moving her axe then sitting on the cot. "I just I.. okay..", she takes in a deep breath.

"I did I do like you and everyone else.. But That stuff that happend in Manhatten got me thinking, we got lucky there really lucky.. I wasn't sure we were going to make it out of there alive, and I..", her voice trembles a bit. "I just don't want to lose anyone else okay! I just don't want to see any more freinds die.."
Avira Stepping inside, she lets the door to the guild hall close behind her with a soft noise. She quickly crosses the room, grabbing one of the communal chairs and dragging it over to place it in front of Vespa. Avira sits in that chair and crosses her arms.

"Lucky? Now let's be fair, we worked hard to bring about that outcome. It was more than luck and-"

Avespa blurts out that she doesn't want to lose anyone else. "...what do you mean..." Avira says slowly, "...about seeing 'more' friends die? What happened?"
Vespa "It a long story..", Vespa says. "well not really but that how these things usally start.. Before I came to this place back in my world, my home, there was a war going on. I joined this well I guess you could call them rebels, well they fought the invading army and stuff. I was with them a while and got along with them pretty well",she smiles a bit remeberin those time. "But on one mission where we sneaking into one of the enemy base, things went bad really bad..", her face quickly loses that smile it had going to back to it neurtal expression. "The rest of my group died there.. I watched them die, I-I coudn't do nothing for them and I ran like a coward.. I found Al there we both made it out of there somehow.."
Avira Quietly, Avira listens without interrupting. Even as Vespa insists that it was 'nothing', the look on her face remains perplexed and concerned for her friend. R
"I understand. You're afraid that one day you'll lose all of us, then?"
Vespa Vespa nods. "I just didn't want to go thought all that again! I promised myself I woudn't join any other ograizations and reminan distant from people..", she hehs lighty to herself. "Show how well that worked.... I still don't know how I roped into joining VALKRI... That stuff in Manhatten brought back those memoires and I didn't want to go thought that again. Than I desided I would just leave, didn't expect you all to come looking for me..."
Avira "" Avira says carefully after another stretch of silence in which she opts to just listen as Vespa talks and explains her history, "You like us enough that you wouldn't want to see us suffering or dead, then. It's understandable. But of course we came! You are one of our founding members and I'm your friend. I wound't let you run off and not say why.

Seems she's leaving the part about combat help out for now.
Vespa "I'm a founding memeber?? Me??", Vespa very confused and baffled by that statment. She thinks on that. "Well we only have around 5 members right now so that makes sense I guess."

"That you did. Freinds do that huh??", what kind of freindships has this girls had? You have to wonder..

"..Thank you.."
Avira "Yes." Avira says, suddenly a little surprised, "You, Maira and I were the founding members. Katyna and everyone else joined after you." She shakes the thought off, then continues to press on about friends, "Friends do. And it's a good thing we followed too-but that Heartless encounter has passed. As a friend, it would kill me ot think I just abandoned you, Maira feels the same way."
Vespa "I see..", she shakes her head. "I really am a fool.. I know alot about beating things up but little about people it seems..", she look at Avira. "Would it be okay if I came back?", she pauses. "Could you forgive me for being a such a fool?"
Avira "A fool? No, your worries were very valid. Why go through all the trouble to make friends again when you're going to lose them in such a painful manner." Avira threads her fingers together. "It's funny, Katyna said she's experienced something similar to that..."

She looks up and reaches over to take one of Vespa's hands, squeezing it. "I'd be happy-no, we would be happy to have you back. Maira, TRON, the whole nine yards."
Vespa Vespa smiles back just a bit and squeezes Avira hand back, awwwww.. "A-allright..", she blushing a bit too!"I-I'm not good with people.. I might to so rash or stupid things from time to time..."
Avira "I did notice that you are pretty quiet and...well, this is just based on what I've experienced, shy." Avira points out. "There's only a few of us to geto to know, so take your time. Catch us one on one if you have to, but please don't be a stranger!"
Vespa Vespa says, "O-okay! I'll try my best!", Vespa. "I promise I woudn't be a stranger! It's a maids promise!",she giggles a bit. "That sounds a bit silly doesn't it? Mabye I should have said on my axe or something.. No that sounds even sillyer..""
Avira "An oath upon your weapon? I don't know, that sounds pretty legit." Avira rubs her chin with her free hand, "The Judges of Ivalice do that, I think. Though that does remind me...since there was a certain incident I was involved in a while ago...well..."

She looks to Vespa, "I want to see if we can remove that curse on you someday. I'm not sure where to start, though."
Vespa "Umm well about that... I have a little secret to tell you since we freinds now.."

"I lied. Made it all up.", she laughs a bit neverously. She going to get hit for this...
Avira "Wait wait waaaaait." Avira holds up her free hand, "Back that up. You made up that part about the curse? You dress like that because you just want it? I mean, I'm not going to judge or anything if you do like that, buuuut it would mean we don't have to track down a wizard for this!"
Vespa Vespa nods "Yup. Made it all up.. Well the outfit has semental value, I want to stand out. I hope to get a reputaion as a maid battling heartless or something like that.. I know dressing like this will be some trouble VALKRI...", in fact it has but she won't mention that unless it is brought up.
Avira "From Ivo? Yeah, that was a while ago..but triggered by something else." We should just ignore that guy anyway." Avira says dismissively, still pretty floored by what she's learned about Vespa. "It's nothing we can't deal with as a group so nothing to worry about."
Vespa Vespa nods. "I see. ", she heard that name Ivo before, she makes a note not to worry about him very much. "I'm usally not that personal with people.. Anying else you like to know?"
Avira "Ummmm." Avira's back to rubbing her chin, "Right away? No, really, it was actually the maid thing that really got my attention. The amid and your abrupt exit but that' been sorted out. Anything you feel like you want to tell us should come naturally, so don' t feel pressured by the others, okay?"
Vespa "Okay. Got it.", Vespa says nodding. "Thanks again Avira, for everything."

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