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(2013-04-05 - 2013-04-06)
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Ramza Beoulve Ramza Beoulve had to admit after spending only a few short days here, that he loved this country.

While they were forced to steer clear of the Imperial Army and local settlements, camping in the countryside had agreed with the Braves. The view of the mountain range was majestic, the nearby stream made for excellent fishing.. And as Artemis liked to put it, there were so many <GOOSEHONK>ing trees here. Thus far the hunting had been so good that Ramza had actually agreed to accompany Artemis on a hunt in the near future.

Their camp was simplicity in and of itself. A circle of tents in a defensible position with a fire pit, a mess area, a latrine, and a simple pen for the Chocobos who were grazing on some of the local greens. The better trained ones weren't even penned and walked around the camp as they pleased. One tent was larger than the others, but it didn't belong to Ramza, but rather Sheryl, the group's white mage and resident mother hen. Earlier, Marlowe had actually managed to bring down a Chinese Water Deer, and so venison stew was on the menu tonight. Tonight, Lavian was cooking, and she was dressed casually, without her armor.

Ramza was much the same, unarmored, and relaxed as he was seated against a rock, writing in a journal with a ballpoint pen. Not to say that they were heedless, for their lookout was well hidden a good distance outside the perimeter.
Margaux Fleury Among the trees, a blue shadow stirs. While she did have directions to Ramza's camp, Margaux was travelling alone and it was better to be safe than sorry. The last thing she needed to do was run into a swarm of Heartless or some goons from the local Imperial Army. And so, the dancer is in her full armor (one piece really) and travelling clothes as she creeps her way closer to the camp.

Once she arrives at the camp proper, the fencer would approach (or be approached) by the lookout and make her directly towards the camp now. The young woman had nothing to hide as she wasn't a thief nor an enemy to those here. Whether Ramza sees her before she approaches or not, Margaux will spin into an elaborate bow towards the Heretic. "Caught in the act! Writing a love letter to Madame Mask, I see!" She looks up now that her bow is complete. "You know, I have received a letter or two from adoring admirers of my former troupe. I could lend you my expertise on this matter and free of charge! A pretty good deal, no?"
Ramza Beoulve While Theodore saw her approach from his position as lookout, he didn't alert the camp to her approach. She was expected after all. This might seem a reckless strategem on Ramza's part given that he hadn't quite figured Margaux out yet. He was optimistic, heedless, and dangerously unarmored. A dangerous combination given that she would have been easily able to drive a blade through his heart before he even knew what had happened. Since he didn't hear her approach, and had presumed it was someone else within the camp, it lended further credence to the idea that she could have easily assasinated him.

And so, her appearance suprised him utterly, as she bowed to him and accused him of writing a love letter, he'd drop the journal outright, scrambling to pick it up. His cheeks had reddened instantly, flushing a color akin to beet red. He stammered initially in his greeting. "G-good evening Margaux." Sheepishly, he'd turn around the journal to her, it was written in some sort of shorthand she wouldn't recognize outright, likely with some sort of personal encryption as well. "I presume you mean this? I'm doubtful that the ladies would swoon over a boorish account of our time in the Land of Dragons. I promise you that I speak true when I say that I'm an inept bard. If I /were/ writing a love letter.." He'd actually manage a wan smile, despite the continued flush of his cheeks. "..then I believe I told you at one point that I'd prefer to allow matters of romance to happen naturally, without too much counsel from others. Your offer is generous, but I'm not currently courting anyone."

He'd actually manage a soft chuckle. "How was your journey? I almost didn't expect that you'd come, it is a long distance for a lone wayfarer."
Will Sherman "Meaning he'll need /extensive help/ because he'll be too embarrased to make the first move." A familar voice speaks from a tent flap. The hobolad, in all of his glory, finally pushes the flap open completely standing out. He looks MUCH better than yesterday, Infact, the scar he had before was almost gone, as if years of healing had taken place over a short amount of time. In a week you'd think nothing had happened, he walks out, hands behind his head, as the floppish straw hat, made to match the surroundings of the Land of the Dragons, tilts a bit backwards.

"Anytime a lady asks for your help with matters of love, even if you aren't actively take heed. It's a skill that is needed, lest true love turn." he says, "You two really are alike," The hobo lad finishes looking towards Margaux, "Sup? Will Sherman, King of the Hobos." he says, with a generous bow. After all, he is generous and hoborific. He doesn't smell too hobo like right now..stupid white mages and their cleaning ways.
Margaux Fleury Margaux de Fleury was indeed armed with both a rapier and reason to kill Ramza. Such an effort would be suicidal in a camp like this, but not every story is bound to have a happy ending. The Dancer was also very amused that she was able to keep the element of surprise and use it against Ramza. The fumbling around the journal causes Margaux to tilt her head on its side with interest. She could barely read as it was and that is of normal common script of Ivalice. Formal education for Dancers was not the standard in Ivalice, unforunately.

The redheaded fencer wags a gloved finger at Ramza as she takes another few steps forward. "If you only wait to be -asked- to dance, then you will certainly miss a memorable moment or two...or three." Margaux lectures to Ramza amicably as she ensures that the hood of her blue cloak is indeed down. "Oh? My journey. It was...uneventful. Some trouble here and there, but nothing that I could not 'andle with either my sharp tongue or my even sharper blade."

Will's arrival and advice draws a smile and a nod of agreement from Margaux. "One does not become a skilled dancer overnight. It takes practice, skill, and firm instruction. One would not want to fall flat on their face on opening night?" She asks rhetorically of Ramza before turning towards Will now. The Hobo-King's bow is returned with a delicate curtsey from Margaux even though she was wearing trousers and armor. "Your Majesty, I am but a simple traveller, a leaf upon the wind, a twig floating down a stream." She finishes her curtsey and stands up properly now. "But please, call me Marguerite."
Ramza Beoulve It seemed that at this rate, the young man's cheeks would never have relief from the heat. "Will. It gladdens my heart to see your convalescence progressing so swiftly."

Closing the leatherbound journal, he'd set it aside, giving him an embarassed look. "No, no, I'm quite capable of.. initiating courtship." By the look on his expression, it was obvious that he'd /never/ done so before, and was as inept at it as he was at writing. An exasperated sound escaped his throat. "She was asking if /I/ desired aid, Ser. Surely that couldn't give her the wrong impression, could it?"

Indeed, this one was blissfully ignorant and oblivious at the same time.

After a moment Will might have seen him giving him a bewildered look as he mouthed. 'Who am I like?' without speaking the words.

Ramza actually blurted out a statement when Margaux spoke about dancing. "I /can/ dance. I'm just not adept at it. I learned as a child, at the time when all young boys were trying to clobber each other with wooden swords. I don't think I'd have any trouble asking a Lady to dance, if I truly desired to."

Lavian, the woman cooking the venison stew actually had a hand to her mouth, tittering in amusement.
Artemis Eurus The hunting was good, which was why Artemis wasn't there being watch dog for Ramza. He was surrounded by others who were likely afraid of her enough to make sure they listened to her advice on keeping Ramza alive. At least, she hoped. She needed /some/ time alone after all!

It appears that her hunt was successful, for she returns with a large boar across her shoulders and a gruesome smear of blood across her lips.

Rather than the blue and gold, she wears earthy colors, mostly leather and furs, her mask a simple black that appears to be made of a smooth material like onyx.

The samurai smiles as she approaches the trio, a bit of an unnerving gesture with a several hundred pound pig on her shoulders with large tusks and blood on her face like she were a messy vampire. She hefts the pig down to the ground then pulls out her knife to finish butchering it. Apparently, its already been cut open.

"Greetings. What is this about dancing? I hope we're not going to a party. Security would be a nightmare. We will have to set up to smoke some meat, Ramza," she comments, looking up toward Margaux. "Ah, Dame Margaux, glad to see you have joined us. And Will Sherman, how are you feeling?" she asks.
Will Sherman "Better!" He says to Artemis, "Much better. I got my strength back, at least." He says, with a nod, looking over Artemis a bit. Then back to Ramza and gives him a grin, and then back towards Margaux. He frowns, but turns it back into a smile as she addresses him. "We are all but travelers along the road of life. It is not where you sit on the road, but as long as you enjoy the journey. If you only see the struggle, and ignore the joy of traveling..."

Will sits down by the fire, enjoying it's warmth, "You can't be absorbed by only the joy of adventure either...or lest you forget the wolves that hunt the wary."
Margaux Fleury Margaux bends over slightly and turns her bright blue eyes down upon Ramza. She considers where she should place her next jab when Artemis comes forth from the woods with boar in tow. In seems that fate is just giving this one to her. The redhead leans over even more before starting to talk in a conspiratory whisper to Ramza. "Here she comes. Victorius from the primal hunt and openly speaking of dances. This is the time, Messire Heretic. This is your moment! Seize the day! Ask her...." Margaux now carefully stands up, bends backwards, and performs an acrobatic back-over before spinning and motioning towards the boar slaughtering woman. " -dance-!"

Satisfied with her performance, the dancer offers a faux shy wave towards Artemis and flashes a smile like nothing amiss is going on at all. "Oh, hello Madame Mask! I did not see you there!" Margaux lies with a wink before turning towards Will. "I see that his majesty is one of the philospher-kings, how unexpected! And I long to see my journey finished, one way or another." Another smile now from the dancer now, a bit darker than the one she displayed from before.
Ramza Beoulve And then Artemis returns with a dead giant boar, already gutted. While he initially did a double take, it didn't particularly suprise him given what he knew of her capabilities. The fact that she was hefting it so easily might have perturbed him, except that he knows that she was able to manage carrying him, while he was fully armored, and Will at the same time. Emasculating doesn't even begin to describe what happened.

He'd nod at Will. "You have the soul of a poet, or a philosopher Ser. I only wish that I was so eloquent."

His face had just about recovered from all the teasing when Margaux goads him into asking Artemis to dance. The blush in his cheeks returned in but an instant. "M-Margaux. I don't think that now is the time for that, after all, there are matters of security to consider, as she says." He tried to tactfully avoid committing to an answer of whether he'd want to dance with anyone at all, and if so, then /whom/.

He did seem a bit further at ease though, when she directed the conversation Will's way, as he hoped inwardly that they might drop the subject of romance and dancing altogether.
Artemis Eurus Artemis smiles to Will as her knife moves with unnerving precision through the flesh of the great beast, her free hand reaching in to start digging around for the various organs without the merest hint of hesitation. Soon, she is up to her elbows in blood and guts while she continues to carry on the conversation. "Yes, this company has good healers--which is blood fortunate, considering," she comments, giving Ramza a brief, telling look.

Artemis looks to Margaux now, quirking a brow beneath her mask as the woman executes a graceful, flexible maneuver. "A woman who appreciates the important of flexibility. The art of battle is like a dance, hmm?" she comments, then points her bloody butcher knife toward Margaux. Casually. "I think I approve of you," she adds, then finally turns her eyes back to Ramza. "Now, what isn't it the time for, and what have you said to make Ramza's ears turn such a delightful shade of red?"
Will Sherman "I am not a poet." Will says, after a moment, he stares at Margaux. "I have seen it, time and time again, counteless times and countless tragedies...those who ignore the danger around themselves rather out of innocence or ignorance...and those who dedicate themselves to a singular goal...often revenge, and only destroy themselves or those they happen to get close to in the process." The boy more than seventeen? Strange moments like this, he seems older than he appears to be, "Life is ment to be lived.." This is said almost sadly, a lingering stare on Margaux and he turns towards the boar.

"...Well, lets stick it on a stick and roast that sucker. I could eat a house." And he could too. The Hobo eats more than he should. People probably take bets on where he puts it all anyway!

"We are talking to Ramza about being assertive in his love life. I am reliving my...observation of Mercade."
Margaux Fleury Despite wearing knee-high boots, Margaux moves in them as if they were mere slippers. All for the best when one considers her fighting style and that she was an agent of the Corpse Brigade. Being the closest to Artemis, she addresses her first. "All of life is a dance, Madame Mask. One only needs to partake in it before the final note sounds." She then looks over her shoulder at Ramza. "With that in mind, one should never pass up a chance opportunity to capitalize on your heart's desire when it presents itself."

Margaux pirouettes now so that she is facing Ramza. "When it presents itself, Messire. When it presents itself." Her thoughts are now interrupted when Will talks like he some ancient traveller. The hobo-king looks to be as old as Margaux herself was and she had not idea about his backround nor his special powers. She merely shrugs her shoulders at his words and turns back towards Art. "Or lack thereof." Margaux helpfully elaborates.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would listen Will somberly as he spoke on the subject of vengeance. Ramza might have been the only person in the camp that understood that Will might have been speaking to both ladies. If he'd stopped to think about it, he might have realized that the connotations were a touch more sinister, and could indicate that Margaux still harbored feelings of revenge towards him.

Whether it be to his credit, or his ruin, he saw only the best in Margaux.

Lavian would grin at Will's comment on his appetite, and put a bowl of Venison stew in front of him, before offering to serve the others in turn. She'd then walk over to Artemis, helping her in the task of gutting the boar. She definitely didn't shy away from the gore.

He would give Will a bewildered look. "Will, I assure you, that I /can/ be assertive if the oppurtunity presents itself. I don't understand what you mean by relating me to Mercade. As I recall, he's currently courting Avira, isn't he?"

As Margaux continued to tease him, he would look down at his hands, still flushing fiercely. And then he spoke the truth in a soft tone. "I don't know what my heart desires, Margaux."

Breathing out a sigh, he'd continue to elaborate. "Recently a man named the Mirror Master showed me an ideal version of my life. One in which my mother and father never died, and married. While it was scandalous at first, it caused great changes to occur in Ivalice which improved the lot of the commonfolk and checked the abuses of the nobility. In that world, the Corpse Brigade never /existed/ as a golden age reigned over Gallione. Your leader, Wiegraf Folles, was the Marshal of the Trade City of Dorter and a hero of the commonfolk. The Church's ambitions were never realized in a world such as this. My friend Delita aged, distinguished himself in the Order of the Northern Sky, and retired peacefully after marrying a noblewoman for love. Myself? I married as well, to a commoner, for love."

After a moment, he'd lift up his chin, to look at her. "I don't know if he was showing me what my heart truly desires, or if he was making a jape of it. So if I seem flustered, and ignorant of my own desires, then you have my sincerest apologies."
Artemis Eurus Artemis continues butchering the boar, almost finished, when her knife briefly freezes. She does not look toward Will at his words about revenge. There is another who had told her something very similar once. She chews the inside of her lip but in the end says nothing, setting aside her knife to do just what Will suggests and stick the thing on a spit.

"Best way to cook this may be to dig a ditch actually. The meat comes out extremely moist and delicious that way," she suggests. There are enough men to dig a ditch, surely. This should feed them for a good while.

Then, Will and Margaux open her eyes to what she has missed and she blinks, a small smile curving her lips. Ramza had a love life? News to her. Heh, and she had practically offered to warm his bed, an offer she was not likely to make again.

When Ramza speaks, she looks toward him, sobering as she listens. "And could you not have imagined such a world for yourself? It makes it no more real, no more sure. Dreams are but one possible pattern in the tapestry, yes?" she says, standing then. She will let Lavian finish the rest, as she was accustomed to doing.

"Excuse me a moment," she says, then moves over toward where the water is kept to to wash some of the blood away.
Will Sherman " a good man. He is a good man who ties to do whatever is right, whenever he can. He lives for others...more than himself. Which means, he sometimes misses on the...details when it comes to benifit himself. It took...Mercade having to go to the /underworld/ to stand up and confess his feelings. I wasn't there...Royce had laid me low trying to rescue Avira." he shakes his head, but also taking the bowl with glee! He eats, with a smile on his face, as he continues to devour the good food.

"One rarely knows one's own heart, Ramza. It is, probable, that he showed you want you wanted, not reality. While fantasy is good...this is the world we live in, and it's best to keep going in this one. The struggle is, after all, what makes it worth anything."

He notices the stares...but he doesn't say anything more. Small steps, Will...small steps. After all, it's not like you know them TOO well.

Margaux Fleury Ramza might not know what his heart desires, but Margaux knows what her heart yearns for. A wolfish grin decends upon Margaux's features as she considers this internally. What does not always get what they want in life, but that does not mean one should give up so easily either. And Margaux was a very patient person when it came to certain things.

Any semblance of happiness drains out of the Death Corps member when Ramza speaks Wiegraf's name aloud. Suddenly, the confident dancer studies the tops of her boots and actually grows quiet at this reflection. Madame Mask's addition to the conversation adds to Margaux's increasingly somber mood. "And yet dreams will never be. For if they were, then we would dream anew of a different dance upon a different stage." The Corpse Brigade Agent sighs to herself before chasing away these feelings with a faux smile. "But what do I know about anything? I am but a simple dancer." A commoner.

The blue-eyed dancer nods to Will when it offers his views on this matter. Say what you will, but atleast Will was consistent in his beliefs on life, dreams, and fantasy. "The struggle can be rewarding, yes. But so can the finale."
Ramza Beoulve The young man would run a hand down his face as Artemis speaks of it being part of his imagination. "I know its naught but a dream, an idealized world that might have been created out of my imagination, or his. The point is that I'd never once stopped to consider how my world might have been different. Hindsight in regards to my own actions? Certainly. And then this man, this vile man whose only goal was to pick apart the hearts and minds of others to feed his own twisted desires managed to lay my soul bare. And I have to wonder, was it more than just some flight of fancy? Is that what I truly want for myself in the end? I can't say. I would prefer not to agonize over it. I don't have the /time/ to do so. I'll figure it out on my own, once the struggle is through."

He gives Will a strange look. "Ser Alexander never struck me as having difficulty expressing his feelings, though I admit that I know very little of him outside of his reputation."

As Margaux speaks on her knowing naught, Ramza's lips would thin out into a thin line. He'd been around Margaux long enough to realize the context of such lines. "Margaux. In this camp, and in my company there are no nobles, no commoners. Blood means naught. The version of my life that was shown to me was not one that was a result of my choices, my actions. And in that life, I might have been a very different person. But here? I am a man who knows you are anything /but/ a simple dancer. So please, the only thing I ever ask of you is that you make your opinions plain, and not denigrate yourself, even when you are trying to be sardonic."

As Margaux speaks to the end, he'd pause for some time. "Then I pray that your finale is one that brings you happiness, Margaux. There is no joy in a tomb."
Artemis Eurus Artemis returns, much cleaner and a good deal more soggy. Sitting by the fire a while ought to cure her of that fairly quickly however.

Artemis takes a seat on the ground by Ramza, settling her katana in her lap and resting her hands upon the cool surface of the hilt gently. "I don't know Ramza, I plan to go to Valhalla, seems joyful for me," she replies. Goodness, everything got grown rather serious all of a sudden, hadn't it? And for once it wasn't her fault!

It is rather awkward. "I do not know what is more frightful, dreams of what could be or dreams of what has already been," she says quietly. No doubt, she relives a certain moment again and again in her dreams.
Will Sherman Will listens, to the words hidden and those laid bare by Ramza.

"Do you think my title real? My title is given to me those of the lowest rung of the world, I care for the disenfranchised of Manhattan...and really anywhere. Titles really mean nothing, it is just another form of control for those with money and power over those without it. Afraid, for the day where one or the other can be obtained by those of lower status."

"To me, all are equal. Besides...does a title warm a man at night? Does it feed him? Does it love him? Tend to him? In the end, true happiness is found in those you surround yourselves with." he says, "But yeah. The nobles of your land are pretty stuck up. Seriously. I tried to get help in Mullunde once. Got so many noses turned up at me. Funny...given what it was I was trying to find out..." Ah humans...

"But Ramza...if she desires to be a simple dancer, then let her. And I will continue to be the King of Hobos, and you will continue to be a heretic." He tips his ha-

And then a low growl escapes his lips on reflex from Artemis' word. It was instant, and surprising for even him...he pauses...that word. That /place/. He sighs...come on Loki...
Margaux Fleury Margaux uses her bowing and titles in a slightly mocking, humorous way. It would be when she drops the act when one should really pay attention. The conversation at hand did get pretty serious and things getting serious were bad news for Margaux de Fleury. She did not want any of them to catch wind of her true feelings about Ramza and that she avenge the destruction of her order, her true family. Things grow complicated within Margaux when Ramza takes her dead seriously and compliments her quite beautifully.

The dancer is now the one to blush as she was not expecting such lofty praise from Ramza of all people. She wets her bottom lip idly as she attempts to understand how a person can be so trusting and kind to someone who openly said they would be their demise. Artemis' talking about dreams and Will's speach on titles causes Margaux to turn her blue eyes upon them in turn. Will's talk of the nobles of her worlds causes Margaux to close her eyes briefly. She cannot talk too much on this topic or she would get a little too fired up and serious once more. "The nobility of my land are dark stains upon the grace and goodness of every innocent soul that resides there. I fought against them and paid dearly for my efforts."

Margaux opens her blue eyes once more and places her hands upon her hips. "But that is neither here nor there. I long to hear some music right about now as a dance would help me clear my mind." Or stabbing someone. That might work too.
Ramza Beoulve "Dreams of what has already been, Artemis." He says this without hesitation. "Dreams of what might be are a beautiful tapestry of our hopes for a better future. Dreams of what has already been only serve to plunge us into despair."

And then Will speaks, and he gives his words consideration. "If that is what she wishes to be, then I'll respect that, but I wouldn't believe her, even for a moment, if she told me that life is all that she desires. And as for me being a heretic.." He'd smile thinly at Will. "..I don't consider it heresy, to lay the truth bare. I am but a simple man. My notoriety is but a false accusation. There is naught that is special about my deeds, as they're what any man should do in the face of such cruelty."

The growl from Will suprises him, and his gaze lingers on him for a moment, concern plain in his expression, but eventually he gives the man his privacy and turns to Margaux when she speaks of the nobility. "On that we can agree, Margaux. Would that I had been had been able to introduce you to my Father, my Sister, and perhaps Count Orlandeau, whom my Father once counted as his only friend. They are the only exceptions that I can think of. Myself? I don't consider myself one of them any longer." He'd close his eyes briefly, taking a deep breath before opening them again. "I can't change the past. If I could, then I would have realized my brother's depravity sooner. The saga of the Corpse Brigade might not have been such a tragedy. But the dreams of what might have been are far more frightening than those that might be."

And then he'd look Margaux in the eyes for a time, watching her silently. There was so much more that he wished to say on the subject, but he realized that they'd gone too far. When she speaks of music and dancing, he'd contemplate the matter. Unfortunately /Marlowe/ had the best voice in the group, he wasn't going to bring him out to sing. His ribald songs tended to go too far, and had offended the ladies of his company enough that they'd come to blows with him on multiple occasions. Clearing his throat, he'd smile sheepishly. "Well, the only instrument I can play isn't all that suitable. Mayhaps.."

He'd get up, and start walking away from the camp, a short time later an armored man in a dragoon helm would return to the camp with Ramza, before walking to his tent and procuring an item. When he returned, he wasn't wearing his helm, and instead had a reed flute at hand. He wouldn't speak, he'd just look at Margaux inquisitively, as if to ask if she had any requests.
Artemis Eurus Artemis reflexively reaches for the hilt of her blade when she hears Will growl, such an unexpected noise. She looks toward him, not drawing, but obviously frowning with confusion. What was /that/ about?

And then, Margaux blushes. Ramza....just made....a woman blush. Mark the calendars, ring the bells, etc.

Ramza, you gigantic idiot.

Artemis looks toward Margaux then, knowing she should not rise to her words, though she aches to defend the honor of her family. At least most of her family. For now however, she will remain quiet. There is no reason to show every card in hand.

Then Ramza speaks, and the words out of his mouth wound her greatly. Really, there were none other? No exceptions? Knowing what you do?

Artemis gives him a brief but scathing look before she looks back to the fire and falls silent. She would like very much to leave right now, but she will not abandon her post to do so. But oh, she is radiating anger.
Will Sherman Will holds a hand out...

"Complicated...don't ask." he says, "...A man has to have his own secrets." Will comments...he was obviously surprised by his own reaction...but he is normal again, and infact...

Has a harmonica in his hands.

"It ain't no banjo, but I guess it will have to do." And with that, he blows through the simple instrument... and starts producing a SONG!

It's stompy, infact, it might be a harmonica version of Black Betty because...

Will only knows one song.
Margaux Fleury The outward observer would not have to do much to misinterpret the events that just took place. Ramza compliments. Margaux blushes. Artemis stews in her own silent anger. And to exacerbate the situation, Margaux had been teasing Ramza mercilessly about secretly pining for Artemis. Such is life!

Ramza agreeing with Margaux causes a pleasureable smile to appear on her face. "Who knew that we would have so much in common, Messire Dreamer?" The story of the Corpse Brigade was a tragedy, but the legacy did not have to die. Not as long as people like Wiegraf and Margaux still drew beath. They would continue the fight to the very end, or at least that is what Margaux wanted to believe.

And now the Heretic Leader had gone and sought out a musician. Margaux observes this with a laugh. "Very good! We are now one step closer to breathing some more life into this camp of yours." Will produces a harmonica and begins playing a song on it. This saves Margaux from having to pick a song herself. The redhead now tosses back her cloak in animatedly fashion and extends a hand towards Ramza. The implication was obvious after their previous talk, but a small smirk has sneaked its way onto Margaux's face.

"If you would like to begin your instruction, then I would gladly accept the first dance. However, Messire." Blue eyes go to where the slightly sulky (because of an entirely different reason) Artemis resides. "Know that there is another whom you should ask to dance as well." For emphasis and Ramza's sake, she nods her head towards Madame Mask before smiling once more.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza could be a giant idiot at times. He'd presumed that Artemis wanted to keep her nobility a secret. Terrible assumption to make. He'd left her Father off the list because he didn't want to try and explain how he knew that. One look at Artemis' face lets him know that it was a huge mistake. Standing up, he'd walk over to her, and then he'd lower his voice. "Artemis, I apologize, I thought you wanted to remain surreptitious in regards to your family ties. Had I know otherwise you and your Father would not have been excluded.." A short pause. "..I'm a fool. Please forgive me for speaking as one."

Theodore would listen to Will play enough bars of the song that he could pick it up, then follow his lead, playing his accompaniment on the flute pretty well. Inwardly he might have been thinking that the Hobo King had strange taste in music. Then again, they'd been to Manhatten, and compared to some tunes they'd heard, the song was exquisite.

And then Margaux asks for a dance, and he'd look between Artemis and her. He was lost. He didn't truly want to dance, but he didn't want to offend either of them. And he had no idea /which/ he should ask to dance with first. Did it matter? And if it did, who would take the most offense if he asked the other first? Already, others in the camp who had been milling about grabbed a partner, and joined in. Others would just seat themselves around the fire.

The young man would close his eyes, steel himself, as he took a deep breath, then spoke once again to Artemis. "I will need some time for my feet to remember the steps but... ...might I save the last dance for you?"

And while he was still wondering what her answer might be, he'd walk over to Margaux, attempting to keep his expression stoic, and failing. He was definitely blushing. He'd take her hand, and allow her to lead at first, until he had some idea of what sort of dance she had in mind. When it seemed natural for him to do so, he'd take over the lead. He wasn't a poor dancer after all, but it did take some time for him to manage it with any sort of grace. Still, he kept it simple, mayhaps because he felt that Margaux was an expert and that if he tried to mix it up by throwing in other steps or movements that he'd do so clumsily.
Artemis Eurus Artemis has nothing against music. She quite likes it. Dancing however, she will not do. Not for the sheer joy of it. No, that is why she drags Ramza up to punch him every morning. That's what she does for the sheer joy of it.

When Ramza leans in to explain himself, she nods vaguely to him. "Yes Ramza, I understand. I was too quick to thing you slighted me," she admits, waving off his words. It is done. It is a tricky subject, as, well, her families honor has been tarnished a great deal.

Now, when Ramza asks her for a dance later, she gives him a look that might lead one to believe he'd just barked at her. It was that absurd. She smiles, shaking her head. " If you wish to dance with me Ramza, get your sword and we will dance. Go along then, dance with dame Margaux. Enjoy yourself."
Will Sherman Did I mention Will is terrible at music.

However, it is passible because it's a tune he's been playing sense he heard long ago.

He listens, but says nothing...

Artemis is going to need to meet someone. Celina...oh boy, did she need Celina.

A mischevious grin falls on his face. But for now, His player needs to pass out
Margaux Fleury Margaux, thinking herself the clever red-haired fox, watches Ramza go over towards Artemis. Some low-spoken words were exchanged. Ramza audibly takes a deep breath and says something else. Obviously this was where he was asking her to dance or perhaps announcing his undying love to her. But then....there is intrigue! Artemis shakes her head no while smiling towards Ramza. Hmm hmm hmmm.

As soon as Ramza draws near to Margaux, she flashes him a smile. "Once we have finished dancing. Ask her again. And do not be afraid to lead despite appearances. Trust me." Margaux says in a quiet voice before starting to lead Ramza. They dance close (with them hand in hand where would be the other hand, no?), but not too close to seem anything risque. They also dance in quick movements in time with the music. "Remember Messire Loverboy, 'the art of battle is like a dance'," quotes Margaux with a wink as she attempts to get Ramza to spin her. It seems that the Dancer might have overhead a few choice, juicy things from Ramza's conversation with Artemis.

As the song comes to a close, Margaux takes a step away and flourishes a bow towards Ramza. "I believe there is someone else with whom you owe a dance."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would breathe out a sigh, continuing to dance with her. He was dancing with a beautiful lady. Why was he so depressed? There was truly no courtship going on between him and Artemis. He didn't know whether he had feelings for anyone or not, but there was one thing he did know.

The /Braves/ are his family. And he hated to see anyone in his family unhappy, especially when it was the result of his own actions. Were it discontent with a command decision, that'd be more palatable. People are discontented over the choices of leadership all the time, and those are easy enough to smooth over. This was not.

As they danced, he'd murmur to her. "It isn't like that, Margaux. I offended her terribly, before you even offered to dance, and was such a fool that I couldn't see it. There is no courtship between the two of us. Mayhaps in the future that might change. As I said before, I don't know my own heart."

He dances with her perhaps a bit more mechanically after that, and in the end, he'd place a hand over his chest, and bow to her. "I think, I owe her far more than a dance."

Again the idiot didn't realize how his statement might be misconstrued.
Margaux Fleury Margaux de Fleury will try not to take it personally that Ramza cannot seem to concentrate on dancing with her when they were mere inches apart from each other. She never used to have this issue when she was a mere dancer, but times have changed. Perhaps she has lost some of her appeal over the years.

And then Ramza confides in her about Artemis. My, my. So there was something there! Perhaps if one prods at something enough, you eventually do get to the heart of the matter. The lackluster dance ends and Margaux actually does misconstrue the statement in that way.

"I would suggest flowers, but perhaps some sword oil for that blade of hers would be more appropiate." Margaux says as she starts to saunter off. The dancer then pauses and turns slightly. "And I would suggest that when you do dance or.." Margaux gestures openly with a sly grin. "...whatever it is with her. Try not to talk about other women or sigh audibly in the middle of it. You will thank me later." A hand is raised to wave goodbye as Margaux slips into the crowd.

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