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(2013-04-04 - Now)
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Montag The ShinRa was in a very odd place int eh world they were not so mainical that they would back something like the Shadow Lords. They wanted control, profit and power. Not a string of worlds they can't make use of. That hat left them at odds with about everyone otu there but they surive.

Still their enemies remain and there'd been rumors of heartless about the city and signs there may have been a Wutaian operatices about who would be the likely cause of it. Montag had been looking into it and found there'd been some proof to this rumor and had flagged it for the Turks and even others attention back at the tower this wiasn't something to ignore given the Wutaian governmebnt was more than willing to feed everyone else to the darkness to save itself. Someday he hoped to find it's leader right in the center of his scope and all he'd feel on that day is the recoil of the shot. But today he's in the slums snooping about as much as a Shinra Public Security officer can...
Reno as Montag was lost in brooding internal monologue... suddenly his cell phone went off?

"Yo, Reno here. Found a clue for ya over on Antigony street, near the corner of Malboro square. Got a few reports confirming a suspicious foreigner heading south- it's probably our guy. My guess is that he's making for the tunnels without making too much of a fuss so he can set up a base or somethin'." --- Reno would reply as quickly as Montag picked up the call (assuming he did), and then would hang up shortly thereafter.

The turk looked about the city. It was odd that Midgar's plate (or at least most of it) managed to make it's way across the worlds to be fused with Goug, but then it was a structure big enough to be geography. It was so large, in fact, that weather patterns can, did, and currently was forming underneath it. The red-haired turk let out an "ugh" under his breath as a slight drizzle began to moisten him. But no matter, there was work to be done before he could clock out today. Reno picked up his pace, heading for the graffiti'd wall that marks the hole to the underground. He held his phone up, punching in another speed dial. The streets were mostly deserted this late in the afternoon, and especially with the weather taking a turn for the crappy. All the better, no bystanders to get in the way, no civilian casualties to report in triplicate about later. The turk quickly held the phone to his ear as it started ringing, eager to fill Rhiannon in on the team movement as well. Hopefully they would catch up with the insurgent one at a time to draw him into a fight, while the next loyal ShinRa fighters would sneak up and take them unawares.

"C'mon, you derranged sexy nerd, pick UP!" Reno muttered at his phone.
Rhiannon Zellen Rhiannon of course had no part in any of these shenanigans. Or rather, she knew, but she certainly wouldn't be leaving her lab for it. Why? Because there are just too many wonderful discoveries to make! Too many experiments to perform! Too many devices to build! Some Wutai insurgent was of no consequence.

But then her phone went off. That phone that saw almost no use, yet she possessed just in case 'those people' needed to contact her that desperately. In this case, 'those people' pretty much meant everyone! "Hmn? Now just what could this be about?" She pondered to herself, setting down a pen she was writing with and taking up the ringing phone.

A single look at the ID tipped her off as to who it was and with a dramatic sigh, she answered. "Hello? This is Reno, yes? I imagine this must be important business, otherwise, you would not be calling me, hmm~?" Resting an elbow onto the surface of the desk she was sitting at and her chin in her open palm as she continued speaking. "So! What can I do for you today?"
Reno Reno walked as he talked.

"Yo Rhiannon? Hey, what's up, yo! How ya doin?"


"Okay okay, down to business. You know how they asked to to jump at any chance of studying heartless and the development of shadow-powers and whatevertheheck? Well me an' one of the Shinsec grunts --the good ones, not the cannon fodder-- we're on the trail of a Wutai insurgent down in the slums. We might be able to catch him, and if not, there's combat data an stuff to analyze. You in? I've cleared you for an air-drop already if yer game. Catch ya later, yo!" Reno cut off his conversation short as he was just about approaching the graffiti wall...

... but where was the insurgent?
Montag Montag is doing his monologgin yes, if you'd been SPC for as long as he has you'd do so too but it seems Reno's got a clue of some sort so he's conituyning to glance about and looks up at the rain and he looks over to Reno. "Well a lead's better than nothing. " Montag was a good tracker and useful in thighns like this but Reno was a Pro and spec ops so he was a league above the long time trooper.

"We better move this rain might errase some clues..."

Just where was it also there's a mark of pride when he's refered to as not fodder? It was a very good question.

The enemy operative had been doing recon but had got sloppy when they had summoned several heartless to deal with an drone patrol which had alerted the ShinRa that they were here and they were making or the Goug undercity which was a maze of old ruins on top of eachother the ShinRa would have a devil of a time if they got in there so the forces of the mighty Gil best be swift.
Rhiannon Zellen Blink.

This was important business? ...Well, not to her really. But hey! If Shinra wanted an analysis on people with dark powers, there was hardly any room to refuse. Plus, it was sort of interesting. Even if it /wasn't/ Leida. Shame. "Hmn, I suppose I will have to come by then, won't I?" Ignoring the greetings, Rhia casually replied, uncrossing her legs and scooting back in her seat. Tucking her cellphone away into one of her lab coat's pockets, she also took a tablet device along as well, leaving her lab and heading for the helipad.

It wasn't much longer before she was off, taking a helicopter ride off to the slums in order to catch with the others. There was no particular rush on her part, but she had made it in relatively good time. Once in the vicinity of the target area, the scientist hopped off of the helicopter, clearing the pilot to head back to HQ as she herself headed deeper into the slums.

It was not a place she usually found herself going, but hey! Science too many weird twists and turns. "Hmn, what a sight indeed..." Now she just had to play catch up with Reno and Montag, who were likely further ahead than her.
Reno Renogave a nod to Montag as he came into view. "Nice ta see ya around. spread out and look for signs... heartless tracks'd be a dead giveaway, but keep yer eyes peeled for anything-- including an ambush. We don't wanna get caught with our pants down, right?" He asks, hands in his pockets and patting the grip of his electro-mag rod in reassurance.

With that, Reno turned from montag and scanned the ground, and above eye-level. It was easy to hide above-eye level. You could be in plain view as long as no one bothered to view where you were.

Still no clues yet, Reno was hoping they would have caught up with the man before he took to the tunnels, but it looked as if they were going to have to break out the flashlights and /really/ start slumming it.
Montag It wouldn't be long ebfore they would bea heading out Montag already sniffing about an entrance to the tunnels and is soon with the others as they head in. It's not long the Wutai operative hasn't had time to cover their tracks and as the group, the dust of ages has been parted recenly as the group decends. Montag just shifts over imaging modes.

"Going thermo."

While he'll pass a flash light to Reno or Rhia if they need one.

The group would carry opn followin the trail for a little while when ... glowing yellow eyes would appear before them in the dark, it seems the operative has left ... a suprise to slow those who might come after them!
Rhiannon Zellen Rhia eventually caught up with the two, trailing behind them wordlessly. The offer of a flashlight was refused as she of her own to use, may as well leave it for someone else who could use it. Eventually though, the sight of the yellow eyes glowing in the darkness served as an idea that yes, there were heartless about.

"Oh joy. I can see that we now have trouble on our hands." Despite that, Rhia didn't seem all that worried at all. She DID take a step back however, leaving the turk and the soldier to take care of whatever was ahead. Help? Sure, she'd help! ...Maybe. Just not on the front lines.

That took too much effort!

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