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(2013-04-04 - Now)
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Deelel Deelel has basically moved back into the upstairs of the Arcade for now, she's cleaned it up a bit as she's pretty sure Tron has intrest in being about here as may the likes of CAD but for now? She's just been cleaning up the place and thinking about the mysterious visato they had who actually knew this arcade from before the world's fall and claimed it wasn't from Manhattan. She's made her way down and she's keeping herself busy cleaning several of the arcade game's screens. All the while Mario and Donky Kong go at it behind her ont he game's demo reel.
TRON It has been a long time.

Finally, he has built up enough courage to return to where it all began. There is a knock at the double doors, then a jiggle of the knob to test whether it's locked or not.

A glance through the windows would show a human man wearing jeans and a collared shirt with black gloves and glasses. Perhaps a little underdressed for Manhattan at the end of winter, but the cold doesn't seem to bother him.
Deelel Deelel would look over her shoudler from where she's cleaning. She notices there's someone at the door and goes to check it out. Sure one hand reaches back for the disc on her back. Several attacks have left her on edge about unknown visators. Blackbird's lucky she didn't get disced.

She sees who it might be at lewast she thinks she does and she comes up to the door.

"We're not open at the moment is there something you need?" TRON's disguse is a bit too good Deelel's not clicked to whom it is yet.
TRON Alan raises an eyebrow briefly. He's met Deelel before as a human, so does changing one's clothes really make such a difference? Now amused, he just smiles and pulls his glasses down his nose, the pupils of his eyes flickering that familiar whitish-blue light.

"I just wanted to come one step closer to home," he replies, his voice completely unaltered. "May I enter?"
Deelel Deelel ohs as she realises this as she moves to opent he door and let Alan in. "I'm sorry I didn't realise it weas you ast first." She grins a little bit. "Seems your getting better at fitting in. It's been a while and there's quite a bit to catch up on."
TRON Alan steps into the main floor as soon as Deelel allows him to, brushing off his shoulders and hair with movements that seem slightly... off... for a human. "It's alright. If not even you could recognize me, that only means good things for me," he remarks with a chuckle.

He looks around, noting all the game machines both covered and uncovered, the layout, everything in sight. He didn't get a good look at the place when he was running through before, and was only here once before Manhattan's fall. "Yes..." He eventually focuses back on Deelel. "There is." He smiles semi-lopsidedly. "So, where shall we start?"
Deelel Deelel closes the door behind her and passes another few machines. "There's a rest area upstairs pardon the slight clutter. I'd been cleaning up down here more. user space is just so /messy/." She closes the door locks it and would lead Tron upstairs. It's a simple loft really but there's a few things from the grid here, some supplies and several art related tools that Deelel is constntly doing her projects with. she'll flop on to the couch. "So where to start there's quite a bit, One thing I ... met a user who knows this place the other day."
TRON Alan, for his part, follows Deelel up to the loft office and chooses to take a seat in an armchair instead. "A User who knows this place?" He glances around, trying to get a better feel for the original owner of the arcade. A man he has 'met', of a sort. "How so?"
Deelel Deelel says "A woman went by blackbird. Said she used to go to this Arcade at times before it closed down but said it was in a city called LA." She tilts her head a little bit. "Was suprised to see it in manhattan and someone with it up and running really. She didn't seem hostile but I might want to find her again to see what else she knows. She said she knew the ownere Mr. Flynn in passing from coming here but she had to depart shortly after. Some of the other news is bad, very bad. Actually, I been spotting military program grader turret rezzers all over Tranverse town."
TRON Alan listens closely, leaning forwards in his chair as Deelel speaks. His expression looks quite confused at the thought of this arcade once being... elsewhere? What is this 'LA' she mentioned? A shake of his head clears the building questions. "I'd like to talk to this 'Blackbird' myself. But let's not worry about digging too deeply about matters like that. Not yet."

He leans back in his chair, his face darkening. "I know. I've seen them as well, and CHIEF gave me warning besides." He shakes his head. "So far, Master Control and DPS have made no moves that would not be seen as 'protecting Traverse Town', so we cannot act."
Deelel Deelel says "Save to give our user friends warning to the nature of such weapons. Have you informed VALKYRI? I done so with the Shard Seekers." She notes and leans back and she nods "Levels of existance our world's connection to the users. It's a lot to take in. I'm very glad i'm not alone as sometime's it's a strain to adapt. Though I think our world is much the same to users."

She listen and nods ""We can't act wildy or we will not, to use a user phrase. Have a leg to stand on. For all we know this may be just a defence plann offically. I know the other uses of such systems, also there's the matter of the server..we need to recover it. Also better protect this place."
TRON Alan nods grimly. "I believe I have, but it will be worth reiterating all the same. And you're exactly right. We can't do anything to stop DPS in Traverse Town until they become a danger to that world."

He stands up and looks out the window over the gaming floor, folding his hands behind his back. "What if we got everything working again, cleaned up, and reopened this arcade?" He cants his head to look over his shoulder at Deelel, a hopeful glint in his eye. "This can be a place for our friends to visit--the Shard Seekers, VALKYRI, even others we haven't met yet. A sanctuary for Programs and humans alike."

For the first time in a while, he seems to be getting more animated, more hopeful. "If we can restore the laser here somehow, perhaps we can even return to The Grid. Home." Yes, /he/ may not be able to go back, but Deelel and CADUCEUS certainly should be able to.
Deelel Deelel says "Good, We should inform the TDA as well. When we get a chance."

Deelel nods foer a moment "I like that idea, it seems so loney, here all these games not being played for so long I suspect." She pauses at the idea thinking "I like it, I like thisa a lot though I'd like to suggest some sort of defenes I don't want to be spilling bits of me all over the ground out front again. It would be wonder ful to go home and prehaps someday show our friens our home."
TRON Alan chuckles softly. "I agree, we will need to protect this place. Though how..." He shakes his head. "No, we'll worry about that later. For now, just restoring all the games and cleaning up the building will take time enough. It won't matter how well it's defended if it's not suitable to be open for business."

He grins, fully turning to face Deelel. He actually seems excited about the idea, a glimmer of the true TRON bleeding through the mask of his own name. "A goal. A function. A purpose..." He shakes his head with a rueful grin, his voice trailing off. How can you put into words a return back to something so vital to a Program's mindset as that?
Deelel Deelel says "The games are functional I have seen to that the cabinate could use some cleaning and we had ... two people crash in a while back I spent two weeks having to put several of the games back together. Still they should good." She nods smirking. "...True. I never had to stop my primary purpose." Well Deelel understands this and realise how damn lucky she's been in that respect.

"Though we may wish to add some more ... current games though one thing?"

She looks at Tron. "One of the games clearly has Grid tanks and Rectfiers in it and another is named after you. Far as I can tell, I haven't played either."
TRON Alan nods, still clearly excited. "Yes, perhaps so. And improve things without changing everything, just in case Flynn comes back..."

His expression freezes at the statement about Grid-based games. He turns his gaze back over the floor, eyes narrowing as a glint smolders in his eyes. A game with his name on it? How...?

Immediately, he stops that train of thought cold. He has a feeling deep in his core he doesn't want to know the answer to that.

"We don't know if those games are linked home. I don't..." he inhales deeply, a calming reflex more than anything, "...I do not want possibly kill our own kind by playing those games." His excitement is long gone now, his gaze scanning over the others. "And what about the other games, I wonder...?" He shakes his head, trying to snap himself out of it before he really swings into the depressed state. "Never mind. Let's focus on cleaning the building up first before we look into the games themselves... Just for now. One thing at a time, right?"
Deelel Deelel says "Agreed, just some newer models, we're not going to ... put any of the othrs out in the cold as ... after all if they have systems that run them..." There may be basics like them and don't they want to carry out their purpose? She's always felt protective iof this place nd the games and could never understsnd why who knows.

"Clean up should be easy enough, I made enough currency we can get the supplies we need to clean."
TRON Alan nods slowly, thoughtful consideration tempering his blind excitement from earlier. "Yes. And since we don't nessisarily require sleep or food the same way humans do..." He grins slightly. "Perhaps cleaning will not take too long." Barring mishaps bound to happen with two Programs using User-based products to complete a User-based chore, but he doesn't know that yet.
Deelel Deelel says "We still need down time either way it might as well be sleep we're not concous." And while they needed energy they didn't need to pork out three times aday to keep running. Oh there shall be chaos but thankfully neither will be foolish enough to put cooking oil in a coffee maker right?
TRON Alan nods. "True. At least we can recharge up here if we need to."

He pauses for a moment, looking out over the game floor once more, then turns away from the windows to fully face Deelel once more. "I should return to Traverse Town, if only for a day or two. I need to let VALKYRI know what it is I have planned. Perhaps they would like to help as well when they can."

He smiles wearily. "But I do want this place to function again. No matter its origin, it's the closest we have to home."
Deelel Deelel says "I have a Recharg unit I brought to the Shard Seeker's HQ I'll move it here I think." She nods "One of us should contact the TDA as well with whats' going on. I have to agree you know this is the place I woke up ... when I left the grid? This was the first place I saw here." She pauses "Home, it's a good word."
TRON Alan's gaze turns distant for a moment. "Yes... the same for me as well." He blinks once, twice, then readjusts his glasses and nods once as if confirming something in his mind.

"All right. I'll be back in a few days, and we'll get to work." He bows his head briefly. "Until then, Deelel, stay safe."
Deelel Deelel says "Don't worry I will, oh yes. I installed a monitoring system here after I was attacked here the first time. I'll make sure you have acess to it."
TRON Alan nods. "Excellent. I'll test it out once I return." He turns and heads towards the door leading back out into the arcade proper, lifting one hand in a wave goodbye. "Farewell."

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