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Malice Striker
(2013-04-04 - 2013-04-13)
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The Phantom Forest is a rather large forest of forgotten spirits and massive trees. Many who enter this place of deep fog, overgrowth, and old trails are never to be heard from again, as many rumors state, this forest is alive and nearly impossible to navigate.

Yet something has come to live in this forest. Something that calls out to a single adventurer by a small link they have established. There was a test to be conducted and this was only the first trail of this test.

To come and locate the Esper that was awoken.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom moves through the brush. Dried, gnarled twigs extend from the great and ancient trees, snapping like spindly toothpicks against his shoulders as the Titan steps through a thicket. Fog parts about his torso like tide might be divided by a particularly stubborn glacier. In his hand, there is a lantern that blazes brightly into the fog. Mist scatters light, diffusing the glow of the oil lamp into a vaguely fuzzy sphere of illumination.

It all leads to a rather... creepy effect- like a second, dim, handheld sun. A ghost-light, an artificial mimic of the infamous will-o'-wisps that lurk woods such as these.

And like those wisps, Artyom's lantern leads a parade of walking bodies into the deep heart of these ancient woods. He chases a dream- a creature of legend burned into his psyche by words and images of minor prophecy.

Those who accompany him are friends, allies, coworkers, and random people he had picked up on the way. All of them come for their own reasons, but all are under his protection, today.

...For now.

The Titan turns about, casting a squinted gaze through the mist. "Is everyone still there?" Artyom calls out, only slightly concerned that his companions were swallowed up by the shadows that lurk in this fog. "Headcount. This fog is thicker than I had estimated."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart raises a hand from through the fog. What exactly is she doing here, she's not sure. As an immediate goal at least. WHY she's here in the first place is to help out, which she of oten does with most of the other groups, waiting for Avalanche to work itself back up one day, or at least more members showing up. She can't do much alone after all.

"I'm here, still following. But gotta wonder where is 'here'." In the forest she means. Its easy to get lost in here, its like a maze, you feel that you took a few turns and yet it all looks the same.
Kim Possible A hand raises as well, this one belonging to Kim Possible. What she's doing here could be anyone's guess, but it's also possibly the fact that Team Possible does just about anything. Mind you, she's one of the only two members, but that's aside from the point here. There's also the fact her BFF, Tifa, is here as well.

"Whereever 'here' is, it's definitely not a place I want to hang out for much longer," Kim comments to Tifa. "This place is totally uncool, and the mists are making me feel eerie."
Ramza Beoulve The Phantom Forest. He wondered if Artemis loved the trees of this ominous woodland. The tangled and twisted shrubbery combined with the eerie fog tended to raise hackles on the back of the young man's neck. And then there were the ghosts. The brief encounters with the forlorn spirits of the departed made him wonder if he'd see anyone he knew amongst them. He certainly hoped not.

He'd came here with Artyom, following behind him at an even pace, and had discarded his typical cloak altogether shortly after they'd arrived. There was no point in keeping it, after it caught in the thicket for the third time.

Booted footsteps upon dry twigs and forest mulch marked his passing. He kept to himself for the most part, only speaking to Artemis every now and then to offer some idle pleasantry. They were under Artyom's protection mayhaps, but he didn't want to exacerbate tensions by speaking to any who might be sympathetic to the Church. So when Artyom spoke up, he kept his response succinct. "Here, Ser."
Myla Mason Myla Mason has been keeping with her fellow students a lot, it's what you have to do in times like this really and so she's been traveling with Art today and she keeps up with him. Her pistols have lights slung on the under wide which may help a little bit.

"I'm not dead yet Arty."
% Some of the others she does not know so well are also her ebut she does remeber Ramza however and Tifa.

"I hear you!"
Margaux Fleury Margaux de Fleury felt that somehow her dancing talents were not going to be needed in a place such as this. With this in mind, the once and always dancer wears the garb that she once wore while a member of the Death Corps. While only lightly armored in only a coat of plates, Margaux is still protected from the odd bramble by her trousers, knee length boots, and her great blue cloak of hers. Her hood is up and a matching blue scarf covers the majority of her face with predominantly only her blue eyes being visible. Unlike Ramza, Margaux keeps her cloak and uses the rapier she wears on her hip to cut her way easily free of any brambles. Perhaps it is overkill, but Margaux was not about to lose another one of her cloaks to the elements.

It was unclear why the dancer was here and who had asked her to tag along. Despite this, Margaux travels along with the group with her rapier still in hand. The asking for a roll call results in the Death Corps member reaching for her scarf, but she relents a moment later. They would be able to hear her well enough. "I am 'ere too!" She calls out to the mostly unfamilar person who was leading the group. After that, Margaux goes back to cutting her way through the brambles.
Faruja Senra Faruja Senra is out of that blasted infirmary, with a minimum of zombie-goo based cough (THANKS RAMZA!). The clank of plate mail and claws digging into leaves and twigs would ensure others that he's indeed still here. The idea that there's an /esper/ buried somewhere in this damned forest certainly has piqued the Templar's interest. Things of legend on his own world, only contact with the Church's summoners have him thinking of them as reality more than mere fairytale.

"Here, thank the Lord!" Comes the Burmecian's exhuberant response. That happiness at being out of the infirmary quickly plummets, however, as a familiar voice hits his ears. Slowly, the rat turns to face Ramza. SStopping for a full minute as he gazes upon the Heretic, his gaze then shifts over to Artyom as he trembles in mute rage.
Artemis Eurus Artemis does like these trees. They have a beauty of their own, a dark and spooky beauty that Artemis is just the kind of girl to appreciate. She is however, on her guard, and following even closer to Ramza than usual due to this fog. She too has foregone any cloak, and creeps through the forest almost silently, a predator on the hunt.

"Here," she replies to Artyom, hand resting on the hilt of her blade comfortably. Of course, Faruja is here, and has just noticed them, finally. The rat knight may as well come to terms with them meeting up occasionally. Indeed, Artemis raises a hand and gives Faruja a slow wave and a grin.
Souji Murasame Souji has been very intent on Valodjn's research into the Magicite. The Phantom Forest was detected to be the location of the current resting place of the entity... Legends seemed to surround the ancient and dark area. Souji does not fear the spirits of the dead.

The Esper, however... that demands a measure of wariness, if not respect. The fog parts, a gust of wind parting it to reveal Souji, the patron of Valodjn in various ways.

"I am here." Souji says. There are some familiar faces here. He looks to the others, considering them. They are competent, some extremely so. Many of them are probably the cream of their worlds. He will have to consider this.

The appearance of Faruja gains an additional note. "Hmm..." He quietly hums to himself, before speaking up. "Ser Knight." Souji addresses the Burmecian, having done some research into the area. "We meet again, it seems." He looks about, considering the man Faruja is facing down. "This seems to be a poor place for a battle." He mentions. The Phantom Forest... Yes. Poor indeed.
Angantyr Vespar A dark portal forms with the rest of the group.

Angantyr walks through it, before the corridor closes and he looks about himself. This is...a rather signifigant gathering of people, more than he thought would be here. The draw of people brought the Dark Knight, he needed power, not for himself, but on a larger scale for...reasons. Those who knew his history would know why. Crossing his arms, he looks as Ramza and Faruja take arms at each other, and then looks around the forest.

"You choose your battles well, Rat Knight. I would suggest you stuff your armor down until we're not in danger of being evicerated. You know, it's hard to champion for a cause when you're sitting with Hades down below." he motions down...and then towards the tracks of the Phantom Train.

He looks at Frank, "Sorry I'm late, I had affairs to take care of, and as I mentioned, I could catch up."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Everyone is here! Good." Artyom rumbles, satisfied. Though, his gaze does fall on Margaux, Tifa and Kim in particular. Huh. When did he pick those ones up, again? This wood certainly has a devilish way of confusing one's senses. Indeed, the profuse amount of /life/ gathering in one spot appears to be attracting the attention of these woods' less than pleasant denizens.

Strange shadows begin appearing in the mist, drifting through the fog as spectral half-shapes. They creep closer, apparantly drawn to the light in Artyom's hand- then comes the wind. The mist stirs- it clings to the trees, struggling to maintain a grip of the trees and the travellers. Then, like tide receding into the ocean, the fog scatters, breaking and and dispelling the shades.

Artyom inclines his head gratefully toward Souji. "I am glad you've all made it through in one piece. I believe we draw close--" Faruja gives him a look. Artyom's gaze darts toward Ramza, then back to the mouse. "If you wish to spill blood in these haunted woods, feel free, my friend. But I do not believe it is a wise decision, here. Look around you- the creatures here wait only for weakness and rage. I'm certain they would take your life as well as your soul, if given the chance."

Frank bobs his head toward Angantyr. Interesting person, this one. "Not a problem. We've not yet run into... Heavy resistance." Except the fog. The oppressive fog that threatens to creep through one's eyes and into one's mind- consuming and obscuring all but one's own end. "Stay close, now. We do not want to appear weak."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would calmly appraise Faruja, his expression stoic. "I am not your enemy, Ser Senra. You're a good man, despite your zealotry, and I have no desire to bear arms against you." And then came Souji's remark on this being a poor choice of battlefield. "Agreed. Can we find common ground just this once, Ser? As we did with the Necromancer."

He didn't even have his hand on his sword. There was nothing of a threat in his demeanour, though he certainly couldn't say the same for how Artemis would respond.

When Angantyr arrives, he'd give the man an affable smile, despite his manner of arrival. "Glad that you could make it, Ser Vespar."
Artemis Eurus Poor Faruja. They do keep showing up to make his life just a little more difficult. She had nothing against him--indeed he was so easy to ruffle it rather made things a bit fun.

Artemis nods to Angantyr as he arrives, noting his method of transportation. Useful! Seems he could do that long-distance. Interesting. "Ser Vespar," she greets as well, then looks to Artyom, nodding. Of Espers she is respectful, as she is of places such as this--steeped in the uncanny.

Artemis glances toward Souji at his comment about this being a poor place for a battle. "A traditional battle, yes...but I think it would be very interesting to hunt here," she comments. Not that she would. This was was no ordinary wood, she would not hunt unless she knew she wouldn't be offending any spirits of the place.
Myla Mason Myla Mason knwe a bit about the Esper Artyom was trying to get the approval of she could understna his need for a hand and she looks over to her cschool mate. "Right I know keep together and I'd rather not wake the vengeful dead hummm."

She falls in hoping to not get caught up in a ppssible interparty conflict.
Margaux Fleury Phoenix rapier in hand, Margaux was lightly tapping the weapon against a nearby thicket of brambles. The gathering shadows draws the dancer's eye, but not as much a lovely violet flower that seems trapped within the brambles. Margaux uses her rapier with surgical precision and cuts the flower free from the brambles before gently pulling her hood down and placing the flower securely into her hair. Treasure recovered, she now deftly strides her way over towards Ramza and Faruja. Her movements end in a graceful twirl in which she lowers her scarf and display a wry grin upon her lips at the pair.

"Such jolly cooperation among once enemies!" Margaux declares with her laugh filling the nearby air. "Who ever would have guessed that such a thing was possible, no?" A knowing look is levied towards Ramza before Margaux flashes a less mischevious smile at Faruja. "Messire Senra, so nice to meet you once again and this time without any hounds nipping at my heels." Her greetings said, Margaux deftly manuevers back to her spot on the fringes of the group with her hood and scarf going back up once more.
Faruja Senra Faruja, a zealot and believer true, is at times very short on patience. He isn't stupid however. Souji, Artyom, and eventually Angantyr's points on the forest being a greater enemy are all too true. Reaching up, the Templar lays a hand on as close to Artyom's shoulder as the short rat can manage.

"Ser Valodjn. When we are done here, you and I are going to have a long discussion about propriety." The utter flatness of his voice may hint at the barely contained blast that is his pent up anger.

"Common ground with a Heretic? Surely you jest!" The rat's voice lowers, muttering as he follows behind Artyom. "Damned godless heathen shan't touch the esper..." To Artemis, the ratling narrows his eye, giving a stiff nod. If nothing else, he's polite.

"Odd words from a man whom picks dangerous enemies, Mercenary!" is offered to Angantyr, before with a huff, he finally regards Souji.

"My apologies, Ser, well met. The presence of certain unclean individuals tarnishes my manners it seems. Mmm. You have me at a disadvantage, however...where have we met, Ser?" A slightly raised brow comes to the rat's face.

Suddenly, there is a Death Corp member at his side, and the rat can't help but smile despite the slight jab at the situation. "...Let us merely say that I am not obligated to be suicidal in my pursuit of my enemies, M'Lady Fleury. A happy occasion indeed. Thy presence, and bravery, is ever welcome. Indeed, I am honored to fight by thy side."
Ramza Beoulve Ramza Beoulve would turn away from Faruja at that point continuing to follow Artyom, and yet perhaps he decided he needed to drive the point home, despite tensions being high. "Your nescience does you no credit, Ser. I think you're more sagacious than that. Do you think that I was deceiving you in aught but my name when we treated at the same table? And when the witch came to terrorize, did I not see you defending the civilians from the unquiet dead, as I did? We have more in common than you know."

A lighthearted smile touched his expression as Margaux speaks to them. "Indeed, Margaux. Mayhaps you'll think me feckless, but I think the possibilities are limitless. It is a pleasure to see you again. I do hope that our harsh words haven't soured your mood."

And then to Artemis. "What sort of prey do you think you'd find in this forest? Most beasts wouldn't have the fortitude to range this close to the heart the forest."
Angantyr Vespar "I did not make your friends my enemy, they made themselves mine. Such delicious hypocricy though. You condem me for my...condition, yet you have monsters in your ranks who pick on children with candy." Angantyr spits towards Faruja. Angantyr spits, "If your happless faith thinks their arm so great to try and strangle me, then they will find themselves taking an infected splinter to their homes to mend each time." Angantyr is defiant, but he is not stupid. He isn't about to try and wage a war with them...but he WILL defend himself, and champion causes that he feels are right.

He dismisses the rat with a snort, and turns towards Ramza and Artemis, "We meet again it seems. Hopefully, it is on better terms than the last." he looks around at the thick fog, "Though I think perhaps not."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart shakes her head as she looks at the other people with her. She knows of Faruja at least, the others are not as familiar for the moment, but she knows she crossed them a few times. She has a good memory, comes with being a barmaid usually, remembering faces and drinks together.

She nods to Kim "This place is bad news, I so hate ghosts to start with." A place like a phantom forest is nothing to inspire either. She moves along the road with the others... watching so they don't try to kill each other before something else does.
Kim Possible "Ghosts? This is definitely a place that Ron shouldn't come to," Kim replies with a slight smirk. "That poor kid seems tough but he freaks out at certain things, ghosts being one of them." She doesn't want to embarrass him any further, so she shuts up. At the same time, she mentally reviews her gadgets to make sure she's ready for anything that could happen.

"Still, this place is really uncool, and I'd like to get outta here as quickly as possible."
Artemis Eurus "That is why it would be interesting Ramza," she replies quietly, flashing him a small smile.

At his words to Faruja, Artemis would fix the rat-knight with the intensity of her gaze rather than speak. Did she not save him from a particularly nasty blow from a zombie's blade?

Artemis looks to Margaux, nodding a greeting. "A pleasure to see you again Dame Margaux."

Next, the masked warrior turns her gaze toward Angantyr, smiling. "Oh, I don't know...this is rather atmospheric," she replies as if she's contemplating setting down a blanket and having a picnic.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom reacts to the crusader's outburst with a mask of passive stoicism. His mighty shoulders shrug, and only gives a response once the Burmecian turns his attention to others. "I put out a call for help, Faruja. Those who come, those who do not- it is not my place to tell them what to do, or what kind of help I wish to call on. A beggar never chooses."

"Besides, I cannot necessarily be found at fault for failing to be guided by a faith I do not follow. Peace, Faruja. We can speak more of this later, mmn?" The colossus turns his gaze into the woods, peering into the gaps between the trees where the shadows grow long and mighty. "I do not like the smell of this place. The trees are older than some hills- impressive, but ominous. I wonder how many souls have fed these giants?"

Artyom has a bit of a thing for ghost stories. They make for interesting reads!

"Faruja," Artyom offers, turning his lantern into the fog, "You're an ordained crusader. Certainly you must have some manner of incantation that could drive some of these spirits away."
Souji Murasame "Yes, I am Souji, of the Murasame Family." He replies. He looks over the conflicted group, and arches an eyebrow slightly. The comment from Artemis draws Souji's gaze, watching her for a moment through his glasses. Images seem to flicker across the surface of those lenses for a moment, before he smiles thinly. "If the game you seek are the dead, perhaps. This place is unwholesome."

He looks back to Faruja, and nods again. "I believe I remember seeing you atop a great wyvern in a battle recently. You are quite striking, I could not forget such a sight easily." Could Souji simply not recognize the cadre of heretics who he had assisted the Templar in battling against right there? Or is something else going on?

He nods faintly. "It is, however, a pleasure to make you acquaintence, Ser Knight, though I admit, I do not have you name, simply the knowledge of your station... And it appears that you have some conflict with those here."

He gestures to Valodjn. "Don't worry, however. The head of our expedition is one of my own men. He is not beholden to your enemies." At least, last he checked.

Abgantyr's words cause Souji's eyes to narrow. "Is this really necessary? Seriously, we need to stay on task here, otherwise we could find ourselves taking up more permanent residence." He gestures to Tifa. "She's right. This isn't someplace we should be for long."
Margaux Fleury Ramza's comment causes the meandering dancer to turn his way. Margaux lightly makes her way over and stages an elaborate bow towards him. "Worry not, for I was once the shining bastion of optimisim among a group with the most cynical name. My current mood is indefatigable, inexhaustable, ehh...." Margaux's vocabulary suddenly fails her. "....impregnable?" Not the most eloquent selection of words to describe one's demeanor, but Margaux's mood was not fertile so that much was at least true. The dancer shrugs deeply before looking now to the church mouse who was being -stared- down so nastily. "Ah Messire Zealot, I am ever so inclined to remind you that I hold no titles nor lands to my name for it is simply that, a name and nothing more." She motions towards herself now. "Simply call me, Marguerite."

The 'hello' from the formal mysterious warrior causes Margaux to pivot towards her now. "Madame Mask, a pleasure to be sure. I do hope that Ramza has avoided any further accidental intimate inclinations with that 'feckless' tongue of his?" Margaux asks jovially of Artemis, her scarf falling down once more.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks at Souji.

It's a look and a posture that says everything he needs to say about the situation.

Look at all the <GOOSEHONKS> I give right now.
So far things have been quiet in the ghostly forest. There was no sound beyond the stirring of leaves in the wind. No movement beyond the fog trying to play tricks on the mind. Yet suddenly there was movement. It wrapped around in front of the ground. Then to the side. Then to behind.

The trees swayed by whatever was causing the stir of the fog. Lifting it up, moving it like smoke. This happened again and again.

Soon things grew quiet again. Very quiet. Even the wind stopped. Quiet enough that breathing could be heard and perhaps even ones own heart beat. The fog slowly starting to settle down once more. Yet off to the side two green eyes stared out from the fog. A low rumble started to break the silence before words echoed around them.

A male voice, the same voice of the Esper. "You have come, you have come seeking me. Yet not alone are you. Do you fear to face me alone, Artyom?"

Suddenly the eyes vanish as something moved around once more, then the voice spoke again. "Or do your friends wish for something? Perhaps to aid you? Is that their true motives? Do you know what their motives are?"
Faruja Senra Sigh. Faruja ends up simply shaking his head as both a glare and Ramza's words settle onto him. Perhaps it's the stress of all that's happened as of late, but he mutters his first half-way reasonable words since noting the Heretics amongst them. "...I know naught what to believe anymore." Indeed, Ramza's actions when he met the man under more peacable circumstances seemed genuine. And then there was his actions amongst the people being assaulted. It all pointed to the man being good. But then, what of the charges of murder? That thought hangs heavily in his mind as he lapses into silence, Angantyr's words taken silently. For a brief moment, the Templar looks troubled.

"Quite, later." Agrees the Templar. If nothing else, he can at least keep an eye on the three. Frowning, he peers into the fog. "...Of sorts. I am no exorcist, however, my particular skills may prove o some use." Pause. "...It shan't be subtle, however."

Faruja himself can't help but smile slightly. "Well then. Temple Knight Faruja Senra of the Most Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados. Thy assistance, Ser Murasame, shan't be forgotten. You've an airship, yes? Indeed, should we both survive this, I would be most honored to speak more on the matter if you would be willing."

"And, M'Lady Fleury, I shall contend that a person's actions and how they conduct themselves makes them a Lady or Ser, not the blood that flows within their veins." Retorts the Templar. His tail then flicks. "And you know what they say about old habits. Marguerite it shall be." Highly unlikely, that.

Silence reigns, and Faruja shuts up. Gripping his spear, he gazes into those eyes ahead, steadying himself. A glance is briefly given to Artyom.
Artyom W. Valodjn "Yes, we will speak," the Titanic rumbles in reply- there's a dreadful dearth of emotion in his words. He has something else on his mind. "Later. Not n-"

Suddenly, there is sound. There is movement.

Artyom's attention shifts immediately, chasing the creature's emerald eyes with his own amber ones. "He's here," Artyom whispers under his breath, his off hand twitching, ready for... Whatever it is might happen, now. This Esper, it is not exactly a predictable creature.

"Great One," Artyom replies, his tone confident and assured, despite the fog creeping in all around him. "Courage is often wrongly associated with recklessness, just as wise caution is frequently mistaken for cowardice. I come with others because I know the danger of wandering into a haunted, foggy wood all on my own."

He smirks, "I would really rather not leave here possessed by a vengeful spirit."

"For what reason they all come, I do not know. They came when I called, and for now that is good enough. I trust them, and that their motives do not run counter to my own." He produces a wooden pole and sets his lantern, hooked, at its crook, "But it is rather difficult speaking with you through all this fog. Perhaps we aught to clear the air?"
Ramza Beoulve Ramza actually manages a smile at Margaux's faux formality when she bows. "Come now, Margaux. If you expect me to treat you so informally, then I would anticipate the same courtesy. And it gladdens my heart to see you in such high spirits."

Perhaps because of his distance from Faruja, he doesn't hear the Burmecian's words, and presumes he's sulking. He doesn't speak any further to him, as he doesn't anticipate that any good will come of it.

To Angantyr, he would nod. "I fear that the cirucmstances might be all too similar. This wood harbors many mysteries within it, and most are likely as hostile as the Dark Knight from Fluorgis. I actually suspect he might be connected to the Witch I fought in the Sabil mountains, as we'd followed his airship in that direction."

And then two green orbs appear in the fog. Ramza falls silent, listening to it with an introspective look upon his visage. He wasn't certain what to make of it, and wasn't entirely certain what his motives of being here were. He'd intended to be of some service to the friendly acquaintance of Artyom, and came without even knowing much of his purpose.

Feckless might indeed be an excellent word to describe him.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is just feeling a bit out of it with some of the people here but the Esper hs apepared again. She looks at the source of the voice or teies to. Her motive is simple, help Art find this Esper. Maybe find some treasure along the way really. She looks over at Faruja for a moment with a look ofg sympatny on her face for a moment.

"sometimes that can be the heardest thing Sir Knight."

She looks back to Art as he speaks and answer prety well in her POV.
Artemis Eurus Artemis laughs lightly at Margaux's words, shaking her head. "Ah, no, not exactly," she replies, casting a playful glance Ramza's way.

Then, as Titan speaks, she falls into reverent silence.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart hears the deep voice, and it makes her jump just a little. She wasn't really expecting that, neither the eyes through the big. She takes a defensive step back... but looks like its interested in Artyom only. She's glad Souji is on her side, but this seems like a different thing altogether... She also's in favor of strength and support in numbers, although she didn't know Artyom should have come here alone either. She scatches her cheek a bit in thought, and lets Arty carry the conversation...

She leans toward Kim to whisper "You think THAT's a ghost?
Margaux Fleury Ramza and Faruja both jest/half-jest back to Margaux in their own special ways. "Messire Zealot, I shall relent this fight to you. But do not think our next bout will so easy!" The fencer/dancer smiles sweetly before turning to the Heretic now. "And Messire Heretic, I merely contend that a person's actions and how they conduct themselves determines my formality with them." She says in a serious, matter of the fact tone before sending a sly wink Faruja's way. Marguerite now laughs lightly to herself as she adjusts the flower that she had placed in her hair with her non sword holding hand.

Finished adjusting the flower, Margaux de Fleury sheathes her rapier and claps her two gloves hands together at Artemis' slightly hesitant words. A red eyebrow is quirked purposefully and a devilish grin dawns on her face. "Not exactly, Madame Mask? Does this mean that Ramza has started courting you formally? Has be been serenading you at night? Has he met with your guardians? Whispered sweet nothings into your ear during a chance moonlit dance?" The dancer waits not for an answer or the truth. She looks to Ramza and wipes an invsible tear from out of her eye. "You have come such a long way in a very short time!" Margaux's brings her gloved hands together to applaud the Heretic. "I salute you, Messire Feckless." A crisp salute is snapped just as green ghost eyes materialize in the distance.

Margaux catches sight of these floating orbs of light and decides that it was time to transition into Act II. Her rapier is drawn, but kept low at her side. It was always good to be prepared afterall when ghosts and Espers were involved she supposes.
Kim Possible Kim wants to say something to the voice, but between what's speaking to them and the fact she's not being directly addressed, Kim remains silent for the time being. At the same time she assumes a semi-ready stance, just in case there any unpleasant surprises on hand.

Responding to Tifa, Kim shakes her head before whispering, "I dunno, and honestly I don't care as long as it doesn't hurt us!"
Souji Murasame Hang on, let's see if he can get one for you out of the back, Ang.

Nope. Souji's all out of them, sorry. Maybe he can special order you one.

The comment of the Esper causes Souji to peer in the direction of the voice. "Who are you to question and ask of motives, Esper? He has come for you. Deal with him."

Faruja's words cause him to nod. "Of course, Ser Faruja. It would be an honor to speak with you at a less... difficult time."

His expression is neutral, but those trained in reading such can see the careful control in it.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr continues to not give a crap.

He doesn't hide his motives. Money, and power. Money from the price of his service, power from perhaps the Esper. Who knows.

Angantyr and Souji have at least reached a resolution on the number of <GOOSEHONK>s given.

There are no special ordered ones to give out either.
Artyom says his piece and then a small chuckle comes from the fog. Yet it does not lift, it only stays, but the voice does speak once more. "You are wise in such words, yet I still wonder as to why they come. Let us have a test in that knowledge."

Suddenly there was a swift movement and the fog lifted up from a northern path that reveals itself. The road almost gone from the vegetation, yet one could hear something moving in the trees high above. "Ask them why they have come here. Seek the answers that they hold. Let me hear each of their reasons and their names. So that I may know them as you do." Perhaps that would answers Souji's question as to why the Esper was curious.

The movement stopped up high, something serpentine like was wrapped around a tree. It was rather large in structure with two front legs and two back legs from what could be made out. Those eyes peering down at them all. "Then perhaps, we will see each of your resolves and your own."

The creature then seemed to suddenly move off the tree and vanish down to the ground. Seeming to disappear. Yet did it really?

It would also seem the road they were on was starting to slowly become more clear of the fog, slowly rising in elevation in this thick forest. The trees were also starting to become more sparse and ahead one could start to see a massive tree that was willow like in shape. By the size comparison to the other trees, it was perhaps the tallest one here and Artyom may recall it from his dream.
Faruja Senra "Wit or blade, any time at all, Lady Marguerite." Pause. "Preferably not in a swamp, however." He can't help it. Faruja returns the smile, the Death Corp member helping break the mood somewhat.

"And what reason would such a being have for attempting to drive a wedge between Artyom and his allies?" mutters Faruja to himself as Artyom answers the being. He chips in a nod towards the large Titan, playing the team player for the moment, even as his red eye casts about for the voice's source.

Myla at least has the rat's tension easing. A touch of sympathy never hurts, and the woman gets a nod of appreciation. The rat's had it rough as of late, mostly thanks to certain Heretics turning his life upside down.

Faruja's eyes flick up, ears perking. A serpent. A massive one. It reminds him of a dragon. The mere thought has him smiling. Somehow, he doubts dragging the creature's head back to Cleyra would make his people's new caretakers particularly happy.

Cough. Faruja offers a bow to the being within the treetops. "Temple Knight Faruja Senra, of the Most Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados. Well met. Now, I shall dispense with further formalities if you please." Straightening his clothing, and leaning on his spear, he addresses the creature as their motivations are asked. Is it foolish to be honest? Perhaps, but the rat finds himself warming to such bluntness.

"My motives? I see no harm in it. You are an Esper, are you not? Such are mere legends within my world. Frankly, until recently, I thought those such as thyself to be the very same; myth. Curiousity, to know whether you pose a threat to Church or other innocents, and mayhap a road to mutual relationships with the Holy Church may yet be built if you are peaceful and holy towards us, oh Esper." Pause. His tail flicks to Ramza and Artemis. "And to ensure /these/ ones do nothing untoward." When Faruja is honest, he's honest. Then, the creature seems to be gone, and the road less fogged. "'Tis your operation, Ser Valodjn. My blade is yours for now."
Artyom W. Valodjn The situation is more delicate than Artyom would truly prefer. The target of his quest seems to have grown a bit more cryptic since he had released it from its prison, deep under that laboratory. Or perhaps it has always been this way, but he didn't spend enough time contemplating its personality. The latter is probably more likely, in retrospect.

Artyom's face sets into a stoic facade as the creature declares its challenge and then... Vanishes into the earth? No. Something that large couldn't simply disappear. It's here somewhere- waiting, watching. Its magic causes the mist to clear- or was it just a fit of the weather? Suspicious- suspicious enough set him on edge.

And as the mist clears, he sees it.

Colossal. A tree that stretches further than he can even see. A massive willow, its leaves pouring down in a verdant cascade. Artyom releases a breath he didn't realize he was holding, and makes his way toward the foot of the tree, before resting himself amidst its titanic boughs.

"So," he rumbles at his companions. His lips are curled up into a slight smile- though there is an edge to it. He is still watching the world, seeking the creature out with his eyes, his ears, and the stonesense that pulses through his legs and into the earth. "You all heard it. The great creature asks of why you have accompanied me. Please, answer honestly, all of you."

He inclines his head toward Faruja as he speaks his piece. A noble soul, underneath all of that fire. "It is appreciated, Sir Faruja. I promise, we will speak further of your uneasiness once we are done here."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks back towards the others.

He then steps forward, it wants answers, fine then he'll get them.

He walks down the path, mace out as the creature in the distance reveals itself Darkness radiates from him like a heat haze, he was preparing to fight, to get into it with whatever the Esper threw at them. His eyes narrow, looking at Artyom...and then back towards the road ahead.

"Money and the power to topple the nation that destroyed mine." he says, walking straight ahead. Angantyr has nothing to fear, he is not fearless, but once you stare into the abyss...once it has it's hands in you...and it's hard to become afraid by simple otherworldly beings.

Nor does he treat the esper with any extra prestige. After all, they were living things. Things that could be made to die if they thought themselves great enough, and you small enough.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would give her a wry smile. "I concede the point, Margaux." He might have teased her by calling her M'lady once again, in fact it crossed his mind, but he decides that its best just to give her this round.

And then comes Margaux's speculative questions on courtship with Artemis, and suddenly the young man was looking at noone in particular, for the heat in his cheeks was sweltering. No, he didn't want to let anyone see that he was embarassed. At first he thought to speak and refute it, but then he thought better of it. It would only make him seem all the more foolish. The only sounds he made were him clearing his throat, hoping that the conversation would hastily go in a different direction.

And then the creature asks for them to lay their motives bare, the fog lifts, and the young man considers for a time. He decides to answer as honestly as possible. "My name is Ramza. Just Ramza will do, as I feel that my surname means naught to me any longer."

He'd watch the trees with a sort of wariness that belied his calm voice. "Curiosity, I suspect is one reason that I came here. I know naught of espers. However.." He looked briefly to Artyom. "..I travelled here mostly because that man asked for aid. And even if he didn't ask it of me specifically, it is not in me to refuse someone in need. I do not know him very well, but I've seen enough of him to realize that the causes he champions are worthy ones."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart doesn't know if this is a ghost or not... but he wants answers. And honesty too. Well, not like she was going to lie about it either.

She thinks about hwo to put it into words "Well, I think its more a question of why SHOULDN'T we be helping? There's strength in numbers, everyone can support each other much more easily than if we were alone, and if we make a mistake our companions are there to drag us back on track. But that's not why I'm here, not the whole reason at least."

"Most of the time there's a money reward attached to it. I'm not greedy, but more money is not a bad thing. But that's also not the only reason. There's the exploration, the adventure, the treasures, the people to meet. That's why I wonder if there's any reason to not go. Sure, there's danger, but that comes with it. If it was always easy, we wouldn't need anyone to come with us either. Together we're a stronger force than alone."
Souji Murasame "Suit yourself." Souji replies to the Esper. "I am here to assist Valodjn, because he is my associate. His gaining in strength benefits my work and my cause." He has no issues with simply telling it straight.

The Esper has his attention at the moment. He wants to be ready in case it decides it wants to strike.
Myla Mason Myla Mason l:says "honestly i', here to help Art and maybe encounter some teasure along the way. Beast sitting abotu donothign nothing really. Adventuring and all that honestly." She keeps it short and simple there's not more much really for her to say on the matter just with how she feels about it though she doesn't think to do so.
Artemis Eurus Artemis wants to laugh a great deal right now. Margaux would be an interesting sort to have around. Goodness, between herself and the rapier-wielder Ramza would be absolutely doomed. "No no, none of those things--but if punches were kisses...."

Poor Ramza.

Right then. Titan is speaking.

Artemis bows toward where she senses the presence. "Great One, I am hear because I am sworn to protect this one," she replies, gesturing toward Ramza. "Additionally, curiosity and the desire to help a fellow warrior," she replies, nodding her head toward Artyom.

Then, she adds. "Also possibly a little bit to tease Ser Faruja, who is so set on hating us."
Kim Possible "Don't worry, Tifa," Kim says with a grin. "We'll do this together, and we'll do a badical job with it!" She gives a thumbs up and then gestures to the others. "Besides, the more the merrier, right?"
Faruja Senra One ear quirks towards Artemis. The Templar blinks, muttering something in his home's language. Browquirk. He can't help but look at Ramza a bit oddly, in a way that has /nothing/ to do with him being a horrible Heretic.

Twitch. Faruja grits his teeth, choking back a snarl. "...Am I truly so tempting a target?" Mutters the rat to himself at ARtemis' words.
Margaux Fleury Margaux revels in the effect her joking has on Ramza and in her winning of that round before turning her grin upon Faruja. "But of course, Messire Zealot. I shall endeavor to randomly run into you in a much more civilized place next time." The smiling dancer states to the Templar.

"...then you would no doubt be lovers," finished Margaux with particular emphasis on the 'o' in the word. "Do not worry for my lips..." Margaux trails off into a mimed action now. "....are sealed." Margaux looks to the Esper, but then back at Artemis. She decides that she has teased enough for now and merely purses her lips together.

She should probably answer the esper as well, but what to say? Margaux takes a deep breath and turns to face the magical being now. As if she was wearing a dress, the dancer curtseys towards the being before placing her non-rapier equipped hand against the front of her armor. "Many names do I lay claim to, but I most widely known as 'Marguerite de Fleury'. And yes, 'tis not the name my parents blessed me with. It is the name in which I have lived, loved, and nearly died under." The woman states in a slightly theatrical voice to the Esper.

"As for why I am here?" Margaux looks around now at the group around her before standing up normally now. "I no longer have something to believe in so I follow others in hope that I find a cause worth fighting for, worth dying for." She says this all quite seriously before flashing a demure little grin, her armor raised up once more.
As all those whom answer the Espers question there comes a bit of a rumble of a laugh. Some come seeking power, others come seeking to help. A few do not even give their names. Yet this was the group the one who awoken him brought with him.

These are the brave souls who would test there strength along side the man. The Esper suddenly bursts from the ground from under the tree. The Soil seeming to regain its form as the Draconic Serpentine Esper moves around the tree looking at all before it.

Those eyes glowing brightly. "Ready yourselves! I will see your resolves and your strength as a team. Show me your strength. Show me your courage!" He looks to Artyom. "Let me see why I should work along side you and your comrades."

Suddenly the Esper charges into the ground, before seeming to vanish once more. It would seem the creature would give them some time to ready their weapons and shields.
The Heroes have gathered and the stage was set. The massive tree stands before them and the Esper has gone into the ground. Where it seems to wait for the Heroes to ready themselves, where it has given them a chance to ready their blades and ready their wits for what is to come.

For though it is Artyom the Esper is here to test, all those he has brought with him are to also measure his strength as an individual. For it is in numbers that someone one can stand far greater then when alone, as if things are in harmony like the great roots within the ground; Then no matter how hard you push, it is as a group can they act as one.

Soon the ground shakes and quivers. The very massive tree swaying side to side from the disturbance. Soon the pathway is blocked off as a massive wall of rock rushes upward, then another rise of the ground, then another. Barring the very path out of the large area. Keeping what seems like everyone in this grassy green arena above the shadowy woods.

Then suddenly the area becomes quiet again. No movement yet also no sound. It stays silent for several minutes. Before the air seems to thicken, the ground quakes once more, and then from under everyone the ground suddenly breaks apart, blasting high into the air. The serpentine dragon rises high into the air with massive roots that follow its body. Each of those roots attempting to entangle themselves around the heroes, before the Serpentine Dragon Esper comes back down and attempts to enclose the ground around them as it moves around the tree with a mighty draconic roar at the group.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart gahs as the ground pretty much EXPLODES under her feet, scraping her with a hundred of small rocks, all over her exposed skin parts. She tries to protect her head and face as much as she can with her arms, but it still gets through in several places. The force of the blast projects her a bit upward, and she flips back down to her feet as she lands. If it wants to see what power you get when you cooperate, its going to be served. She charges up a materia embedded in her gloves, a soft red glow surrounding it, as she then waves ahand, sending the energies over some of her allies, a helping hand to start off.
Ramza Beoulve As the ground shakes, and quivers, the armored young man would stumble, and nearly lose his balance, taking a wide stance as his Cinqueda /Grass/ leaves its sheath. When the Esper's roots entangle him, he'd hurriedly hack at the roots, sinking into the ground as he was battered by the rumbling Earth it had whipped up by its attack run.

Gripping a hand against his chest, he would open the chakra gate closest to his heart, increasing his body's capacity to heal itself to its ultimate extent, before raising the hand to the sky, speaking two incantations. "Precious light, be our armor and protect us! Silent light, shield us from bloody iniquity!" In front of him, a purple multi-faceted crystalline shield would form, before fading into translucence in front of him.
Artyom W. Valodjn This has been a long time coming. Artyom's hand finds its way to wind around the hilt of his colossal blade. His grip tightens as the ground shakes- Titanic senses chase the subterrannean movement as it races around the makeshift arena. While a violent resolution was not entirely unforeseen, it was one that Artyom would have preferred to avoid.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

Artyom does not move from his place within the boughs of the massive tree. This is because its roots seem to have decided to try and strangle him to death. The gnarled tendrils wrap around his arms and legs. One finds its way to his neck, seizing his breath--

And then he relaxes. Everything goes limp as the Titanic turns his attention to the soil beneath his feet. Sheets of stone and plates of crystal creep up his legs before hardening into an armor of solid granite, pushing the vines away- but not quickly enough to avoid the perils of strangulation.

Artyom pitches forward, readying his sword as the dragon roars. For the moment, he catches his breath.

For the moment.
Faruja Senra Facing down a serpentine esper, Faruja does what any good dragoon does: he Jumps. Leaping into the air just as roots attempt to drag down our heroes and the earth itself hungers, he gets a lovely view of some of his companions being well as one adversary taking a bit of a pounding. At least /one/ thing has him happy about the change in situation.

Rather than going for the dragon, he opts to help two of his more wounded comrades with a good dose of healing, and Protect spells.
Kim Possible Using her cheerleading skills to her advantage, Kim Possible avoids the incoming attack from the Esper with a little effort, since the attack nearly grazes her. She somersaults in the air and skids on her heels as she lands on the ground. "Oh, this is just totally uncool. I'd rather babysit my brothers than take on this freak!" She comments to herself, but when Tifa manages to send some motivation Kim's way, her attitude changes. "What am I saying? I can do this! I can do anything!" She takes out a small Lipstick and uncaps it. She then aims it at the Esper and says, "Here, try this on!" Before firing a laser shot.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks up at the Dragon.

He litterally gives absolutely no shits. Angantyr has been an adventurer as long as some of these people have been alive...he has fallen into the Abyss itself...he trains under Garland, Chaos itself.

If you think that A Dragon Esper puts fear into him...

Angantyr steps forward, followed by a second...and a third. He litterally aims to swing his massive mace at the legs of the Dragon Esper, aiming to try and kneecap it, before aiming to kick off of it's chest and jump to eye level with the beast.

And Headbutt it.

Repeatedly. Thugelmir style.
Myla Mason Myla Mason would be reayd to say something else but well there's nothing else she can say as oh depths of the sepent that hurt. The Pirate is forced back and she's reeling a little bit from it. She's staying on her feet and opening fire on the thing. She lets the dragon have it with both of her pistols.

"Just bring this thing down!"
Souji Murasame The goal here is to subjugate the Esper. Sure, people might use nice terms like 'pact' or 'bond' or whatever, but Souji chooses to see things as they really are.

The ground, however, detonates under Souji, the predicted assault from the Esper. Prediction, however, is not the same as actually being able to counter the attack. Souji is driven back from the explosion, rocks cutting his face and body, putting tears in his suit. "Damn..." Souji says. "Enough of this farce." He turns, drawing Murasame in a smooth motion. The blade of the katana is black, etched with crimson runes of hunger that seem to glimmer in anticipation of what is to come. The air swirls around Souji as he channels his family's Sword Arts, Tifa's magic surging over him to augment his ability as he prepares his assault.

A moment later, the roots seeking him shear away, air pressure radiating outwards as a powerful blast threatens to knock the massive Esper backwards. "I will not make things easy on you..." Souji pronounces, reversing his weapon and slashing outwards. Lances of thunder crackle outwards, attempting to strike at the beast's scales and peel them away, weakening it against further assault. The lightning clings around it, trying to sizzle around the being and continue shocking it.
The adventures strike back with their counter attacks. Each one hitting some part of the very roots that either the Dragon had summoned or finding the means on the dragon's retreat to hit those rocky, bark like scales.

It slithers around the tree. Its forked tongue slithering out of its mouth before it chuckles softly as the adventures start to buff themselves or heal themselves. Those eyes shift color to that of bright white, before moving to gold, then to green.

The laser fires off from the lipstick and the Serpentine Dragon curls back before it suddenly snaps its venom like fang teeth at the woman with extreme speed. This left the Esper open as it started to could back to being slammed by the mace and then head-butted by Ang. The Esper swung its body around the other way around the tree, before massive roots attempted to reach up to entangle Angantyr.

Then as Myla starts to fire her pistols the Esper quickly moves around the tree, before suddenly rises up massive boulders from the very earth itself which start to hover in the air and spin around, each bolder taking one of the bullets and then exploding into smaller boulders. Yet they continue to float in the air.

Then several more boulders fly in the direction of the massive lightning strikes that rain down. Some of the boulders being destroyed enough that they blast into leaves that float down to the terrain below. However the Esper uncoils with great speed once more and like Kim, lashes out a quick bite for Souji.

This time the boulders suddenly all rise high into the air, spinning around the 'arena' that has been formed. The Esper springs into the air, before diving down into the ground creating a massive tremor in its wake. Suddenly then all the boulders come crashing down from high above. Then the Esper rises up once more, causing several boulders to rise right back up to catch the adventures in the sudden rise of the rocky ground.
Faruja Senra Boulders rain down, the Templar smacked nicely in the face by one falling rock. Slamming into the ground, he takes it on the armor, quickly getting back to his feet in time to leap away from a dragon-esper induced tremor. Cursing under his breath, he thrusts his spear at the being.

"Well, you /do/ know how to make an interesting battle. May the Lord favor the worthy!" Proclaims the Burmecian before he incants, falling blades of purple energy and a rising sword of fire assaulting the bark-armored esper.
Ramza Beoulve As the Earth Esper crashed down to the ground, Ramza would stumble, and fall to the ground, his crystalline barriers flaring to life as they were struck by the boulders. Cracks would begin to form upon them, but they would hold, the kinetic force of the onslaught still battering him. By reflex, he would throw a rock at the Terrakinetic creature. Great plan, right? Obviously, it missed.

Rising to his feet, Ramza considered how best to approach the problem of attacking the creature. Reaching one of his pouches, he'd toss a blue orb at the Dragon-Esper. It would shatter, covering it with a deluge of water. Flipping his blade, /Grass/ over so that he was holding it by the point, he would throw it as if it were a throwing knife, aiming to just strike the top of the creature with it. Assuming it struck, and if the blade jutted out of it, he'd raise a hand, and speak an incantation. "Strike the ground with glittering blades!"

Power would thrum through the young man's arms, and moments later, a bolt of lightning would coruscate down towards the Esper, arcing towards the thrown sword,
Artyom W. Valodjn Earth breaks against earth. Stone shatters against stone. Artyom wades forward into the onslaught of rising and falling stone. Boulders collide with his chest, scraping away at the tellurian armor encasing the Titan's body. The impact is felt in his bones and in his soft tissue as blood vessels rupture into awful, black and blue bruises and great welts of brokent flesh underneath the stone plate.

Artyom takes another step forward. Nearby, a rock shoots into the air. Behind him, a small hill crashes back into the ground.

"Impressive." The Titanic murmurs. "Magnificent. But."

There is a ripple- like the air has suddenly become stagnant and thick. Crystalline growths coat the ground under the Titanic's feet as he swings his massive sword into the incoming barrage of rock, almost as if he were freezing a wave of soil and stone in place by transmuting it to beautiful geodic growths. "You are not the only one--"

Suddenly, he throws himself forward, moving with momentum that could rival some small locomotives. Artyom lifts his massive weapon overhead- before bringing it crashing down into the land itself. A pulse of tellurian power surges through the landscape, rushing toward the massive, draconic Esper.

"You are not the only one who is blessed by the Earth!"

A tremor shakes the soil. A shockwave blasts across the ground. When it arrives, it comes with the peal of subterranean thunder. A great spire blasts out of the earth, towering taller than three Titans in height. The tower emerges from underneath the dragon's jowls, coated in creeping crystalline growths, to impale the creature from all angles--

And to provide a platform for anyone who seeks higher ground.
Tifa Lockhart This time, the barmaid was ready for it. No surprise boulder attacks for her this time. In fact, she uses them to bounce around, instead of waiting for them to crash down, she rebounds skillfully around them, getting out of the rain unharmed, moving on the offensive this time.

From her high spot, she comes crashing down toward the esper snake, landing on top of its coiling body, and running straight up it toward the head. What happens next is a fist-meets-nose, crushing it with all of her might. What follows is her foot, a straight line from down to up as she sommersaults elegantly, lifting herself up in the air at the same time. But that doesn't last long, as she flips over, grabbing the large head. You know what's comming up next right? It doesn't matter if the body follows or not, the goal is twisting the head only, and bringing it crashing down face first into the stony grounds, giving it back a bit of its own medecine.

She hops back out of reach afterwards, returning with her allies "Whene veryone works together, there's nothing too strong for us!"
Myla Mason Myla Mason is healed by Faruja and it does help her weather this latest brutal attack from the Dragon her shots though do nothing not that this is going to keep her out of the fight for long. She'll just try something else, which she is just about to as she opens fire with her pistols she also pulls back for a moment chanting some sort of spell as she does so. A gout of water is launched at the dragon while she falls back to prepare her next move.
Kim Possible Kim is poisoned, but that doesn't stop her from being able to avoid the incoming attacks of the Esper. Yet, the poison does take its toll as she moves. As she moves out of the way, the poisons cause her to lose her footing as things go purplish briefly. "Yuck, this stuff is gross!" Kim says, trying to shake off the weird sensation. Tifa's words, however, seem to encourage her. Kim looks to the Esper and says, "You're right, we can do this!" Kim then rushes the Esper, attempting to go in with a somersault attack, and then finish up with a flurry of punches.
Angantyr Vespar Rocks fall...

For a moment, Angantyr was burried underneath the ROCKALANCH.


The rocks split, as he breaks the earth around him and shatters everything in a epic explosion. His eyes narrow, and he steps forward again... "Cute. But if you think that is going to stop me, Esper, you're dead wrong." Angantyr says muttering as he lifts the mace back into his hands...

And is immediately back into motion, aiming to leap onto the monster once more...he doesn't care, he just start beating things at random...he doesn't care WHAT part of the dragon he hits...he just starts beating.

This is called WAILING.
Souji Murasame The bite sizzles as it leaves hitting venom upon Souji. He looks at the purpling wound, and he grimaces, pulling out a vial quickly and drinking it, then tossing the empty vial aside now that the antidote is used. The purpling vanishes as he leaps backwards, lashing out with several slashes. The boulders split and shatter before they near him, and Souji leaps up into the air, bouncing between the cleft faces of the rock, rebounding onto the crystalline spire and unleashing a second combination strike, using the same sequence as before.
The Esper now moves freely along the ground. Its scales of wooden bark and stone starting to shift in colors, as an aura moves around it like a rainbow of colors between blue, green, and yellow. The Fire sword strikes it and it causes the Esper to coil back. The flames move over its body which causes it to stagger a bit with a hissing roar.

It continues to stagger a bit until the flames die down, then goes back to moving once more. Then ramza's blade strikes into the stone sections of the armor on the dragon and Lightning strikes down, blasting the Esper to the ground. Yet the creature stands and continues to move. Eyes starting to glow bright white with an opal look to them as it slowly narrows them.

Then when Artyom makes his move, the Esper suddenly uses its tail to move his own strike away, before he rumbles with a laugh. "And that is why you awoken me. We are much alike, Artyom." Then as the massive Crystalline spire rises, the Esper decides to coil around it, absorbing some of structure into itself. The rocky scales starting to take on the form of the crystal layer outside of its normal scale coating and then with a roar, the ground quakes and all the blades of grass take the form of the geodes, including the leaves of the very massive willow tree also start to crystallize.

Then the Esper looks to Kim, "Yes. Yes you can, child. Attack with all your strength!" The bullets fly, slamming into the new crystal skin, shattering it apart. Kim's own strikes start to crush away the crystalline structure, slowing moving back down to the rocky, woody exterior under the new layer.

Then Angantry wails away with his mace. Each strike shattering the crystal armor, yet the aura continues to build. Those eyes becoming even brighter as suddenly the Esper ceases to move, its claws digging into the ground as even roots attempt to tangle Angantry up. The lightning then comes from Souji. Each strike shattering the crystal armor, before it completely shatters away and yet, the Esper continues to summon strength.%r Tifa then comes in with her own strikes. The massive impacts knock the Esper off its own feet, before slamming the giant serpentine draconic into the ground. Then as the attacks continue, each strike pushing it in harder and harder, before it leaps high into the air suddenly breaking away from Tifa. With its body glowing brightly as magical radiance flows off its form.

With a Mighty Roar it yells, "Let us begin!" It charges high into the air before suddenly diving into the very ground, causing everything around it to shatter beyond the willow tree. Even the massive stone that Artyom created was devoured as the Esper dived into the earth attempting to pull everything under it.

Soon the Esper rose back up with everything and everyone in tow. It spun around the battlefield, reconstructing the walls into now crystalline formations as the tree only was rose up higher as the bark started to become slowly a type of stone. The Esper once more clang to the tree, before laughing softly.
Ramza Beoulve The Esper dove, and drew the Earth into it, shattering and reforming the battlefield as it saw fit, before this show of power, Ramza Beoulve found himself buffeted. Shoring up his barrier, he'd hunker down, and trying to weather the storm of rock, stone, crystal, and earth.

Time to triage those who were left standing. Ranging near Angantyr, he'd place a hand upon the man's shoulder. "Life's refreshing breeze, heal form the sky!"

Throughout the area, a wind of divine power would blow through, bringing renewal and refreshment to the pair.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is pleased that she managed to break down a bit more of that large serpent, tearing away more of the crystal armor it has to expose more of its more squishy core with every attack. "Keep pushing it, its weakening!"

That was before it decides to just pull everyone underground like that though, and then get spit back out, falling with a hard, painful grunt on the ground. Ooh that one smart alright. She picks herself back up a bit shakily, but still standing. She wipes the corner of her mouth with her glove "Guess its not giving up that easily huh? Alright then, I'll make sure to crush more of your armor!" And with that, she rushes in, moving to strike with her whole body weight, which she can multiply the impact using her own pushing strength and inertia, to shatter the crystal some more. And then she rises upward, driving an uppercut right under its maw."Yes, let's begin your takedown!"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr wasn't able to resist the pull of the earth...his fighting style relies too much on footwork, and staying on the ground. He is dragged into the earth, into the domain of the esper. Even as it DRIVES him back out, using it's massive girth to throw them back out...

Angantyr, however, absolutely /gives no <GOOSEHONK>s as he swings anyway, brutally swinging for the side of the massive snake as it throws them back onto the ground. Angantyr stumbles...he's bleeding a bit now, painfully so.

"Well...then I'll have to go all out." he says, and smashes his mace into the ground. Darkness errupts from him like a geyser, it is sickening, and the is not coming from the air...another is being drawn from /within/ the Dark Knight, not being channeled.

Darkness errupts finally, merging into his form, forming a giant massive plate armor around him. Covering every portion of the Dark Knight...before it's head snaps up, eyes focused on the serpent. The crimson glow behind the mask betraying something lurking deeper in the darkness of the Dark Knight.

"Time to end this." The resonating voice of the dark knight sounds out, as a heat haze of darkness hits it's creshendo.
Kim Possible Even as Kim is hit hard and goes flying through the air and lands in a heap instead of on her feet, with the poison going through her body even more, Kim won't give up. "All right, enough's enough! I'm gonna finish this once and for all!" Kim rushes in and attempts to punch nonstop at the Esper, hoping to go for a TKO!
Faruja Senra The crashing bulk of the Esper creatures a veritable earthquake, only for the beast to begin rising up. Seeing so many of his companions-slash-enemies being pounded away, the rat leaps high into the air as the crystalline spire is broken and the ground torn up only for the esper to recreate the very earth.

"Truly, oh esper, you are a thing of Legend true! However, never must one doubt the resolve of God's creatures. Though we are weak and sinful, together, joined in Faith and purpose, we may yet find STRENGTH!"

With that, he chants, the Templar attempting to solidify the rather battered form of Tifa with his spells.
Artyom W. Valodjn This is the power of a god in flesh.

Or rather, in stone?

The world turns to a lethal, crystalline wonderland. Land and wood and grass and stone are pulled upward, drawn into sky above. Artyom's armor bristles with needle-like gemstone formations as he, too, is swept up in the tide of the Earth.

"Hmn," the Titan smirks as he... drops his weapon? "Well, I suppose it has been a bit too long."

Back home, in Titan, there was a sport. That sport was 'surfing.' Not your ordinary, every-day, tidal Levitani surfing- oh no.

The Titans surfed landslides.

Artyom leaps, landing firmly on the flat end of his massive blade. With a gentle shove, the stone sword catches a crystal ripple, twists, whirls about, and then rides along the surface of the scintillating surf. Bent at the knee, Artyom jerks himself to and fro, scaling the great, geode mountain on whorls and knots of disturbed stone.

With one last twist of his hip, driven by sudden surge of crystal, he hurls himself into the sky--

Only to come crashing down into the creature's scales, his sword roaring through the air like a meteorite.
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks up in rather stark horror for a moment as the best is still coming it's not surrending she ain't surrending she's going to hit it for all it's worth she doesn't go for her pistols she holsters them, what she does pull out looks like a drill? Yes it looks like a drill and she rushes at the Dragon intent to make it get the point!
Souji Murasame The creature seems to be resilient to dealing with Souji's aerial-based assaults. This causes the heir to grimace in irritation, which only increases as the creature continues to assault them with the earth itself. The painful destruction pulls Souji down into the ground, crushing and mauling him before he is spit out into the air, sending him flying and tumbling backwards. His Moogle Glasses are shattered in the impact, leaving him to stand, battered and bloody, before the mighty beast. His teeth clench as his eyes flare with anger.

"You laugh now, Esper... But your arrogance with be your own downfall!" Souji lashes out, leaping backwards and unleashing a coruscating series of dancing, glittering energy strikes.
Tifa and Kim come at the Serpentine Dragon Esper up on his tree. Their blows knock the Esper almost back off, yet it clings tight. It snaps its teeth at Tifa and at Kim before it moves around the Tree. It rumbles softly seeming perhaps mildly amused by how hard they are fighting.

Its eyes peer over at the Dark Knight as he takes on his armored form. Those eyes shifting to a blue spectrum then. "You tamper with arts that will eventually destroy you.." The serpent whispers softly, almost softly in the air. Perhaps feeling pity for the Dark Knight.

The Great Earth Titan Artyom comes, his sword raised high and drags deep into the Espers body. Aqua Green mist expels out from the impalement of the blade. Its Massive claws drag against the tree's stone bark as it roars in pain. Quick it rotates it body around, slamming its massive venomous teeth for the Titan, before attempting to throw him off with his sword.

Those claws screech down the tree a bit, before the Esper shakes his head to recover. "Mmm. Impressive. Yes. Impressive indeed. All of you are."

Then the female Pirate attempts to leap up there and jab him with a drill. The Esper quickly moves around the tree, only his tail getting pierced by the tool. Then Souji moves in with his energy slash attacks. Each strike hit, yet for his efforts, the Serpentine Dragon entwined to his tree strikes out several times in quick successions.

Those eyes shimmer to green. "I do not laugh as you think I laugh. I laugh in enjoyment! This! This is what I wish to seek," He looks over to Faruja. "..As you state, in this together you are all impressive. As one you are starting to move as the very roots of the world to the very plants!"

The Esper spins around the tree, as suddenly the walls on the edges of the battlefield start to spin with the Esper. They start to rise up, before the Esper comes to a halt. Then those very rocky walls all come tumbling down as new ones take their place. Smash. Smash go the rock walls. Then as the rocks dive into the ground, massive roots extend out attempting to entangle the adventures once more.
Angantyr Vespar "Tampering?" Angantyr laughs...

Even as the walls come down on Angantyr, the power of his aura eventually cracks them...even as he makes him bleed and breaks his armor... even as Angantyr coughs up blood into the helmet...he steps forward...the blood of life will empower him, even as it escapes him.

"I do not /use/ this power, Esper. I /channel/ this power. I was born with this power, my light being traded away before I was even born, by ancestors who only cared for their own prestige and power." Angantyr rumbles. "And for it, I was feared, humiliated, and shunned by those who stuck me with this...but /I/ have made this my power." he rumbles. "It might be a terrible power, but it is /mine/, and I will never be rid of it. A curse, but one I will use to it's fullest extent! NOW ENOUGH WORDS! IT IS TIME TO END THIS!"

Angantyr's weapon glows as it is picked up once more, leaping for the snake, aiming to try and brain it across the face...and then...

The mace swings mercilessly, repeatedly striking at the beast, aiming to break through the crystal armor with each swing, aiming to shatter defenses and break into the blood...

And then the mace swings back...

The body of the Dark Knight shifts again, something more...inhuman as the blood spilled in the fight converges on the mace of the Dark Knight...a massive claw forms, the dark knight taking the shape of something utterly inhuman, as he drives the mace in.

Litterally aiming to try and devour him in the void.
Faruja Senra With the Esper crashing the very earthen walls around them, the rat is quick to take to the skies once more. Generally unscathed for once, he gazes down upon his far less fortunate companions. As they strike at the great Esper, the rat smiles.

"If only the whole world was so united." Mutters the rat to himself at the Esper's words, before aiming his glowing spear downwards as he falls. The sharp point aims for the beast's head as he descends.
Ramza Beoulve Dashed by rocks, and covered with massive roots, Ramza would assess the battlefield, seeing which of the massive roots were close to the esper. Reaching into the folds of his cloak, he'd throw several upon both the roots closest to the dragon, and on the esper itself. When they broke, it would coat everything around him in a thick, oily substance, upon which a myriad of colors could be seen in the light, as if it were some sort of rainbow, or prism.

"I'm glad you enjoy this, because we'll be ending it very shortly..." Untying the peaceknot of his Saya, he'd take up a stance, with his hand upon the hilt of the Katana that lay within, bringing it out of it, so only a fraction of its naked steel might be shown. Closing his eyes, he would concentrate, as a blue aura would begin to lim his body. "...As united, we are unbeatable." Opening his eyes, he would charge up one of the roots he didn't cover with oil, right at the Esper. As he came close to the Esper, he'd unsheathe the Katana in full, the blue aura would fade from Ramza, as a wispy ethereal substance would be seen as it was drawn into the blade. "Flame-Devouring blade..." At once, the blade would burst into life, as blue flames would trail upon its surface. Holding up aloft, he'd continue to speak the phrase that would draw out the spirit of the sword. "...consume all iniquity! Chirijiraden!"

At once, the blade would become blinding, as it reached critical mass, before an explosive holocaust would billow out, covering the Esper and the roots with hungry blue fire. All that it would struck, would continue to burn with flames that could not be easily quenched.
Myla Mason Myla Mason is still standing and she look sat the Dark Knight for a moment then to the Esper. She's not someone tied to the land she's tied to the seal but the Drill doesn't work so well she does catch it's tail and she's able to surve the att attack but she's beat down pretty hard for her effrots but wel? The rocks? Teh Roots she's entaled and she just lets go she starts to chant even as the esper's trying to crush the life from her.

"...Levithan perished along with the first gods and their bodies became the foundation of our world...."

Then the waters come trying to capture the dragon and drag it down then crush the esper under it's weight.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart is glad that the esper is happy about this fight... but it still HURTS! The roots grab around her, putting the squeeze and throwing her about. And to crown the moment, one of the roots stab straight through her side, leaving... quite a hole. Its not fatal, but its definitely a serious hit.

She holds her side, looking quite in pain now, and bleeding visibly "Ugh... that one hurt... But I'm not quite done yet..."

If she's not in a good situation right now, she might as well throw it all out in a final attack before falling. That's also part of teamwork, its not giving up until the end, and giving everything you got.

And then she's gone. No, faster than you can realize it, she used the full extent of her speed to disapear from sight... and appearing to the right of the giant Esper head, releasing the energy of her glowing right fist, into an explosive release of ki. And yet, before the serpent can reel its head leftward because of the blast, the barmaid disapeared, and is on the left side of it, a second glowing punch straight into the giant head.

Thrashed around like that, the serpent might not realize that Tifa has suddenly appeared right in front of its nose... only to release a third punch. She's definitely giving everything she got into that single moment, and she falls back, looking quite tired too. Between the blows and the bleeding and her own exertion of power, its enough to make someone weak.
Kim Possible Kim utilizes speed and agility, but the poison is getting to her. Still, she's losing her patience, and Kim doesn't like being impatient. So she swings into the air using a grappling hook sent from her wristwatch device, attempting to kick the Esper, before following up with a swift kick, and then a punch to finish things off!
Souji Murasame Souji simply can't avoid that much rock. Not in his current predicament. There is an explosion of light and force as he turns, blasting away a portion of the rockslide moments before he is buried over, and over, the rocks crashing down upon him like a wave.

Souji is left lying on the ground, his suit stained with his blood as he grunts, forcing himself to move. The blade in his hand seems impossibly heavy to see him struggle, as he seems to exert a terrible amount of force to just stand it up on its tip. The blade sinks down slightly into the rocks below him. "So you're pleased. Good. I hope you will find the climax equally pleasing, Esper." He clenches his teeth, and lightning cascades down his body as he surges upwards. "Swords Arts... Invocation." He pulls the blade, drawing it along his hands. The runes surge with force as a terrible energy swirls around him. "Ever-hungering blade, consumu! MURASAME, COME FORTH!"

There is a sharp crack of thunder, as Souji launches himself forward, slashing with a terrifying vertical motion as a line of destructive force threatens to cleave in twain... But that's not the worst of it. The air seethes, blackness and crimson surging around the Esper as red claws reach out and rend, seeking its life force to consume pieces of it and slake the blade spirit's eternal thirst for just a moment.
Artyom W. Valodjn Sharp teeth rake through the Titan's armor, breaking through the crystal-encrusted plate like pickaxes through a mineral vein. The beast's fangs tear through his flesh, leaving great, weeping wounds, vile with dripping poison across his torso. Artyom yells as he tumbles through the air-

-Right into the mess of stone and vines. His bones and body shatter painfully against the violent earth, black welts spreading like a plague of rats over his skin. Coiling like snakes, the vines anchor him in place, razor thorns tearing across his body. His sword falls aside, its tip buried several feet into the landscape.

Artyom goes still as the roots close over him, as if sealing himside a wicker coccoon- burying him in a grave of stone and soil.

There is silence.

Then, inch by inch, his sword creeps closer. It rattles, digging, slowly, toward where its master lays within his tellurian cradle.

There's a sound like thunder- or the cracking of stone. The stone blade lurches, cleaving out of the earth, dragging a trail of sediment in its wake. It launches through the air, a colossal lance of stone, right into the knot of root and soil.

Light pours through the cracks in the wood. Stone blasts outward, a nova of tectonic power. Artyom's body explodes through the gnarled knot in a burst of wooden splinters and crystalline shards. A primal roar shakes the earth, transmuting his comet-tail of soil into glimmering crystal. Artyom braces himself on a blade that is unlike what it once was. Gleaming, impossibly pure crystal, the sword, inscribed with lines of arcane power, its true nature lost to the ancients who forged it in the heart of the mountain soars on a gemstode tide.

Artyom rides a geode mountain into the air. A colossal peak, forged of crystal and stone and soil shoots skyward, threatening to split the heavens themselves. At his flanks, massive, stone missiles follow his every motion, moving hither and tither as he ascends.

At his zenith, Artyom is at the top of the world.

He leaps from it, leaving himself at the mercy of the World of Ruin's tremendous gravity.

Wind rushes past his ears, tearing through his short mess of air as he drops astride his crystalline blade. "Your spirit is great, Old One," Artyom rumbles, "I won't let up either. This is my all! You have made me draw my sword!" Artyom gestures, launching the missiles of stone down into the great wyrm. They burst in air near the creature's sides, releasing shockwaves of tellurian power that buffet at the flat of the tellurian blade. He twists, pivoting, aiming, head over heels on a shockwave of concussive force- until just the right moment.

And then, there is contact.

Artyom and his blade cleave downward into the beast's hide. A burst of tectonic force- the might of an earthquake- erupts from a single line of contact across the Malice Striker's side.

Artyom falls, crashing through the great arcs of crystal and stone he had woven through the air, and comes to a stop only once he reaches solid ground.

He leaps from his blade, and flips it, with one foot, back into his hand.

It is, once more, a massive chunk of stone.
Artyom W. Valodjn "And there is nothing," Artyom whispers as he looks up into the gentle pitter-patter of crystals as they fall from the sky, "That my blade cannot cleave."
Angantyr Vespar "You mean because I did all the hard work and ripped it's armor off?" Angantyr looks at Artyom. "Seriously, kid. Stop posturing."
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom shrugs at Angantyr, "If it makes you feel better, I suppose."
Angantyr Vespar "Kids these days..." Angantyr grumbles, probably muttering something about no respect, and lawns.
Each strike swing comes from the Dark Knight. The impacts are hard and battering, enough it nearly unlatches the Esper from his tree. The 'blood' that comes is not blood at all, but aqua green mist the gently rolls out from the wounds.

The Esper growls lowly, those eyes narrowing. "One does not need to become," The claw hand stretches out trying to encase the Esper into darkness. Into the deep darkness that is within, yet its will seems to fight. "What they have been born to be. That is a path any can choose. You just choose what is the easiest for you. Yet these words will mean little to you and will be wasted... so in that.. I am sorry."

The Esper then suddenly breaks away from the powerful Dark Knight letting out a shrill roar in pain, before trying to pull away. The Spear descends and the Esper glances up in time to see Faruja coming down. The Beast attempts to slide away, though the spear doesn't impale it in the head, it does jam into its already weaken shoulder. Biting down into the Esper. It snaps its teeth quickly at the Dragoon, yet before it teeth can quickly snap down the massive wave of blue fire rushes of the Esper, which causes the serpentine creature to coil back.

The very massive willow tree itself catches onto fire with the blue flames igniting it, much like the Esper itself is ignited onto flames. Then as the waters suddenly rise from Myla's own spell. The Esper suddenly leaps out on blue fire. The waves washing over it before its serpentine dragon jaws can clasp onto her. Souji's blade then slashes in deep into the Esper, rocking it right back into its very tree and almost impaling it there.

Tifa's attack comes and the Esper summons massive boulders from the earth which are also covered on the burning blue flames that have yet to die down. As it struggles to free itself, it watches as each of Tifa's strikes smashes the very rocks he summons. Each rock exploding into wisps of energy. One right after the other. It struggles again, before it at last breaks free only lead right into Kim's punching and kicking strikes which knock it right back and it lands heavily onto the very ground. It hisses and snarls, forcing itself to rise. Struggling to stand.

Then he watches as the very one he called to rises suddenly high above the word. Those eyes turning gold as it continues to watch, observe, and perhaps in a silent amazement of what it beholds. Then as Artyom comes crashing down with his words proclaimed. The Esper does not even try to move. Only lowering its head in ready. Closing its eyes. For soon it may return home where his brothers and sisters await him for so long.

The shockwave blasts the area apart, sending the rocks and even the tree into wisps of light. The Espers form starting to glow gently as the Massive blade comes for it. The impact strikes and slashes through; or what seems to be through the Esper. The Espers body glows as wisps shimmer off from it. Those gold eyes slowly open once more to regard the Titan. "You have proven yourself to me Artyom Valodjn. With the aid of you friends strength and your own, I, Nidhoggr, give you my strength for when you need of me."

The Esper then rests his head on the ground as it seems to vanish away. Leaving there in the very ground it laid in a aqua green, with gold edge magicite that shimmers brightly even in the dim light of the area. Wisps of light start to rain down from the sky as the area starts to become part of the woods once more, things shifting as if this battlefield did not exists at all, only with the wisps of light and the very magicite remaining, until the very wisps also fade.

Yet for every wisp that touches the ground a small emerald flower is left behind for those to take freely as they will. The magicite however sparks with light, before it floats up and drifts right over to Artyom's hands willing for him to take it as his own.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart slumps down against the wall tiredly, still holding her side in visible pain, but she phews as the esper admits defeat at least. "Well, that was tough... but you got what you needed at least." She needs to rest a bit, obviously.
Kim Possible After all is said and done, Kim slumps down a little, before limping over to Tifa and sitting beside her. "We can do anything if we work together," Kim says, giving a thumbs up with a slight smirk, albeit weakly.
Ramza Beoulve Ramza would concentrate for a time, coaxing the spiritual essence within the Katana back into quiescence. One by one, each blaze of blue flame would snuff out. Once they were all gone, he would sheath it, idly tying the peace knot of the Saya. He would also retrieve his other blade, from wherever it lay upon the battlefield, placing it within its scabbard.

He wouldn't celebrate the victory, other than to walk over to Artyom, offering him his hand. Whether he took it or not, the young man wouldn't act offended, and would just say to him. "Congratulations, Ser. Call upon me any time."

And then he would walk away, deciding it best to leave early before anyone with sympathies to the Church decided to take issue with his presence.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr's body stops bleeding, as he turns back to the group, the armor shattering as the darkness leaks away.

He snorts, "You can not ignore your past either. I master the darkness, not get used by it." he says, "Do something other than tell others how to live Esper." he mutters, and then looks at Frank. "Well, with this concluded, I'll send you the bill." he says, grabbing a potion and popping it.

He looks at Faruja, "And before the Church gets any bright ideas.." A corridor opens, and Angantyr is gone.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom turns from the Dark Knight where he broods about all these kids stealing his thunder and also his kills. Also something about lawns?

That'd be silly. Dark Knights don't have lawns, they have graveyards.

As he turns, he sees everything... Change. The battlefield fades away-- as the Esper, unsealed for only so long, also begins to vanish, returning to the aether from which it had come. Artyom's jaw unhinges as he begins to speak, but nothing comes of it.

Was this creature slain by their hands? It didn't deserve death.

The Titan walks up to where the great beast had fallen, and quietly presses a hand to its head. "I- did not intend for this. I did not realize this would reach such an end."

"I am sorry-" Artyom rumbles, as the beast fades away completely, its scales vanishing from beneath his palm.

No. Not quite completely.

Nidhogg fades and its body covers the earth in a field of beautiful, gemstone flowers. All around him, the land turns to bloom- and at their center, there is a large, crystal sphere.

Artyom bends, taking the crystal- the living Magicite- into his hands. It is warm- he observes. "-And, thank you. I will use this blessing wisely."

He turns to the others, his head inclined appreciatively, "Thank you all for the assistance. I could not have done that without all your aid."

He does, in fact, shake Ramza's hand.

Souji Murasame Souji raises the Murasame Blade, and the spectres vanish, the spirit of the blade quieted... for now. He turns the weapon and sheathes it, looking to the others. "Good work, everyone. This was... a trial. And we passed, it seems. Thank you all for your assistance." He looks over all of those present, watching their faces and marking them in his mind... He pauses especially long upon Angantyr's visage, until he vanishes.

He turns away, instead looking to Faruja Senra. "Ser Senra. We have matters to discuss of great import to you and your kin. When you are recovered, please speak with me." He stands, trying to remain tall and proud despite his wounds. "Valodjn, we should go. You did well."
Faruja Senra What does a rat do while the Evil Heretics escape? Why, heal his friends, of course. Faruja looks up from starting to patch up a certain bar maiden's wounds. A nod is given to the man. "Quite. If...yes. We do. Well fought, Ser. Do be careful with our mutual associate, hmm?" The rat motions to Artyom, even as he directs healing the large man's way, trying to suppress the shaking rage of the thought of his kin's current problems.
Artyom W. Valodjn Poison screams in Artyom's still-gaping wounds, but a bit of Ajoran White Magic heals most of those right up. The venom in his veins gradually loses its potency as Nidhoggr's physical form fades away. "Yes. We should probably leave before the spirits that haunt this forest return."

He looks to the field of emerald blossoms, and then tucks the magicite away, safe in his inventory box. "He has left behind a fitting memorial for himself. A garden of gemstones underneath a willow tree. Hmn." He bends, taking one of the larger flowers from the earth and tucks it away for safe keeping. He leaves behind a small, quartz shard in its place.

For finding this place later. If he ever needs to.

"I am ready, sir."

Myla Mason Myla Mason us hurt but she's alive she looks about for a moment and she stares realising what had happened she gromaces was said power woth it she's not sure. She's just hurt tied and wants to go home at this point. "Come on lets go..."

This scene contained 100 poses. The players who were present were: Faruja Senra, Tifa Lockhart, Angantyr Vespar, Kim Possible, Margaux Fleury, Oblivion, Myla Mason, Souji Murasame, Artyom W Valodjn, Ramza Beoulve, Artemis Eurus