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Beast On The Run
(2013-04-03 - 2013-04-06)
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Eclipse Behemoth \
Yesterday bad things gone down in a not to far area from here. The Archadian Troops were attacked during a training exercise by an unknown type of Behemoth. News had gone out and investigation was still going on. Yet a beast like this does not rest, it continues to wonder and continues to move through the deserts looking for whatever it was looking for.

If anything at all.

Yet some traders find themselves in a very bad situation on the road, they stumble across the very Behemoth that the marked was placed on. It dark purple, almost black fur dancing in the setting sun as the dark purple scales shimmering the light. It had strange hard 'bone' like structure, or so it looked like from the distance of solid black. The black mane surrounded its head and mane, with the flowing mohawk that trailed down from the mane all the way down the tail. Its glowing gold eyes peering out from this 'bone' like structure.

The Traders caught it chewing on someone's corpse, and quickly /went/ the other way. Screaming and shouting. The only problem with screaming. Such a beast hears you, and those ears train that way before it suddenly looks up. Those gold eyes peering that way before it lets out a ferocious howl into the air.

Soon the Traders not only found themselves running along the road screaming like girls, but the massive ten foot beast on all fours chasing after them.
Jidro Gerrison Guess who is one of the people that is leading the expedition of the hunt?

Kyra! ...Not this time. Annia? Guess again!

...It's Jidro. Seriously? Jidro? The cowardly mage?! Well, Jidro felt that it is important to pull his weight. After all, he is supposed to be the more reliable person for the situation. Because Jidro is considered the Reliable One, he needs to do what he has to in order for everyone to get more funding. They need to find their home, but this exploration has given them more of a chance to see more of the world.

"Well, if we continue this path, we may find out a little more about the mark." Jidro is walking in the lead, holding the codex in his hand. He lifts his head up, smiling a little more. He turns to face his friends, "Hopefully, what we find won't be too threatening." More and more, however, his confidence is wilting. He is hugging his book. "...and Nik isn't around... or DRAGOON MAN.."

And hten, there are some traders running their way. "...Huh?" He squints, "I wonder what is going o---...." His words are interrupted as the large behemoth is running towards their path. More and more, it charges ahead. The creature looks pretty angry.

...Jidro screams.

His look is filled with fear, "Well, I think we found what we came for! Let's make a break for it!!!!" Jidro is turning around to run away.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine was following around... wondering WHAT Jidro would lead them into this time. Curiosity, really. She knew there'd be troubles eventually. Its Jidro after all. But it managed to last quite a while, massing funds from different works. Maybe he does have an eye for that after all.

Fortunatly (at least for him), a Behemoth wasn't due to his misplanning, so she (might) let it slip by this time.

Back to the behemoth itself though... Well, its causing a ruckus alright, and Annia watches with a hand on her hip... and the other on the back of Jidro's collar, holding him so he doesn't run away "... Where are you going, Jidro? Running away from a big kitty like that?"

Seriously, need to man up around your fiancee. She shakes her head, releasing him, and then walking up, pulling out her daggers as she takes a fighting stance... which is very similar to a dance step really. You never saw her in a fight before, haven't you? "We're not going to get a pay if we don't take it down." Not to mention the people it might hurt doing so, but then she'd have to admit that she cares about them.

She doesn't really. Admit to it, that is.
Kyra Hyral The chorus of girlish screaming only grows with each passing second. More voices are added to the high-pitched shrieking as the behemoth lopes after the fleeing merchants!

Except that screaming all belonged to Jidro. Woops. Not Kyra.

"That creature seems familiar." Kyra reflects with a hand to her chin. "I'm sure I've seen it somewhere recently. Or at least a nice artist's redition...oh! Oh yes, I'm pretty sure there was a bounty posted on that monster!" Gleefully, she claps her hands together, then with a flourish pulls off her hoodie to reveal the supplies and the like kept beneath in bandoliers and belts. There's also a small handgun of some variety resting in a beneath-the-armpit holder under her left arm.

She pulls the gun from its holster. "I will admit...having Dragoon Man here right now would be nice-" Except another familiar face appears which may as well be just as good. She flinches as Frank slams his 'sword' into the ground. "Oh! Yes, that'll do very nicely! Good, you stay right there between us and that behemoth!"
Artyom W. Valodjn Besides the behemoth, the sands are peaceful. The dunes roll for miles and miles, stopping only at the sea and the mountains and the cities. But there is one aberration in the desert- a bizarre sandstorm, hurtling across the desert. But it's an odd storm. There does not seem to be any wind, for one.

For two, it does not seem to be moving, instead it lingers just off the side of the road. It also seems rather short to be a sandstorm.

In other words, it is very much probably not a sandstorm at all.

Suddenly, it lurches. Slowly, it advances. Foot by foot it marches towards the road, the squat, whirling mass of sand still casting an incredible shadow over the desert. And then, it leaps.

The sandstorm breaks. A colossal, stone sword slams into the road, followed shortly thereafter by a titanic man, his face wrapped in thick, protective cloth.

"Did you call for aid," Artyom roars, "Jidro Gerrison?"
Eclipse Behemoth
The Behemoth was continuing its charge after the traders. It took a swipe at one of them when it got close enough, ripping off there backpack and then sliding to a halt as it kicked up the dust from the slide. The creature then roamed over to the backpack on the ground and started to sniff at it.

There was a long stare, before it started to rip into the backpack itself. Teeth biting down on it, massive claws digging down into it. It even picked it up with its massive jaws and shook it around.

As for those traders they ran past the group on the road going something like, 'don't let it eat us' and the other like, 'I want my mommy!'

For now it seem the Behemoth had forgotten about the traders and was content to just play with the backpack which dropped out several packs of sheep hide, wolf hide, and trinkets of many kind.

Yet when the sandstorm arrives, the sheer presence seems to slowly cause the Behemoth to stop ripping up the backpack before its glowing gold eyes go to settle on the four ahead of it.

It snarls its fangs at them, before it bites down on the backpack and seems to slowly drag it back a bit. Another snarl was given, then it rested its clawed paw hand over the bag, before giving them a roar in there direction. Then a low growl and its tail swishing gently side to side.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom stares at the behemoth and its... Odd behavior. One eyebrow slooowly creeps up toward his scalp. "I... Hrm. That's..."

Artyom thinks. He ponders this Behemoth, it's behavior, its bizarre interest in that particular backpack. And then-- he has an idea.

"Jidro," Artyom calls, "Can you bring me any meat? Annia, some trinkets. I have a theory."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine blinks at Arty's entrance... and even more at his request. She ponders "Trinkets?" She goes for her backpack, pulling out a sort of necklace made from seashells that does alot of 'tinkling' noise when it moves "Will this do?" She's not one for jewelry... but that necklace was kinda nice, even if its pretty cheaply made. Not like those are pearls or gold either way. She's not sure what he wants to do with it though, but she loosk over to Jidro as he gets a request for meat.
Jidro Gerrison Grabbed by the collar, Jidro is trying to run away from the large beast.

"It's large! That's enough of a reason to run away!" And then she lets him go, in which he falls right onto his face. And then, he turns his head towards his fiancee, peering at her. "Wh--hat?! We're going to fight that thing?!" He quivers, then he sighs at her comment.

Right. The pay.

Dejectedly, Jidro is taking a hold of his codex, then he starts sucking in a breath. "R-right..." His knees are shaking, every inch of his body is quivering. By Leviathan, does he want to run.

And yet... a sandstorm breaks.


His eyes drift towards the upcoming sandstorm, which causes Jidro to shield his eyes. Once the stone sword drop down and Artyom lands into view, Jidro immediately dives behind the man. He shivers in fear, looking over the man's side a bit. And then, he looks over towards the others. "...Should we really attack it...? I don't feel right about this now." He frowns, not really liking the prospects as it's just playing with the content. "...It looks like it just wants what's in the backpacks." He rubs the back of his had. He looks at Artyom, then he rummages into his pouch, "Sure." He gets some dried jerky meat from the pouch and then he hands it towards the massive man.
Artyom W. Valodjn Two gifts. Artyom recieves the tinkling seashell necklace. He takes the jerky. The both of them are wrapped up in a rather nice looking cloth bag. Artyom carries several such pouches around for hauling his many geomantic ingredients. This bag, in fact, contains several rather fragrant smelling herbs and a couple of quartz crystals, in addition to the meat and the shells.

Artyom takes a step forward, his sword still resting in the ground. He moves confidently, but slowly, his eyes glued to the massive behemoth. "You," Artyom rumbles gently, "Do not wish to fight here, do you? You only view us as a threat. But I do not believe it must be this way."

Artyom draws as close to the Behemoth as he's willing to allow himself. He's tall. Almost as tall as the great, horned beast. Two feet shorter- it's still a rather impressive difference of height. And still, he looks it in the eye. But if it's like any cat, Artyom believes that it will reciprocate a particular gesture of trust familiar to nearly all felines.

He offers the pouch to the behemoth, shuts his eyes, and smiles toothlessly. "Perhaps we can come to terms, great creature."
Kyra Hyral "Oh but we don't need to /run/!" Kyra says a little too cheerfully. Yes, they didn't need to run provided someone was there to stand between them. Someone like Arty. Not her first choice, but Kyra isn't feeling too picky at the moment.

Now that she's armed herself and felt that Frank serves enough of a barrier between her and the behemoth, she takes this moment to observe the creature. Like a good scientist. "That's a good point. Maybe it's just hungry. Though at the same time, I don't think the flyer specified dead or alive, did it?"

Though if they brought it back alive, she wouldn't be able to dissect it. As Artyom tries to coax it over with an offering of food, Kyra lowers her weapon, yet remains on alert.
Eclipse Behemoth
Part Feline, Part Wolf, Part Lizard? Behemoth's were strange creatures of near Chimera like qualities. Those gold eyes watched as Artyom moves in closer. It let down a low growl, a snarl of warning as he came closer, moving bag a bit back.

That tail twitching a bit before it sniffed the air and those ears suddenly focused on Artyom. It stared at him for a long time, and as he shuts his eyes and extends the pouch the Behemoth stares at the man before him, before at the group in the distance, then at the pouch.

There was no movement there, the tail cease even the swishing. It was just a stare before the Behemoth then walked up to Artyom. The man just a few feet shorter, and it stared down at him. The Behemoth sniffed him a few times, before it eyed the pouch once more. There was a low rumble before a huff of air. Then carefully with its teeth, it took the pouch out of Artyom's hand and then lifted it up. It held it there in its teeth, before moving back to the backpack, where it dropped the pouch and started to tear at the cloth. Trying to get to the jerky within it.

The tail moving side to side once more, brushing the road with its hard scale bottom. At such a close proximity one could tell that the extended out bone was almost like metal in its slightly polished surface. There was a dim gold trim to it with rune etched markings in it. Though being that the World of Ruin was a mix up of worlds and Ivalice Behemoths were known to wear armor, perhaps this one came from a group that did something with their bone structures?

It did indeed seem the Behemoth was not out to attack them just yet, seeming for the moment content with its pouch of an offering.
Jidro Gerrison Jidro is taking the moment to watch the interaction between Artyom and the Behemoth. The young mage is shutting his eyes, thinking to himself over the matter. He starts opening the codex, now getting an idea of what spell he wants to look for after the conversation on the radio.

The Behemoth is concentrating on the food in question that Artyom offers it. So, instead of getting ready for some attack, Jidro is finding himself with a spell in mind.

"...I will access a Forbidden Spell."Warp. It is a manipulation of time. He shuts his eyes, sucking in a breath while he starts thumbing through the pages. He starts shivering, stopping at a page for the warp spell. There is a big, deep fear in use of this. This is something that Jidro fears more than even the monsters himself.

Tapping into the forbidden spells.

It is the matter of manipulating the rift of time and space. There are consequences for tampering with these matters. Unlike those who would beg to manipulate such power, Jidro has always considered the consequences.

"I'll do it."

And then, Jidro finds the pages, reading the inscription.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine twirls the daggers in her hands, and put them back in their sheath, crossed over her rear, shaking her head. Well, let's see what Jidro can do. If this works at all at least. Not that she doesn't trust Jidro's spells, but she trusts them more than a behemoth on the lose at least. If sucha beast can be so easily tamed, would be fast money at least.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom takes a step back, his mind occupied with the conversation over the 'shell. But he's not quite done moving, just yet. Artyom twists, bringing his larger pack over his shoulder and into his arms. From within, Artyom pulls what appears to be a package of travel rations. From this, he removes a jar of sardines and a small bag of (venison!) jerky.

Artyom sets the offering on the ground, and then takes another step back.

"Behemoth," the Titan rumbles, "We can bring you somewhere else. Somewhere you will be more comfortable- and more able to find food. Here in the desert, I'm sure it must be... difficult. Creatures as large as you would have trouble finding much to eat, I'm sure. If you would like for us to perform this service for you, then please take a seat while my good friend makes the proper preparations."

Artyom turns his head towards Jidro and nods once. He owes Cid one favor, now. Or maybe dealing with the Behemoth is a good enough repayment already!?
Kyra Hyral When it comes to anatomy and physiology, Kyra knew more than a thing or two. She knew quite a lot! Her job and classs demanded it of her. It was also impossible to learn healing of any kind without having lessons in straight medical care.

The colorful creature looks their way at last and Kyra starts to privately admire Arty's patience. "...I wonder what else it would eat..." she wonders aloud, taking eyes off the creature to look at the bandolier across her shoulder. Some of the glass vials, of course, contained kitchen disasters of many stripes.'s a good idea she doesn't offer additional food to the behemoth. Anything she passed would surely enrage it.

Cid mentions Warp. Kyra suddenly seizes up and finally shows fear for the first time. "..a..are you certain? If this spell fails..." she trails off, turning her attention to watch Jidro instead of the behemoth.
Eclipse Behemoth
The behemoth seems to munch on the small bit of jerky, yet doesn't seem overly satisfied and looks directly at the tall man before it, before suddenly it shifts in stance. It rises up quickly and then stares directly at Jidro.

The mohawk fur bristles up as it starts to lowly growl. There was a strange aura starts to be created, one would call of darkness. It doesn't seem to like the magic being cast and its eyes are focused directly on Jidro. His ear does rotate slightly over to Artyom and the offering of food goes ignored for a moment.

There was a lowering of its head, before those eyes started to glow a brighter gold. Its claws digging into the road and sand alike as its tail laid low on the ground. It gnashed its teeth. Perhaps it didn't understand what they were really trying to do. Perhaps it did, but didn't like the implication. What ever was going on in the mind of the beast, it didn't seem very happy.

If there was anyone who had electronics on them however, would find their equipment maybe starting to freak out a bit.
Jidro Gerrison "The Gerrison family have delved deeper than I have initially considered. However, this codex was bestowed on me for a reason." Still, tapping into what is a very dangerous spell is something that even Jidro would normally think twice of.

For this preparation, Jidro reaches into his pouch and procures some magic dust from his pouch. Those dusts? ...They were from the pages of the old, wrinkly pages from the magicite cavern where Artyom met with the dragon.

Jidro decided to use them as spell components. The dust is spread around him in a circle. Then, he tosses them into the air.

"Space and time, hear my call. Allow my voice to reach you."

The esssence of mana flows from the wizard as he starts tapping into the depths of the forbidden arcana. The dust around him.

In his mind, he imagined a forest. Somewhere far from the people. Somewhere where it will have plenty of food. A forest... anywhere.

It is then that a foresight enters his mind: Targ Woods.

Jidro is pointing his hand towards the beast, now focused on it as the object of transportation. However, the young mage is placed in a trance, which leaves him vulnerable to the creature if it shows hostile intent. Because of the focus and the concentration required for the spell, he is unable to pay attention to anything else.

"Open the gates and allow a passenger. Send the passenger to a place afar in my sight."

The eyes glow. "I see it. It's clear as day."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine is keeping a watch on the behemoth meanwhile... Jidro is casting the spell, and the monster doesn't look overly pleased. She keeps a hand on the pommel of her dagger, at ready, but looking as nonchalant as ever. She's a good bluffer, she can look casual while ready to stick a dagger between yoru eyes.

Well, hypothetically speaking. She'd do that only to monsters, and those can't be bluffed as well usually.
Artyom W. Valodjn Behemoths are not often known for their even temper. Especially large ones are particularly known to be rather... violent. This one appears to be no exception. The beast grows irritable. Artyom takes a step forward, his hands raised diplomatically. "Please calm down," he tries to reason. "I promise you, we do not mean to bring you harm. This place is not suited for a creature of your size and power."

Behind him, the great stone blade gradually shifts through the sands, tugged along toward its master by an invisible tether of magic. Just in case Artyom gets sent off on a magical journey with a giant lightning behemoth, he might need his sword.

"Stay calm," Artyom rumbles, "You will not be hurt. Only brought somewhere less desolate." He really, really hopes this thing can understand him- or at least, that it understands a gesture of vulnerability.
Kyra Hyral This was all going well and good so far, even if this peaceful resolution meant that she /couldn't/ provide her fiends some tender, loving, healing. Perhaps, for now, it was best to conserve her materials and save them for times when the fighting has grown very dire.

Everyone will notice that as the behemoth becomes more agitated, a strange smell was added to the air, reminiscent of Jidro's lightning magic. Kyra, however, seems to identify it right away and suddenly scrambles, shoving her gun back in the holster and pulling out her Ma Belle. The unit was giving off the distinct smell of 'lightly fried electronics' that Kyra was all too familiar with thanks to several overcharing incidents throughout her life. Common Ramuha problem, really.

"What in the..."
Eclipse Behemoth
The Behemoth at first doesn't seem to understand. There was a loud roar of anger. Its claw rises up as it goes to move on its hunches, rising it off the ground nearly two more feet higher then what it was on all fours. The claws go to strike, yet somewhere in the swing it halts.

The aura seeming to simmer down, before it lands on all fours and snarls at Artyom. Those gold eyes seeming to dim in light, before it lets out a howlish roar and starts to back up. There was still a low growl. Still a snarl of distrust. The fur still bristled and it slowly, step by step backing up.

It looked between Artyom, then to the mage, then off to the distance in some direction, before back to Artyom. It looked ready to actually maybe run instead of fight.
Jidro Gerrison In his concentraion, Jidro is already preparing the spell.

It is underneath the beast that a gate is slowly rippling into existence. That gate has hermetic symbols below its feet, threatening to overtake him. And then, Jidro utters.

"Activate the gate to send the traveler!"

He extends his hand forth, activating a ray of light that shines from the ground. The glowing gate starts glimmering, and Jidro is focusing entirely on the beast, undeterred by any aggression or what's happening to is friends.

In fact, he cannot hear them in this trance.

As the gate spins, it would feel as if time and space is accelerating, and then slowling down around the beast.

...It all comes to a stop.

His mind is focused on Targ Woods.

"Warp!" Jidro commands.
Eclipse Behemoth
The behemoth wants to move. It tries to run, yet it was to late when it decides too. Time seems to halt around it. The desert seeming to slowly fade in its vision being replaced in time and space by that for the forest.

The environment shifts. Everything shifts. Where there was great heat, there is now coolness. Where there was sand, there was now grass. Where there was rocks, there was now trees. Everything is no longer where it was.

The Behemoth spins around in place realizing that it was no longer where it was. It paced around a bit, confused, dazed, before it just flops over onto its stomach and stares out into the distance. Its gold eyes gazing around the new 'world' it was placed into. Its ears moving around listening to all the new sounds.

The creature just-- laid there for now.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine walks behind Jidro... and then gives a light slap to his back "... Good work." Simple as that. Well, they didn't need to fight it, which is a good thing probably. Now, will that count to get a pay? She's not so sure.

She looks over to Artyom "Well, I guess you managed to make a friend somehow."
Jidro Gerrison And.... it worked.

It is a light slap on the back that gets his muscles tense. However, the reaction is much worse.

Why..? There is generally a rule that one is not to delve deeper into the art of magic if they are not prepard to pay the price. For Jidro...

There is a price for tapping into the forbidden arts.

From the codex is a crackle of lightning. It sparks and crackles from the opened contents. And then, the book gives off a surge of lightning that travels all through his body. Jidro's eyes widen as the violent wave of lightning courses through his entire body.


His body gives off a sizzle. Sparks give off. The young mage falls flat against the desert sands.
Artyom W. Valodjn The creature is spooked. It's about to flee. If it runs, that means it'd be only a matter of time until someone finds and kills it. Or gets killed by it. Or it'll starve to death. One of the three. None of those options are particularly acceptable.

But then, Jidro's spell goes off. The creature is sent away- to a place that is better for it, in the long run. These trade routes will no longer be bothered by a giant, electrically charged monster.

Unfortunately, such things always have a cost.

"Jidro-" Artyom turns on his heel, rushing to the (much) smaller mage's side. Knees touch the ground, his hands reach for his friend's shoulders, "Cid. Stay with me now. Don't pass out, now."

"Kyra," the Titan rumbles, "Healing, please. Quickly now."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine goes wide-eyed at the sudden reaction. Okay, that wasn't her doing! Really! There's even limits to what a bully would do to her own fiancee. She doesn't know much about magic and all the sizzling and shocks really aren't making her at ease right now! "Kyra!" She lets out a shout before she can think about it, calling about for the healer to check on Jiro immediately. Echoing Artyom, but she has genuine concern in her voice still, as she moves by his side to check on him too.

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