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A Chat at the Cafe
(2013-04-03 - 2013-04-03)
After losing at the colisseum against Avira, they celebrate over WildKat cafe(with Reize buying) and have some serious discussions.
Reize Seatlan It's a nice day in Traverse Town.

The WildKat Cafe is a great place for people to get together. It is the Japanese Cafe that people are uncertain of, but it does offer food and latte whipped up by the hip Sanae Hanekoma.

The general room is filled with dark brown and reds.

It is after the tournament that Reize and Avira come here. Reize promised to have a chat regarding her situation to let her frustrations. Of course, Reize is buying, since he lost.
Avira There is, of course, a minor pit-stop involving several rounds of healing for both combatants. It doesn't take very long since neither were actually trying to murder one another! Still, it was a common courtesy offered to all of those who would fight for the amusement of the spectators.

Avira's spirits have been lifted just a little bit by her win, driving back some of the issues that were bothering her ealier. They're not far from her mind though.

"It's this whole Katyna thing." Avira admits. "Or Ember. Or whatever. It's created a whole mess that's driving everyone apart."
Reize Seatlan Thankfully, the two did get a bit of healing that passed through. Reize was limping a bit, but overall, he isn't feeling too bad! All what he needs to do is to avoid doing anything extra strainous for a while.

Yeah, Reize will be injured again soon!

Nevertheless, Reize is taking a seat over towards one the chairs. He is relaxed once he sits down. He hears about the Katyna situation, "...I remember you mentioning that." He folds his arms, his eyes becoming serious while he listens to the situation.

And then, he finally states, "...I saw her nearly a week back on my way back to Fluorgis." His eyes fall shut, "She's been on the run against the Heartless since her choice."
Avira Reize is some kind of injury magnet.

She sits herself down in the seat across from Reize and folds her arms over her chest, her sleeveless clothing giving the youth a good look at the numerous scars decorating her tanned skin. "Is that what she's been up to?" she says, sounding wholly unsurprised. "Hades had reacted quite negatively to Katyna's outright betrayal in front of him. In comparison, I suppose my reaction was very restrained." a sigh escapes her, "Of course, Angantyr wanted to kill her on the spot. Maira was nothing but sunshine and forgiveness, probably because Katyna went into how she had to obey the Shadow Lords and they mistreated and abused her."

Avira closes her eyes too. "On top of that, one of my founding members, Vespa, decided to randomly resign with no explanation." Of course, a few days later, VALKYRI would track her down and drag her back.
Reize Seatlan So, Hades was the one who reacted very negatively, Avira restrained herself, and Angantyr was ready to kill her on the spot. The young boy leans his head back against the table, then he finally decides to get up. He stands up, stretching his arms up before he says, "Hold that thought."

The boy moves to the counter, ordering the juice and some small snacks. After a few moments, the boy returns with two cups of orange juice and some cookies. After setting them down, Reie sits back down.

A faint smile is given, "...She asked me an important question. 'Is there hope for me?'" He considers her words, "...I told her it's up to her. You may know someone in my group who is undergoing the same thing that Katyna is going to go through soon."

Blink, "Or at least, I think you met her!"
Avira Avira seems just about ready to add something to that, but pauses when Reize gets up to get their drinks and snacks. That it's just juice and cookies doesn't surprise her because...well, Avira has eaten here before. She knows they don't serve liquor. Odds are she'll be hitting Cloud Nine later, if only to try and catch Mercade.

Avira starts with a cookie, then nods evenly at Reize. "...I told her I wanted her to work for my forgiveness because I think she wanted it from me pretty badly. What did she say after you told her it was up to her, out of curiosity?"

Even Reize's vague references to someone else in his group is enough for Avira to identify a possible culprit. "Do you mean..Hati?" she says with a lowered voice. "Her activities have been much more subtle. I know her. We have hunted together...I haven't seen her for some time now."

There's a troubled look on her face. How would Hati react to the Katyna issue? To the Skoll issue? Would she see it as a betrayal of the tiny 'pack' the werewolf had managed to gather these past few months?
Reize Seatlan "I told her the same thing, actually." Reize brightens a smile towards Avira, "In order to have folks forgive her, it will take time." He thinks back to the cavern, "When I found her, she felt so bad for what she did. She ...almost lost it. She knows that she wants to be strong. She wants to try to mae amends." Reize lowers her head, "I felt that she had enough people who hated her that she needed someone who she could depend on." He muses, "But I told her that.. it would take time. And that she should talk to a friend of mine who is on that same path as she is."

A sweatdrop is given at the mention of good ol' Hati. "Ahhh..." Reize lifts a finger, "Hati's not officially with us." He shakes his head, "No, there is a person who was responsible for killing a lot of people. ... She was someone who trusted a demon. I was able to reach out to her and help her as much as I could." He offers a faint smile, "Her name is Leida."

A faint smile is given, "...As trusting as I am, I am certain that I'll be betrayed, but.. I have good faith in my friends."
Avira "I hope she gets that." Avira mutters. "I might be a Princess of Heart or whatever-" Then again, she might not be anymore, but she won't be going into details of that right now, "But that doesn't mean I'm going to just up and forgive anyone at the drop of a hat. That is folly." Still, she looks on in concern when Reize describes her as having almost...lost it. The pressures of being pursued by the Heartless were great and to do so believing you had no friends or allies?

...Avira was there a few weeks ago. She realizes that the pair probably have a bit more in common than Avira feels comfortable.

"Wait-" she interrupts Reize, "Hati is /not/ with the Shard Seekers? I swore she was...what with Skoll being in there and her trying so hard to find /you/..."

So it's Leida. There's recognition in Avira's eyes to the name, but all the commotion around the girl has only been heard of by the scarred woman. Posts from the TDA, word of mouth, that kind of thing. "Ah, that girl." Her tone is neutral, since she has been little more than a neutral party in that saga, "Reize, do you think she trusts you?"
Reize Seatlan There is a faint smile, listening on on Avira when she mentions about her role. The boy's expression still remains a bit subdued. Given the seriousness of the situations, Reize has to consider things more. This is why he is the leader of his group. His eyes fall shut, the hands clamp together, and the boy listens in more.

He does, however, read Avira's expression when she gives a look of concern.

But regarding Hati, Reize gives a bit of a sweatdrop, "Well... Hati was looking to fight me. ...She said that she wanted to understand why people, even her own brother, would follow a kid like me. She wanted to see if I was powerful... Or find out more." He rubs the back of his head, "...I don't know." He laughs sheepishly.

He shuts his eyes, listening to her question and he thinks back to the thinks Leida told him. "...There are some things that Leida told me. It may not be everything, but... it is enough to show that she does trust me enough."

A faint smile is given, "...It's all that a friend can ask for."

He considers, "As for Katyna, she will have a long road for her. ...Even if you won't completely trust her... I ask that you at least help her get to that road."
Avira "What does it even mean?" Avira goes on to mutter about the princess business, "I still think it was some kind of mistake, but at least I managed to fill the needed role at the time." Waving away a hand as if to dismiss the topic outright, her other hand reaches over to take her orange juice.

"Oh is that all? I was sure she wanted to join." That was quite a while ago though. "Honestly, it's a reasonable question to ask."

Regardless! Back to Leida. "Do you think, if she had a serious problem, she'd come to you for help?" It was her own failing and katyna's as well.

She puts down her drink and threads her fingers. "Help her? Hm. I'll consider it, should I see her making the effort. I won't give her the answers though-she needs to come to those herself."
Reize Seatlan "...What does what mean?" Reize tilts his head with curiosity. He is uncertain over her role as the Princess of Heart, other than that it was what brought back Manhattan. That enough was good enoughf or him. He glances over towards Avira, rubbing the back of his head.

"Aha, I don't know. She didn't seem interest in joining, I don't think!" ...Challenging him, however, yeah. THe boy offers a smile, "We fought, but... she saw something from the pendant." He furrows his eyebrows, "...I wonder if it was her wish." He explains a little more, "...She wanted to see more. I didn't know what she was talking about, but... she really thrashed me." He rub his forehead.

As for as Leida goes, Reize offers a faint smile, "...I think she would. I would help her the best that I can." He shuts his eyes, "..At least, if she trusts me enough to."

Towards Avira's reply, Reize brightens, "That's all that I can ask for."
Avira "'Princess of Heart'. What does it mean? Maybe I should go ask Merlin about this." Avira huffs, resting her chin in one of her hands. The other hand snags yet another cookie.

Reize explains that Hati just wanted a fight and, after a bit of consideration, she seems to buy this explanation with a nod. "She's seemed reluctant to commit herself to...fellowship with others. I think she's felt she's had to be strong on her own for so long. Maybe things will slowly change with her leaving the Shadow Lords. Much like her brother Skoll and Katyna, she'll need help to break away entirely."

Avira falls silent for a long time about the whole Leida issue, watching the boy with an unreadable look on her face. "I hope she realizes that." Avira offers.
Reize Seatlan "Princess of Heart." Reize takes the cup and sips it. He muses thoughtfully, then he places it down. He grabs a cookie and stuffs it in his mouth. Om nom nom. He quirks an eyebrow, however, "I guess Merlin may know!"

After the mention of Hati, Reize rubs the back of his had. "... Hopefully so." He offers a grin, "Well, we may be able to defeat the Heartless yet!" He offers a wide grin, "It's just the matter of finding everyone's homes... Just like Manhattan." Then there wouldn't be a need for the Shard Seekers. Reize would be able to travel on his own again.

To be an explorer.

However, Reize knows, in the end, he has something else that has to be done. His hand move along the pendant, "...I need to figure out the next step with this.." He holds the pendant close to him. It's color is completely full. While not bright as the sun, it has been gleaming a little more than before.

Regarding Leida, Reize blinks, "Eh? Something up, Avira?"
Avira "Indeed. That is what nearly everyone wants now, isn't it? Or at the very least, the restoration of their worlds." Those Heartless, though...with them around, there was a source of income. However, it was still a dangerous source of income. "Hmmm..."

Her gaze is drawn to that pendant, which seems to have a life of its own. She's seen it before, but never before has it glowed with such beauty. "Good luck." she offers, knowing even less on how the pendant works than Reize does.

For Leida: "Nothing, I've just...experienced a lot of examples lately of friends hiding problems from friends. Problems that those friends would probably help out with. In the end, it bites those people in the butt."
Reize Seatlan The smile grows fainter, "...We have hid our own problems, haven't we?" Reize muses, "...I am guilty of that too." He lifts his head into the air, "I was going to leave the Shard Seekers a while back when everything was going wrong." His eyes narrowed, "I never intended to be the leader of a group. That was more of Ivo's thing. But, more and more, we became a large group." His smile wanes, "...I wanted to be an adventurer and travel the world on my own."

But, a smile is given, "Emi stopped me, reminding me that I was a knight first. ...My father would had called me out on it as well." And his smile grows, "The Shard Seekers will be departing Fluorgis to actually travel the world again. We can be actual adventurers."

He starts to stand up, then he smiles, "Anyway, Avira... I do wish you luck on your group. I know you will all bounce back. We've all come far together!"
Avira "You too, huh." Avira smiles sadly, discovering Reize to be guilty of the same sin she was. " interesting, though, I thought you loved being the leader. Why not let Ivo-" she trails off, just thinking of how awful Ivo was. Then again, maybe it was best that he wasn't the leader of the Shard Seekers.

He was insufferable enough without that sense of power in his head.

"It's a good solution, though. I'm glad you were able to avert something that probably would have been far more heartbreaking."

He gets up and she also stands, shaking his hand before taking her seat again. Seems she wanted to stay and linger in this place for a while. "Thanks, Reize. We've come a long way, I don't want to see VALKYRI fall apart now."
Reize Seatlan "Ivo was willing to take things for a while, but... he preferred that I lead. He said that I was better suited for the job than he was." He rubs the back of his head, "...Yeah," The backlash of his near decision was heartbreaking enough. Lily was angry, seeing the hurt in his friends' eyes was unbearable.

Even when he tried to leave without telling anyone.

He offers Avira a smile, "...I hope so too, Avira. VALKYRI has done some good for the worlds. I would like to see them grow as well."
And soon, Reize makes it past the exit of the shop.

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